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I had small injury on my nose some weeks ago and now though it has been recovered, it has left black mark on my nose. Is there any way I could get ri?

I had surgery a week ago. My incision doesn't look infected but it's starting to scab over. There's bits of white crud on the stitches. What is it?

I had these black heads on my butt, but after a while they turned into cuts and started to bleed, now their scabs.I always pick them.What should I do?

I had theses sores over my body from 1inch to 5 inches that turned in to crusty scabs that kept growing tell I took penicillin what do you think that?

I had to sew a part of my shorts & when i put them on i didnt see the needle was still in. It slightly bruised my labia. What do I do? (No infection)

I had two small pieces of skin attached to my bellend, i slowly tore them apart and it had two little cuts, I have used vaseline, what should I do?

I had wart on the underside of my toe I used duofilm stop after it started to hurt after 2 days I picked off skin was yello it has a lot of black spot?

I havd a red mark on my chin last week. I made the mistake of picking it an now it's the size of a quarter. Do i bandage it or let it dry and scan?

I have 4 or 5 lumps on my scalp. They itch and are painful. they are pinkish in color. My doctor actually said "You win 1st place in stump the Doctor"?

I have a 1-2 mm red dot on my bottom lip. Im worried enough to ask but not sure its worth a biopsy/scar messing up my vermillion border.

I have a coldsore an the scab fell off an it started bleeding a lot then it formed into a blood blister, it keeps getting bigger should I see a doctor?

I have a couple small cuts on my inner lip where i used to have stitches at last year. It's pretty tough to eat. It's been 4 days. Should i let it be?

I have a crazy rash that has been going on for 8+ months. Healing spots filling with granules to heal have a flesh string around them, normal?

I have a cut almost like a hole under my tongue on the side. What do I do? It bled a good bit.

I have a cut bum, and had a poo. Will itt get infected?

I have a cut from a swiss knife 4 days ago & I haven't done much to it.The edges don't meet & it has a gap?Has slight depth.A little itchy.What to do?

I have a cut on my calf , its leaking clear liquid for over 6 hours now , I press the area , it stays in and comes out slow cover it or leave open?

I have a cut on my forehead that is turning pink around the cut. Its been 6 days and i still feel pain in that area is this normal?

I have a cut on the inside of my top lip. Ran into a pole and bit into the area. The bleeding has slowed down but there is still blood residues. ?

I have a gaping wound in the front of my armpit, it's not bleeding but I can see inside of it, no puss anymore, what should I do?

I have a hard lump under my thumbs skin, which occured after being stabbed by a plant whilst fishing and skin has now closed over it. Should i worry?

I have a hypertonic bump and it's bleeding what to put on it to make the bump go away and stop bleeding and phasing and forming a scab?

I have a knot under my armpit I have squeezed it till pus oozed out and put a black piece of electrical tape on it to draw it out what should I do? It

I have a large scab about the size of the end of a pencil on my forehead, tomorrow Is my boyfriends birthday and I want to look good in the photo help?

I have a light green spot on my right thigh, it doesn't hurt, and its a bit bigger than a quarter, i wasn't born with it. I tried cutting it open with a razor to see if it was just infected blood i needed to dispose of.. But that did'nt make a difference.

I have a little ball /plug of skin on my hand it does not hurt iv cut it out ones and its comes back its fallen off/ out before and regrows after abit?

I have a little bit of egg shell stuck under my finger nail . Bled a little initially but it's not hurting or an anything. Should i be concerned?

I have a little tissue hanging down there. It appeared after i gave birth. Will i get it removed?

I have a little white pimple that hurts on my gum from where the freezing needle was injected 6 days ago, will it go away my whole gum still is sore?

I have a loose piece of skin under my tongue.. Should I rip it off, cut it? Or will it just go back to place by itself? It's hurting though..

I have a minor cut that is red and puffy, should I be worried about lockjaw?

I have a mole that i had for months but its finally got bigger and sore i scratch it by mistake and it was bleeding and pussing up?

I have a mole that just developed on my neck. I accidently scratched it and it bled very badly. Now it hurts and bleeds easily?

I have a patch of squiggly-looking mucosa near my urethra. It burns and feels like lacerations when i'm on my period. Any insight?

I have a plate in my leg and recently i bumped my leg and it made a small cut/hole, where i can see the plate slightly. How long will it take to heal?

I have a purple/blackish small \u0026#40;size of the tip of a pen tip on the inside of my mouth the side of my cheek has a riddged feel.

I have a red line going froma cut on my stomach should I be worried , it burns?

I have a scab just inside my left nostril that hasn't healed in over a month. I pick off fluffy part but base more difficult n painful. Neosporin ok?

I have a scab on my back and I was messing with it and then the whole thing just came up. I put a bandaid on it but I don't know what to do!Help me?

I have a scar on my eyebrow from a recent fall I cut it open and didn't go to the ER why does it still hurt my browbone looks bigger too its been nine?

I have a skin tag that is half ripped off and bleeding a little. If i rip off all the way in a swift tear is this dangerous and will it grow back?

I have a small bump around my anus that appeared overnight.I have put ice and it seems to gone done to half the size it was.I have read about anal can?

I have a small burn from oven rack on my finger, about 3/4 in long and not wide, 4th day still itches no pain but swollen is it infected?

I have a small cut from shaving on my upper lip. How do I keep it from getting infected?

I have a small cut on both eyelids that developed suddenly. They'll heal and then tear again- it's a vicious cycle. I don't know what this is about..?

I have a small cut on my perineum from chaffing when riding my bike - very small like papercut, or like a split on your lip- what can I do to ease the pain (vaseline sudocrem etc)? And how long to heal?

I have a small deep splinter in the bottom of my foot that I cant get out. Tried needle and tweezers but its just to deep, small, and sore to remove?

I have a small hole in my bikini line area I've gotten this twice before and it eventually went away but its painfull, any ideas?

I have a small lump on my testicle but it is open and a little wet on the open part and the skin around it is dry. What could it be?

I have a small non painful lesion (slightly swollen) on my left little finger just below the start of the nail. This nail has a furrow since. Why?

I have a small raised area on my skin that is scabbed but not healing after 3 wks. I first noticed it when i accidentally scratched it and it started bleeding.

I have a small red spot, left side of penis head/crown. It seems to get better when i put neosporin on it. Could it simply be an abrasion or an std?

I have a small sore just where skin was rubbed away that had a black scab on it, I do work with horses and am scared it's e coli should I go to my doc?

I have a small spot on my nose that cracks and bleeds.Heals and does the same thing over again. Been doing this anout a year now. Thank you?

I have a small white raised pimple between my eyebrows. I've tried to pop it open with my fingers and also a pin but can't. The skin is tough. Chris?

I have a some kind of bite on my leg, try so hard not to tense on picking at it or itch it. Each time the wounds open it bleeds. Now there white ring.

I have a sore between in the crease between my leg and vagina - it popped and bled, now the open flesh has a white layer. No other sores etc ?

I have a terrible OCD when it comes to rubbing healed lesions. Can rubbing the same area over a period of time cause skin to swell and become hard?

I have a thick red line in the middle of my tounge, it feels like a cut, but i didn't cut it or have an acciedent. What is it?

I have a thin paper cut like line around the back inner edge of my vagina. I was just tested and treated for chlamydia. Is that just healing from this?

I have a wart on my finger close to my's been there for about 2 years & now it LOOKS like a scar .does that mean it's gone?? Please help!

I have a zit on my back that popped. It got ripped open at judo practice and has been open and red for the past three days. I have practiced w/ it?

I have accidentally created a half-inch-long, dark purple scab on my foot by picking at it. It does not seem too severe. Should I let it be as it is? I don't want to resort to surgery.

I have an abrasion on my large toe it is a 1/2 " long , 1/8 wide and it bleeds with a white liquid that comes from it. What shoul?

I have an abrasion on my large toe it is a 1/2 " long , 1/8 wide and it bleeds with a white liquid that comes from it. What should I do. Thank you ?

I have an unusual looking mole on my face, it grows then the tip will eventually breaks off, it feels crusty like, but it doesn't hurt.What could it b?

I have blisters on my feet & they're red because I accidentally took off the dead skin. And now it's hurting & red. Will it's still heal & how long?

I have blisters that develop on the neo side of my anal creavice every eek or so. It. Is a bit painful pre bursting then after few second it stops?

I have bumps on skin that itch and leak clear fluid, hives, a residue in my hair, bleeding easily from cuts, sharp pain in temples and dizziness.

I have cut my finger by accident (I hadn't realized until I felt minor pain) and now I have a small white-ish bump near the cut that is a bit painful?

I have fished out 5 small pieces of stitches from a small skin excision. Should I be worried about infection? Should I report this to the clinic?

I have four stitches on between my thumb and index .i had a wart removed its been four days.but it has been drying sort of but it looks as though its not healing by the stitches but getting dry.and the edges are getting dark just twu spots like dots. my m

I have habit of scratching my head to the point of scabs; habit is worse w/scabs cuz I want to pick off. Does this habit pose any danger or infection?

I have had what originally seemed like a pimple on the side of my nose. It has been weeping for 2 months now. It scans up but bursts before healing. E?

I have just noticed a thin redish line that runs in my upper butt crack. It's about an inch long and open in some areas. Mild bleeding but stopped.

I have like a blister type thing on the top of my eye lid and one in te inner can I pop with a sterilized needle?

I have long, clear jelly-like lump on my eyeball and it feels cold and wet. I think i caught it with a rough eyeliner pencil. Can you advise?

I have noticed for awhile now that i scar so easily. Every little scarp or scab will turn into a purple like scar no matter what ido? What is going on

I have one itchy little bump on my hand, whenever i scratch it until it bleeds, it goes away and re-appears about 2-3 millimeters away within 12 hrs?

I have open cuts with whit bumps i'm over weght so my extra skin rools over the head of my penis when i roll the skin back it hurts were the cuts are?

I have recently had a fresh pimple open wound on face near lip, and while talking to a customer she spit and in landed in same area. Worried?

I have scaps on my lips that will not go away. It has been a never ending cycle for a little over a year of picking it every other day just so I can g?

I have small cut on perineal line while shaving with trimmer. It bleeded a bit but it is ok now only a slight pain while sitting. any treatment reqd?

I have this mild cheek abrasion. The hard covering got removed unexpectedly, leaving a part of skin actually seen. How long would it heal?

I have this white hard wart under my tongue it does not hurt and every time i pop it grows back in 2-3 days its scaring me what can it be? Help please

I have tiny bumps in corners of my mouth. They're not painful or noticeable unless I poke/stretch skin.. What could it be? I've had them a long time.

I have very little pieces of skin coming out from my body: eye, back, under arm. Should i cut them through a little surgery of my dermatologist?

I have what I think is a wart it has developed in about two weeks and bleeds badly when there is no bandage on it after awhile?

I have what seems to be a blister on my finger. it doesn't really hurt and and if punctured blood comes out of it.

I have white circles, small and open, inbetween my toes. No pain, no itchness. Not that i can remember. What can this be?

I hit my forehead on a wall, there is a minor cut, bump and reddish patch. I need to take off my hat on/off alot - should I put a bandaid on it?

I hit my penis very hard while surfing and there was no laceration or anything, but now blood is coming out slowly of the tip what should I do?

I hurt my pinkie, and it's bleeding under the skin where impact was, should I drain it or it'll clear itself?

I inserted three fingerd deep and i think i hurt myself with my nail because there was a little bit blood, how fast should i see a doctor?

I just ended a script for prednisone. Now my tongue is red and lookslike small cuts on it. It is very painful. What should I do for treatment?

I might have accidently scratched off the top of one of my moles? What do I need to do? And will this cause any serious damage? Thank you!

I might have bit my lip while I was sleeping, now it's swollen and yesterday air pockets, today soft white crust. How make it heal faster?

I nearly sliced the tip of my thumb off 3 weeks ago i had the stitches out but now the skin is hard and no feeling is there a chance its dead?

I noticed that after I cut myself the healing of the skin takes longer and has a red boarder around it and when it is 95% healed looks red hiv neg?

I picked a pimple in 2009 and it has left a small but visible hole on my nose bridge. How can I get rid of it since it did not heal on its own?