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My skin graft is a month old today. Parts of it are yellow and wet. Parts are hard and dark scabs. Did it fail? The doctorceeleased me. I'm worried.

My son fell about 7 hours ago & cut his forehead. Even though the bleeding has stopped, it still looks like the skin is apart. Is there anything to do?

My son had a skin tag and it got ripped open. Now it is 10xs the size and started leaking yellow stuff.

My son has what looks to be a callous under his pinky from what looks to be from a cut but not sure. How can I remove it?

My tail bone has been hurting for a couple of weeks now and it looks like it has poked a holethrough my skin and is bleeding, I don't know what to do?

My toddler got a bump and cut on his head. How should I treat it?

My toddler smushed his finger and now the nail is black and so is a bit of the skin around it. How long till it heals on its own or should he drain it?

My tonsils have gone away on their own and now I have holes where they use to be. The gaping holes seem to be gettig larger over time. Is this normal?

My under eye formed a deep wrinkle - extremely red when stretched and looked at. It is painful and dry. I am worried...

My wart scab fell off and a healing scab developed. Then doc biopsied the whole area. Does this mean HPVwart virus is gone hence area cut out?

My wife scraped her knee 5 days ago, it still bleeds a little and there is no scab and she is still in pain. What do we need to do, ?

Nicked leg shaving. Oozed for hour. Is that bad health stuff?

Noticed about three weeks ago a sore on my chest, doesn't seam to want to scab or heal, live in south florida, doesn't itch or bleed or drain , please?

On my legs I have a couple of really really deep marks from where i cut, they've healed but they still look red-peachy, how do I get them gone?

On the inside of my husbands butt cheek is a deep cut very painful cut isnt very big but deep small white bump formed close to this cut.whats the caus?

On the underside of penis I have like an abrasion(not quite sure) nd I need it to heal.What will help it heal?Can I send pic via email to no wht it is

Over-iced my thighs. Skin color's normal but almost totally numb in one part and painful in other parts. Worried about frostbite, gangrene. Been 24hrs?

Painful Redbump on my knee. Like a wart. Got it previously some years ago and this is the 2nd one. The previous one became permanent white hard bump?

PCC refer me to derm-1mm wide flat, non-ulcer, non painful spot on nose that bled a mth ago. Looks like tiny cut that didn't heal. Is it BCC or squam?

Picked off middle of wart w/ tweezers after it came back even after treatment was done. Now its black around edges and hole in middle. This normal?

Picked open painless razor bump, it bled, held apple cider vinegar on, bump went down, now a flat sore that bleeds sometimes, not painful, little tender?

Pimples inside the mouth and little injuries. I would like to know the reason for this injuries ?

Played badminton 2 weeks after a small surgery in my brest.Now after 2-3 days, the skin has turned soft n i see a pin like hole.How serious is it?

Playing bbll I got hit under my chin and bit a hole clear through my tongue. Its relatively small but there. Do I need to see a Dr or will it heal?

Popped a big blackhead on my nose .used a needle b4 school then tweezers and my bled. and its red and its been a day is it infected?

Popped a big blackhead on my nose now its red and its been a day.used a needle b4 school then tweezers and my it infected?

Purple deep gash lines where pubes are deep enough to fit nail in am a virgin so no STD ?

Pushed on a abscess type sore on abdo surg site last nigt while doing this a blackblister formed by thismorn the blister is now a deep hole what hap?

Recently got a skin graft and the donor site is getting bumps, is that normal?

Recently had full nail removal. On upper toe near nailbed is now cluster of tiny blisters that become open wounds, hurt&itch. They're spreading :(?

Recetly met with accident &scratched my Hand near wrist about a size of a coin . it is about to heal completely but I see big scar. can i use vaniza?

Rod placed in leg and stitches have dried black blood 1.5weeks after. Used neosporin and covered it. Why does it look so nasty ?

Scraped knee on asphalt today picture on profile what to know what first aid I should put on it? Burns and bleed quite a bit .. Inch deep laceration

Scratched dry skin on my leg 35 f healthy now for about a week it is raised little warm and hurts.redness size of half leave alone or dr?

Scratched my labia during masturbation, now it is itchy on that side and looks like a cut. Saw doc, no infection. How long will it take to heal?

See small cut on inside of vaginal lip. Looks like when u get a slice on hand. It burns and stings. What could it be. Painful to walk?

Seen froze off wart and skin became white. Today it came off and is just flesh. Is the wary gone, should I let it heal, or keep treating?

Should I be concerned about these tiny little reddish bulbs on the insides of my toes? If so what should I do to aide the healing process or hinder the new growth? Thanks

Should I goto a dermatologist about toenail fungus? Also I have a small blood blister on tip of penis right by the hole? I have the scrotum blood blisters also. Are they the same thing. Have had both as long as i can remember

Should I have this lump in my arm checked out? I had a major bruise on my arm about 3 inches round. A week later, to hide it, i stuck a bandaid on it big enough to cover up for the day. When i removed bandaid that night, i had a lump in my arm about the s

Should i see a doctor? I was cutting the rubber off of a tire rim and slipped with my utility knife and stabbed a little below my knee. Half inch wide about as deep. A few days later a localized rash appeared around the wound. It is now a week and a half

Skin is in tiny seperated layers on tip of middle finger, runs right up to nail but doesnt go further, what is it? No pus, fungal trmnt does not work

Sliced piece of tip of finger (pea sized) off 2 days ago still hurts a lot. Not bleeding but when i change the bandaid it does and hurts. See md?

Slightly cut my thumb on glass 10 days ago its not sore but the skin where i cut is now hardened and gone white, is it infected?

Small (1cm x20mm) second degree burn red for a few days, scabbed over,, scab is now slightly green. Infected or fine?

Small (possibly 3rd degree) burn on finger. Should I see a doctor? Burn is about one inch wide and 1/2 inch tall. It's brown, firm and doesn't hurt.

Small area bleed on my nose. 99% healed & 2 mths later bled again. Now 99% heeled. Very small and not raised. Looks like a hair pore that is red???

Small bubbles came to leg's feet and they broke, vvounded, spread over, multiple bubbles came, outer skin dried gone, the vvound never ends..

Small cut on my nose about 1mm.healed then reappeared a couple times. Not scaly or elevated. When healed looks normal/smooth except slight red tinge??

Small round lesion, won't heal, keeps bleeding.

So I have little open wounds on my right labia that are open and burn. They appeared after i scratched that area bt im not sexually active.?

So i started to shave my pupic area with a new razor and i had some cuts and little blood is coming out, is it bad???

Son bumped arm into something that had metal sticking out small cut getting tetnus booster tomorrow big lump underneath w/ blood does lump need ER ?

Son has cut. Applied A&D for 2 days. Is bout the size of a dime but has red around it bigger than a 50 cent piece. Has scab. Is it infected?

Son is 2.5 years, since bottle feeding. has a small blister/calus on the middle top lip.He uses a straw cup for while now and still has it. Unusual?

Sore spreading under breast ~8 months. It's in different sections, tied together. The inner part of the wound is bright pink with brown middle & edges. Started as small white bump approx. 8mos after c-section in October 2015.

Spots on face once popped wont heal unless little hard white seed in it is removed but once removed forms a scar. Have alot of these not normal spots?

Stepped on nail small puncture not deep bled light very sore hours later about inch away from hole.concern?

Stepped on side of nail and I don't think it it went through. Looks like a flat blood blister. Had tetanus shot about 3yr ago. Should I be worried?

Stitched straight cut in eyebrow but i noticed after 2 months it's red and raised and it is bigger than of the original cut , why and how long to heal?

Strange red lines and dots on my gums like open wounds(just one 1 molar ) - nothing like ulcers - less painful, but is spreading now?

Supposing someone got poked with a drug needle , like in a finger, what would it look like and would it heal?

The bump next to my nose ring has gone down but now it's left like a open wound kind of . What can I do ?

The rim of my ear canal develops a light scab like substance periodically, I sometimes scratch it off and it feels wet but there is no blood?

There is a bump on my finger that, i believe, began as a bug bite. I picked at it and made a wound. Later it healed by itself but formed a bump. I used freeze on because i thought it was a wart but never went away. I picked at it some more and began to b

There is a growing bump on my sister's finger, and whenever it's cut it bleeds a lot. Should we be concerned?

There is a piece of skin that grows in the crease of my big toe that hurts and when I pull the skin out there is a little hole it keeps coming back?

There's a piece of skin that grows in the crease of my toe and it hurts. When I take it out theres a hole and it keeps coming back . What can I do ?

Tick latched to scrotum and pulled it out with tweezers. Came out but left a bump cleaned it with iodine. Is this normal, what should I do? Help!!!

Today I scared my sclera with my nail, of cours it was an accident, will it fade away? should I see a doctor? it's a small scratch.what should I do?

Took a tick out of scrotum, accidentally left head inside. Wound closed but left a tiny hard red numb. What do I do?

Took small chuck out of corner tip of thumb earlier today a lot of bleeding but got it to stop now area looks like raw red what to do to heal asap ?

Tooth extraction site grew a soft painless bump today it was bigger and i popped it it bled quite a bit now there is little blood and loose gumskin ?

Torn frenulum?? He won't talk to a doctor about it, happened a week ago and is still sensitive. Also sink tag now present

Trimmed toenails-noticed dark grey raised spot next to big toenail-slight pain, think it was ingrown nail. Trimmed off spot of skin, it bled a bit, blood went deep, and a tiny bit of clear liquid (pus?). Cleaned w/isop. alcohol + bandaid. Infected?

Under my nipple (sulcas) is a split from where my bf bit too hard. Its a little sore and there seems to be some scabbing around it. Will it heal?

Was burned 3 weeks ago. It has healed. Noticed today it had like a blister on it. What, and why did this happen after it healed?

What can I do for a mucoid cyst on my finger? It is close to the nail bed and looks like a pimple..What can I do?

What causes tender scalp w/breakage at roots? Scalp looks healthy. Use low heat, no chem. Broken ends stick up & tip's large. Broken areas hurt.

What causes the skin behind the little toe to split? My 3 year old grandson is having this problem.

What could be causing my meatus to be red and inflamed (for as long as i can remember)?

What could cause a rash to appear after getting a pretty minor cut?

What could pin point scabs be in multiple spots on 3 month old baby?

What do you suggest if i noticed a large wound slightly about his nose, the skin is ripped off, but is hanging. My question is how do I clean it?

What in my mouth? I have some non painful bumps (not open or bleeding) I am scared that they could be cancerous even though they are not bleeding (except for me digging at it with my finger, other than the bumps themselves there aren't any rashes or other

What is approximate time for scrape on thigh to heal?(scrape didnt bleed but was red and swollen as i hit sharp edge of table )

What is found inside a tumour if you cut it in half?

What is the probability that my baby has/will have nerve damage? I accidentally pinched her cheek for about a second when I clipped the baby carrier closed. Now she has a red spot/bruise and a pinhole scrape (about 1 mm) where the pinch was.

What is this growth I have over an old break? I break my finger several years ago. The knot is over the break and seems to be getting bigger and more tender.

What should I do if I have a cut on my leg half a finger long from about eight hours ago, now it is itchy and has sort of a pink outline. Does this mean it is infected?

What to do if i got happy) but i noticed a large wound slightly about his nose, the skin is ripped off, but is hanging. My question is how do I clean it?

What to do if i scratched the tip of my eyebrow where they both come togehter?

When i close my teeth togther i can feel some extra flesh between them and it hurts.Is this some infection?It could be a cut from supari i ate.

When my boyfriend's bare back touches any dirty or somewhat dirty surface it gets really itchy and small bumps appear in multitudes. Any recommendations ?

Where my penis meets my balls it is very sore in that area it looks like there are cuts but no bleeding, what is the cause?

While I was cleaning it had a red bump inside my nose where the pierce is but it doesn't bother me, it bleed easily since I accidentally remove it?

Why is a paper cut feel more painful then a skinned knee?

Why is this happening? I just got a simple little cut on my leg last week. It now has developed a rash that itches terribly and its oozing. This happened on my arm a few months ago when i burned it in the oven. The wound stays open...Which they both are/

Why would my skin get petechiae instead of a regular bruise after repeatedly being bumped with a narrow but blunt object?

Will the wart grow back? Part of the wart came off but there is still a little bit on my finger