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I have some painless faint small redbdots in one sode of ny inner thies, it looks a bit like a bite, read about heat rashes but it dosnt go away.

I have somes ittle white bubble in my penis looks like acne but is not...What is that?.

I have somes ittle white bubble in my penis looks like acne but is not...What is that?.

I have somes ittle white bubble in my penis looks like acne but is not...What is that?.

I have something hanging from my vagina it looks similar to a uvula and its always dark in color like purpleish or something. What is it?

I have something that looks like a pimple on my vagina but its big and hard and it feels like theres a bean under my skin. What could this be?

I have sores on my butt that bleed an look like bags or worms in my skin?

I have spiderweb like material that crawl all over my body from head to toe, with severe itching. They come out of these tiny black dots on my skin.

I have these brownish spots on my legs for about 2 years by now. It's not hurting or anything but I just like the looks. I also don't know why I have ?

I have these bumps on my legs and I have no idea what they are Ive been to three different doctors and theyve all told me different things?

I have these bumps that kinda look like acne, but they have been there a year--came after a chemical peel. Possibilities?

I have these cold sore looking things in my butt crack, it's in the upper part of the crack. It doesn't look like herpes. Stings when water hits it?

I have these dots that look like goosebumps on my arms, chest, and neck. How can I get rid of them and make my skin look smoother?

I have these fine buttons that looks like a rash to the corner of my mouth, more to the inner part it doesn't itch. What can I use for it?

I have these itchy red bumb everywhere. They are in patches and look like small little blisters, I usually lift everyday and take protein shakes?

I have these little black dots in the pores of my breast, when i squeeze them, little hair like things come out. What is going on?

I have these little red bumps on my chest that resemble acne, but arent. They usually appear after showers, but won't go away now. What are they?!?

I have these pimple like bumps allined on the rim of my penis. They are very sensitive and itch not often. How did I get them and how to disgard them?

I have these small skin colored bumps around my wrist, when i lay down sometimes i get dizzy they dont itch either what could this be?

I have These white things come up on my skin they look abit like nits. I keep on scratching then I get a reaction and its painful.

I have these wierd white spot like things on my foreskin.?

I have this black blister like thing on the inside of my cheek, it hurts after eating. Help?

I have this hard "blood bump" on my bottom lip. Its like dead blood undertheskin it appears every 6 months on the same spot. How do I get rid of it?

I have this little bumps around my mouth there the color of my skin but there itchi and it feels like I have sand on my face what this could b?

I have this rash on my neck. It's been there for a long time. Luckily I'm black and it's not that visible. It's hard to explain what it looks like. Here it goes, up close it looks as of it tiny wrinkles. I'll stretch the skin and it look normal. It's ashy

I have this small red dots almost looks like scabs looks like a cigarette burn or a ring worm. Does not itch.Appear in different parts. What is it?

I have this sore like thing in the public hair area it started to look like a pimple but now it's purple red what could it be?

I have this thing in my mouth on my left cheek looks like a ringworm but its skin color I been on meds after that it came not sexual active?

I have this thing on my upper leg i don't know what it is. It's looks like purple then red then in the middle yellow its infected. It's gross.Help?

I have this white skin tag looking thing on the open of my vagina and it feels like I have them on the inside as well. What could this be?

I have three bit looking things on my leg they have pus coming out of them and white with red around them?

I have three places on my vagina they look like bumps but feel like blisters what could this be? How could i treat it? Help!

I have tiny black dots under breasts. They itch, when i squeeze nothing comes out, also if i run my hand over it, it feels lumpy. What could it be?

I have tiny little acne like bumps on my nose and high cheek area also itching everywhere what is this???

I have tiny purple dots on my butt that look like it could be bruising but im not sure what it is, any chance you have heard about this before?

I have two black circles on my penis that looks like dirt. No pain. What could they be?

I have two brown/orange spots on the bottom of my foot. They almost looks like stains and like they're under the skin. There is no pain or hardness.

I have two different small bumps on my head the dont itch or anything. But i pick and then they bleed profusely. Whats up?

I have weird holes appearing in my feet, more and more are appearing. I have had them for a while but always treated them with cream and nothing works

I have what it looks like a vaginal ingrown hair on the tip of the beginning of the lip and looks like a red bump and want to make sure is nothing els?

I have what look like a clump of built up deodorant in my left armpit I don't know if I should squeeze it or not what could this be? Serious! Or no

I have what looks like a hard whitehead under my eye and it's been there several months. Im pretty sure it's called Milia. Can I remove myself?

I have what looks like a rash but up close looks like little red vains all over my chest(above my breast , below my neck) what could it be?

I have what looks like a zit on my shoulder, but it has a dark circle around it. Is this ringworm?

I have what looks like blood spots on my arm and looks like solid dark around the elbow and also same on legs. Blood or dark spots and solid clot look?

I have what looks likes a pimple at a blood draw site from a month ago, it started developing about 3 days ago and is now a white head looking bump.

I have what seem like black moles on my thighs. Some seem like scars, some seem like small black things protruding my skin. What is it?

I just looked at my arm and notices this small red looks like blood underneath skin like when u get a shot or blood drawn.but I havent had any?

I keep getting weird veins on my inner thighs that look like a dry cracked muddy desert?

I keep having a bump like misquotes I live in Mi and its winter I only get them for a little bit then they disappear its really weird and they itch.

I look like a panda, white around my eyes and also my hands have gone a different colour looks tanned in one bit and even my penis has changed color?

I looked down at my hands, and they look brown like I just dyed my hair.what gives ?

I looked in my cervix and it look slightly white and looks raw but it doesn't burn or itch, what could be wrong?

I looked in the mirror and saw a red circle looked kinda like i tried getting a piercing. its smooth and feels normal can it be a Brown Recluse bite ?

I need help! I have like pimples on my right eyebrow on the right corner and it looks gross it looks like they had pus in them :/ ?

I notice a tiny bump on my llium bone like 2hrs after hooking up could it be an std? It could've already been there because I searching for anything but I don't know. Could it appear that fast (an std) it doesn't itch or it doesn't burn when I pee.

I noticed 3 small browner spots on my hands skin that I have never seen or noticed before. Does this mean something bad ? Like skin cancer or ?!?

I noticed a scab on the side of my nose today but don't remember scratching it. It looks like it could be bleeding. Could it be cancer?

I noticed a white dot on my penis almost like dry skin. It's comes and goes ?

I noticed my daughter has a wart/mole looking thing on her leg. It's a bump, not flat. it bothers her. What's the difference and how to treat it?

I noticed this after taking a shower, it looks like some skin might have peeled off?

I often get these red patches on my tounge they look like blisters and hurt. They come and go. What are they?

I recently had an appendectomy and have now notice a patch of small blister like things on my bum cheek, what can I be?

I recently had some weird red spots on my penis head like dry scabs and just there. I looked up herpes pictures and it looks nothing to what i have.

I see a lot of small pimple looking things on the outer skin of my penis! help i'm freaking out?

I see little dots around the circumference of my penis. It doesn't look like pimples but that's the closest thing I can compare it to.

I see something white in my anus, it looks like a white pimple, and i can feel it inside. Is it a worm?

I shaved my private area bald and now I have a smell and it itches like crazy and now there is white spots what does this mean?

I suddenly had two white pimples on my this. In about 2 days the burst open like omelette and skin has turned black. It has now also started spreading?

I suddenly have extra skin like on two toes on the top. Its darker and looks like big pimples. They do not pain but realy ugly. How do I GT rid of it?

I thought I had a bug bit on my side right below my bra line, it itches and looks like a hickey but isn't what could it be?

I used bleaching cream on my bikini area. And now I have reddish brown on it that looks like a map. It doesnt itch or hurt. What am I going to do to it to make it gone?

I was going to the bathroom and i looked down on my penis and i had 4 small red dots that almost looks like 2 bite marks that don't hurt, and no oral?

I was shaving my legs and I shaved off a red birth mark like a little ball is it bad?

I was trying to take off my black heads and my nose now has red marks on it and it looks dry , been like this for days now what can I do?

I was wondering if you could help I have like a yellow almost like bruising under my eyes it's not bruises obviously is there cream I can buy thanks?

I went to the beach 2 weeks ago and now I have like these big spots on my skin. How can I get my skin back to normal?

I went to the dr & she said I have hemorrhoid. It's small & looks like a skin tag. Will they ever really go away? Dr. Said they will but I want to kno

I went to the ER because styrofoam exploded on my face I look at the X-Ray and it looks clear but there were little circle things in my chest like 4?

I woke up this morning to find what looks like a blood blister on my clitoris. It won't pop or wash off. Is this normal? What should I do? What is it?

I would like to know about some red veins, or more like red bumpy lines, in the sides of my stomach, i'm a little chubby, is it only fatness ? Thanks

I'd like to know why I have some sort of rash on my head. I also would like to know why i have a bump on my head, and now I have 2 ? Please help.

I'm 43 me n my husband somewhat active only penatrion is his fingers yet i've got what looks like skin tags first off and my vagina looks purple?

I'm a bit paranoid about freckle like spots appearing all over my body. Should i be?

I'm getting little white bumps on my upper front torso. At first I thought they might be skin tags but they look more like colourless moles.

I'm having a place in both of my ears that look like scabs and i don't know what it is?

I'm having a slight itch around my private area when scratched looks like wet dirt what's this.. Not disease or infection of any sort?

I'm skinny and I have like extra skin under my armpit i start it seeing it like 6 yrs ago it's embarrassing,what can I do?

I'm totally freaking out.I got some warts froze and one of them is red and it expanded.It didn't turn into a blister like the others did.Help?

I'm wondering what does a scab after an extraction look like?

I'm wondering why are bright things painful to look at?

I'm worried because my skin always looks like its sunburnt ( red ) like if you touch i it looksto blood circulation , what do you suggest?

I've been having dry skin on my cuspids bow for a couple days now and when I pick at it it looks red and gets a little painful. What could it be?

I've been having some pimple like things on my private area like around the skin. I was wondering if you can tell me what it can be.

I've been having this bump on my lip for a few months it looks like either a blackhead or a mole I need helping removing it?

I've got a many plump on my scrontum .one of themgot a hair sticked out . It didnt hurt . Circle , some of them is kinda look like a long circle?

I've got a mole like scab on the underside of my knee. It looks and feels like a mole but it peels off periodically like every couple months. What is it?

I've got a red rash on my right latt. Circular, about 2.5 inches in diameter, looks looked lots of little dots. Does this sound dangerous to anyone?

I've got a spot but it's not a spot, it's some sort of cut that looks like a pimple plus pus. What is it?

I've got soft soft like scabs on my scalp they very sore were picked it feels like liquid coming from them my scalp itchy also please help thank u?