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1 small pink bump between fingers turned into lots of tiny bumps together with clear liquid inside. Very itchy. What is this?

19 yrs old. I recently have found maybe two or three small pink spots. All of them the size of a small dot. One of them looks like just a small shade.

2 Small growths on scrotum, slightly raised, dry and whiteish on top, what could this be?

2 small inner bumps (blisters) in my small toe. Maybe from heels? They're painful a bit and reddish from outside and when pressed white. No fluids. ??

A few weeks ago, I noticed a small red bump on the top of my eyelid. Now, there are multiple ones. What could it be? How do I get rid of it?

After I have an injury a small bump that remains under the skin. What could that bump be?

Are small red spots all over the body small pox?

Between my lower lip and chin, there's like a small small bump. It hurts and have no idea what it is. Any help? The dot isn't really visible. Pimple?

Bumps on my lip. One was a small boil and one was just a small bump. Only had it for two days. Day two they are getting smaller. Herpes?

Can hives have small white bumps in the center?

Clear painless bump on cornea?

Cluster of small bubbles on my lip?

Could these small bumps around my mouth be milia?

Could these tiny tiny little lumps on my testicle just be normal blood vessels?

For a few months, i've had small, painless, red pimple on the base of penis on top. Now it's bigger, painful, and oozed white puss. What is it likely?

Found a large white pimple on pubic region, when poped it was hard and white.

Got a small bump on palm of my hand. Te size of a small pimple. What could it be?

Had a pimple on my lip that i poped(2mths ago)now it's still red, also have 2 fairly large flat bumps with 3 small redish bumps where mustache grows.

Had zit on neck, picked it, red, raised, and painful. Now smaller with small scab on small pink bump. How do I care for it? Could it be a boil?

Have a small and clearish bump on my lip.painless when touched.tried to squeeze and a bit of clear liquid came out.small smooth bump.what can this be?

Have small small "ridges" you know like a small tiny hole in my nipples,is that normal?

Have small white bumps on nipples. What is cause?

Have tiny tiny bumps under my breast very small they almost look like white heads they are on both breast what is that can that be warts?

Hello , I have a question about an extremely small single lesion on the tip of my penis. It almost like a small slightly raised freckle. ?

Hello I have 3 small red dots on the roof of my mouth. They are painless and not raised. What could this be?!

Hello I have a cluster of small bump looking pimples on my left buttocks. Any idea as to what it could be?

Hello I have a small bumb near my anus under the skin and sometimes theres is a reddish liquid coming from near it. Please advise.?

Hello, I have little white bumps on my balls. Some of the bumps are puss filled. Also I have a small red rash on the base of my penis shaft. ?

Hello, I have small white bumps on the tip of my tongue, what does it mean?

Help me please! there are small pimple like bumps under skin?

Hi I have 6 or 7 small spots on my labia they are blue/black and painless what could it be?

Hi I have five small white bubbles pinhead size on the Cupid bow of lip is that herpes? Or is that skin allergy very itchy

Hi I have this small bumpy rash on my back i'm not sure what it is it's like small dots close together?

Hi I have two small white spots by my bottom, they are a little bit itchy and hard. But they won't pop! what are they?

Hi i've noticed some small pin size bumps on penis head very small with no itch discharge , nothing. They have been there for 3 weeks now .?

Hi there, i have some small white blisters on the outside of my foreskin. Any help would be great.

Hi, I have small bumps on the hard pallet an i usually cough a lot at night..What should I do?

Hi, I have small bumps on the side of my fingers. Not itchy, painless and they don't seem to have something on the inside. What could it be?

Hi, i'm 18 and i've been noticing small bloodlike dots that appear and disappear in the inside of my mouth. They are painless. What could this be?

Hi, i'm 18 and i've noticed small bloodlike dots that appear and disappear in my mouth. They are painless. I'm freaking out. What could this be?

How do I get of really tiny small red bumps on my forehead?

How to cure the bumps on my skin while they are still small?

How to get rid of very small painless bumps on head of penis, and red eyes?

How to remove small bumps on thigh?

I have a few small growths under my tongue towards the tip. Painless and appear to be colorless and firm.

I am a 16 year old guy and I have noticed that I have these small tiny bumps on my inner lips Could it be because of diabetes ?

I am bothered with this small white dot/bump under my eyelid! what to do?

I am having irritation and small red spots on my tongue and large at the back from 3 days.. What this could be.?

I bit my cheek and now I have a small white lesion where I bit it. is this common? should I worry?

I couple small clearish blister like bumps on shaft of penis once a month. Theypop but dont spread they are always in the same spot. What could it be?

I found a small painless white bump around my anus that's really tiny. I think they are a kind of warts. They have no hurt or itch. Is it a problem?

I got small little painless bumps on my chest what could it be?

I had a small bump appear on foreskin 6 months ago. it is white fleshy colored about 2-3 mm across. It is not a blister or sore. it has mild ache ?

I had a small clustering of little bumps near the base of my penis. What could this be?

I had a small cut at the top of my clitoris which has now turned into a larger one. It is now white I think it might be healing. What is it ?

I had a small red bump on the tip of my penis but now it looks like if it popped has not spread. What can it be...?

I had a small white dot on my penis which looked like a fordyce spot. I popped it and a small amount of white "cheese" came out could it be herpes?

I had a small white lump on the inside of my foreskin that I removed and now there is a lump there with a skin colored lesion that is painless.

I had one small painful bump on my vulva with a white spot at the center (like a whitehead pimple) , it has now developed into 3. What could it be?

I had what appeared to be a small clear blister on the base of my thumb but it has grown white and bigger than a pencil eraser. Should i drain it?

I have 2 groups of 3 small white/red bumps on the back of my penis right under the head is there something wrong?

I have 3 or so small spots of dry itchy skin, 1on each sholder&small portion by eye. Can it be why I have2small bumps on my neck?Pain from 1 bump only

I have 3 small bumps on my upper inner thigh. They appear to look like pimples or razor burn. But there are three bumps in triangular formation. This ?

I have 3 tiny painless pimple kind of bumps on my lower leap what can be it sir?

I have 4 random pimples on my back, no white tips, just red bumps the size of a penny, any ideas?

I have 5 small very painful boils under my tongue?

I have a bump in my mouth under the skin by my back teeth it's a small bump ?

I have a cluster if small round, most flat bumps on my palm that are very tiny and appear fluid filled but are deeper in the skin. They itch a bit. ?

I have a cluster of small smooth white lumps on my chin. They are not. White heads. What could they be. I thought they could perhaps be warts?

I have a few (maybe 4) small, non-itchy, red bumps near the base of my penis and in the pubic region. What could this be?

I have a few small bumps that popped up on my penis and above it. But I also have them on my legs what could it be?

I have a few tiny red bumps that resemble small blood blisters on the inside of my labia. They've been there for around 3 yrs. What could it be?

I have a group of two small pimple like dots on each side of the base of my penis shaft on my scrotum. Not itchy or painful. No pus. Just tiny growths?

I have a painful bump on my back with a tiny hole in it. Any idea on what it is?

I have a random bump just above my digestive hole a small, bump that feels under the skin?

I have a red bump under my collar bone ~2 years. It's one smooth red bump, like a small blister filled with blood. It popped a month ago and still thr?

I have a shiny, slightly raised large bump around the tip of my nose. Started with a small scab on the middle of my nose, which grew into a large bump?

I have a singular skin colored dot no bigger then a pin, very small would have never noticed it unless I wasn't over examining my shaft. Just curios?

I have a small black bump on my head, also its kind of squishy. What could this be?

I have a small black bump on the underside of my breast. Just looking for some insight on what it might be?

I have a small blister bump filled that just showed up on top of my middle finger out of nowhere, it has red around it. What can this be?

I have a small blister like bump in my cleavage, just one. ?

I have a small bright red spot under my tongue that I just noticed and is painful to touch. A little smaller then eraser head. Any ideas?

I have a small bump about a centimeter wide that has a small amout of puss and blood in the tip what is it? It is also somewhat painful.

I have a small bump in my armpit. What could this be?

I have a small bump on my palm that seems to be filled with blood. I only just noticed it now... Any idea what it is and how to get rid of it?

I have a small bump on my penis is it anything. It is a really small bump and i just noticed it.

I have a small bump on the base of my sternum. I think its been there a long time. Is this normal?

I have a small bump on the bottom of my foot. It's clear and has a tiny white dot in the middle. It's not bothering me too much, what could it be?

I have a small bump on the right side of my head, close to the top backside of my head, and it has a small amount of dried blood, a very small amount.

I have a small bump on the top of my head that has been there for years now. It looks like a bunch of tiny balls clustered together. What is it?

I have a small bump under my touge?

I have a small bump under the skin on my pubic region, above the genitals, with a few small white spots. It's about the size of a dime.

I have a small cluster of bumps on my hand that have been there for about 2 weeks. Have a very small amount of puss coming out of them and itch slight?

I have a small cluster of bumps that seem too look like small pimples but they don't itch, I have a patch on my palm and on my forearm, 2 weeks now?

I have a small cluster of rough little tiny bumps on the bottom of my foot. It's the color of my skin, doesn't hurt or itch. What is it & how to fix?

I have a small cluster of small bumps that look like they could pus filled on the palm of my hand. What could they be?

I have a small flesh colored bump on my lip for about 3 weeks now. On stretching it seems a little hard below the surface. What could it be?

I have a small flesh coloured lump on my nose which has stayed the same for 6 years. What could ot be?

I have a small group of tiny bumps on the inner part of my penis shaft, i noticed them a few years ago and they never go away, they don't itch or hurt?