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I got up the other morning and after a couple of hours after I got up I noticed I had a lot of small white bumps on my forehead. What might it be.

I have a small hard bump on my chest, right in between my breasts. It's been there for maybe 2 months. No pain. It is the same color as my skin. ?

mom has itching and pain on the top of her head. I saw a small bump there skin colored and quite small she has scratched them off before. What is it?

Petechie Popped up on my 10 year olds chest no illness. Isolated to one small area or chest less then penny ?

1 cm, perfectly circular bruise on top of foot. Very small pinpoint at center. No swelling, redness, raising, etc. What was I bit by? Cause for worry?

1 sesame seed size purple spot on toe.2 flat pink dime sized spots on butt, dull testicle ache, had bump on roof for 1 day.Protected sex 4wk ago. Hiv?

1 year old had MMR Vaccine 11 days ago, little dot rash over body and a large pea sized lump at nape of neck hairline can't see doctor for a week?

1.5 inch long slightly reddish bump along the line of the palm of my right hand.. Doesn't itch or anything.. I'm 20... Should I be concerned?

10ish little red hard bumps on my lower bum cheeks? All came up at once in bunches, . What are they and what could have caused it. They're not pimples?

12 weeks pregnant- small pen mark red dots in discharge. (seems to be almost on the dry side) but when touched it spreads red or light pink.B worried?

14 weeks preg. Having very small bump.This morning i woke up till now, i feel my small bump is gone! what happened? Pls help! tq.

14mnth old woke up with red spots with small white bumps around wrists disappeared soon n later got some on thigh n hand n disappeared quickly what's?

2 black spots on penis head. Doesnt itch nor hurt. what is it? i noticed it just today. im 28 y.o.

2 days ago i ate a hot pocket and as SOON as i finished i got 3 very tiny white bumps and 1 red bump on my lower lip.There painless,they dont itch?

2 days ago I awoke w/ a itching sensation on the linig of my upper lip. I scratched it w/ my teeth and a small bump appeared. What is it? Its stilhere

2 days ago i noticed blood on y arm it was a very small scratch/skin peeled. Today, i noticed the same place bleed again. Should i be worried?

2 days post-op breast aug- is it ok to have a large bruise above my sternum(deep blue, red slightly raised splotches)? Still in lots of pain. Thanks

2 eraser sz (raised) moles I've had all my life, under my left armpit (side of breast) are red & swollen lately. One is now bleeding, a LOT.. concern?

2 nights ago I felt a prickle on my calf while in bed in 24hrs I had 2 light red hard bumps it is now dark red and still itchy. Should I be concerned?

2 weeks ago on inside of breast toward chest wall, I saw a pimple-like bump w/ tiny black spot. It has grown, there is a small open hole in the middle?

21 M. Athletic. Keep getting this small lump on my inner left thigh, it comes and goes and skin around it is kinda red.

24 f sore on sole of foot white with brownish/greyish specks hurts a bit what is this and how can I get rid of it, it's also a bit itchy ?

2weeks ago i realized afew bumps on my but, which now seem to spread but like little pimples on inner thigh sometimes scratch and bleed when scratch?

3 blood stain like small spots inside the left cheek. Doesnt hurt. Could it be cancer?

3 bug bite-like spots appeared 3 days ago on the side of my left breast. Very itchy. It seems to be getting redder and now I see two more spots. ?

3 days go, I discovered a small cluster of bumps above my left elbow, as it was mildly itchy. It seems to resemble some type of HSV. What do I have?

3 SM flat/raised shiny skin firm bumps back scalp. 2 at exact opp ends of head(right & left), smaller 1" from left bump. Left bump black dot middle?

3 year old daughter complains that her "peepee hurts". Doctor visit told us nothing wrong. Looks red and itchy. How can I help her?

3-4 small pimple like (colour and size) isolated bumps appeared on both sides of inner thighs a few weeks ago. Just started epilating bikini, related?

3yr old has a chesty cough, headache behind right eye for 4 days and has a small purple mark (like a bruise) on front of earlobe. Its not spreading?

4 year old said bee bit her on back of head. No prior knowledge of bee stings. Result, bump on the back of her head, 2inch in diameter. Small red dot?

5-year-old daughter has had itchy bottom for the past 3 nights. Tonight her anus has a tiny white bump on the rim. What could it be?

A couple months ago my inner labia were very itchy. I scratched them a lot. They got big and didn't go back to normal, even after a few months. Help?

A few days ago i noticed a small light brown spot on top of left breast. Doesnt hurt or itch. Approx 4mm diameter. What could this be?

A few days ago, small red, raised spots appeared on my abdomen. They have now spread to my shoulders & back. Itches at times, hardly though. Serious?

A few mths ago i got a small but painful bump on areola below nipple. Went away after a week. Today i woke up with the exact same bump in same spot.

A few weeks ago a pimple like bright red bump appeared on the trunk of my body , left side near my breast sort of on my rib, it left a dark flat lump?

A few weeks ago I noticed 3 red bumps appear on my nipple to the side. They have just recently started hurting. What could this be?

A few weeks ago I started to experience what felt like hemroids. Then I just noticed I have a red rash that's a bit sore around my anus. What could th?

A friend of mine has black bumps that started at his finger tips is this something he should worry about?

A group of red dots showed up on the bottom of my chin today and I Cannot figure out what it could be. There are about twenty small dots in a group. ?

A large bump near my bottom where my panty line would be in-between my legs its purple & probably sticks out a half inch & painful. What could it be?

A mole has appeared on the bone at top of my neck being there bout a week now and is itchy its round and brown?

A mole on my back bleed like a teeny tiny bit of blood and then stoped, when I accidentally scratched it? Is this normal?

A month ago a small bump appeared on my tummy. It was pink & filled with puss but now it's light brown, soft-feeling & painless. Should I be worried?

A non-itchy, very light colored rash randomly appeared on the palm of left hand. About the size of a nickel any suggestions or help? Vapor rub seems to help but it hasn't gone away, what could it be?

A pimple friday(was popped on same day) has since gotten bigger and swollen. Hard to keep eye open. Very painful red and a bit hard. What could it be?

A red blemish on my left testicle, should I be concerned?

A red rash suddenly appeared in my chest the size of a tea-cup. Please advice?

A red shiny spot on penis has grown a little bit. It's flaky at times. Doesn't hurt or itch. Been here over a year and half. May have spread a lil ?

A red spot appeared in my sole, it doesn't feel anything..It doesn't change even if a apply pressure on it ?

A red welt the size of a silver dollar on my lower back it's got a white center & itches & a hard knot underneath when I rub it. Possible causes?

A red, slightly painful bump has developed on part of a scar I got 4 years ago. Is this a cause for concern and will it resolve itself?

A red/brown colored pea sized spot on top of right breast. Doesn't hurt or itch. Can it be cancerous or something serious? Made appointment with dr.

A small blue spot on the under side of chin. had it for 6 years. Sometimes a knot sometimes flat. Something to be concerned about?

A small bump next to my urethra, it only hurt if touched. The next day it looked like a white head i barley touched it and a lot of tan pus came out.

A small bump popped up under my arm about a week and a half ago.. I decided to pick with it and now it hurts along with my breast..

A small pea sized sore lump has appeared an inch lower and little to the right of my belly button, also surround by an inch round red patch?

A small red bump was under arm pit so i popped it and clear puss came out . I woke up in the morning and there was at least 15 itchy spots. Help?

A tiny dark bump < 1 mm appeared on my scrotum feel some pain when touched, could this be a hair or anything serious?

A week ago my daughter formed small red dots on the inside of her elbows and behind her knees. They have now gotten larger and spread. What is it?

A week ago the inside of my nose on both sides seemed to get red/pink in the back. Now I have a small scab on the bottom, what could of cause this?

A year ago I hit the back right of my head prettyhard and formed a bump the size of my hand.Its gone down but there's still a small bump.Is it serious?

About 2 wks ago I noticed a zit on my lower buttock, I popped it & it was fine but later it started to bleed & hurt and now it's blistered over. Help!

About a month ago i got a red sore like pimple on my thigh that has been tender to the touch. Todays it has red squiggly lines and is extremely painfu?

About a month ago i scrubbed my lips very hard. A few days after it started to look swollen with little bumps. Now it's dark around it. Please help?

About a month ago some little red dots appeared at the back of my mouth and every few hours it feels extremely itchy?! what is it?!

About three in a row of slightly raised bumps under left side of tongue.They gradually become red in like 5 secs.When I check later the same. Concern?

About three weeks ago some white areas appeared on the head of my penis. There are abt 4 small bumps. But a larger area abt 10mm x 5 mm. No pain.

After i got better from malaria i found a small spot like bump that's on the topof my left collarbone near my neck its hard smooth painless& immobile?

Any of this related..lump in left forearm, soar/bump won't go away, freckles became raised,same arm. hoarse voice. All within 1yr.had hodgkis 12yr ago?

Approx. 20 hive type bumps on stomach. Noticed 3 days ago. Do itcg. Average about size of a dime. Any idea what it may be?

Around 2 months ago a small bruise like mark appeared on the back of my neck beneath my hairline and has not disappeared. now a second mark has appear?

Around half a year ago I noticed a black spot on the inner side of my 3rd toe. It has now got much bigger. It isnt raised, should I worry?

At the back of my tongue theres a small purple lump thats appeared recently.Its got a bit of red around it very painful.Will it go away on its own?

Back in april my clit was red swollen and severely itchy but no discharge? and i saw a drop of blood it was like that for 6 or 7 days & today im itchy

Back of my throat has a red spot. Scratched it before i noticed. Bled a little, but feels as if something is stuck in my throat. is this an abrasion?

Been experiencing small red rashes and/or lumps on the inside of my left elbow only, vary in size. Usually not itchy, but always in the same spot.?

Before a period I get a huge bump on my thigh and it hurts and has a white tip. What is this?

Before I had the lump I just noticed. I had a red spotty like rash on the same spot. I've been sick for about 2 weeks now drs say I'm fine.

Below my knee ( right leg) since recently i see very very small white dots on my skin why is it?

Between my left breast and arm pit 4 red blister like growths developed. Dr. Took two off to biopsy. Spongy. What is it?

Big red bumps with a tiny center that are starting to itch . Recently i was on a painkiller for a cracked jaw bone. I am 28 year old male.?

Both my daughters have pinkish/redish rised moles one daughter is 6 the other is 5 one is on the bum the other is on top off her leg what is it?

Boyfriend has massive clump of red, itchy bumpy rash, turns white when pressed, bottom of back, size of fist, growing in size over past week ?

Broke out with smallitchy bumps that are next to each other on my neck. What are they?

Brown/black spots on the inside of my cheek they don't hurt actually i don't feel them at all i just noticed them today?

Bruise like rash on upper left thigh. Was itchy then found a 5in by 5 covered with little bruises and large ones by it. Is this serious?

Bug bite that started out small on Monday. Today it is much larger has white pus in the middle and red ring around it. It hurts when touched.

Bullseye bruise (purple/red) on arm spreading outward, middle stays white with a small, tender lump. Father has same, but multiple. Live in same town.

Bump under eye, started small yesterday. .Today getting bigger..And hard..No white circles. Just swollen and hard a little red. .Should i go to doc.

Can working out affect the tiny lump on my right forearm?

Child got some sort of bug bite yesterday (small red raised bump) on cheek near eye and today it looks much more red & swollen than yesterday. Normal?

Could I have a boil? My fiancée found something on my butt, it's really red, and big but he didn't see it until today and it doesn't hurt

Could the change of the mole on my arm be serious? Recently a very small mole on my arm has become darker and smaller. It has a small red ring around it. It doesn't hurt at all only a little when i poke it. Also it definitely wants to come off but i'm not

Couple of nights ago I threw up twice, woke up the next morning with some two red dots of my face. They are by my nostrils now too. Very painful/burn?

Coworker has symmetrical red 1/2" spots right next to outer edge of eyebrows, developed suddenly. Near temples.

Daughter has a white blister that covers the tip of her finger. We have no idea where it came from, and doesn't seem to hurt. Should we be concerned?

Daughter is 15 months old has one red bump in her inner thigh started off hard now its going soft but still very red and has a lil white head.

Daughter is 5 and I helped her wipe her butt today and noticed alot of red bumps is this normal or should I get looked at?