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I've got these tiny bumps all over my upper body, what does this sound like?

I've had a light pink bump on my leg for a few weeks. It has a bumpy, almost warty looking surface. Looks like its made up of multiple small bumps?

I've have a red mark on my hand for 2 yrs now and its started changing and spreading. It doesn't look like an age spot or cancer?

I've noticed some dark bumps on my chest kind of look like black heads but when I tried squeezing them nothing comes out. What can it be ?

I've popped small blackheads onmy nose but now my skin s a little bit red and seems if its going to form a scab&if its going to peel.What i've to do?

If you look closely on my scalp you can see flakes lying there.They get off very easly by scratch. Sometimes my scalp looks red.No itch.what is this?

If your sebacous cyst is healed but then it iches every once in awhile compared to iching like poison and it is not red. What does that mean?

Ii have a thing on my nipple that looks like a buig pimple and its yellow?

Im a 27 female n the skin on my legs look like fish scales! I hate it! what can I do to have normal looking legs?

Im a 42 yr old,,and I've been getting a lot of red pimple like spots on my a bit curious to what it can be.

Im a teen. One of my nipples looks a little cracked. Its not dry, does not hurt. Just looks cracked and one of the little areas is brown/black normal?

Im getting all these wart like spots on my face. They don't burst or go away. Just like the ones in the picture. My age is late 40's. please help?

Is it dangerous to have something that looks like a spot on the penis?

Is it normal for a baby of 4 months to have pimple which look exactly like bleackheads?

Is it normal for a flat mole to begin to hurt and look like a pimple?

Is it normal for the inside of your vagina to look like chicken skin? When i stretch it out to look inside, i see tiny little bumps?

Is it possible for a skin tag to show up in a day? I didn't have one in an area yesterday and now today I do. It looks and feels like a skin tag.

Is it possible for a spot that looks like a herpes break out to show up on your lower leg? If not do you any idea what it could be? Have been to the

Is this normal? I am a virgin, and i've always been curious about this. When i look in the mirror down there, i notice what sort of looks like a hole or opening on each side of my vagina..Is that normal? If so what is it? Like on each side of the vaginal

It looks like I have a baby bump but i'm not prego! how do I lose this bump?

It looks like some blood in the top of my mouth almost could look like blood inside my skin. What does that mean?

It's been about four days now and my mom has a part on her eye that's red. Like a red patch thing and it's been growing and getting darker.Go 2Doctor?

Itchy bumps or some times just really itchy. Managed to pick what looked like what i thought was small flakes of dry skin but looked closer and looked more like skin tags just super tiny. Found some on side of rib cage close to the arm pit, inner thy, an

Just noticed little red circles formed by little worm like things on palm of hands... Worms looking things also in eyes skin nose mouth anus. Help?

Just started noticing cracks on my hands that are itchy, small and sometimes have small head like looking things. They come and go quickly. Any diagn?

Keep getting little white heads on face. One two at a time. Different places. No larger red areas but a little red around white head. Worry? Check?

Keep getting very yellow spots on legs. they r like highlighter color. no pain or anyother thing...just these spots..sometimes they seem like bruises?

Large boil like thing on the inside of my buttocks cheek. It's soft and dark red. It comes and goes every few months. What is it and how to treat it?

Lips feel gritty..When i look closly I have very tiny painess bumps..Should i be concerned? They come and go. Contagious or eczema?

Little bumps all over my body that itch and heat makes my skin feel like thousands of needles sticking me.

Little green dot on the skin on the arm. It does do anything nor does it hurt. It's been there for three years. It looks like it was made by a pen.

Looks like a Small cut under the penis head on the skin. The cut looks like a vein. It's painful to the touch. What could heal this or be the cause?

Looks like I have an infected cut on my leg, how treat it without seeing a doctor?

M facing bad itching around my private area ans also its surrounded by white patches. It looks very weired to scratch infront of someone, please help me?

Mom has tiny red flat dot like thing on her upper eyelid. Its not a stye, it doesnt hurt. No symptoms. What could it be?

My 10 month old grandson was bit ( we guess) by something the mark left looks like a burn. What kind of insect should we look for?

My 2 month old has tiny little bright red bumps or mole like this popping up in different places on his body. Should i be worried?

My 2 year old daughter has been having bumps on her booty some of them have what looks like puss. Now my 5 year old has some what is this and how do I treat.?

My 2 year old has a small spot on scalp that looks like dry skin but wont come off?

My 2 year old son also has 3 tiny bumps like pimples on his belly they don't bother him but hes had themfor months and are not going away.?

My 21more old daughter has a non superficial bump looks like a wart on her arm and now 2 more has appeared on her leg. Wondering what it is?

My 3 yr old son has what looks like an old brown colored bruise on his cheek bone that doesn't seem to be going away. I wasn't sure how long it had be?

My 4 Mo old grandson has had the same looking bug on and around his hair and head. They almost look like a termite clear body outline dark long body??

My 4month old daughter has what looks like a whitehead on her bottom gum. What could it be?

My 5 month has popped tiney veins on his cheek it looks like a bruise. Will it go away?

My 5 month old has what looks like fresh scratch marks on her left elbow. However, they are not scratches.

My 5 yr old child has bumps all over his entire body they look like goosebumps what is wrong with him?

My 5yr old girl has what to looks like a small blemish on the inside of her lower thigh. She keeps itching it?

My 6 yr old son looks like he has ringworm. Dr said it wasn't. But now there's full circle on top lip and inside. How do I get rid if it? Had for week

My 7yr old son has these little black spots on his penis. They look like some type of pimple or spot that you could pop out? Should I be concerned?

My 8 month old kid has this viral infection and i don't know what causes it.It's growing almost all over his body it looks like a small red dot.?

My 8 mos old has what looks like yellowish feet, could this be jaundice?

My 9 old month baby boy has some red spots (looks like ring worm like) on his penis, balls and on top of his private area skin. ?

My almost 3 month old has what looks like a pimple on his forehead, a whitehead. Should this concern me or do babies sometimes get little pimples just like everyone else?

My ankle has blistery pus filled bumps it looks disgusting. It started as a scabby looking thing and now looks like that.

My anus skin looks little pink By almost year,Itch a little and sometimes burns,U can see the picture and my profile pliss tell me what is and what2do?

My baby has a red bump on his stomach and some white dry patch looking spots on the back of his arm. It doesn't look like eczem i can send pictures if necessary

My baby has fluid blisters on his arm and then also on his face appearing just today. Could it look like herpes and be something else?

My baby is 2 months old and behind her earlobes looks like it's dry then cracks n has like liquid. What could it be and how can I treat it? Pls help

My baby is 4months old and he has white paches on his neck some times they becom red and sticky look bit sore but when they dry skin look like burnt?

My bf has a lump on his inner thigh and it looks like a big blood blister. Once it goes away it leaves a stretch mark like scare.

My bf has an STD :"continum" in french..It looks like a flesh coloured patch of skin he said needs to be burned off..Can u tell me what it might be?

My bf said his penis look dry he didn't notice it until he was looking at he said it look dry like it's about to peel Whats wrong with him?

My boobs look wrong!? Hey so im 19 and my boobs look wrong! my nipple is not really well round it looks like a blooming onion kinda! also they are cone shapped.. Will they ever be normal or am i just an odd ball who has a very wrong funky shapped boobs!

My boyfriend has a bump on his growing that looks like a risen what could it be?

My boyfriend has been having issues with the upper vemilion border its red kinda burns when wind hits it and it also has pimple like dots?

My boyfriend has had age spots on skin . But theres group that has popped up overnight it seems. Hes looks sickly thin. pleaae direct me.

My boyfriend is a bigger guy when he sweats and when his legs rub he gets ichy bumps and some around his pants line look almost like a ring worm???

My brother has head fungus but it doesn't look like ringworm. It looks like red patches in random shapes. Is it contagious? How do I avoid it forever

My butt itch so much. My butt skin goes dark and like chicken skin as you see it in my profile photo. Please help. How do I treat this.

My butt itches so much. Its skin goes dark with chicken skin like as you see on my profile photo. I tried antihistamine but doesn't work. So confused?

My child has a rash on her belly that looks like tiny scabs. What should I use to remove it?

My contact was bothering me so i took it out and went to look and there is like a film that almost looks like a contact bunching up when I touch it an?

My daughter had what looked like a blackhead on her back. Under the black spot was an ant. Could there be more ants under her skin.

My daughter has a rash like thing in her head. Im no sure what it is. It scabbs over green. I have even seen it bleed.?

My daughter has a skin tag what do i do I've been using this stuff called tag away but nothing is happening?

My daughter has an area on her right shoulder that looks like a bunch of burst capillaries or petechiae, i dont really know. it is under the skin...

My daughter has been sick recently and now her whole body is dry and looks like little scabs... what could that be from and should I be worried?

My daughter has many bumps on arms and cheeks. Some of them kind of look like a white head. We have tried everything and nothing works. any ideas?

My daughter has these pimple hard bumps on her skin. I've seen them before. It looks like a blister forms. They don't itch. It take a long time to go.

My daughter have this type of allergy in her face it looks like pimples , water is coming out of it and it really itches . What is that , what can I do?

My daughter picked a bump on her forehead it has turned black and looks like a scab but has hair growing out of it she also has one on her arm?

My daughter was bit by a spider? since it looks like two small spots. It's been a couple days. Redness isn't spreading. Skin is a little harder. ER?

My daughters has a painful growth on her elbow resembling a corn...It looks like it has fluid in it. Can you tell me what this might be?

My dtr is 9 months old and she has red pimmple like things in her butt crack and spreads out a little. What could this be. ?

My ear wax looks and feels like black tar. Should i be concerned?

My ears were itching like crazy and I clean them out daily. I got my wife to look at then and on the outside of the hole around it were these tiny white bumps I guess and when she scraped them they would come off and it was like dry skin I guess is what i

My ears were itching like crazy and I clean them out daily. I got my wife to look at then and on the outside of the hole around it were these tiny white bumps I guess and when she scraped them they would come off and it was like dry skin, no pus or draina

My eight month old son had one or two pimple like bumps on his legs now this morning he has multiple. We are outside a lot and he is exposed to dirt?

My elbow has a ringworm looking thing on it that has glossy white balls on it is this cancer?

My face (on the cheeks) seems to have white pimple like things, I checked online and found out its milia. But I'm not sure?

My fiancé noticed that his foot is looking blotchy and looks like burn marks what could it be?

My fingernails look discolored and always break. I also have white spots on multiple finger beds. What can I do to make them look healthier?

My friend got a rush in his hand from 2 months ago and one on his face which i noticed 4 days ago, it looks like 2 circles connected, what's that, got pic?

My friends mom has this bump on her scalp it looks like hard dandruff or something covering it and if you look closely it looks dark underneath it?

My gf itchs alot during the night so I looked at her hair and saw some kind of insect it looked to big to be a lice plus there was only 1 any ideas?

My girlfriend has several small rashes that look like hickeys all over her body for a few weeks now, she sadi they never itched. Any ideas?

My hands were very pretty until my 30's, but nowadays they have bumps and spots. What does it mean?

My husband feels like the inside of his body has been dipped in acid. He has red streaks on certain parts of his body too. Looks like dog scratches. What could this possibly be?

My husband has a circular part on his elbow that is full of swollen circles. When popped, a creme like substance oozes from them. It is very painful.