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I found out its probably a pimple but im dumb so what is this red bump my nose, what do you recommend?

I found white blister like bumps on the back of my thigh that are sore to the touch and cannot be popped. What are they?

I get hard bumps on around my genital area sometimes. After a few days the bumps pop and yellow puss comes out. Im 17 years old and I'm a virgin. ?

I get little red bumbs that are like pimples on my legs under my butt and on my butt they hurt so bad what are they?

I get small red bumps on my butt. What is it and how do I cute it?

I got a bump on my vagina lip only on one side what causes this and what can I use its the first time I have gotten this hard bump. No pus is in it.

I got a pimple like white bump on my inner thigh, outer vaginal. What happens if i pop it?

I got a red bumb like a pimple it's sore to touch or scrach is there something i can put on it to clear it up?

I got red pimple like bumps under my armpirs that turn to scars what could it be?

I had a big red bump on my upper thigh, I popped it and a lot of puss came out. Now it's purple and has a hard bump under the skin. Ingrown hair?

I had a bump that came up about 2 yrs ago on my nose. It looks kinda like a little water blister but it wont pop and sore sometimes. What can it be?

I had a large lump between my vagina and anus with a white head like a pimple and i popped it. Do i need to go to the doctor or is it just a pimple?

I had a large pimple on my nose and it popped and its been like 4 years since and there is still a bump what can I do? as I have another that is hard

I had a little white like pimple on my upper lip and popped it and whit like stuff came out is it a cold sore or pimple?

I had a lump on my inner thigh that popped and now its like a purple dry patch thats a little hard underneath what can I do to treat this & what is it?

I had a red bump on my bum cheek (close to inner thigh crease) It looked and felt like a painful pimple, now it looks popped and looks like a sore.

I Had a Very Hard Pimple On My Lip Line. It Hurted Bad But I Popped It & Now My Lip Skin Is Very Dark And Hard Like a Rash. What Is It? How Do I Fix?

I had boils now I have 100s of little zit like things all over my buttocks and labia what is this?

I had like three little pus bumps on my ass crack, what could this be?

I had red inflammation and then what looks like acne at top of my bottom/base of tailbone which was never painful or that itchy. Would it be herpes?

I had these two skin tags on my neck like 3 or 4 months ago then they formed to be what looks like 2 pimples the two pimples haven't gone away in months

I had this bump around my area not by the lip more by the clit it looks like a pimple but its hard like a bad one red and it's grown i had it 3 weeks?

I had this lip line pimple like 2 months ago and i popped and it hurt but the bump went away and the redness is still here will stay like this forever?

I had this white bump near my vagina for as long as i can remember now its gotten bigger and zit like what is it ?

I have 2 raised red spots (under my labia of vag) and it looks like it has a small cut in the middle. 2 spots like this, herpes or something else?

I have 2 small red pimple like bumps on my genital area and I was wondering what they might be?

I have 3 bumps look like pimples no puss in them close to my virgina close to my butt and hurts does not itch or anything just hurting?

I have 3 bumps on my face looks like pimples but it has puss and blood and hard very painful also have one on my arm what could this be?

I have 3 bumps on the back of my leg that at first glance look like bug bites but up close there are lots of tiny little bumps in each big bump?

I have 3 little white bumps around my butt hole what could it be ...And what can I do about this?

I have 3 small bumps that look like pimples on the inside of the lips to the vagina, close together. Itchy but not painful. What could they be?

I have 3 to 4 bumps like pimples on my scalp. On and off, one after another for about a year now. It looks, feels and hurts like pimples with no head.

I have 5/6 small red bumps almost like white heads on my shaft.. Try to pop them nothing happens. They don't hurt what could it be?

I have a big bump on my neck without pus, what does this sound like?

I have a big bump that looks like a popped pimple on my back but it's been itchy and it's REALLY BLACK. What is it?

I have a big pimple like painful bump near my armpit?

I have a big red bump in my mouth and feels like a bunch of tiny ones allover in my cheek I have had it for a year and been to two doctors w no idea.

I have a big white bump in my head it's been here for over 6 months and still has not popped by itself it doesn't hurt but what could it be?

I have a black like sore by my vagina it hurts?

I have a black spot on my back that looks like a pimple and it hurts when touched?

I have a blister like bump behind near inbetween my head and ear.Its the same colour as my skin and hurts like a blister when i touch it. What is it?

I have a blister like bump on the side of my foot that is the size of a pea that is soar what could it be...My boyfriend says scabies?

I have a blister like pimple on the skin of my vagina it is discoloured and is painless until being touched I'm scared of what this might be ?

I have a blister on my left breast at first it looked like a tiny pimple. I squeezed it it popped but it's a blister and I see the white thing floatin?

I have a bump below my lip on the edge . It look like a white head. What cause that bump to pop up there an how can I get real of it?

I have a bump between my eyelashes no pain it has been there about a year it looks like it has a little black in middle of bump?

I have a bump in my ear it has these little white dots on it and hurts when I squeeze it,what is it?

I have a bump in my upper ear lobe it looks like a small pimple. It's very painful. It's going to be my second week with this bump.

I have a bump in the middle of my stomach and it's not itchy or anything and it has a white head that won't even pop?

I have a bump on my face , its red and it hurts to the touch , it also is shedding once in a while but looks like a pimple . ?

I have a bump on my face the size of a large inflammed pimple and it looks a sort of bruised color. What's this sound like?

I have a bump on my finger that looks like a wart but hurts what is this?

I have a bump on my inner vaginal lip. It itches and looks like the whiteheads i get on my face.

I have a bump on my lip, its not a cold sore and when I try to pop it like a pimple there's no puss and it hurts when I squeez?

I have a bump on my penis, i only itch at night when i'm trying to sleep, and on occasion during the day. What is it? Its small and looks like a zit, i pop it and it bleeds but itches less then.

I have a bump on my shoulder looks like a wart. it also hurts it's red around the wart and it feels like it might have puss. What Should I do about it?

I have a bump on my tailbone. Looks like a cyst. Should i see a doctor?

I have a bump on my testicle, doesn't hurt or anything, looks more like boil, what could it be?

I have a bump on my vagina it now looks like a open bumb but I would like to know how to get rid of it and my vagina smells sometimes as well?

I have a bump on my vagina lip its small you can only feel it. No pain; it had a whitehead and has been popped clear pus. I shave upward. What is it.?

I have a bump on my vagina that is big and like a balloon but not sore?

I have a bump on one of my vaginal lips it looks like a pimple doesn't hurt but i can feel it there had one before and went away by itself what is it?

I have a bump on the corner of my right eyelid. It doesn't hurt or itch and the color is the same as my skin its not red or white like a zit. Wat is it?

I have a bump on the inside of my lower lip. It has a head like a pimple but it looks clear like a blister. It hurts and came from nowhere. What is it?

I have a bump on vagina im wondering if it's herpes , it's a little pink with a white head i poped it and it was a white ball , is this herpes or a zit?

I have a bump over my breast that looks like a blackhead and it hurts?

I have a bump small bump on my skin on my back. It's a little hard, like an old ingrown hair or something. No puss, not red, doesn't hurt. Should I worry about it?

I have a bump that come up on my nose a few yrs ago. Kinda like I little blister but won't pop and sometime its sore. What is it?

I have a bunch of bumps on my bum that don't hurt. What could it be? They aren't noticeable

I have a bunch of little dots around my vagina on the left side there not like pimples its almost like its under the skin? I

I have a burning sore. At first it looked like a big zit now there is a small opening in the middle and it burns. My bra rubs.

I have a cluster of little red bumps on my inner thigh, they turn into scabs after and its a little itchy.. 3rd time coming back.. Im freaking out!!!

I have a couple very small sores on my scrotum. Only about 3 or 4 in different spots. Theyre almost like scratches. Not really painful even if i touch?

I have a couple white bumps on my genitals that are kind of like white heads but they never go away, what are they?

I have a few red bumps that look like pimples or razor bumps on my inner butt cheek and it hurts to have a bowel movement. Anus is sore and red. ?

I have a group of looks like pus like bumps on my penis it started as 1 or 2 that i popped and they went away now it's a group and spreading what isit?

I have a hard ball like lump on the lip area of my vagina. Its sore to the touch and itchy a bit. Kind of looks like a pimple. What on earth could it?

I have a hard bump on my gum that looks like a small blister or pimple, help?

I have a hard pimple looking thing on the lip of my vagina. What is it?

I have a hard red bump on my upper lip line. It was a small pimple then i popped it an it got all red an hard an it hurts. What could this be?

I have a huge pimple with 2 heads on my nose and its both popped but won't go away the top is dry but bottom is still big and all red what can I do?

I have a knot like bump under my skin in my pubic area that hasn't come to a head so I can pop it for about 4days & today I noticed a dry patch?

I have a large bump on my hip that started as a small pimple like bump. It is very red and painful and has pus and clear liquid in it.

I have a line of pimple like bumps on my right breast, I've squeezed them. Nothing comes out, yet it bleeds and more bumps appear the next day.

I have a little bump on my mons pubis that is filled with pus and my mons pubis itch so bad for a while now. Help me.

I have a little pimple on my lip line? It has a white head but it hurts when I touch it or try to pop it

I have a little red bump on my breast kinda like a pimple can it be?

I have a little spot on my belly that looks like a zit and hurts when I touch it?

I have a lot of tiny tiny pimple/acne like spots on my forskin when i pull it back. They are so tiny but there are alot. No pain or itching.Ideas?

I have a lot of zits only around my mouth they are red and white and nothing seems to work..Help?

I have a lump like a pimple on the hood of my clit, my mum has checked it and said it has a small white head on it and says its just a pimple and she ?

I have a lump on my armpit it almost looks like pimple it's red and sore?

I have a lump on my neck that looks like a red pimple on the outside, what could that be ? I'm very worried.Please help

I have a medium size bump like by the lip of my vagina and it won't pop and hurt im not sure if its a hair bump could you tell me what this is ?

I have a pain like I bit both of my inner cheeks, its been two days and it still hurts. I looked and it looks like both sides have tiny white pimples.

I have a painful little red bump on the inside of my nose. What should I look for to make sure it doesn't go into my bloodstream.I think it's a pimple?

I have a painful pimple like thing on my inner thigh, surrounded by a very large red ring. should i wait it out or go to the doctor?

I have a pea sized pimple like thing in my armpit with a white head and a bigger base but wont pop.

I have a pimple (skin coloured/ slightly red) like spot (no puss and no pain) on my forehead, it has been there for 9 months and it wont go away,im 30?

I have a pimple in my inner labia. I had it for about 2 week now it hurt. I been putting hot warm compress on it. It size of dime look like pimple.