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Have rash in circle under my left armpit for a week now. The skin is dry, some parts looks like ants bite and red. Anyway to make it go away?

I just noticed that I have a dark shadow above my lip looks like a mustache shadow it is freaking me out even my 5 year old can see it what do I do ?

"Raw" spot with redness around it on my breast. It's a little itchy. Almost looks like a burn or somehow the spot was rubbed raw? As far as I know it

1 of my friend have white spots around the anus and it looks like fungus.What does it mean? She applied dermasone0.025 %

1 white spot in throat 4 2 painsoft looks like pimple. Put on azythromycin for long to clear/ doc doesn't know what it is. Any ideas?

2yr old daughter has small bumps on forehead. Where did it come from and how to treat it.?

3 weeks ago my husband started getting what look like bug bites on torso but now look like non symmetric squiggly lines and still itch. What is this?

3 year old daughter has a bump on her eyelid looks like its growing . What is this what should I do?

3 year old has a rash around mouth , bruise like in color( looks like she ate berries that stained),no other symptoms, doesnt bother her. ?

3mm skin color/clear raised round mole on side torso . Looks like a blister. Itchy. Looks like it got bit bigger, but shaved over it. Should i worry?

4 weeks now i had this red like rash on my face it looks like its going away bt than reappears when i am in the bathrook or outside should i beworried?

6 months I have had this rash on my leg its very itch and now my skin has turn colors I made appt. To get look at what would cause this?

8 month old baby has a rash and what looks like little pimples around her butt . What can be causing that and how do I treat it ?

A bunch of bunps in a circle on ur skin, should I be concerned?

A skin rash that feels like sand paper on my 3 yr old daughter and has no distinct color.?

A toddler has like pimples all over the body why?

About 25 really small light red and skin colored bumps on my chest starting just under my collarbone. Nothing comes out when i try popping them.

After I shave my legs start to like bleed in little dots, can there be something wrong?

After shaving my face, I have what looks like blood under my skin that will has not gone away. ?

After shaving under my arms, the skin goes dark, like I haven't shaved it and parts of it turn red. I get pimples there too. What can I do about it?

After tanning in tan bed for 5 min second time I have flat little red dots that look like blood blisters.Like if u were to scratch yourself a lot?

Age 49 my face broke out. Pimples blackheads i squeez but nothing, i slide across my face small white stuff like flakes come out skin now tough.

At 65 leisons have started to appear on my face. Sometimes they disappear, but not always. They are like very flat warts, scab like. For 5 years?

Baby has a red spot on the back of each heal. Been there for weeks. Almost looks like blisters or strawberrys but completely flat?

Been getting these weird marks all over my body that looks like massive scratches. They often burn and have little bumps beneath them. ?

Before period starts I get this huge bump on my inner thigh and it's raised. It looks ripened it hurts like crazy! what is this and what can I do?

Big rash on my vaginal area i can't figure out what it is its a big circle outlined with a thick red line that feels swollen and dark skin inside help?

Big white clumpy discharge, itchy red ring like thing an inch avocet clit, and goes around both sides of clit. Doesn't make full circle. Help please!

Bit the skin off of bottom lip, now it's a white swollen lump, looks like ulcer. How can I treat? Have school photos on Friday

Blackhead looking dot in my armpit-- 'popped' it like a normal blackhead and a deodorant looking substance came out and keeps on coming. What is it?

Blister like bump under sons neck. It started small almost looked like a skin tag but looks like it's getting fluid and getting bigger?

Breaking out around jaw line looks almost like a rash what can I use ti clear it up.?

Bump on my toe that looks like a pimple but isnt.At first it was one and now theres atleast 8 smaller ones.Please help, antifungal spray doesnt work.

Bumps ar not itchy they seem to leave a discoloration and pop up elsewhere. they start small and grow into mounds of sort then leave dark spots.

Bumps near eyes.... I have these semi-large bumps near my eyes that look like water bumps.Which is the best way i can explain them.. They irritate me atleast 3 times a month.Can they bee removed?I am so embaressed by them and i hate that evewryone inc

Bumps on a 2 year old my 2 year old daughter has pimple like bumps randomly on her body. None on her face. They kind of look like warts. I tried to squeeze one of them, but it seems that the white stuff that comes out, is hard. She doesn't say that they h

Bumps/sores looking like my skin was scraped/burned off (looks like chancroid) almost a month since it appeared, not healing, but can it spread?

Can a bcc look like a flat pimple?

Can coldsores start with what looks like a blackhead?

Can molescum contagious be all over body? Like legs upper thighs? Look like small tiny goosebumps pimples will check with a dermatologist at some stag

Can mrsa look like a bruise? ive had mrsa a couple times before and it never has before.But i have what looks like bruise on my inner thigh

can pink spots all over the body ,some look like a scab (unscratched) and not in clusters be a sign of leukemia?

Can staff start out looking like chicken poxs? (Random red dots everywhere?)

Can there be something that could pop up on the skin that looks like a wart?

Can trigmenial tightness in face cause skin to look slightly abnormal? Like a bit more puffier? What's the best medication to get rid of inflammation?

Can you have pores on your lips? It seems like i do, my lips are going away leaving me with little white spots on them i notice this when i was around 20, now 39 it worse.

Clear fluid bumps on bottom of my feet.They do not look like pictures i've seen of excema but they do hurt and rarely go away.What ciould this be?

Clear fluid(looks like water) bumps itchy, only like 3 or 4 bumps/diff spots.Once picked gone in 3 days.Have hsv1 it looks nothing like it. On penis

Corner of my nose something like pimple formulating, hurts when I touch it both outside inside. Afraid it might be skin cancer. It is red. Please help?

Could u please advise me about how to get rid of some red symptoms on my head skin that make white flaxes only in the areas that look red and hard! TX?

Dark itchy spot on tip of nose and it feels like running water when it itches. Thank you?

Dark line underskin appeared..apparent spmething there..I squeeze and out comes a dark colored? which was hard and gross.look like a cocoon.what is it

Deep indents in tonsils make them look bumpy?

Different areas of my skin start to itch then turn into what looks like mosquito bites. If I continue to itch them they turn into scabs. ?

Do scabie bumps come and go? Like you scratch... Bumps show up... Go away in a while.... Then show up again... Whenever it decides to again??? Looks like pimples

Doc said not sure couse of rash but had it for 4 days starting to look like pimples or tiny blister like all over stomach chest back but no where els?

Doctor's opinion? My skin always looks like its sunburnt (red) like if you touch i it looks white for 2 sec . I need help is it due to blood circulation?

Dr i have squeezed my nose now its shape is changed iam really worried i used to look good now i look like a freak wha should i do please help?

Every few months I get a little old looking scab that comes out. It's just like any old sore scab but there's never a reason for it. why?

Every few months i get white/ colorless bumps on lips that i can only see close up. They are painless don't itch and feel like sandpaper, what is it?

Every first big sun exposure I break out with lil bumps kinda look like pimples w/out the white head then they go away but its happens 3 years in arow?

Every so often i get what starts off as small red dots under the skin they then go darker and then the area turns yellow like a bruise no pain then go?

Flat brown spots on my scalp. Mostly in the part of my hair. They don't itch or hurt try just look gross.

Flesh colored soft bumps appear on full lower inner arm comes/goes several times a day not everyday but often. No redness/itchWhat could it be

Fleshy razor cut like sore below my pantyline, it looks like my skin came off, started my new job 3 days ago and consist of alot of walking? Friction?

For a couple days now i have marks on both of my breast that almost look like hickies. Why, what could it be? Should i be worried?

For a doctor that knows about hemorrhoids. So i get hemorrhoids like 2-5 times each year. Well i got a little rash on one side of my butt cheeks. It is not really bad, however it itches. I did a little research and read that it could have been caused from

For almost a month and it won't go away now it looks more like a mole but it is a pimple, how do I cure it?

For the last 8 months little circles of dry spots been pooping up around my body. itch like crazy and slowly get bigger each day. Picture in profile ?

Fordyce Spots for years. 2 weeks One grew and it bugged me picked at it and nothing happened. Yesterday I squeezed it hard and the skin broke leaving red irritated skin with a whole that kinda looks like a blackhead. No insurance so this is my last ?

Found a tan spot on my chest about a month ago, almost looks like a cigarette burn but tan. Doesn't hurt itch bleed or anything. Should i be worried?

Found awhat look like a black head on my lip i tried to remove it with tweezers pushed it in more now noticed more dark faint marks bottom lip?

Found two white dry bumps under the rim of my penis? What could this be?? Looks kinda like dry skin. Really scared. Please help

Growths in pubic area. I keep getting painful bumps in my pubic area that look like boils but not as big? In about the last 6 or so months I have been feeling random pain in my pubic area. Only to look and see a little bump that looks almost like a little

Had a burn but the scab got ripped off. It looks like its healing but there is a layer that looks greenish/yellowish around it. Shoulf i be worried?

Had a mole-looking thing on my face, doctor tried to scrape a sample but whole thing came out of my face, mole on top & ball on bottom what could itbe?

Has a cluster of blood vessels/hemangioma which looks like a bump/swollen above the left eye, where do I get this treated?

Has this huge rash like thing on his back, it looks like skin pealed,he's tan and the rash thing looks light pink ,people say it's a fungal infection?

Have a small patch of what looks like dry skin around left eye. Itchy and quite red. Appeared bout month ago, won't go away no matter what I use on it.

Have a weird looking bump looks like a blood blister on the top of the crease between my leg and my private?

Have had this skin colored bump/blister looking thing on pubic area. Had it for two months now? No pain or leak of any sort.

Have little red/purple lines running all through my nose. How can I get rid of them?

Have red rashes that look like scrapes and have being continually growing all sorts of places of the body. Very very itchy. What is it?

Have strange mark popping ^ all over me look almost like scrapes but not they r raised like bump &swellin itch what could it be? I wish I cud show pic

Have tiny skin colour bump on side of nose wont go away thought was white head used strip n made it bleed didnt go away what is this bump?

Having white spots and looks like layer of the sking is pealing off and there is swelling in the lower part of pennies head. is there any problem with?

Hello , I have these little red dots on my butt they're not black heads or anything , how can I get rid of them? It's exactly like my profile pic

Hello doc my son is two years old and he has a rash looking is like blisters and his skin is like piling a little this is getting worse can it be herp?

Hello doctor i am 22 years old i recently seen some thing growing on my arm its like brown spots but wrinkly its spread to my chest it doesnt itch or?

Hello Dr Michael, on my scrotum, I've little bumps and doesn't itch me, it's just there. It happens when I mistakingly used an old shaving stick.

Hello sir my body back side like red color pimples help me?

Hello, My tongue was a little bit white and it doesnt look the same as before. I washed and its better but the look it is still kinda weird?

Hello, I have a spot on my hip that looks like a hickey. It comes and goes every once in awhile and its always in the exact same spot.

Hello, I have these red little bumps behind my legs after I shave . Is it the lotion or the shaver ? Or maybe my skin ? Another question , I'm very curious about . What if I have like an acne problem on my buttocks like red little bumps ? Could it be fro

Hello, my penis there grew something like a pimples like kind of thing , i was wondering what kind of infection is it? is is deadly? :(

Hello, so I have this problem with my back there are like dry spots , and its something that doesn't bother me , but it looks like a health issue.

Hello. I have these raised brown round raised ...almost look like skin tags all around my labia. Symmetrical on both sides. They don't look like anything I google. I am 30 & I do not know if I never noticed them before b/c I didn't realize or if they're n

Hey I have these puss filled bumps on my head and hair loss. They are all kind of near the center and it looks like a tornado. I have pictures?

Hi dock I have on either side of my groin area skin that is growing looks like collie flower and has a bad oder what can it be?

Hi doctor Two days ago skin on my scrotum got dry and came out and after looking carefully i found there is a single tiny bump or pimple like thing o?