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I had a mole on my face, and I decided to cut it off. But after three weeks Came back almost gone - I cut it off again but now left a bruise ?


1 mm wide spot bled on nose.99%healed and bled again mth later.Never heals 100%.Looks like nothing other than a red hair pore. What is it? Not raised

1 month ago= abscess/boil appeared on foot. Over time=popped\healed. Now= deep black hole 1cm deep x 1 CM across. Should i worry? Any home remedies?

10 month old fave fall from bed shorter than her. Red mark and 30 sec nose bleed. Normal activity. Should we be concerned??

17mo boy with 1/2in inner lower lip laceration,no active bleeding.wheb it heals,will the lip be deformed?

2 months ago I cut the bottom of my big toe on a pair of goggles. It became swollen and it began to hurt in those 2 months. 2 days ago it started to puss out so I took off the top layer of skin and pulled out a piece of plastic the size of my pinky finger

25/m small reoccurring bump 1/4 above anus comes and goes about 3 yrs now pops in about 3 days bleeds heals over can repeat in week or 5 months. ?

3 days ago, I accidentally cut part of my fingernail, exposing skin. Bit red, no bleeding or pain. do I need to keep covered until nail grows back?

3 weeks ago i got a lil splinter in my thumb.I was unable to remove the splinter.Now a bump has formed under my thigh.Do I have a staph infection?

3 years ago i severely cut the palm of my hand, now I have about a dime size bump there. Its painful when trying to open things. What can I do?

33yrs male, got soft, swollen bump at the outer edge of my anus past 2 days.what it could be & reason.what specialised dr I have to consult? skin spl

4Months ago had sudden large blister-went to doc-said probably a spider bite-he cut open blister-but area still red/dark like a bruise &hard in center?

4yrs ago I operated a painful bump on the outer vagina lips. Since then it appears every summer on both lips, always removed with surgery. Dangerous?

5 sores on my belly, 1 scab in scalp. Scabbed over, puckered & red ring around them. 2 others left scars. Mom diagnosis w/ mrsa. I visited. Could I have it?

5 wks ago I got burned on my cheek and it left a blister then blister got infected. It fully healed but left a red mark. How long will it take to fade?

8 months after C-section scar i scratched it a little then i put paper where the scar is between belly flap & next day little blood on paper & smells?

8 mths ago my cold sore scab was ripped off by a bandaid and left a patch of lighter skin in its place. Is this permanent will color come back?

A deep bluish blood filled bulge in my finger tip since childhood, grown with age. Pains if pressed. Blood gushes back if finger raised for long.

A couple months ago my 18 yr old son noticed a dimple at the top of his intergluteal. This week some drainage and now bleeding. What to do?

A day ago I extracted a blackhead from my nose. Blood came out and the area is now bruised. How long until it goes away and will it leave a scar?

A few months ago, I had a blood blister under my big toenail. It healed except for a small area at the top that is kind of hard and thick like a nail?

A got a rice sized wound top of hand it looked superficial and was flat now healing day 3 it shows a dent in the center. Will this flatten?

A number of VERY small (almost microscopic in length) splinters penetrated skin near thumbnail. Can't see em but it hurts. What to do? Leave alone?

A red mole was cut when he had his haircut. It is located in his left "brain" it happened a week ago. Now he said that it hurts, what is happening?

A rougher ridged spot bout 1inch in on vagina wall 2 weeks after being fingered. Could it be left over from a nail scrapping? It was not there before

A small cut, less than an inch on the inside of hand, reopened a few times in a couple of days. It is a little red and swollen. Would covering and antibotic cream heal it?

A small divet cut into my skin only bled a minimal amount and the skin around it is now a bit red and the scab inside it is yellow. Is it infected?

A tear under my left pinky toe appeared out of nowhere, I put triple anymtiboitic cream on it and now the tear is turning into a hole and is painful!!

A week ago i scratched mm jaw line real hard i have had zoster for about seven months now i have a scar is it becaue of the scratching II am so worrie?

A wound on my face recently healed up and I was wondering if it was possible any food got caught under the healed skin. I would have noticed right? There would be some kind of irritation or infection if it happened? My OCD makes me concern over it.

About 2wks ago I noticed that I was getting small cuts on my foreskin when I pulled it back. The cuts seem worse now. ?

About 3 months I cut myself shaving (next to my vagina opening). It hasn't heal since, now I feel both sides are inflamed like red. What's a home rem?

Accidentally cut my labia minora shaving. Managed to stop bleeding but now in alot of internal pain & it won't heal. Weeping & white for 3 days?

After long years of using cocaine, I noticed a huge hole in my septrum. What should I do?

At the end of nov I developed a case of heepes that bled Put bacitracin on it swelled with huge crusts now can't keep akin on sheds ,swells comes off ?

Barefoot in garage sweeping.saw spider of small blisters came up top of foot and under.over time some blisters became bigger.used steroid.

Big sack of blood on back. Started off as a red mark and has grown to the size of a dime. Constantly breaks open and bleeds non stop. What is it?

Bit my something while rearranging my livingroom. Hurt and burned immediately, Small itch, now bruising. Should I be concerned?

Bit my tongue hard, slight cut, should I use peroxide?

Bit the inside of my mouth the cheek part badly while eating :( will it heal by itself? Will it get infected?Worried cos im heavily pregnant. Pls help

Blood blister on lower leg that won't go away? I've popped it several times, and it bleeds, but never fully heals. Looks like a mole & no pain.

Both of my ears have small cuts that develop where the earlobe attaches to my face. They keep appearing and then crusting over. There is also a burnin?

Broke wrist 12/19, after cast removed I am still swollen, skin warm to touch & skin color a little darker. Is all this normal. Going for pt next week.

But that mole like cracked nipple i think i can strip(cut) it. Can it be defect im 18 y old? U said i shouldnt have thing like that?

C section 2 months ago n she says discomfort since. A round object is suddenly pushing out on the skin above scar. Look like scissor fInger hole?

Can a small cut on my foot (from a tree branch) hurt my baby if it gets infected?

Can a tongue split get wider over a few hours?

Can an STD leave a long-term scar on lips? I kissed a woman w/ one on her btm lip. She seems to have the scar in her old photos. It bled upon kissing.

Cut finger on plastic 1 month ago. Very tiny, no change in healing, red, slightly raised, little pain. Slight brown under. Should it heal? Or see dr?

Cut my ankle ad about 2 ago shaving i ave kept it clean and for the most paet it looked ok untill 3 days ago when it started to turn red and swolle?

Cut my finger on glass 2 weeks ago at the joint. Site of cut not really painful but its slightly raised, a bit pink and white in the middle with a dot. Its not healing or getting worse.Is it infected?

Cut on frenulum of penis has healed but there seems to be a hard white color gland sort of thing on frenulum what's it? Do smoking cause cut to reopen

Day 12 post circumcision- all healing perfect except im left with few round balls / bubbles of skin..looks strange. Will this go? Im 80percent healed.

Day 6 post circumcision-have I delayed healing process by accidently breaking off small bit of thick black scab on underside of penis?

Day 7 post circumcision- is it normal for minor bleeding 2 occur through thick black scab on underside of penis?

Day 9 post circumcision - still no sign of any stiches? Only very thick rock hard black scab on underside of penis incision?

Decided I was going to pierce my lip with a sewing needle.. It went thru but then I changed my mind and now my lip has a bean size hard lump.. Why?

Deep 1" heel cut closed about 3 weeks ago. Wound is mostly pink but some purple and black spots came up below the skin, no pain or disch, is it normal?

Deep cut on hand been cleaning but drying with bright yellow crystal scab? Help!

Dentist accidental cut under tongue during treatment. Formed puss bubble. I popped it with needle. Came back after few days. What is it?

Did a second earlobe piercing 3 months ago, not yet completely healed but i see a small amount of flesh poking from the back could this be keloid.

Do I need to go to the doctor if I was shaving my "down stairs" with a razor that had a little spot of rust ?

Do superficial and very small wounds scar? When I say superficial I mean skin came off you see blood but no dripping and very small.

Doc, small portion of my right leg got burnt 4 months ago due to acid while i was doing my practical.It is black since then.What to apply now?

Dog grazed leg made it bleed. No puncture hole now its healin an the outside is tender an hard ?

Dropped vase 3 weeks ago, glass shard cut top part of right toe very deep. Now red, inflamed slightly, gets warm and sometimes needling. Used antibiotic?

During the winter, a small part of areola dried and got flaky. That wound has not healed since two months. There is no pain and lump in either breast?

Every 24-48 hours the same scab forms inside my right nostril. I have to remove it or it cuts off my breathing. Why does it keep forming?

Every month 3 days before my period i would get these bumps that really hurt then burst and leave a cut on my vagina but no scabs is that normal ?

Every time I eat mushrooms I break out on my front and back in pimples why is this ? I'm now scarred cheeks get cut by my teeth in the act. My mouth doesnt bleed, but the tissue on my cheek are raw n peel like after a long bath. Normal?Sex

For as long as I can remember, when I apply eyeliner on my lower waterline, it skips over a small spot. I've just now realized that it's red. Worry?

For the last year i've had a small soft spot on the inside of my nose. When touched it tends to bleed. What should I do? I don't have insurance and my doctor recommends a specialty doctor, which i can not afford. Just recently i bonked my nose on my dog

Found a cut like sore on my inner thigh don't remeber cutting myself what could it be.

Girlfriend has had a small bump/growth on edge of nostril for months. It bleeds easily and alot. Help? No insurance.....

Got loose circumcision recently and the stitch line where the base of the penis is covered by loose skin, will it heal by itself or because it's not in contact with air it mY cause n infection?

Got poked by a nail on my thigh did not bleed but did break the skin had little bit of water come out though?

Got stitched after baby born.4 weeks later noticed I have on my right lip of vagina skin not attached to ski itsjust flapping .Doctor wont restich me?

Had a 3 CM deep wound about 3 months ago and scar seems a little bit redish but there is no pain at all, is that normal?

Had a blood test yesterday and hole itching but ooze a tiny bit. I continue to cover with a bandaid until totally healed (since the vein was cut) ?

Had a large mole burned of at the dermatolist.5 days ago it has a red ring around . Could it be infected or is this a healing process..hurts a little ?

Had a poop the other day that was literally almost 4" wide, ripped my anus. Any time I go now, it bleeds significantly and hurts. How to heal it?

Had a tear a month ago.first it was white(like ulcer inside vagina)now the tear is gone but the area around turned purple.normal?what can I do 2 heal?

Had basal cell removed over month ago healed up good but now it is itching and looks like alittle sore coming up is this normal they said they got it

Had cryo on bridge of nose for s/k 1/3. Tore off scab with towel while drying 1/11 and it bled. No blood today. Still heal ok? New scab form?

Had cryosurgery 12/28/16 on nose & temple. Red pin size spot on nose in same area / no hurt no bleed - wear spf30makep/hat-what is it and & concerns ?

Half my newborns umbilical cord fell off however some still remains...I notice a little bleeding but it now seems to be inside like a deep red inside ?

Hard white scab on foot following diagnosis of cellulitis... Not eschar or dead skin because very hard to touch and bend and pure white, help please?

Have a severe Crack in the fold of my back, and it's oozing and raw. What can I do until I can get into the doctor?

Have a small cyst on forehead. Tried to stick syringe in it and suck out like my plastic surgeon did, but it bled. What now?

Have a wart on thumb pad.Doc froze it this Mon.Said it would fall off, but stil looks intact and no blister. What should I do?

Have really red indented lines going from my (right) hand up to my elbow. There are no cuts, scrapes or bites? Shouls i seek medical attention asap? T

Hello a small cut on the inner skin of the penis and does not close the wound .in time appeared to me something white inside and not close?

Hello i have a broken collarbone in three pieces. has been like this for a week. if te boneis pushing lightly on skin, should i recieve medical help?

Hello I'm asking about my fiancé underneath his tongue the piece of skin that connects to your tongue was swollen and white. He said it was s little sore nothing bad to go to the hospital but this we were kissing and it ripped open it bleed for 10 minutes

Hello. I cut a part of my palm (wound is as large as a dime, maybe slightly larger). There is skin hanging off. Should i cut it off or leave it on?

Help with my small puncture wound? Earlier today (around 5+ hours ago) a small thorn-like object punctured the bottom of my toe, right at the bend. It bled for a couple minutes, and i made sure there was no remaining bits of the thorn in my foot, cleaned

Help, I have a small lump under my skin on my vaginal area. It is hard and very painful. I cleaned it with alcohol and tried to cut into it. What is?

Hematoma-like discoloration suddenly appeared between eyebrows after intercourse,no sucking of the area,but clamping my teeth hard.What caused?Worried