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1 week into having shingles. Rash only 7 spots bottom cheek and starting to fade. Throat now inflamed and neck glands swollen. Is this still shingles?

18 yo daughter gets small recurring lump like an insect bite near her hip, close to where she has had shingles. Related to shingles?

2.5 weeks into shingles. antivirals for a week, prior to rash,rash improving still have pain,tramdol for a week but stopped 3days ago. Suggestions?

71 yr old female. Pain on outside portion of left ear. Had herpes zoster virus of left ear 15 yrs ago. No blisters. Symptoms began last night.?

A 22 years old male having herpatic eruptions on back and mid axilary line with burning pain what is treatment?

A close friend was just diagnosed with shingles. And i've noticed a bumpy rash on both cheeks and along my jawline. Could I have caught shingles?

After 5 days of suspected shingles symptoms without a rash and pain under shoulder blade around to breast area. What else could it be?

Any good ways to sooth the pain from shingles on the chest?

Can a man have herpes only on his butt close to his lower back. With no pain during outbreak but still spread it?

Can a person have shingles on there back with out the rash? Also do shingles burn?

Can anxiety and or depression be the cause of terrible belly aches? The person had shingles b4 and developed neuralgia in the abdominal area.

Can extended sciatica bring on shingles?

Can extremely red bumps on shoulders be diagnosed incorrectly as shingles?

Can glands in throat swell for several weeks after shingles? Shingles was limited to small patch on bottom.

Can having shingles at a young age mean someone is more likely to have it again in the future? The whole right side of my torso was covered with rash.

Can having the hsv2 virus cause chronic burning sensation on butt cheeks thighs & legs for months with no ob ?

Can HSV 1 or 2 travel without contact? Or would it be shingles? Lower leg has blisters/deep pain/itching.

Can HSV 1or2 travel without contact or is it shingles?Shin has itchy blisters with shinbone/leg/groin pain/fatigue. Have had HSV forever.

Can HSV2 move around the body? Used to get prodromal nerve pain just on thighs, now get it on arms, even face, left eye, nose. Subsides with Valtrex (valacyclovir).

Can I get shingles on an arm and leg same side? week apart?...painful, blisters, and itching is awful...diagnosed left arm was shingles,....

Can I send pic of rash on back Shingles?Also recouping knee replacement.cause get it again? '88had shingles same area.sores in hair make neck. To do

Can shingles be on your upper thigh?

Can shingles blisters and rash come and go?

Can shingles occur on the legs?

Can shingles on the leg be confused with a bacterial infection on the leg following the lymphaic system to the groin area?

Can shingles spread down the leg?

Can you get recurrence of shingles? Had it 3 yrs ago at age 50. Now have back problems into pelvic area same as I had 3 yrs ago but no rash.

Can you get shingles from sciatica? There is crusty scabs on my buttocks.

Can you get shingles in the cranial ganglia and then have neuralgias in all of the nerves? would you show a rash in your face is it was the case?

Can you get shingles on both sides of your buttocks at the same time?

Can you get shingles on the front of your knee?

Can you get shingles on your buttocks, closest to your other cheek?

Can you have herpes on your back or chest?

Can you havr shingles for six months with no rash. I have lumps deep under skin on ribcage my doc thinks sgingles I have pain extreme fatige?

Can you let me know is it normal to have the pain of shingles on areas where there are no rashes?

Can you tell me when does the shingles rash start to hurt?

Can you tell the difference between a herpes rash and a shingles rash by looking at it? It's on my outer right thigh and I have a lot of soreness

Child had chicken pox.Developed shingles w/ blisters on scalp.Chronic pain 4 12 yrs no rash.Told fibromyalgia. Could this b shingles? How to test?

Do people with shingles have a lot of pain?

Do shingles always reoccur in the same location or can they reoccur in a different location? (Upper vs lower body)? What triggers reoccurrence?

Do you always get a rash with sciatica?

Doctor says I have a mild case of shingles. Pain on saturday then diagnosis on thursday with2 ( now 3 ) bumps on left side. Would i be ok w/o famvir (famciclovir) ?

Does a rash from shingles for sure only stay on one side of the body at a time?

Does herpes spread to youe face and torso?

Does shingles affect the blader?

Does shingles always have a rash? I have a nerve-like pain just below my armpit but no rash or blisters. The pain has been longer than 1 week too.

Does zostrixhelp shingles pain?

Given shingles, how long will the pain stay after the rash has healed?

Had minor shingles rash on right stomach, now going away but nerve pain all over body, especially right arm. Related? Treatment? Acyclovir not working

Had shingles on side of waist and back 3 yrs ago still have nerve pain and itchy. is there a cream I can use?

Had shingles vaccine about mth or so ago. Now have 2 blister type spots on mid left side. Can be from shingles vaccine?

Had sore on back Sun like skin rubbed by something, dr Mon said watch for shingles. Now Thur and healing, not spread or grown. Not shingles? 33 female

Have had neuropathy for the past few months; "hives" outbreak a week ago; developing several painful lumps under my arms & other areas in past 3 days?

Have HSV2 but sometimes get the prodromal nerve pain on my arms, most recently my face, eye, nose. Goes away with Valtrex (valacyclovir). Can HSV travel up spine?

Have i had shingles for six months or is it somthing more sinister ?

Have pain on armpits for 3 days. 4th day, cluster of rash on chest. 7th day, spread to armpit. One doc said shingle. Can it be HIV rash or worse?

Have shingles and have been getting rashes on my leg, pubic area, face, mouth why would my doc want a HIV test, I am offended by this I have shingles ?

Have Shingles Feb.been getting sores in my head, face, mouth, pubic area, am on Valtrex (valacyclovir) rashes are itchy causing pain how do I get rid of shingles ?

Heat rash or shingles on face. Not painful like shingles but used to have it many of times as a child. Want to make sure it's not shingles

Hello, I am 33 got shingles exactly a week back now it is kind of drying up . I did not get any pain .wante to know am I immuno compromised ? Will I

Help! I have burning cheek shingles?

Hi I had shingles few months back on my face im now getting same symptoms on my arm which I cant touch it could it be shingles again without a rash?

Hi i was down with chickenpox 2 weeks back and now i m having numbness around my left area of stomach where the blisters were present. I m also having?

HI I was dx with shingles 5 days ago, the oozing is almost done. When can I go back to work? I work at a hospital and the lesions are on my face. Tx

Hi, I'm on day 8 of a shingles outbreak on C2. Antivirals started immediately. Mild headaches & paresthesia persist for how long?

How can herpes transfer to your lower leg?

How can I get relief from shingles itching under arm?

How can I make shingles less painful?

How can I reduce pain after an attack of herpes zoster on the right forehead which also damaged my right eye?

How can I see a doctor with no money? I am a 29 year old male. In 2009 i had a outbreak of shingles that covered the right side of my face from my nose up to my hairline. In 2010 i had a second outbreak. I have mild discomfort after the first outbreak, an

How concerning is shingles in the head?

How did i contract shingles and how long will the blisters pain last?

How do I wash my hair if I have shingles (herpes zoster) extending deep into my hairline?

How do they test for shingles on your side?

How long does shingles pain on face last after the rash has healed?

How long does tingling happen before first outbreak of herpes. I get itching neck pain lower back pain now tingling for over 4 days now?

How much time will pass from the point of tingling, to when shingles rash appears?

How to cure shingle pain?

How u stop the pain after u get shingles?

I am 37 years old and had shingles in august. It was a mild case and i was treated with an antiviral med. For the past couple of days, I have felt fitigued and achy all over. This morning, i notice i small pimple in the same spot as my shingles accrued l

I am 70 years old. I have an itching rash on my back. I had shingles about may of 2010. Is there anything that I can do or who should I see?

I developed shingles 7 years ago. But after shingles I lost feeling in areas in my body. I had three rows down my back. What can I do to reverse it?

I got herpes zoster (shingles) been to doctor he give me only acyclovir and ibuprofen,is there anything I can apply directly on affected area for pain?

I got herpes zoster, Is there anything I can apply directly on the sore area because the pain is excruciating?

I had shingles two months ago and now it's back again and this time it's spread onto my legs, what should I do?

I had shingles when i was 11/12 and want to prevent it from resurfacing. I'm 19 now and sometimes get sharp pain from the site. Is it occurring again?

I had the shingles rash (3/29) began anti-viral. I had incredible pain for 1 1/2 weeks. I am having pain in the same location. Could it be back?

I have a mystery rash that appeared all over my belly and below my chest that is very itchy following a migraine i had 2 days. Is it shingles?

I have a painful rash on my back. Could Depakote cause that?

I have a rash on my back that is itching, aching and burning could this be shinges? I was diagnosed with it two years ago, could it be back again?

I have a rash on my back very painful i think its shingles but i don't know for sure. Its numb and blistery.

I have a rash on the right side of my back. It is painful and looks similar to shingles. How do I know if I have shingles? I am 60 yrs. old and have n

I have a rough "patch" of skin from a second stent with shingles. I've had shingles 3 times and have fully recovered since. will this patch get worse?

I have a small patch of rash just above my right armpit. There is no pain and not much itching. I had shingles about 7 months ago could it come back?

I have a small rash clustered together on my lower stomach.I have the same type of rash on my lower back. It iches but is not painful. Shingles? Help

I have a terrible rash on my back and I am not sure what it is. Have had about a month and very itchy. Is it shingles?

I have a very sore patch of skin next to my ribs and going to my back, no rash, I had the same at top of my thigh a day or so prior, is this shingles?

I have an awful rash under my arms and on my belly and in my groin. Its painful. It flairs up often. Could this be shingles?

I have been diagnosed with shingles on my left side but now it has spread to my chest and neck. Is it suppose to do this? How do I keep it from spre

I have been suffering with sciatica for about a week. Then i broke out with a rash which turned to blistering. I have had shingles before so i know w?