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Hi doctors, was just wondering what is and what does head lice look like?

Hi Dr I am 62 years of age, I am having these bumps on my bottom between my butt crack it itches and look like water pump they comes and goes?

Hi i had two questions? My 8 yr old daughter has recently gotten two like big brown spots one on her inner thigh and another on her arm they look more like birth marks but this just appeared like a week ago. They don't itch or hurt nothing they just there

Hi I have a scab on my leg for over a year now but it won't heel it's raised a little to looks like an ulcer once the scab has dropped off?

Hi I have bumps like cauliflierower all over my body?

Hi I have like yellow things growing on my eyelids can you tell me what they are. They where very small but now getin bigger. Not sore like ?

HI i have what looks like a stye on my upper eyelid.. i wouldnt be so worried about it its just its black and ive looked online and no one seems to ha?

Hi I'm on holiday and its 40degrees. Like many women I have a little thigh rubbing but it has caused a few red lumps and dry skin - there is also a yellow liquid that comes from them. It's very painful what can you recommend I do? Thank you !!

Hi i've been having dry skin on the sides of my vagina which looks kind if red, and also small bumps but they don't look like and std. What is that?

Hi there, I have some black spot that looks like dead skin on my penile head. Is it something that I should worry about?

Hi there!! My child is 4. He woke up this morning with dots all around and on his eyes (skin) it kinda looks like freckles...I'm worried?

Hi, i have a question similiar to the "feather/thread" like hairs. They aren't just on my breasts though. Theyre on my entire body. Itchy, too.

Hi, I have small skin spots around 1 to 2 mm diameter. White, looks like there's water inside. How can i get rid of them?

Hi, I noticed a weird lesion in my 3 yrs old daughter's lower eyelid about a week ago. the pediatrician said it's a stye, but I feel that it doesn't look like a stye , can you please take a look at the photo and tell me what you think?

Hi, I would like to ask if you could help me with my eye, I have had a whitehead ( Or something else that looks white) on my eyelid and it's been there for a while. I'm not sure how to get rid of it. Do you have any advise? Thanks

Hi, I'm just wondering, hoe can you tell the difference between acne and perioral dermatitis? I'm 18 years old and these red bumps around my mouth some look like small pimples. Also if it is perioral dermatitis, what's the best way to get rid of it? T

Hi, my brother has allot of bubbles on his back. He is allergic to lactose. It kinda looks like a keratosis pilaris. Can you maybe confirm this?

Hi! I have a black patch ( like small dots )on some part of my penis head . I would like to know what it is and is it serious.

Hi! I have a friend who develops somethings on his head, its all start with something looking like a pimple and end up with a black deadcell.

Hi! My friend has developed some small things on his head (skull) they look like dry warts. What is the cause n how can it be treated.

Hi. I have these little white beads that are from my scalp. I can feel them when i run my fingers along my scalp. How do I get rid of them?

Hi. I woke up with a rash on my neck that looks kind of like a hickey but more red.. I put tea tree oil on it and it burns a little. what could it be?

Hi. These small pimples keep appearing on my body everywhere.. It's hard to even see them they are that small and flesh coloured.. But they itch like crazy. And keep appearing everywhere?

Hicky on the inner thigh. It's red and puffy.Been like this for over 3 months. What happened? It looks gross and i can't wear shorts

How am I able to get rid of a white birthmark that is on my butt/back and it also kinda of looks like a cloud almost.

How can I make this cut on my arm look less red?

How come everything looks reddish after I go inside after being in the sun for a long time?

How do I get rid of the small flesh colored pimples/bumps that are constantly on my face, that can be only be felt and seen in certain light?

How do I get rid of this soft like mole off my back it is real soft like a mole

How do I make what looks like warts (but the bumps don't hurt) go away?

How do you get rid of that "chicken" skin under your eyes ? They look like tiny white bumps

How do you get rid of the scavi skin virus? Small dome like bumps with clear to white fluid coming out them.It itches like something awful!

How do you get rid of the scavi skin virus? Small dome like bumps with clear to white fluid coming out them.It itches like something awful!

How long after transmission would a syphilis chancre appear and what does it look like? Does it look like a hard pimple on the outside of the skin?

I am a 27 year old Male . I have what seem to be just hair bumps on my taint. But today one looks like a small skin tag please help freaking out. ?

I am a African American male and was wondering what are these brown bump like things on my upper lip. They don't feel like bumps, not do they irritate?

I am concern with 'something' that grows on my 'labia majora' (as i google it)...It's a white thing feels like a grain inside my skin. Sometimes itchy?

I am experiencing black spots that look like a burn mark flat doesn't hurt it's on the ground snide of my vagina near the top?

I am experiencing breast redness in one patch on my skin. It looks like a spot but doesn't have a head like a zit or pimple, it is also growing. ?

I am having very tiny i mean tiny bumps on my face and neck and stomach they look like I have a million of them they are not inchy

I been worry i have what it looks like small zit on my genital area. They mainly are in the sack an under my penis an some look like there under the s?

I can not pop these bumbs the have a white like dot on top luke white head but nothing comes out they make u wanna stop around my shine area what r th?

I can squeeze hair folecules and get spot like white stuff come out it is mainly on my penis but also get them on arms and inner theigh.?

I discovered a spot on my upper lip that looks like ringworm. is that possible? its white and has a ring around it...

I don't know what these red little piples in my body are do you? I've had these for 5 days now and i would like to know what they are

I dont have a pimple like spot, but it looks like multiple white spots of layered skin placed around different area on the begining of my vagina. Im freaking out alittle bit because i never checked if its natural or not.

I feel like pimples in my anus, but when i take a shoot , they don't show in picture, is that normal?

I feel like there is something in my throat like a hair or hard dried phlegm i can see a small pimple like skin hanging out just behind my uvula, help?

I forgot to mention, I have a very red rash on my thyroid goitre, it's painful and itchy and looks like it's getting bigger, what should I do?

I found a line near my wrist about 1 cm long, looks like a mark from a blue pen, have tried to remove it, but it wont go, looks like its under my skin?

I found a spot on my nose that looks like it could be skin cancer but I was able to peel it off like a scab is it?

I found brown patches on my arms.. Looks like dirt but isn't. What could it be?

I found little white flake looking things in my hair and have this weird rash or bites in my back stomach and thighs?

I found small insect like thing sticking to my pubic hairs...And its itchy..Which medicine is used to get rid of it..How to prevent.I have its picture?

I get acne like little and big bumps, mostly skin colored, Some red and painfull. They do not itch and come and go. Around forehead mostly chest also?

I get all these little bubbles under my skin on my thumb. An then I kinda pop it an it's like goowey water. What it's it? It's like the skin dies an an new skin comes back the repeat

I get small red pimples that don't come to head on cheeks. They cluster together around my nose/mouth almost making it look like I have whiskers, help?

I got 3 tiny blister looking things two just in sise my nose and one out then the next day they appeard on my nose then the next day one tiny on cheek?

I got a rash i guess from using organic jojoba oil its spread all over my body. It has gotten better now it looks like goose bumps and it itches.Why?

I got ingrow hairs for over a year now, they look like white bumps really small and they itch terribly. Whats the best solution to get rit of them?

I got little tiny pimple looking things on my my penis please help me find out what it could be?

I got sunspot in my forehead and now they look like bruises, what can I do to take them out?

I got this kind of wart thing that looks like a scab but i haven't cut myself, and its on my head?

I grew things that looks like red pimples near my neck and chest and it looks like a small rash. I don't know what this so please help me thank you !

I had a biopsy above my clitoris 4 days ago. I'm wondering what normal healing should look like. It looks white. Is this a moist scab or infection?

I had a cut on my leg and i was silly and picked the scab. Now the skin is dark purple and it's stayed like that for ages. What can help? Thank you vm

I had a cyst removed from my chin. It looks pretty bad. Will my chin look normal again?

I had a dark brown spot under my foot and was very small and look like a callus but now I have like four more and was wondering what it can be?

I had a rash appear after weeks of interior decoration in three specific places on my body and it looks like it's dried up but not going away.

I had a rash for a few years now but it's getting bigger and looks like little bubbles. What can I do to treat it and prevent it from spreading ?

I had a red spot on begininning of penis, now looks like a whitehead, really sensitive. What is it? How to make it go?

I had a surface piercing on my wrist one week ago. should it look like this?

I had like a green acne spot on my face and I popped it, it was really weird it like exploded?

I had these scabs on my face while back. Looked like pimples. They would scab with crusty gold/orange color. Itch a little. Wat was this?

I have like patchy skin the sides of my nose its kind of got a shiny look to it ?

I have 15 different spots on my body they start as a little red dot then get big and itch they are round/oval they are spreading to others?

I have 2 red marks, kind of like bite marks, on underneath my stomach and upper part of my vagina. It looks like smaller bumps are inside of it ?

I have 2 small dry patches of skin on my spine that look like brown bruises. They don't hurt or anything, what could this be?

I have 2 small white painless bumps underlip that come and go they kinda look like dermatitis or acne one showed on my lip cortisone make them go away?

I have 2 white bumps that look like syphliss can I just walk into an ER and ask to get tested?

I have 3 really tiny white spots located under my lower eyelid (where I put my eyeliner on) and those spots itch like crazy at times. Should I see an eye dr or dermatologist for it or is there something I do myself to stop the itchiness?

I have a bead like ball on my chin(under skin), what to do?

I have a big red spot covering my armpit that looks like its irritated. But it doesnt look like most ringworm spots. What do i do??

I have a black spot in my eye that looks like a spider web. What could it be?

I have a black streak on my neck which looks like sharpie but it isn't. And I can just was it right off but it keeps appearing ?

I have a blood blister under my eyelid which seems to have "ruptured" and has spread, looking like a blackeye.?

I have a boil on my inner thigh on my knicker line for about 4 weeks.No red lines on it but sore. Looks better today than normal.How can I heal it?

I have a bump on my finger that looks like its a wart but it hurts. It is similar to the color of my skin but the top is lighter. What is it?

I have a bunch of small lighter-colored, dry bumps on my knees. I thought maybe it could be from shaving? Not really surebut any idea of what it could be? Should I see a doctor or will it go away? They aren't itchy or anything, I am just getting more and

I have a few questions : my anus turns purple and it looks like it's inside out like it sticks out , is that normal also I use to get these bumps on my buttocks n they would bother me just being there so I would pick at them but they went away now , what

I have a few tiny pink bumps on my skin right under my bottom lash line. What type of doctor should I go see?

I have a freckle on the inside of my right thigh near my vagina and it seems to have "smeared". I also have what looks like minor bruising by it and waxy scar like skin around the area. ?

I have a hard grape sized thing that looks like a skin colored pimple at the crease of my thigh. Should i be concerned?

I have a hemorroid but it looks white idk if i should see a doctor or not i dont no if i should work while its there to me it seems like it got bigger?

I have a line on the upper thigh it looks like a like if bumps on it is not sore , nor tender. It looks like its inside my skin i can't pop or pick it?

I have a little hard bump on my leg it felt like a cut but i saw it and it was circle and red washed it off, looks like a hole. is ita staph infection?

I have a mole like thing on my scalp. is this something to be concerned about.

I have a mole on my back that has a white spot on it that looks like a zit is this a cause for concern?

I have a mole on my cheek and occasionally it swells up and is sore. It doesn't look like it has changed in colour. Should i be concerned about it.

I have a mole on my face. There seems a transparent layer on it . It looks like some fat. It makes the mole looks dispered. What is it ?