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Hey docs, Lately i got some scars in the opening of one of my nostrils and when i start scratching it bleeds its painful what's thr cause of it??

Hey I have a tiny mole and picked it it was bleeding so I cleaned it and put a plaster on what else should I do?

Hey, groin stretch mark that was loose skin and then i fiddled with it and it became full of blood, it stings if you put on pressure on it. any input?

Hey! My son used to cut his big toe skin for long time, now skin came back solid and hard any way to smooth it?

Hi there's something on my penis which looks like an open wound. It is reddish but does not bleed, it does nOt itch either it just has a mild pain on?

Hi doctor i had anguel cheltis that seemed to heal but left a red pigemnntion in the corner of mouth had it for 3 years now im thinkin scar? any way?

Hi I accidentally bit the inside of my cheek at least a year ago now and it won't heal or go away the lump is still there. I don't know what to think?

Hi I accidentally cut a mole on my vaginal area whilst shaving, the mole had bleed slightly, but now I have swelling around that area which is soar to the touch, can u help explain what this could mean??

Hi i cut myself few months back and now i got a deep 'g' looking cut. And i want to to know that is there any medicine to get the skin back normal?

Hi I have a ? I accidently zipped my penis and made a cut on my head and I have this hard yellow stuff on it what is that is it just healing

Hi I have cut my shin deeply on a wooden bed frame, it appeared white at first then bled, now it is weeping yellow. What do I do?

Hi I have torn the end of my penis while undressing and it has bled a bit and the hole is swollen and the head has become red and hard please help...

Hi I have two deep to the white skin inside the cut i saw ,there quarter of a centimetre and have been bleeding for 4 hours now and alot.

Hi in side my nose it was in flamed nd 2 piece of skin have stuck together and so I have to holes why would this of happend?

Hi peeps , I have a big cut /blister just below my chin and wondering how to cover it up?

Hi, I've had a verruca scar on my foot since childhood, but since yesterday the area has deepened and there is a rising underneath the open skin. Any ?

Hi, my girlfriend reported three parallel scratches on her arm this morning, about 10 inches long. They're raised and pink-red and she says they hurt?

How can I tell if a cut is infected or not? Lets just say I have several cuts on my body... And a few of them don't look too good. How can I tell if they are infected or not? The cuts are still open, and some look yellow, and some are more purple. They al

How can you tell if you have an infection under a blood blister? I had a rock in my shoe and did not know it 3 hours later i had a large blood blister that i did not pop. It calisted over and then i sanded it down and put a needle in it, i got a yellowish

How do I remove a thorn? Should I squeeze to make bleed?

How do you clean a popped white head properly once popped? - done by washing face and popped by accident.

How do you look after a small burn blister On a finger from a heater I keep popping it it does hurt quite a bit thank you. ?

How long will it take skin to grow back from a small open wound? It's been a little over a year and it's still a little bit sensitive.

How to keep my vagina from ripping in some spots? Above my clitores there's a small cut from pulling it to far apart is this normal? How to fix this?

Husband has a lump on his arm, it raises up and it is all red, sometimes it busts opens and bleeds but never does heal, it bleeds badly daily?

Husband has sore between pinkie toe and next one, hurts, bleeds some, when I was cleaning it I noticed a small hole right in the crease and peeling skin.

I acidenlty peeled the skin in my nose and it grew back hard and painful. Like a scab, any tips?

I accidentally cut my arm not deeply only the tiniest bit of blood came out, like barely anything. It was with A bit of metal that looked clean. thank?

I accidentally cut my perineal raphe. It doesn't hurt much and it bled a bit, but now I have skin maybe 1/4" long hanging. Is the perineal raphe important? What should I do? It will heal normally?

I accidentally hit my clitours while shaving and it stings, no blood but raw. What can I do to heal, reduce pain?

I accidentally pinched my palm with a staple remover. It did not bleed but I believe it caused a blood clot in my palm and now it looks like mole. What shall I do? Is this cancerous?

I accidentally popped 2 of my pimples while washing my face. They bled and left tiny holes where the raised part was. Will scarring happen?

I accidentally pulled off my shingle scab and I can see a small red wettish hole, am I still contagious because of that?

I accidentaly got kneed in the mouth and bit my inner lip real hard. What is the best method to heal/disenfect the wound?

I am 47 years old now . When I was 11, I had a bike wreck and scraped my penis in a small spot 1/4 inch long. Now I have a hard scab under my skin ?

I am a 20 year old male and for the last two years on and off I have had very sore small cuts/tears that appear at the top of my bumcrack. What is it?

I am a virgin and recently found a cut on my inner vaginal lip, how can I heal this? Its a small cut and it doesn't hurt, it just burns when I pee

I applied vitamin E from the capsules on my face & now its covered with very tiny little pin point bumps. What do I do?

I believe I have a skin tag on my knee, and i cut it off a few times and i noticed that it grew back to its original shape in 5-8 hours, is it normal?

I bit my tongue a few days ago and now I have a white little tag and it won't heal and flaps. What should I do?

I bit what seems like a hole in my tongue, on accident while chewing. It's bleeding and it hurts. Should I rush to the ER or will it heal on its own?

I constantly pick my cuticles to the point of bleeding, open sores, and infection? Why? And how to stop?

I cut my ankles shaving right before swim finished and track started its been a month and are now purplish surrounded in white, earlier they hurt. Infected?

I cut my finger while opening a can 2 1/2 weeks ago and it looks like it didn't heal properly I have a small red bump but it's closed already, what Can I do?

I cut my foot on Oyster shells today in 6 different spots. It was about 9 hrs ago and they still EXTREMELY painful. Should I see a doc? Is it normal?

I cut my lower left leg at work about 6 months ago. It scabbed over and I picked it. It never healed properly, just spread out and now it looks weird.

I cut my scrotum while shaving with a new razor....It is a minor cut ..the region got a little red with blood but it didn't flow out is it harmful?

I cut my self while cleaning my shower drain. The cut on my finger got infected and began formin g blisters around it. I had athletes foot before and this is what it looks like

I cut my thumb on Sunday and it seems to be healing up well but some clearish fluid came out of the wound when I bumped it this morning.Is that normal

I cut my toe skin while cutting my nails now its swollen and looks like i can see tiny red bits coming out and am using a spray called octenisept .

I cut my toenail and discovered that there is a grey swollen bubble and a very sore and tender red flap of skin which wasnt a result of the cutting?

I cut my top knuckle on a vegetable slicer earlier today, it won't stop bleeding no matter what. Looks like a small vein, pretty deep. Help!

I cut myself 'down there', shortly after bumps appeared. Theyre kind of painful. Is this cause the cut got infected? Or is it herpes?

I cut myself on the side of my ankle last week accidentally with a razor blade it seemed to be healing but now is red and sore again should I worry?

I fell down the other day and grazed my knee, washed it straight away. A scab is forming and part of it is yellowy-green. Could it be infected?

I fell off a skateboard and got a huge cut on my leg. It has scabs, every time I take a shower white stuff comes out of it...what is that?

I fell off my bike and bit my lip no stitches and was put on penicillin just in case. 3 days later it is white w/yellow scabs is this normal healing ?

I fell pretty hard on the palm of hand on Halloween. I have a nice scar but the spot is still very tender and I can't bear full weight. What is wrong?

I fell, bruised/cut leg. Aprox 4 in. Long, pretty deep. Cut has healed/scarred. Underneath it's hard, lumpy and painful. Remedies?

I felt a stinging in my bra today take it off and find a scratch looking scab but I didn't cut it and there's a stinging and pus what does this mean?

I felt on the ground, lacerated my lip & it did a big hole. Now as it heals there's a bad smell and pus from it. What can I do to make it heal fast..?

I found a piece of hanging thin skin from near my vagina. I freaked and cut about two CM of it & it bleed. What could it be?

I get big blisters on the bottom of my feet since i was 1 yr old. It becomes too stressed as it grows & I have to cut it with scissor to release fluid?

I get small burns on my left foot out of nowhere, leaves a scar,size of cig butt. The foot isn't near anything at all, no heat. Happens spontaneously.

I got a cartilage piercing just over a week ago (titanium stud) but it's so itchy, why?! No redness/swelling - looks great apart from itching badly?!

I got a cut back in my rear and it healed, but the skin has been purple red ever since! should I sit?

I got a cut seemed to be the top layer of skin and like 5 minutes later a coworker made contact with it as I was doing a fist pump any concerns HIV ?

I got a horizontal genital Hood piercing four months ago and it's not infected but one side still seems to seep a snotty substance near the whole, why?

I got a manicure and my skin was cut, i now have a growth that that sometimes bleeds if i aggregate it. It also appears to get larger if injured.

I got a scrape type wound top of hand looked flat and minimal day1 now it formed a depression in the center ?! Will that flatten out??

I got a small cut in my penis I'm not circumcised and it got pretty swollen and very sore. This was about a month ago and still it hurts to pull gores?

I got a small piece of glass in my fingertip 6 weeks ago. Its still there. Not infected, but will hurt if i squeeze the area. What to do?

I got bit hard from my cat ,forearm and the top of my arm, punctured 3spots it hurts but looks ok rinsed with peroxide and have neo c dr?

I got braces 6 days ago and the mouth-opener cut the bed of my tongue. No whiteness/visible infection, just irritated. Is it normal to hurt this long?

I got bumps all over my body and my scalp i've had them for almost 3 weeks now wherever I have a cut or get a cut it spreads like a big sore help?

I got depressed real bad and cut my thighs not deep but its really red and noticeable. How do I treat it?

I got hit by a ball on my lip. It got a 2cm cut, and made a scab. The scab fell off. Will it get infected? What should I do?

I got hit in leg with BB gun. Skin lost small bleeding. Not deep cut. Small lump under skin . Is the bullet in my leg?

I got punched in the mouth and the inside of my gum got cut open by my teeth and the cut has turned white and has a bad odor. Will Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) work 4 this?

I got reverse rhinoplasty in may '10. My doctor has now passed away. He did a graft on my tip from my ear. I've developed a bump on the tip. Whom should I see now?

I got staples in 1.5" gash on top of my head.Looks like there is a lot of my hair caught under the staples length that a problem? Do I go back

I had a c section 6 years ago, healed fine, in the last week my scar has gone red and inflamed its hurts to stand is hot and has puss on it?

I had a cut on my thumb but it grew back as big white scab instead of the usual dark brown scab. Everytime I remove it the same white scab grows back.

I had a cut on side of my eyebrow ad had 4 stitches not it has healed, but left a red patch alittle bit harder than normal skin. How can I get rid ?

I had a huge "blood blister" on my lip, i had it removed by getting a pain blocker and it cut off, any other less painful way to get it off again?

I had a laparotomy 2.5 weeks ago, everything looks fine on the outside but when i touch the scar, inside feels thicker on the left shud i be worried?

I had a little mole like between my legs but due to using razor it became elongated while using razor it bleeds with pus sometimes & now it has 2faces?

I had a mass removed from my finger one stitch looks red do you think it's getting unfectes?

I had a nasty fall about 5 months ago. I landed on my knee. All the cuts healed although the 2 bruses still look fresh. What would cause this?

I had a septoplasy 5months ago now it seem like I have a small cut inside nostril that is sore.I have an unopened napestin tube.Will that help.

I had a small dark spot frozen at my dermatologist how long will it take to heal and should it look like a blister a week after procedure?

I had a tattoo done about 3 months ago and now its really inchy and flacky and it really uncomfortable?

I had a tiny mole on my pinky toe that popped up a month and half ago. This evening I was messing with it and it peeled off like dry skin. ?

I had a tiny white pimple in bottom lip visible when stretching my lip only. my doctor had it removed by scraping/electrify it I've deep hole wont go.

I had bad habbit in the left 3 years i scratch every wound in my skin till it bleeding I have now marks in my whole body.How can I remove it?

I had cut a part og my toenail that was under my skin then it started bleeding and the next morning it hurt to put pressure on it and puss came out?

I had my gallbladder taken out a week and a 1/2 ago. I lifted something a day ago heavy. Now I have a lump under my big cut. Did i tear inside?

I had my tongue pierced for years and stretched out the hole. (Took ring off) looks like an ugly big scar that people notice now. Solutions?

I had sex with new partner. Became itchy. Scratched hard and cut open, turned to scabs. NO Blisters though. Could this b herpes Or due to poor shaving

I had small cut in my finger, I put a bandaid and it caused me like small circles that seems to be full of water. It's been over a month, its worst?