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Got stung by a wasp on saturday and i niw have a fever of101 and my body and my throat hurt can it be a reaction to the sting ?

I got stung by 15 jellyfish last week it hurt for an hour then all signs disappeared exactly week later they reappeared swollen & itchy is it normal?

 I was stung by a bee on Tuesday. The area is swollen bumpy, hard, red, and itchy. Will it get better on it's own? What should I do?

18 month old got bitten by fire ants on foot and ankle.Bite is slightly swollen and red with little pimple.Treatment? Benadryl (diphenhydramine) for swelling?

3.5 yr son stung by bee 4x behind his ear. Mild swelling of sting site. Gave Benadryl (diphenhydramine). 2 hrs later red swollen line runs down middle of his forehead?

A bee stung me in my face and it is very swollen this morning what can I do to get the swelling down quick?

A bee stung ne on saturday and most of my foot is starting to swell. Help?

A wasp stung me on toe swollen whole foot up. Am i allgera to the wasp it itches bad.

A whasp stung me on my neck .Very itchy! what can I do ?

A yellow jacket stung me a week ago and the area is a huge circular bruise with a hole where it stung me swelling. Should i go to the doctor?

An ant bit near my eye the area got swelled what do i do to reduce the swelling?

An insect stung my eyelid and it has swelled badly. What should I do?

Bee sting area swollen and painful. also red line going from the sting sight and up the arm and arm and wrist is swollen?

Bee sting on my thumb from two days ago won't stop hurting, feels stiff and slightly swollen?

Bee sting on tongue. happened 6 hours ago. Only put ice on it. For a short minute. But hurts like a canker sore but worse. And swollen. help?

Bee sting still itching badly after 8 days. No visible stinger left. No signs of infection. What should I do?

Bee sting swollen and pain right up my arm, what do you recommend?

Bee sting swollen and pain right up my arm, what to do?

Big toe swollen and itchy? Could it be a bee sting or something like that?

Bit or stung by something, redness and very sore to the touch. Has a dot in middle but dont see stinger or anything What could it be?

Bitten by yellow fly or horse fly not 100% sure which one on right hand. fingers and hand swollen itch & burn. any remedies to reduce swelling?

Both ankles are itchy & swollen. Dog has fleas. I noticed a horsefly on my ankle yesterday. What should I take to stop itching and swelling?

Can a bee sting cause fever headache and stomachache? Bee tail wasn't removed til hours later due to not being able to find it.

Can bee stings make your whole leg swell, even if you're not allergic? I got stung by a bee medial to my left knee about 36 hours ago, i never saw the bee, i just had to assume by my symptoms that it was a bee. The sting has been swelling non-stop since i

Can i get cellulitis from a bee sting and how is it differntiated from the sting itself? It is next to scare from knee replacement very red

Can you tell me what you suggest if someone wants to get snake bites (on le lips) will it hurt/sting or swell meanwhile or afterwards?

Daddy got stung by wasp in the inner elbow area three days ago and now has cramping and locking up sensation. Whats wrong?

Felt what I thought was a bee sting. When I got up there was nothing there. But I have a red dot in that spot that it stung. It is swollen around it?

Got a flu shot at rite aid and it is red swollen itchy and painful. Is this normal?

Got bit by deer fly on head 5 days ago , now I have a head ache my eye is swollen and tender; allergic reaction?

Got bite by a wasp under the eye, swell up but its itcy -why?

Got bitten in a park-stung burned for minute no reaction 2 side by side red dots didn't see it. Bat?

Got stung 3 times yesterday by yellow jackets. The sites have developed a tight, feverish rash; growing very large around the sting site and burns!

Got stung by a asp I think. There's lines where he got stung. It's very hot to the touch.2 year old is very irritable.And says it hurts. Doitakehim er?

Got stung by a bee on my hand on friday. Sunday it became very swollen. Swelling and a slight rash. Also am pregnant. Heal on it's own or go to dr?

Got stung by a bee on my right hand knuckle about 36hrs ago. No swelling until now. Is this normal?

Got stung by a bee on my shoulder yesterday, today got swollen lymph node occuring in armpit, is this normal reaction? If so when should swelling go?

Got stung by a honey bee on toe 2 days ago and foot is swollen. Got tetanus shot and medications yesterday but became purplish today. Is it normal?

Got stung by a wasp a day ago. My arm is very itchy and swollen. Should i be worried orgo tothe doctor?

Got stung by a wasp on my lip. 2 hrs ago breathing is ok took Benadryl (diphenhydramine) but it's swollen bad took 2 Motrin too when well the swelling leave my face?

Got stung by a wasp/bee in my toe at 10 am yesterday am, now its all blistered, draining an swollen down to the middle of my foot?

Got stung by something yesterday bigger than a bee but today it still has a wealt and has drainage and itches with soreness is it anything to worry?

Got stung on arm by insect today. Area very red swollen and hot and pain shooting into fingers. Do I need a doc?

Got stung or bit, leg is asleep & has many little bumps around the area..?

Had a bite today. I don't know what it was kind of burns a little swelling what could it be.?

Hello - my entire forearm is swollen and red and itchy week and a half after bee sting on the wrist - though I think I just pulled the stinger out.

Hello I was stung by a bee on my ankle Tuesday (5 days ago) and the swelling has seemed to go down. it has turned red now what should I do?

Help help I was just stung three times by hornets on the arm what should I do I already applied ice and I dont?

Hey. What is good for wasp stings? I got stung on the nose tuesday and now my face is swollen really bad

Hi dr i have mosquito bites with bruises i got them sunday they hurt but i dont have a fever or any other symptoms but pain?

Hi I got stung by a bee yesterday on the bottoms of my foot and my foot is swelled up and my leg has a little pain .. What should I do?

Hi, I was bitten in my sleep I woke up to it but didn't see what bite me, i was bitten on my toe, I woke up to itching and my toe started numbness and it started to swell up I took a Benedryl to make it go down a little. It stopped the itching now it's j

Hi! I have a problem with my penis it was bitten by an ant yesterday then it became itchy after 2 hours then it became swollen help me please.

Hi. a bee stung my left side of my mouth. what besides ice can I do for it ? Thanks

How do I treat a really bad flea bite that ia big. It stings when I walk, barely touch it with something, or even expose it. Please help. It stings.

How do you know if you have to go to the doctors after a bee sting after 6 hours has passed. Foot is swelling, itching and painful?

How long does a yellow jacket sting hurt ?

How long does a yellow jacket sting hurt is it normal for yellow jacket stings to hurt really bad but not itch?

How long does it take a childs swollen lip to go down from a bee sting?

How long does the pain last after a yellow jacket sting?

How long does your foot normally stay swollen and itchy after a bee sting?

How long will it take for the swelling on my foot to go away after bieng stung by a bee (the tip of the stinger may still be in my foot)?

How sore is a wasp sting? Is it as sore as a blood test or injection?

How to get rid of leg swelling bit by a honey bee?

I accidentally drank expired erceflora then had a swollen foot a week later,"bug bites" appeared on my legs,arms then had severe joint pains. Cause?

I am allergic to bees. Yesterday I was stung on the arm below the elbow area. Took 2 aspirins right away, washed the area and applied Benadryl itch c?

I am experiencing difficulty breathing(severity: moderate) .i was stung yesterday mid day by a wasp. The site is red and swollen.

I fell into a thornbush now where I picked the thorns out it's swollen and stings?

I got a bad scrape when at the beach, I treated it with Neosporin and two days later I got a rash around it stings and itches and won't go away.

I got a bee sting on my toe now my foot and entire leg is swollen.. It has been 19 hours now. It's progressively getting worse?

I got a bee sting on the top of my finger and 1 day later my hand is swelling up. Is this normal? How can I get the swelling down?

I got a bee sting yesterday and there's more swelling today. What should I do?

I got a bug bite, and it has swollen up to size of a baseball and is hot and painful to the touch. Should I go to the ER or just wait? Took benedryl

I got a catfish barb stuck in my hand. It's really red and swelling up. I washed it well. Should i go to my doctor?

I got a sting by some unknown insect on my hand it got a small hole and white pus was devloped.Hand was swollen.Used anti inflamatory.Leg pain lot?

I got a thorn prick and now my finger is swelling. Is this an emergency or can I wait to see my doctor?

I got bit by a f ire ant twice and it began t o itch and burn right awat, but then 2 days later it has begun to swell. is this normal?

I got bit by ONE fire ant on my big toe last night. Now, my whole foot is swollen. Is this a sign of an allergy? 

I got bit by something yesterday and have a welt on arm with redness all around (3 in by 2 inches) i took Benadryl (diphenhydramine) today but redness and welt are here?

I got bitten by a bug on my arm by my wrist and it is swelling a lot and hurts when it is touched?

I got bitten by a deer fly on Friday and Saturday and still itchy and swollen?

I got bitten by a spider or a bug on my hand and now it is blistering. I feel a burning, numbing sensation. Am i going to need medical assistance?

I got bitten or stung in my back now it's swelling.. What's the best way to get rid of the swelling?

I got bitten tonight sitting outside on a chair and it is swollen and hurts what kind of bug u think may have bitten me?

I got sting by a wasp today and I do have pain but I don't have redness around the area anymore but what does it mean by my arm is starting to stiffen?

I got sting bye wasp on my butt 4day ago.I red and swollen and pain?

I got stug by a bee on the inside of my lip how can I get my swelling to go down. Its still the same size?

I got stung 2 days ago twice by a wasp now there is bruising is this normal where it stung my arm it's brused but where it got my elbow it still hurts?

I got stung 2 days ago. Not sure what kinda bee it was but I don't think it left a stinger. But it is itching &' I have a knot under my skin &' a rash?

I got stung 4 days ago by a wasp. My stomach swelled up with a noticeable red welt about 10"x5" around the sting. The redness is still there and numb?

I got stung by a bee a few days ago and I am still having pain in that area and it's swelling now is it something I should be concerned about?

I got stung by a bee a week ago on bottom of foot & it's bothering me again. Red & extremely itchy. Irritated. Is this abnormal & what should I do?

I got stung by a bee in my right arm yesterday. Today my arm is swollen an in pain. What should I do? I can't take benadryl (diphenhydramine).

I got stung by a bee it's been red, swollen & itchy for 3 days how longer will this last?

I got stung by a bee last week and tonight it swelled up again, the finger is red, and it itches like crazy?

I got stung by a bee on monday but it still hurts really bad?

I got stung by a bee on my calf yesterday and it is very swollen, red, hot, itchy, and painful. Am i allergic?

I got stung by a bee on my face a day ago now my neck is swollen and my throat hurts should i go to the er?

I got stung by a bee on my right hand. How can I get it to stop swelling?

I got stung by a bee on saturday, my foot is still extremely swollen and extremely itchy what should i do?