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CT shows 12 mm bright white lesion in brain. Looks like a hollow rock! also small speck like white spots. Could this be MS lesion, Dizzy/headaches?

Gall bladder removed a year ago. Now I have a shiny spot in my belly button. Cleaned it well, looks like metal, small, like end of wire. ?

I have a small growth on the left side of my tongue. It looks like a small white grain of rice and is sticking straight out, like it is attached to my tongue by the tip. It is painless and has been there for a for aprox. 3 weeks. ?

i wake up & hands r swollen & bright red. cant make fist 4 hours when i flatten them they turn white. top of hands look like 1000 little tiny cuts ?

just looking down my throat with a flashlight and I saw a yellow piece of flesh when I put my tounge down what is it? Likely nothing Ik but curious

18 years old. One of my nipples looks different when it is erect? It gets like a little triangle of extra nipple added onto it at the bottom. Normal?

2 days in a row i have found dried blood in my right ear.. like on the inside.. why?

2 small bumps on my upper lip picked at them. Didn't bleed. Put peroxide then apple cider vinegar. Turned bit white then scabbed. Help!?

2 small white things on upper lip, i squeezed them and small white stuff came out then bled a little , what are they?

20 months after rhynoplasty my friends nose still looks perfect. Five days ago she felt under her finger a small bump but its not visible. What is it?

3-4 days ago, i noticed a small white bump on top of the edge of my iris. Dr said nothing about it both times i went, just eye is inflamed. Worry?

30 yrs, f, asian. Shiny red or white colored tiny balls, not hard but like soft balls, like made from gel kind of stuff coming with my menstrual bleedin?

39wks i went to the br an when i wiped it looked like i had a little lugi about the size of the tip of my pinky i could that be part if my mucus plug?

4 yr son. Just looked up his nose n seen two large masses. One in each nostril. Not bugers. They are pink flesh colored. Never seen b4. No snoring.?

6week olds three toes are red. Is this normal? They go white when I push bb on them. Nothing strangling them.

A black spot down lips & i often use to pull/pop it, then it become bigger .It happening from many years.Like a little black flesh growing.Any help?

A black spot down my lips and i often use to pull/pop it, and it become bigger .It happening from many years.Like a little black flesh growing.Help me?

A bump found at the top palate. Was eating something and suddenly it was gone but a small bit of skin hanged. Can i drink alcohol or not?

A couple months ago, I had a splinter stuck in my foot. First it was just a small white bump and now it is a full on callus. What do I do?

A large orange looking that almost looks like a raw piece of chicken came out of my vagina last night??

A painful bump appeared under my tongue today. It's translucent like a blister with a small amount of blood in it. I don't smoke, do wear invisalign

A small 1-2mm black wart like thing on scrotum?

A small black dot on the bottom of my foot - looks like dried blood. Poked thru the top skin layer and it seems to flake off. Any reason to see a dr.?

A small little silicon ball went inside my nephew's eye. How serious is this problem?

Are floaters normal in myopics.They are like threads now..1st when i noticed they were circular?

Ate granola w/ almond. Felt like a piece went into my gums (not between teeth). Suspected location is tender, white, small bump. Is this abscessed?

Basically whenever i look at a blank colored wall, i notice tiny white dots all over it in both eyes, it's hard to describe but what could this be?

Been getting very tiny pinpoint red specs out of nowhere on arms,chest, and tummy.Very small looks like a splatter of blood.What is it?

Big toe has a red area at bottom of my toenail looks swollen a bit and weird clear ooze that hardens into yellow crusty stuff tried peroxide it foams?

Bleeding clots on the ball sack not sure what it is it looks like little clots?

Both tonsils looks like its shrinking and have holes in it, is this normal?

Can a kidney stone randomly break apart into teeny tiny black pieces and come out randomly when you urinate?

Can genital warts look like the thread on a wash rag but closer together and can be popped out with white squishy substances?

Can glass splinter in foot cause clear small spot?

Can I use apple cider vinegar directly on my toenails? They're hard, a little bit yellow at the tips. One big toe has black stuff that i can't reach.

Can it be normal for one eye to stick out a tiny bit more than the other? Always been like this

Can some plz tell me why like a hole bunch of veines on my foot?

Can someone tell me what I have i cough almost every second I have asthma i think. I cough up these weird looking clear jelly-like shapes some are round like in a perfect ball and some are in string like a perfect rope i don't know what causes it

Can tiny white soft ball like substance come out of genital warts when picked at with tweezers?

Cause/treatment for lots of little tiny white heads that pop easily like long white snakes.

Coughing up fluid- in all that comes up, there's what looks kinda like white and fluffy pieces and there's orange spots splattered about (tiny) 3-4wks?

Do the tiny holes from filler injections disappear after a few days? They are like red dots now on my nose

Do your teeth remain intact and looking un touched after treated from a tiny cavity? I have 6 tiny dots I'm scared my teeth will look like theyhadwork

Does this look like an empty gestational sac? Or does it appear to have a fuzzy grey mass in the left corner?

Every period I have a chunk of my uterus fall out. It is very fleshy and looks like chicken skin. It's very painful when it comes out what should I do?

Every time I run my hand through my hair abnormally larger amounts than normal come out into my hand and a big chunk just came out too. What do I do?

For a couple months, had a small, grey/purple lump on under-breast. when i had a breakdown, cut into it and there was a lot of blood and a bit of pus.

For a couple years now tiny little things that other people notice really bother me, is something wrong?

Found a little red spot on side of tongue this am. Only one. Very small like a larger pin head. .. Just today. Should i worry? Maybe bit myself?

Found pimple/boil looking thing on scalp, no blood visible, shape irregular, look closer up saw small brown oval, its like mountain w/ peak, what isit?

Friend got her tampon stuck and it was almost like a piece of skin grew over it and she had to squeeze blood out to get it out there was nothin on it?

Get small hard white dots my cheeks closer 2 nose. When squeezed nothing comes out & almost look like scars. Aft many month im able to extract them.

Got a big fat lump on my bottom lip out of no where it's so fat and swollen I squeezed it in the mirror just to see and its like wet stuff cums out ?

Got a small tiny pimple on soft palate after eating. Hurts a little bit when I touch it. Leave it alone? How to treat?

Got this small small white bubble in eye waterline (bottom line)today.not red.what is this?will it get big? Help me please. What should I do

Had a bump that looks like piece of extra fat for possibly 6/7 years, feels like breast tissue to touch, be worrried?

Had a spot on face which was white and hard when I finally squeezed the contents it was a solid but slightly squidgy white ball ?

Had baby 4 weeks ago. Stitches are black and look like a ball of hair. Normal?

Had colposcopy and biopsy today and now have small black almost scab looking things inside me coming out when i wipe. What is it and is it normal?

Had Fistulotomy about 9 weeks ago. Wound seems to be almost completely covered but very tiny portion of wound remains near the anus. I'm also getting very tiny amount of discharge per day. Discharge is tiny piece that looks like snot. Is it normal to be s

Had small odd looking triangular mole for 3-4 yrs.looks like 3 small moles touching each other.i always feel good, never sick but could it be melenom?

Halo, I had red pimple in my outside mouth and its small.and i just reallize now there's another one near that one but this one is smaller.

Hard bump on forearm? It's hard and if i pick at it possibly small amount of blood will come out it's dark around the edges and pink in the center.

Have these small pinhead-sized bugs in my hair. First saw them a week ago after opening a letter but now I know where they are and can't identify them?

Have these tiny little bumps on both sides of my pee hole is it something serious it doesn't itch or nothing also have brown pigmentation on same place?

Hello doctor, i used this nose strip and wen i removed it i saw that there's red spot like a bruise on my nose,its been 2 days now and i still have.

Hello Dr. My 8year old daughter has just noticed what looks like a cyst on her lower lid margin which seems to have yellowish particles inside.

Hello i noticed that i have a clear tiny bump little bit up from my right tonsil.It comes usually after food and in the same day it brakes.I'm sceared?

Hello I woke up this morning to my finger itching really bad so I went to the restroom and it was red and had a little small bump leaking clear fluid. Tony...Panama City,Fl?

Hello my friend told me about some little white things on his poop that are very small and move. Do you know what that could be?

Hello sir, I am 19 yrs old and chest looks pointy. Seems like there is a little bit of fat around my nipples.How shall i remove it?

Hello, i am from pakistan , age 36, female, have brown patches inside of my inner thighs, looks like dirt, can't remove it. ?

Hello, I've been popping a pimple type thing on my back for years now. Large amounts of the white stuff. Starting to itch and bleed a little now.

Hello, I have a "hole" in my big toe. it's very small and circular and it won't go away, i'm not sure what it is, could you help me identify this?

Hello. my right tonsil/ glad (not sure).is very swollen. I looked closer and found black mark (like it's burnt) in the pocket. what is it? :(

Help doctors! what're these pin point little dots of red(looks like blood not yet to the surface of my skin)?

Help saw spider crawl into hole in my skin but never saw it come out? Please

Hey. I just took a poop and I always look in the toilet before flushing there appeared to be a layer of skin floating at the top of the water. I don't?

Hi doctor, i had a small round circular thing on my vagina last night. So i pinched it and stuff came out. It is already healing. What is this?

Hi dr. my concern is my 4 month old baby nose it looks wide and the tip looks a bit push and he has like a bump in top of the tip s that normal?

Hi I bit into my tounge now there is a hole in it quite a small hole but a hole never the less. it feels weird when I drink and eat what should I do?

Hi i got small white dot on top of my left nipple which is look like spot but when squizing nothing coming out should i be worry ? Male 28

HI i have a small white yellow lump just under where i pee that looks like it is attached to my frenulum?

Hi I have a thing on my foot. It is a small hole almost like a crater its small though and it goes pretty deep, it has dead skin around it what is it?

Hi I opened my daughters nappy today and found what looks to be quite a few small brown seeds and larger white ones. Is this parasites?

Hi I've noticed that I have to little tiny black spots in my left eye in the white bottom part I'm very stressed out and maybe that could play a role ?

Hi my ball sack's skin is discolored kind of like vitilligo but only on my sac, should i be worried?

Hi, I have tiny little bumps under my eyes I went to a dermatologist and his diagnostic was'nt clear; he said that the bumps are too small comparing?

Hi, i feel like i have small white color things not on my penis but around the top of it., i feel like they are HPV virus do u think they are too dang?

Hi, I only recently discovered my vaginal hole. I pulled the lips apart and found this big like hole thing so I presume it's that, but if I inspect it in the mirror I can see like a wall or skin behind the hole. I tried putting a finger in but it touches

Hi, my question is i found a small hole in my armpit. I have had blood come out of it. But i only notice at night.

Hi, We found several very small, thin white worms moving in our grand daughters very thick head of hair. Any idea of what these are?

Hi! I have a small lump at my anus. it's pea-shaped. I've noticed it months ago. no bleeding, pain every now and then, and normal flesh color. sometimes it's hard and sometimes it's barely a shape. I'm gonna go see my regular doctor in a month or two (she

Hi! My son just had his circumcision last april 3 and until now there is like ' water of bag' look like underneath his it normal?

Hi! So I cut my big toe nail to short on the side and now it has a a red swollen semi white looks like it may have fluid bump on it. pto in page -jm?

Hi. I have a small black mole in my external ear canal. It doesnt hurt. Have been like this for a while. What could it be?

How big is a tick? Found a small black speck stuck to my sons face. When I pulled it off it didn't look like a bug. Would I be able to tell?

How can I clean the black mold thats grown inside my silicone vagina?

How can tiny, little bacteria make us so sick?

How does a healthy sperm look like in your palm?