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small flesh, white colored bump on my panty doesnt hurt. It looks like it should be popped but it want. I shave down there to. What is it?

I've had small goose bump like bumps on my upper chest and back for a few months now, how can I get rid of these bumps?

I have this boil like thing on my vaginal lip, it's painful and has a white thing on top, should I be worried, and what should I do?

little bumps on outer labia. flesh colored / looks like pimples sometime. about 5 of them. doesn't look like pics of herpes / warts. what could it be?

pimple like bumps in my pubic area on top only very painful when i press on it.. Very itchy white look like white heads inside skin? What cant they b

"i have a big bump (looks like swelling) on my forehead and clear liquid is coming out of it, no puss or anything and it did not this just popped up 2 days ago.

1st time ever for this, I've just noticed a small "pimple like" bump on the right side of my vaginal lip. It's a little sore. What could it be?

2 small red bumps on my cheek, just under my eye, on both cheeks. They are hard and not puss filled. What do they sound like?

A bump on tha outside if her vagina and it looks like it has a whole in it..And it bleeds...And she says it itchs. She has pimples too why.)

A filled like bump in my lower lip, painless, like 3 months with it, how can i treat it?

A month ago i had a pimple on my forehead. I popped it like normal but it turned into a external bump. Looks like a fat pimple but its flesh n scabby?

A pimple like blister appeared on right breast close to nipple area about 4 days ago and today it looks like it's dried up a bit.. ?

A spot on my chest looks like a pimple but it isn't. What could it be?

A weird black dot popped on the back of my neck & it's hurt alil. Looks like a black mole or bump?

A white pimple on my face and it's hurt when I touch it. It looks all white. How can I remove it?

About two days ago I noticed a flesh colored blister like bump on my pubic bone, inside the hair by my leg. It burst today and is red. What is it?

Abundance of little itchy bumps all around both lips . They go away a little , then come back. Fordcye spots or something else?

Advice please? My 6 yr old lil girl has red pimple like blisters all around her mout. What could it be?

Am I pregnant? I have goose like bumps on my aerolas.

Are raised bumps near butt crack pimples or herpes? It's tingles when i mess with it. Only red when i mess with it.

Areola-i have bumps which are like pimples. Why and what is this and is it normal?

At first i noticed this stuff that looks like a boil behind my head, then its grew to my neck, they were non itchy but after a few days became itchy?

Black skin like bumps on my balls what could be the cause?

Blister like acne on my chin that pusses clear and goes crusty Started out looking like a zit and turned into this. Burns to touch when cracked?

Boil like pimple corner of mouth. it had a white head so tried to pop it. nothing came out and there is mark on my inner lip. still feel lump in lip?

Boyfriend had a pimple, in armpit area. He tried to pop it, it burst inside and looks red&bruised and very sore. What should he do? Dangerous?

Boyfriend has a irritated shaft on the side it has some red bumps and on top of red bumps it looks like a small tiny black head. when pee burns a tad?

Bump on mon pubis, its not red or itchy or look like a pimple but when i touch it it feels like one. I dont see it just feel it. What is it?

Bump on nose piercing looked like a pimple popped but it's not. Any ideas?

Bump on the knuckle thats white and itches, what could this be?

Bumps around anus looked like whiteheads then got hard, went away, last week they were gone. Now back and real white,painless, sounds like warts?

Bumps in genitial areas never had herpes seems like something bit me. Clusters of little bumps itches don't hurt?

Bumps on my thighs that look like pimples, once gone they leave dark spots.

Bumps on tip of penis....Look like red pimples with clear fluid when popped. Bumps shrink in size when acne meds pain or burning at all?

Can Fordyce spots turn into pimples (or what look like pimples) ? Can they become irritated, by masterbation?

Can herpes bumps leave a scar that looks like a bump that goes away like months and months after it healed ?

Can pimples appear on lips? Been sore for a few days and came to what looks like a whitehead now. It popped and is now tender. No blister, tingling.

Can taking doxycycline help underarm bumps like pimples go away? This bump started as a big pimple and now it's painless and purple. Is this normal?

Clear bump on eyeball, looks like a blister. Doesn't hurt or itch but is irritating because I can feel it. ?

Cluster of red bumps that look like pimples on butt. Clear fluid when popped. No itching or pain. What could it be?

Cold sore or zit? Started as red bump in corner of lips, tried to pop like zit (no white head), crust formed, traces left 2 weeks later

Do hives on my face look like small white head pimples?

Do I have a boil? I am 16 and have pimples but between my eyebrows I have a small bump that's a little red. I'm scared if you can die from it

Doc the shaft of penis has little white like dots all over . When i pop them pus like comes out . They are very small . I have no pain no swelling?

Does black stuff come out of boils its a bump and all red

Does fungal infection looks like red little itchy pimples without pus or black head, and they are around buttocks and anus, thats what i got?

Does some fungal infection in groin area , sometimes looks like red pimples , but little and itchy? Like face pimples without white or black head

Every once in awhile my friend would have these (pimple like) bumps around his mouth. She said they kind of tingle.. Any idea of what it could be?

Every so often A little bump pops up on my lip that hurts bad when i touch it. When i pop the bump, white puss comes out.

For so many years I had this very small bump on the back of my neck it feels like a pimple almost but it's under the skin. Has not changed. ?

Found a few small bumps near my clitoris and under the hood. They are painful and look almost like pimples. what are they and how do I get rid of them?

Found a lil red bump close to my vagina, doesn't itch, just hurts a lil. Kind of looks like a pimple with no head?

Had a red pimple like bump on vagina lip. Painless. Had a white tip. Looks like it popped on it's on and now a scab. It's a little sore now?

Had a small white bump (looked like pimple) on shaft of penis for 3 months. Popped it, now its a big red bump. Only minor discomfort to touch.

Had been 6 months when he started to get irritated non-painful/nor itchy zit- like bumps all around his shaft, has had them for 3 days now but better?

Had bite like bumps on buttocks crack at top towards back where cheeks meet. Now bites look like open blisters. What should I do?

Had hemorroidectemy almost a year ago and have a spot that won't heal. Sometimes pops like a zit

Had one painful bump above my clitorious last night, tried to pop it but nothing happened. Now looks like skin is missing. Could it be herpes?

Hard bump on the outer part of my lip i thought it was just an under the skin pimple i tried to pop it but nothing now i'm swollen and its inside?

Hard red bumps on back of tongue and It don't look V-shaped. It look like a cluster of bumps.

Have a blister on my left breast looks like a pimple burst its red?

Have a small bump that looks like a tiny pimple on what i think would be my fourchette. It doesn't irritate me or bother me in any way. Is it bad?

Have had a pimple like bump on my nose for a couple months and probably a year now. it is a little red but not really noticeable.doesnt hurt.Pls help?

Have had a zit like spot on my leg for a few months....any idea what it could be?

Have one swollen tonsil (no pain) and a small bump (looks like a pimple) that comes and goes. usually is small and pink but sometimes has whitehead.

Have two zit-like bumps right next to each other right above lip.Don't reall yhave acne.Has tiny bit of white pus come out. Spider bite?Std?Just zits?

Hello doc. I am a 20 year old guy. I have noticed a group of about 5 or so pimple like bumps on the base of my shaft & they hurt like pimples but don't itch. They've been there for almost a week and a half now and I'm not sure what it is. I believe it may

Hello doctor i have been having 3 spot like pimple on my dick. please what does this mean?

Hello I have this bump on my right boob and it looks like a pimple but it has no white head , been on my boob for 2 years and more ..

Hello this is embarrasing but the inside of my buttcheeks is turning a very dark colour and theres small bumps that feel like knots under the skin?

Hello What is the difference between a boil and big pimple on nose they look similar because i search it up and idk if have a boil or just big pimple?

Help! i found two pimple looking bumps under both armpits! what could they be?

Hey doc , so my gf has like a big bump on the back of her tongue and then around it , it has like a bunch of little bumps , do you have any idea what ?

Hey Doc, I have all kinds of bumps on the bottom of my penis. One seem circularly black with blood and puss and the rest are bumps with just puss ?

Hey! I went to the hospital about a month ago, because I had a bump on my butt and shoulder she said they were boils. Now I thought I had a pimple so I popped it and now it looks like a boil, it is swollen, red and tender to the touch? What should I do?

Hi doctor, I am getting these small pimple like bumps on my forehead. sometimes they are red and sometimes they are not. they randomly popped up?

Hi Doctor, I discovered a pimple like bump on the shaft of my penis, it won't pop and I can feel a small ball inside. What is this ? Thanks

Hi i have a 2year old daughter who has what looks like a blister in the inner eyelid on the bottom its now a big bigger and filled with puss i believe?

Hi i'm basically worried I have these white bumps on my virgina and i would like to know what it is.?

Hi ther I have a small kind of pimple on my sculp with a little scab on it an its swollen an hurts a lot what can I do I had it for 2 weeks now?

Hi, ummmm i just found a bump with white in the middle of it on the side my tongue .....What could it be ? Looks like a small pimple.. Help me please

Hi! So, I've had this white bump on my lower waterline for a few months now. It looks like a zit, but I've read it could be a stye. What should I do?

Hi. I am worried. I have this small bump in my labia majora. It looks like a pimple with pus inside, no pain and nothing comes out of it. What is it?

Hi.. My upperlip has tiny blisters or pimples but it doesn't go away.. It doesn't hurt nor itch.. What could it be..

How can I tell if its herpes or ingrown hair I have a red bump on the top of my vagina. Today I popped it and it was like a popping a black head ?

How come I have zit like bumps under my boobs?

How long does a pimple can last on a penis before it disappears? Like a red one and one with little white on top.

How to get rid of bumps in my vagina lips, they look like the bumps on your tongue. They keep itching and it hurts kind of like a bruise?

How to treat dark cyst like bumps on penis?

I also have been having little bumps pop up all over which pop like zits only to bleed and reveal another until it clusters into a stinging lesion?

I am 25 yrs old female, having a big acne like painful bump in my buttocks area ,what should i do to clear my painful bump?

I am experiencing very small pimple like bumps on my shaft. ?

I am getting pimples on my lip every week, little white heads that i pop as soon as they appear, they squirt out white, like a pimple, then turn red?

I am having these bumps come up on my thigh area almost like a boil or pimple and the seem to spread here and there?

I believe i may have sebaceous cysts. Look like whitehead pimples, top of my penis shaft.popped one, white stuff came out. what can I apply to this?

I big red pimple appeared on my face over a night. It seems it is empty and there is nothing under the skin because i can pull it inside?

I bump my toe on something and now it has a bump on it that looks like it's full with blood an it hurts what do I do ?

I discovered a little white dot like pimple on my lip , its not itchy or painfulwhat might caused it and how to deal with it?

I don't know if its a pimple or cold sore near my lower lip.It looks like a pimple but the head of the pimple looks fluid fill.It doesn't itch or burn?

I found a couple of bumps near the side of my vagina when I popped them it was almost like a small ball of skin had come out from them what is it?