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Am 38 year old male, have a small 1/16" scab on calf had for 6 months. If it falls off it comes back. Doesnt hurt, itch, nothing! What is it?

He's very concerned it hurts when sex.. It's been 2 wks what should he do red bump on the tip of his dick.. Looks like extra skin ?

i've had these tiny white(smaller than bumps)but bumps on the head of my penis & also my shaft, i've taken std tests negative, the bumps come & go?

small lump on the line of circumcision on my penis. had a white head, tried to pop. Little white stuff came out. Lump and white head still present. ?

.Hi doc ..I hav white spot on my penis which is increasing day by day ..First it was small now its quite big ..In the inside portion of penis ..Help?

(masturbate it is rough due to circum) i shaved and left red spot day after, popped and produced little blood and hasnt gone away for 1 week?

11 uncircumsied boy found tiny bit of cream coloured discharge on nappy. Tip of penis bit red. Used sudocream on balls other day only. Urgent see doc?

18 male. I have 5 black spots on the shaft of my penis. All the spots are regular. Also there's a brown ring in scrotum. No pain, but any problem?

2 days before i tonsured, when seeing my head lots of white patches are seemed, but not itching, when i touched it i feels smooth nd no hair growth tr?

3.5 year old son's penile head is red, sore, swollen from today. Retracting foreskin gently I saw penile head is blue, a bit smelly. Infection?Trauma?

4 hard Spots in the hairy part above penis wz skin colour bleeds if removed ,no pain no itch,sexually active ..what level of STI should I think about?

4pm yesterday had redness around tip of uncircumcised penis with some tiny bumps. Woke up this morning and almost gone. Very faint now. Std???

A friend of mine has small red bumps on the head of his penis and it doesn't irritate him and it has been continuous for the past 4 years, what is it?

A little part the head of my penis is white. It doesn't itch or hurt, to best describe is it looks like a vetiligo but only in penis. What is this?

A scar a little above my penis, should I be concerned?

A seed thing cameout of bump on penis.wht do I do?

A white liquid comes out of my penis when i want to pee and sum time i fined my self welt what can I do?

A white spot appears under the head of my penis after masturbation and i am also circumised is it something to worry about?

About a dozen red sore spots have appeared on my penis about a week after having a whitlow on my finger, not sure if they're related but very worried?

After having sex on sunday i notices that there was a large 1.5 gold ball sizes purple swollen pocket on the top of my penis shaft, after talking to a?

After i had sex with my gf my head of my penis got red and sore and itchy and was getting white stuff around it also my foreskin became very tight ?

After i masturbate i notice my ballsack gets red. Is this anything to worry about?

After masturbating, my penis has white spots (like a shadow on the neck and head of penis, almost like dry skin. Legitimate concern?

After sex the other night my husband noticed a red bruise like spot on the head of his penis. It is very sore. What could this be?

After sex with my girlfriend I have these clear blister like bumps on penis skin under my head . Yellow and clear discharge when squeezed , I'm worrie?

And as long as i could remember, i have had small white or yellowish painless bumps on the shaft of my penis. What is it? Im scared its something wors

Any home treatment for skin colored bumps in penis head? I can see it clearly if it erected. If erected head color comes red.

Around the top of my penis, the skin is ver dark (like a dirty colour) and its patchy and i think maybe is because of masturbation! is there anyway i ?

B-friend's penis has a couple red scabs. Neosporin helps,but when penis gets hard,skin expands, the skin cracks.Looks like it is scarred. Thoughts?

BF has tiny 3 white spots not bubbly (tried to remove but won't go) inside meatus & one on head?Is it the cause of his pinching?? What could this be??

Black spots on my penis foreskin, what do you think they are? I have made my own research and it's most likely to be PIH, but I'm no doctor..

Bottom of penis head is purplish blue. Could this be caused by UTI infection? Should i be worried? Can't get in to see a urologist yet. Please help.

Boyfriend gets small red spots on the head of the penis, not painful though. They often appear after sex. Should he see a doctor about this?

Bumps on penis since 1 month. 2-3 clustered and 3 around it and 3 in a straight row near it. non ifchy painless. cant squeeze pop,no sex in past 1yr.

Can PPP develope or have a reddish hit to it or no?

Can you tell me what to do if i noticed I have buds(white) on my penis.Are they due to masturbation?

Circum penis, 3-4 small flesh coloured spots on foreskin, had for more than 5 month, went to clinic and got told they don't look like warts, any idea?

Could I be getting liver spots on my foreskin?

Days ago I had unprotected sex. There's a few tiny circular purplish/brown dots on the base of my penis. They don't hurt and are not raised. She was pretty tight if that helps. They look faded and aged. Yet I just noticed them. ?

Do I have chlamydia or another s.T.D.? I have 3 small red rash-looking spots on the shaft on my penis and i don't really get a burning sensation when i urinate. Sometimes it burns slightly, but nothing bad. It's easily tolerable. Other times, i don't get

Do I have chlamydia? I think i may have an std. My urethra either itches or burns after i pee, also when i squeeze at the base of my penis and work my fingers up to the top while squeezing, a clearish/white liquid comes out that is a little sticky. Do i h

Doc, i would like 2 ask, y after my masturbation, my penis head have a small red bump. Sometime its itchy. Thanks!

Does clamidya cause little berliy see able bumps on the head of the penis ?

Does it mean when u have like a water bump on your penis ?

Due to rather rough sex last night, I have a blood blister on penis shaft. Not painfull, just dark red about qrtr inch diameter. should i drain?

During sex, I noticed that the base of my penis was becoming sore. I thought nothing of it until I noticed a bump approx the radius of a dime.

Entire penis head has turned purplish blue over the past month and stings sometimes. Urologist and primary dr are not worried. Should i be?

Every time i go to the bathroom there is a crust on the tip of my penis what does this mean?

Extremely tiny, allmost invisible red/purple dotts on my penis head, kinda scratchy sometimes. Had 1 day. Same sexual partner for 5 months. Harmfull?

Few years back my penis head got some red dot and disappear after a week. Also on the penis ball got a bit of white dot. Sometime it itch inside?

For the past couple of days there's been a black patch on my penis head it also aches a bit. And i haven't had sex.

For the past years I have had small white bumps along the edge of my glans, they don't harm me, but i'm scared it's an std. Don't wanna infect someone?

For what reasons might the head of my penis have a blue tint after having sex?

Got a purple bubblish like thing, close to the tip of my dick, now has turned into a purply like rash on my penal shaft! Help?

Got a purple ring on lower penis head with yellow/white ish dots (never had sex) what is it ?

Got purple line around lower penis head with white/yellow spots never had sex nor had fore skin removed what is it been there a few months now?

Had sex with my girlfriend a few times in one night.the next day I noticed a small open sore on my penis and the day after 3 small round black scabs..

had sex-Balanitis on penis head, non painful white spots on tonsils won't go away, red spots look like molluscum base of penis. 3.5 weeks total. HIV?

Had unprotected sex w/woman (am man) and 4 days later had red area on penile shaft (maybe slightly raised red area dime size). Doesnt hurt but remains severals days later. Notice a white flake on top of area. Is this an STD?

Hard raised white circle below head of penis. Comes + goes. Urolgst burned it off. Back in a week. Comes back after masturbating. Virgin. What is it?

Have 2 whitehead looking bumps, top of shaft of penis for abt 3 wks. Virgin. More visible when erect. Tried popping.i dnt thnk pimple.. help.

Have 4 small bumps same colour as the skin under the head of the penis, gone to doctor and had them frozen twice, but they haven't gone, confused?

Have a bump on my penis and worried about it, would like it checked out? Anyway I can do that online?

Have darker skin tags on the bottom of my penis. It's two little flat dark brown tags it feels like. I have been tested for STDs and nothing comes up.

Have noticed a single white spot almost like a blister under the foreskin that sometimes hurts when i urinate it can't be an STD what else could it be?

Have red dots on tip of penis under skin hard to notice unless bright light. Penis is twice as thick on the left side when erect thicker no sex2yrs.

Have white spots on my penis they dont bother me but looks weird recently just started appearing right below my foreskin?

Hello i'm am 25 years old i make masturbation about twice a week , since a month i noticed a red swollen at the top of penis. thanks alot?

Hello doc Im john 17years old and often masturbate and for past two yrs there have been black spots on my penis and a lil bigger spot on my bladder.

Hello doc, I'm noticing red circular shapes patches on my penis head's coming and going..I masterbate a 6-7 times a it bcz of It?

Hello dr , im 18 and its been months the head of my penis is red and not normal , please help I've chose this application they told me it could help ty?

Hello i am 16 years old and i discovered a growth on my penis (shaft) about 2 weeks ago it was red and hard in the center like a tiny bb recent white?

Hello I have a reddish/pink bump with white fluid on my penis two weeks now . I think it's getting smaller after wash with chamomile but still concern?

Hello I have fordyce spots on my penis and its itchy and I was wondering what I can do I have it everywhere on my penis and balls thank you.

Hello i have some white small pimples in my penis head and is itching me a litlle bit since yesterday can u help me?

Hello today i've noticed that i got something like a pink scar on my penis skin, I have no idea what it is or what to do. I would appreciate your help?

Hello, and I have these little fleshy spots they do not hurt cause no irritation and no pain they're on my foreskin the inner bit and iam a virgin?

Hello, about 1 hour ago i found what looks like a boil on my penis, about 3cm form the testes. It hurts when touched. Should i be concerned?

Hello, after i masturbated today, i saw to red spots on the head of my penis. What is this? How to fix it?

Hello, I am 22 years old. Last Wednesday I was checking myself to make sure everything was ok with my vaginal health. I noticed a whiteish bump when I pulledĀ  my clitoral hood back, and when I let the hood cover my clitoris, it appearesd on top. I squee

Hello, I have a couple of 2 small red spots on my penis. Next to the round part of my penis. What could this be? How do I treat it?

Hello, I have problem. I found yellow spot in my underwear. I have uncircumcised penis. Please help me asap ?

Hello, I've got these small patches of little spots and they are fleshy you can only see them when I pull back my forekskin back and look like cauliflower but they cause no harm no pain and not itchy and iam a virgin and been in no sexual contact, and whe

Hello, please i hv these non itchy small bumps on my shaft. Doc said it was harmless but beginning to get worried cuz its not going away. Please help?

Hello! I have a dark spot on the prepuce of my clitoris, is that normal? It doesn't hurt and I have been able to orgasm without knowing it was there.

Hello. I recently noticed there are some red dots on my penis head. Like someone got a marker and dotted my penis head. There are about 8 in total. ?

Hey doc i have a bump on my penis with white in the middle and its inflamed its been there for more than 6 months and it started with a bump and?

Hey doc what should I do if ooze is coming out of my penis? I think a vane popped while I was masturbating.

Hey doctor.. I observe white sticky grainy yeast like stuff under my foreskin on my glans penis. What could it be and its solution?

Hey I have a bump on the tip of my penis it appeared out of no where and it does not hurt or itch or nothing what can be the cause of this?

Hey I just noticed some small white bumps that are paired, going alongside my circumcision line. It's not a lot, maybe 6 or 8 small bumps.. Clueless?

Hey, I have this thing called Balantis it is occuring on the head of my penis, its getting swollen dark red, with a cheesey substance I dont know how ?

Hey, I'm 16M and my penis seems to be darkening up and the head is somehow red. Are there any ways to whiten it?

Hey, Im a 14 Year Old Boy Who Is going through puberty. On my penis on the skin only their are these small tiny dots. These dots never hurt. ?

Hey! I'm a 22 year old white male and recently I've discovered these small white bumps on my penis shaft. They're painless and look like skin tags. They seemed to form after I had some warts removed from my elbow, which leads me to believe that it may be

Hey. Is it normal to have like dots on penis. I recently started masturbatin. I have about 1-3 red dots on the head of penis. Never had sex?

Hi Doctor, Iam 18, male. My glans is losing its reddish pink colour and it's becoming greyish. There is no to very less sensation on this area.

Hi Dr. I recently got to know about some black dots on head of my penis approx 3 and also 3 on shaft and one on my balls. Same dots I have on my face what to do? Plz help me I'm worry

Hi i develeoped an extremely paiful spot on my penile shaft 4 days ago, it is like a red ball with a white head. It has got bigger and bigger for 4 days. I am 30 years old and extremely worried it could be penile cancer?

Hi I had some bumps inside skin of my penis. It got swollen and it was painful . Then it exploded and some liquid come out of it. It got smaller but still not so small. It is near the head of my skin . I am circumcised and it is just inside the circumcise