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What are the red small mole things and why do I keep getting them?

What are these itchy red bumps on my neck and chest they are horrible to look , they look like ! **** my girlfriend is already discouragw with me.?

What are these spots under my boobs that look like a cluster of liver spots. They dint itch and don't have a texture. Just in this area. What and why?

What are these tiny white bumps i get under my eyelids, they look like water bumps sometimes it feels as if I have something in my eye. What are they?

What are weird dot like things under my eczema?

What are white bumps that look like skin tabs on your vagina and are they serious? They are on the outside

What can I do about my round face? Want to make it look less round.

What can I do about these weird bumps that keep appearing all over my body?

What can I do if my 20 month old son has 2 little blisters on his ear that look like a sunburn?

What can you do for dandruff like flakes on the face? I have like flakes above the mouth, chin and cheeks it looks like I have dandruff I have tried everything to get it gone but it seems to make it worst.

What could be the cause of local skin rash on kids leg, looks like a big ring, that length for few weeks, usually not itch?

What could cause little pimple looking things in the armpits of my child?

What could this red mark on my skin be? Looks like it's gotten bigger as I've lost weight and I'm starting to get nervous.

What do frictional burns look like? I have two very raw spots on my labia. Nothing that looks like a blister, but feels raw and raised..

What do impurity bumps look like?

What do you do if your boyfriend has a hickey in which turned into a rash ,and seems to look like it's becoming a scar?

What do you think i have? My scalp looks like the gray patch ringworm at times there has been sores like a rash or a pimple. Also, black little nits like a fruit fly maybe? I feel itchy with scalp, hair feels different like it is nappy in spots, also hard

What does a lump look like on your scalp?

What does cancer in the big toe look like and does it appear over time from a black spot -looking like you dropped something on your toe?

What does eczema on the penis look and feel like?

What does it mean if the top of my hands feel like sand paper and is red and blotchy?

What does it mean when you get spots on your hand out of no where and they don't go away they look like freckles ?

What does it mean when yu have a bumpy like rash on the sides of your penis?

What does staph look like before it comes to a head?

What does the skin look like after the tic drops off?

What is this little pimple looking thing on my hand?

What is this pimple look like on ma baby finger?

What is this piple like thing on my 11 year old brothers leg? Looks like a piple you can't pop it all around it his skin is red and hard

What is white flaky stuff on chin and around mouth especially when beard grows? When scratched feels like clear liquid. Falls from face in small parts

What is wrong with my skin? Start out looking like black heads some turn into boil looking sores.

What kinda breakout turns really red, start out as fine bumps, and then turn into another layer of skin?

What looks like a bunch of zits on the back, treatment and cause?

What makes white marks only on the head of the penis that looks like stretch marks?

What to do if I have a huge zit and its really red and embarassing because its at the tip of my nose and i look like rudolf. How do I reduce the redness ?

What to do if i looked at the sun like 10 times?

What type of exercise can get rid of cottage cheese look on thighs they are like dimples all over my thighs it looks very nasty?

What type of meningitis causes you to break out into spots that look like bruises?

What will my armpits look like after sweat glads are removed?

What's the difference between the looks of a pimple to herpes? I'm getting them on my chest and my four head and all over. Red with out white heads

What's this strange spot in my cleavage that comes & goes? When it's dark it looks like acanthosis nigricans but when it reddens it looks like Psorias

What's this thing (looks like a little white worm) found on my pubic area?

Whats the bump like bruise on my babys forehead that sometimes appears and go?

Whats the name of scars that looks like ringworm scars, but arent?

Whats these things coming out on my thighs they look like birthmarks they are red and itchy :( ?

When ever i look around i see these colourful blotchy spots, they pop up then go away. Help?

When I scratch my legs I get what looks like a hickey. It lasts for several days. What is the cause of this?

Which type of meningitis causes you to break out into spots that look like bruises?

White Circe thing in butt. I'm 17 and freaking out. I feel like I have a rash when I don't. It's right in between my butt and virgina. What is this?

White fleshed colored bumps on back due to post bacne looks like thier filled with oil . What would you recommend to treat this?

White worm looking thing was under my skin on my butt, Wasn't moving didn't hurt or anything i'm not on any medications, don't think it was a worm.

Why am i getting like dark spots on my legs they look like purple I don't know am worry?

Why do I have swollen, itchy lips? I do have Crohn's disease. Started out looking like multiple tiny blisters and now has progressed

Why do lumps keep appearing on my scalp? Some are crusty (eczema like), some are plain lumps. Some go away, some remain. New ones appear often.

Why do my vagina feel like the skin is off and it look like it peels?

Why does it looks like my virgina is coming out?

Woke up with a red patch of skin which looks slightly like a hicky on the bridge of my nose. What has this been caused by and how do I make the colour fade as it's very noticeable ?

Woke up with what looks like tiny skin tags on neck is it normal should we get it checked out. They are tiny and clear in color?

Worried I might have skin cancer? One pink spot looks like a bite but wont go away

Yesterday, I have seen black dots, it looks like blackheads on my areola. Is it normal? Should i get them off? If yes, how?