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Realized little reddish purple like bumps like pimples on my butt cheeks peels one off blood came and hurts, are they warts?What are they?Dangerous?

Red bump next to vagina kinda far. Looks like i cut myself shaving. I have never had sex before. It doesn't hurt or itch. Only one bump on right side?

Red bump on my butt. Hurts when i touch it. Does not look like a pimple because it's red. Looks like a bed bug but pimple size. Is this serious?

Red bump on right outter lip , very concerned . Its only 1 and looks bubbly like puss could come out of it but i don't wanna try it and its sore?

Red bump on top of ear, no head. Looks like skin has come off around it. Ear was red and painful but now only bump is red. Bump painful when squeezed.

Red dot that looks like a pimple on the head of my penis. It doesn't hurt or itch. Could this be Herpes? I'm afraid. Please help.

Red pimple like bump on breast. Does it connect to anything?

Red pimple like bump on vagina lip. Not painful. Had a white tip but I popped it and white stuff came out?

Red pimple like bumps on my left inner thigh in crotch area. Painless and not itchy. If popped pus comes out.I have genital HSV 1. They wont go away?

Red pimple on lip line, did look like it had pus in it , now just a redish lump! Overall been there a month now. Any advice to help it go ! Thanks ?

Red raised pimple like bump with a black center. I have had it for a couple days and it hurts when i touch it. What could it be?

Red small bumps in pubic hair and inner thigh. Do not itch or hurt. A little puss comes out then bleeds. Went away months ago and has come back ?

Red with what looks like a zit in it in the genital area?

Seabacous cyst? I googled it and it looks like what I have painless and a hard thing inside the lump, no blackhead or liquid coming out of it help!

Shaved recently and now have a sore bump on my outer vagina. it's very soft and looks like I can just pop it but it's too painful. what could it be?

Single bump on vagina, itchy, nothing inside the bump when try to pop like pimple. What could this be?

Single smooth tiny white bump on foreskin. If you pinch the bump itself w/ tweezers it hurts like normal skin would. Been there 4 months. What is it?

Slight itchy on whole vulva not in specific spots. One bump that popped like a zit (not itchy) have been on antibiotics for 1 month. Is it Herpes?

Small blister like bumps on fingers that don't itch but are a little tender when I pop them they tend to fill back up. Have on 4 different fingers.

Small bump on bottom of ear is a tad red it was hard like a pimple like bump but no puss or anything to come out of it what cause this will go away?

Small painful and itchy red bump on bellybutton. What does this sound like?

Small pimple like bump directly in the middle of the bottom of my foot?

Small pimple like bump on vagina lip. White tip not painful and squeezed white stuff came out of it ?

Small pimple like bumps on lower buttocks and upper thighs. Not pimples, they don't pop. Doesn't hurt unless I try to pop them. Never itches. Help please?

Small pimple scar like bump on lower lip. Discovered one year ago. Should I be worried?

Small red pimple like bump on vagina lip. Hurts only when I touch it. Was white but I squeezed it and white stuff came out. What is it how can I help ?

Small red/skin colored itchy bumps on genitals and legs not just where theres hair, when pop them hard white stuff comes out, bleeds alot, what is it?

Small round pink spot on leg. Looks kind of like a pimple but has been there months and i cant pop it so it cant be a pimple. melanoma? Or unlikely?

Small spot usually clear but when warm turns red. Doesnt itch. Doesnt hurt. Doesnt burn.

Small volcano like bump on my penis that do not itch or hurt at all and no discharge at all?

Small zit like bumps appearing around my belly button. Amount grew from 2 to 13 over a month. Not zits though.I cant pop them & they dont itch or hurt?

Small zit on my leg its like black and red like a "mol" i think its called like doesnt hurt or anth ?

Small, acne like white dot on the head of the penis next to the frenulum. Seems to be filled with puss but doesn't pop, no pain?

So I have these little bumps on my scrodum they don't hurt and they kinda itch I try popping them like a pimple but they don't pop what should do ?

So my boyfriend has these bumps on his forehead and he says that the bumps don't hurt could it be herpes?

Stye was at a head. Touched it. It popped. Looks like every thing is out. Right where the head of it popped, it has a red blood looking dot?

The pimples on my face are in clusters now, they don't heal as well as before. Some just look like red blood filled bumps. Should I be worried?

There are bumps that look like little cysts on outer labia. What does this sound like?

There are two or three pimple like bumps that have popped up on the top of my head. They are really hard? What is this? They don't hurt.

There is a bump on my sons penis and it is hard and he can squeez whitehead like liquid from it. then it fills up again after about a week?

There is a red bump on my penis that looks similar to a zit that is not ready to pop, should I be concerned or just put acne stuff on it?

There was a tiny bump on my penis. It was very hard to see. It was easy to pop and white came out like a zit. Is it herpes?

There's a pimple like bump on my inner thigh. I popped it the other day, puss came out. It feels like there's a bump inside my skin and it pops inside?

There's small pink bump under my mole that was tender and hurt like a pimple for the first two days but is now hard. Mole is the same. Is this pimple?

Theres this small painful bump on inner left thigh and its not like a pimple or anything i can pop its just like a lump what is it should I be worried?

They found pimple looking bumps in my stomache, what could it be?

This morning I noticed something LIKE a pimple On my chin.. That doesn't look like a pimple though and it hurts even to talk. What could it be?

This morning I squeezed out a lot of white deodorant lie substance from under my arm and then a mole like bump appeared. What is this?

This wierd bump formed on my toung. I didn't know what it was and I accidentaly bit it and its a bit swollen. It looks like a skin tag but its annoying?

Tiny blister like things from butt to vagina, what is this? It's a little painful.

Tiny little bumps that look like blisters, possible herpes, do they or will they go away?

Tiny red bump on breast. Feels like ab ingrown pimple.

Tiny red bump on chin that wont go away?

Tiny whitish almost looks like pus filled bumps on stomach that are itchy?

Ulcer like spot on inside of labia, started out as a bump with a white head but the head came off leaving the "ulcer" painful, no itch. A treatment?

Um hi uh I have a huge bump on the side of my penis it looks like a big pimple should I be worried?

Vaginal bump has been there for 2 weeks, painless, but it started to flatten and now is back to raised bump just smaller, few days,whats it sound like?

Very big red bump in groin area. There is no head (like a pimple) been there for a week. What could it be and what should I do?

Weird bumps on r shoulder. Start out as whiteheads then turn to blackheads w/o touching them n after just black circular flat bumps. Full of bumps?

What are little white blister like bumps on toes.?

What are pimple like things on vag?

What are some strange like pimples that I have in my penis theyre little and with a white point but they don't pop?

What are the little bumps on my rear?

What are the little pimple like bumos on my cervix?

What are these big red bump inside my skin it very painful almost like a pimple but sometimes the don't pop. It started with one now I have a bunch?

What are these little white bumps on my legs after shaving?

What are these red bumps that are on my buttocks? They don't hurt and some burst under pressure like a pimple. Fairly scattered not next to each other

What are those common lil white or red bumps most ppl get on arms (can look like tiny pimple)? What causes them?

What can cause a painful what pimple like bump on the soft palate in a 6year old?

What can I do for my nose? It hurts like I have a pimple and it is all red on the outside, but no pimple visible inside or out?

What can i use to treat a pimple on the outside of my vaginal? It looks like three pimples all at once in one spot. Not red but it does inch alittle.

What causes itchy white bumps behind ear lobes? I can pop them and the white stuff comes out.

What causes like tiny red pimples on penuis ?

What causes little bumps, like when you get the goose bumps but its not cold?

What causes pimple like things on a virgina?

What could blisters on crack of bum be from? It is as though it's clustered the bumps are hard and itch.

What could it be if you have a bump on the side of your vagina and it sometimes gets big and pops like a pimple but other times gets really small?

What could these bumps that itch and look like pimples be?

What do little white bumps that look like white head pimples on my leg mean?

What does a healing razor bump look like?

What does it mean if your scalp has bumps with puss in them and they itch and hurt?

What does it mean when you have little red pimples on the head of your wiener?

What is a red bump that hurts like a spider or boil but has a black lookin head on it?

What is it when theres a bump on the bottom of the butt non painful n just clear?

What is it when you have a huge bump with little puss bumps on top of it on my forehead?

What is the blister like bump on my lip of my vagina? it's usually in the same spot, it comes and goes, always only 1 bump, no pain, but can't shave!

What is the white substance that comes out of the areola and the pimple like bumps?

What should I do with the pimple like things on my butt? I have black spots that don't hurt and then I have 2 pimple like things that do wen i sit down on them all on my butt

What should I use to treat small red zit like bumps on my 3year olds butt?

What to do if I have little red bumps that look like little pimples on my upper arms how do I get rid of them.?

What to do if I have noticed a fleshy pink bump on the lip of my vag. it is painful when touched and looks like a zit but isnt. what is it?

What to do if I have some black spot on my instep dat has like little holes and at the same time looks like pimples, what can?

What to do if I have some black spot on my instep dat has like little holes and at the same time looks like pimples,what can?

What used to be a bump or pimple in my groin is now like a crater. Should i be worried?

What's a red bump like pimple mean on my penis?

Where my nipple meets the areola, I have what looks like a yellow/white puss filled bump. Looks like a zit almost. Started combination BC 1 week ago.

White blister like bumps on the bottom of toes, they don't hurt, itch, pop, or peel. The are more noticeable?

White bump on nose very small at bottom of nostril no red been there for about a month doesn't look like a whitehead. What could it be?

White kind of yellowish bumps on penis filled with something that's looks like puss hurts when it is touched what could this be?

White pimple like onnipple, not itching and no hurt. When squeezed, it hurts a little, and does not pop out.Been there for 4dys, age 27 male?