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I picked skin(side of nose.)it started to bleed and now is what looks like an open cut w/ a bruise. What should I do to make it heal faster? It's ugly

I prematurely popped a huge pimple and it turned into a blood clot. 2 months later it's still here. How can I remove it permanently?

I punctured the skin of my foot at the lake today. I think it was a fish bone but I am unsure. It barely broke skin and is the size of a needle.

I recently fell on the concrete and got road rash on my face 3 days ago. i picked scabs off for the most part. its slightly pink will it scar.

I recently found a tiny tick on the very edge of my bottom eyelid. It's been a day since i removed it, how long will it last?

I recently had a tatto its quite big but its very sore and got white spots around, when stick to my clothes its bleeding a bit.Could it be infected ?

I recently had a wart shaved off my finger it was healing but now has a hole that doesn't look healing or filling in is this normal?

I recently had big pimple on my nose and was rather inflamed. After poping it, it seemed to have left scab. Need scab gone in shortest amount of time.

I recently shot up method and heroin and missed a little in a few places, blisters almost immediate formed at these spots and are super painful and ug?

I ripped my toenail as well as the right side of my skin, it started to bleed. 4 days later and still bloody, it is inflamed, inflation spread, why?

I scraped my head a few weeks ago. It took a layer of skin off but now its seems healed, but is still pink. What can I do?

I scraped the skin on my hand with a sharp edge and there's a white mark but not cut through. No worries, right?

I scratched a small, dark mole I've always had on my leg. I think I scratched off top layer. How long does it take to heal?

I shaved this morning in lady parts I was doing it fast,few hours later under my pee hole was sore and swollen and There is blood underneath the skin ?

I somehow bit, possibly injured the inside bottom of my lip did not pay attention to it for 3days then a white film grew over is it normal or cancer?

I tend to bite the skin around my nails to the point they bleed a little. Not deep. Should I be worried about getting sepsis?

I think I have an in grown toenail I had rapped it with a bandaid first then white bandagelast night checked it today and bandage was red and pink in?

I think I have small blood blisters in a small area between my butt cheeks where new clothing caused significant chafing. They HURT and WON'T HEAL.

I think there is hyper granulation in a part of my scar and its leaking a bit. Wat can i put on it to stop it?

I took a fall on my bike and have some large areas of road rash. Need to find out if they're infected, 2 days old not scabbing with greenish seeping..

I took out my bellyring three months ago and it healed leaving two hard bumps at each end! what should I do?

I unintentionally ripped like a giant hole in my tonsil. It dint bleed much and it doesn't hurt, but can this be serious, what to do?

I usually get lumps around my bikini line and sometimes when they pop it takes a long time to heal and recently one popped on the edge of my bikini line and now its just an open sore. How can I treat this and what could it be?

I visited my dermatologist on Monday and had a surfaced blood vessel on my nose touched and removed. This morning the scab fell off. Will it scar?

I want the bump on my nose removed and the sides thinned out alittle, what is the avg price for that?

I was changing a child I noticed blood in their butt and stool I have a 4 day old cut on the knuckle part of my thumb and a scratch with scab HIV risk

I was cutting my pubic hair and knicked myself: there was no blood or open skin. I soon after realized there was a bump forming on my labia. I have this thing where abscess would show up randomly, but it hasn't happened in forever. Should I worry?

I was scratching my chest, & I have a tiny mole that I almost scraped completely off. There was a little bit of blood. Is this dangerous /Serious?

I was scratching my vagina and around it and developed cuts then my cycle came in but was very light and afterward the cuts look like sores?

I was trimming my hair and accidentally cut slightly into the skin right ovet the left jaw joint under the ear. Blade just barely cut into the skin - Is there any possibility for damage to the joint?

I was trimming my pubic hair right now & I accidently cut the lip & a little piece is hanging off & its bleeding. I have an appointment today for physical. What should I do? It only stings

I was wondering why my foreskin is tight and I have experienced small cuts at the tip of the skin, does not itch only stings. Whats causing this?

I woke up this morning with little portion of my lips swollen. I m veg. This swollen part gets bulged and breaks and forms as wound. Please help?

I work n a factory building truck frames and get scratched by the steel and my scars have little bumps instead of healing smooth why?

I'm 24 not circumcised i've never been able to clean the inside because of it being so sensitive it's like nails on a calk board when touched.

I'm 32 weeks pregnant with stretch marks that ripped and as oozing white puss, I'd like to know what's the best thing to do?

I've almost gotten all the gauze of from mysons circumcision. But a bit is stuck right to the meat what can I do so it can come off not so painfully?

I've been in an accident.They took stitches on my lip and above it. But there is a small a bit deep round spot ganna stay..What to do? 2half teeth gone

I've been treating a planter wart for over two months with acid patches. It turned white and fell off leaving a big hole. How do I tell if it's gone.

I've got a sml lump on my leg 4 about a year it keeps blistering & then scab up or go scales .. Should i get it removed ?

I've just had a pick line pulled how long should I keep the spot where it was pulled from covered?

If i get a minor cut or scratch from a shaver at a barbershop will i get infected? I didn't bleed or anything but there is an 0.5 in long red line.

If the two huge veins under your tongue got cut would it be fatal? And is it normal for them to be literally popping out?

If you have a wart burnt off how long does it take to go i had it done 4 days ago and have large blister in hand which is red and tender to touch?

Ihad a cyst on the back of my head cut open to drain by doc. Today i notice a lump of skin sticking out that looks like blood but its skin. What is it?

Im asking for my fiancé. He delivers liquid nitrogen. A few days ago he accidentally had some go inside his boot. He had a huge blister that appeared ?

Inside of my cheek is torn with a huge cut. How do I treat this?

Is the damage permanent if I cut the circulation of from around my mouth for a minute and a bruise like color appeared?

It's kind of hard to explain, but I got into a fight and someone punched me in my left eyebrow and I got about an 1/2 inch cut. It was bleeding horribly. It healed but underneath the skin it feels like something is there where the cut was. Like its catile

Ive got a cut under my breast where my bra lies against my skint it's cut open and very itchy and looks like puss coming out of the cuts?

Kept picking leg scab (nervousness). Formed a thick skin like lump large pimple size. Besides stop picking, any way to make smooth again?

Kinda popped/picked at a zit on the edge of "the triangle of death" it didn't bleed or anything. How likely is it that i'll get a brain infection/die?

Labia tear during birth and no stitches. Still stings and spots. Bad care?

Likelyhood of cut on face leaving a scar? I slipped and fell on wet pavement and unfortunately my face broke my fall. I have a small cut on my cheek (and a lot of road burn). How can I tell if it will scar? What is the likely hood it will (very little b

Mole removal site seems to have a small, darker-colored line in the middle of the pink area. Is this where the stitches came together? Something else?

Months ago while eating i bit the inside of my bottom lip hard and deep. The skin didn't heal correctly. Now I have a permanent bump. What can I do?

My 1 year old brother cut his foot somehow on the door it's red and irritated and looks it infected what could it be ?

My 18mos old has a small thorn in his heal and I can not get it out with tweezers. What should I do? Will it come out on its own?

My 2 yo bit my older son on the back really hard. It broke skin in one area and is very puffy. But it was through his shirt. Not teeth in skin. Worry?

My 2 yr old son woke up with a blister on the outside of his nose, it scabbed over and another formed and has just kept repeating. the outside of his ?

My 2-yr-old bit his tongue and he now has a couple millimeter wide, half circle, flap on the side. If there is no bleeding, does he need stitches?

My 4 month olds bottom is splitting open from his testicles up to his tailbone. Nothing is helping. Help? Not a rash, just split open skin

My 4 yr old skinned his knee on the sidewalk and it kept opening whenever he fell. Little white perfect circles developed on top of the scar.

My 5 month old got a hook shaped pendant in his nose. It cut his nose inside a little and bled a bit. Should we go to e.R. Just in case? Infection?

My 5 year old always gets large blisters within 24 hours of being bitten by flea. Cut a golf ball in half - lay on leg that big. Is this normal?

My 66 yrs old husband has swelled red hands that have blistered and cracked open. He has done nothing unusual or new he has been soaking them and wrapping them with gauze because of the oozing they are painful and itchy

My 7 month old sons penis stays poked in. Its difficult to clean and now its flaming red and bleeding. Could this be an error in the cirumcism?

My bellybutton is really sore and purple and red inside its been 2weeks since my gallbladder surgery there is a clear plastic over it so i cant clean it ..

My bf's nail cut my vagina not the actual hole and not the lips but right in the middle. It blead a lot what should I do? I'm scared of infection.

My big toe on the inner side has dried,cracked skin and is cracked open,deep and long. Doesn't seem like its getting better at all?

My boyfriend has three flap/pockets of skin holding black stuff, i thought it was an ingrown hair but the black stuff i got out and a hole remains?

My burn blister popped and the thin skin on top came off. It is very dried out and has alittle depth to it. What should I do. ?

My child recently developed a callus on her heal. I shaved it down and probed with a needle, but didn't find a fb. The callus came back. Suggestions?

My client cant communicate, something like a burn blister on her wrist this morning, it popped into dime size mark that seeps Skin Stiffness surrounds?

My dad is 90 years old. His ostemy bleeds between the skin and stoma. Not much. Is it something to be concerned about?

My dad's colostomy/stoma area looks like raw wound even after 6 years. He's 86, should I be concerned?

My daugher had a glass cut on her finger about 2 yrs ago. Checked and healed fine. Now she says it still hurts and theres a light purple spot?

My daughter fell and split her tongue open it's a nasty cut. I want to know will it heal properly, will her tongue go back to it's normal look?

My daughter has large painful blisters, what can we do to heal them? She has blisters that started out small and have broken open and oozed near the tops of her thighs and between the butt cheeks.But have gotten bigger she has used a cortisol cream and c

My daughter stabbed herself with a pencil there is a black mark under her skin but no piece of lead, should I be worried?

My daughter(16m) got a cut on the crown of her nose. I put a little Neosporin for kids on it. Will it help with scarring like the original kind does?

My dick currently has sores the size of quarters. I tried to cut them off but received serious gashes on the left side of the shaft. What should I do?

My Dr said I have genital warts. She cut it off and said it would heal fast. Three days later it's bleeding, hurts, swollen, and a big white bump came?

My dr told me my tonsils are swollen and are a deep purple color. I've been put on a Z-pak today but what made this happen and will I need them remove?

My fiancé frenum was swollen and white for 2 days well we thought it was getting better we were kissing early this morning and the frenum ripped open and now there is a hole there with something white sticking out of the hole where the piece of skin under

My fiancé pieces of skin underneath that connects to the tongue was swollen and white for 2 days we were kissing and it ripped open and bleed for about 10 minutes and now has a hole where the skin is and it has something white sticking out of it what can

My finger knuckles all look grey as if they're dyed by fabric but I don't think it is. It has come and gone for a couple weeks now.

My friend caught his head on a piece of metal and just took the top layer of skin off and it bled for a bit but then stopped what should he do?

My friend cut himself really bad and lost a chunk of skin it is the width of a quarter! What should we do we are too poor to go the hospital?

My friend is a swimmer, he has cuts and other minor skin cut like things all over his fingers. He a few blistery looking bumps near them. Thanks:)?

My husband busted the middle of his bottom lip and It will not heal. It has been a few weeks now and he is keeping It moist but having no results. It busts open badly at night while sleeping. Is there something we can do to help it? Would liquid bandage b

My husband noticed something like a skin tag a year ago and has no pain to it .... Now it's grown enough to grab and pull ....Is that normal?

My husband's tooth is loose a little tiny bit. Will it fall out or recover if we leave it alone?

My labia piercing got caught on my tampon string and ripped the skin slightly. Should i take it out to let it heal?

My large toenail is almost off. One side is hanging on. If something pulls it-it's painful! i taped it down. (medical tape.) okay? Will it fall off?

My left areola sticks to my bra and leaks fluid when separated; scabs, heal, sticks. Its darker and is always itchy. Been like this for 1.5 years.

My mouth was numb i ended up biting the inside of my cheek and now a bit of flesh is hanging off of it. How long till it heals? How to ease the pain?

My nail split horizontally so I ripped out the bottom layer thinking it would feel better like usual.Now I have small open sore under nail. Neosporin?

My podiatrist popped a large blood blister on my foot 3.5 wk ago. The area is still numb from the procedure and the part she cut to drain is black!

My sister has got epilepsy and last night she had a bleeding wound in her head, later it became like a bunch of white and dead skins?