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~2mm blood-like spot under skin on neck. Could it be from scratching too hard? Was there when I woke up.

12 weeks pregnant, extremely itchy top of the hands, elbows, back of legs and thighs, the bumps are bigger than normal hives. What do I do?

14 month old. Small bumps on torso and legs/arms. No fever, itching...Nothing. No changes in routine. Bumps are size of pen mark and sporatic. Pink.?

2 nights ago legs. & arms were itchy but no rash. Last night stomach & arms itchy & noticed small red spots all over stomach. Any ideas?

21 yr old son has discoloration on chest , shoulders, and neck. Not red red and doesnt itch. Has had for about a year. Also has joint inflamation a?

25 yrs old. All of a sudden VERY tiny black pinprick dots are appearing all over my skin. arms, face, everywhere. scattered randomly. New marks daily!

2nd time small spots on arm Scabbing over, left side only, same area as mnth ago. Slightly itchy. spots last about week upper forearm. What can it be?

3 months ago i noticed lots of small white dots on chest, still haven't gone away and now it's spreading to arms?

32mth & 13mth old have small pimple like bumps on arms/legs and a couple on back. Not many at all. Could this be prickly hear? No temp.

4 itchy/pain red bumps forms mall whitesheads on rght arm healed in a week now 2 on buttocks and 1on left arm about to pop no itch/pain after they pop?

5 yr old f dime size scaly red sometimes itchy on upper chest near shoulder blade has had for 5 days gets red when taking bath should I call dr?

6mnth history intermittent small patches torso/arm petechiae & night sweats, left earache (pulse in vein behind ear), single white spot on tonsil, ?Ideas

A few weeks back i got a really bad sunburn on my arms & now I have patches of lighter skin on both of my arms.. What is that?

A rectangular raised smooth pink rash appeared on my arm. No pain or itchiness, but has now turned purple. I have developed 2 more on opposite arm?

About 2 months ago I tried waxing strips for my underarms. I had this blotchy rash behind my left shoulder and it's only there and is still there?

About a week ago i notice red pimple like bumps all over my chest, waist line, shoulder and neck. The itching is mild and some of them are scaly red cir?

Acne formation and red rashes forming on the back behind arms and shoulders ?

All of a sudden I've brocken out in red itchy spots all over my arms, legs, hips, back & head. Possible causes?

All over my arms, chest, legs i have red itchy bumps ranging from tiny to big. Do you have any idea what they might be or should i seek medical care?

Am heaving red kind of spot on my chest back, neck, forehead, arms.They are painless and bit itchy and now they all over my body?

Appearance of small red spots on upper arms, inner arms, stomach and shoulders which ictch badly, the itch gets at night. 45 year old female?

Are these random blisters on my arms cause for concern?

Are yellow spots on my skin normal? They are on my upper arm.

Area on upper arm where strap of heavy backpack was now has tiny little red spots, like I scratched too hard. Pink area of irritation too. What is it?

Arm pit rash with pimples with white heads?

At night my legs and the back of my neck are very itchy. I only sometimes see a rash with small, flat red dots. My roommates have it too. Bedbugs?

Bite on wrist at night with red lines up arm to arm pits. my son is 7 but it does not itch, no fever, no pain, slightly swollen at the bite area?

Blister like rash all on my back neck and arms amd slightly yellowish on my eyes?

Both of my arms randomly flush from mid-bicep down to forearm. Looks like a sunburn. No bumps or other symptoms. Is this normal? What is causing this?

Burning prickly feeling all over back when i get hot or above room temp i have small white dots on arms like vitaligo and red discoloration on back ?

Can neck pain and the skin on your hands burning and turning red have any relation? My neck hurts and the base of my skull. My hands have red splotch

Can Rheumatoid Arthritis cause the skin to itch? (Head, arms, torso, legs) I have tender spots and bumps on my scalp and one turned to an open sore.

Child has faint flat pink spots(rash) on torso and arms (2days) does not itch, no other symptoms what could this be?

Circle rash vary in size, pink, itchy, speads in patches, worse when sweating, had it for 2 weeks. On neck and inner upper arm. Raised edges ???

Common cold like symptoms, swollen glands, rash on inner thighs upper arms and shoulder/back rash is slowly spreading and a little itchy. Help?

Dark heart shapped spots under my skin near my armpits. First appeared a month ago under one arm and now its under my other arm. Idk what it could be?

Dark patches appeared on skin first on side of knee then now on torso and arms with itchy skin?

Dark spots appeared one on side of knee and then spread to arms and torso itchy skin?

Day after Strep Throat with fever of 102.7, discovered red bumps on top of hands and along both sides of arms. Fairly itchy. What should I do?

Developed rash on the backs of my hands, starting at the middle knuckle and stopping just before the wrist. Rash is blotchy red, possibly mildly swollen. The backside of the palm looks like tiny red squiggly lines (raised blood vessels?) rash doesn't itch

Do I have ringworm? I have one small ring on my arm. It doesn't bother me but I have these bumps on my neck and face. They itch!

Does having 2 dots of petichiae on my upper arm count as a rash?

Dots under skin on upper arms, what to do?

Experiencing skin rash (quality: itchiness) on my stomach, chest, back, and my forearms have an odd patch of bumps like a rash. There are some round red circles that have a little dry look. i don't have this on my legs just upper body?

Fever 5 days ago, then appear flu. Weird rash that appear when sleeping at both shoulder and hands. And small pimples like at penis. What is it?

For a few days now my g/f been getting itchy spots all over her arms, shoulders and back. They look like small bites, but i don't have any. Allergy?

For a few days now my g/f been getting itchy spots all over her arms, shoulders and back. They look like small bites, but i don't have any. Allergy?

For a few days now my g/f been getting many tiny itchy colorless raised bumps on her arms, shoulders and back. I don't have any. What could it be?

For a few weeks now, I've had itchy areas on my arms and legs. They start out as tiny little spots. Then I started scratching and they become red, itchy rashes. I have 2 places on my left arm, 1 on my right and behind both of my legs (knee area). What

For several years i've had red blotches on my arms amd chest. They come and go, no itch/pain, slightly raised & perfect circles. Exacerbated by heat.?

For the past week or two I've been having bruises appear on my arm, they kind of look like fingerprints but I never hurt my arm in any way to get them?

For the past week, I've been extremely itchy. It started on my upper arms and thighs, now it's all over my arms and legs. They are little bumps, help?

For two days I've had pain in my right shoulder and arm. I've also noticed a small red rash (cluster of bumps on right arm) I'm not sure if related?

Forarm is red and swollen very painful after injecting meth arm is changing colour whole arm is aching

Found +20 red dots on upper arm around armpit area. Same condition on both arms. Not itchy nor lumpy. What could it be and how to cure?

Found a red rash on right arm, what could it be?

Four red patchesn have appeared on both my arms and thighs. They are symmetric. Do I have an allergy?

Four welt like spots on inner left arm, one welt now starting to blister---causes?

Getting little red spots on arms chest abdomen and legs. Like tiny moles?

Getting red rashes that look like he fell on cement and are itchy. Been growing all over arms, back, back neck, shuns, elbows. What is it? Contagious?


Had six yrs clean. Recent relapse. AreNoticed red blotchy areas that are kinda warm to the touch. Arms legs and abdomin. Not raised and not itchy?

Have a lipoma lump on my upper arm and now have what looks like a broken blood vessel coming down my arm?

Have a rash on stomach breast and left arm inside elbow it's so itchy kinda like sandpaper?

Have lupus. Been getting what looks like swollen raised large red pore far apart from eachother randomly on legs, abd, arms. Very itchy.Lupus related?

Have lupus. Getting very itchy raised red pores (far apart) on arm, legs, torso. Getting lots of bruising around them. Not sure if from itchy.Cause?

Have noticed little red dots all over chest back stomachein the last three day s think it might be heat and sweat reaction to laundry detergent only where my shirt is not down arms or below the waist or above collar and does not or irratate?

Have red flat red spot on skin started on legs and moved on up to arms and torso itch somtime and won''t go away.?

Have scalp psoriasis, suddenly have round itchy bumps on upper arm kind of in a row. Is this psoriasis too?

Have small red bumps on upper arm and chest and upper legs most of my life. Don't know what they are but would be great if I could get rid of them.?

Having small red itchy rashes for last 5 days. Close to 25 points. Mostly on my hand, neck, chest & back. Itching is not continuous on all points.

Hello I have some white patches with somw sort of rash on it on the back side of my arm.. I want to know what it might be..Thanks!

Hello i'm Daisy I have been suffering from Rashes for 2 weeks, I Have numerous rashes from arms,fingers, legs, back and even my neck. They are red very bumpy and hard some of them are very huge Red and purple, like a bruise. Some of rashes feel like they

Hello sir I have these breakouts that look like pimples on my shoulders chest and upper arm . They appear suddenly and leave scars each time. There is no itchiness or any other type of irritation . They just randomly appear and go away?

Hello, I have about 30 bumps on my upper thighs mostly my left one and 4 on my stomach they are very red puffed up and they peel then turn into scabs?

Hi my daughter is 1 yr 4 months and she starts a reddish rash and some little blisters on her skin and then turn into a bump with fluid in arms & leg?

Hi Dr. I just saw some rashes on body few ,couple on left breast, and some on my back and one on my left arm is not itchy,smalll dots in bundles ?

Hi I am in need of answers to this rash I have somehow contracted. I went to the doctor and he told me it was Pitryasis Rosea. It covers my stomach,neck, and chest. It has now spread to my arms and thighs. It is very itchy, looks like big and small hives.

Hi i get small spots on my arms and legs there not red or itchy but the do pop like black heads?

Hi I have a rash on both my inside arms from just above my elbow to just before my armpit it's achy , hot , the skin is red and so are the spots x?

Hi I have a skin disorder for 6 years I have small brown bumps on my arms, neck, chest, stomach, legs and bottom i really would like to know what they are?

Hi I have a skin rash and it's very itchy and it's on my bun crack(top) and my arms an chest and legs sometimes it's reallyyyy irritating please help?

Hi I have red itchy spots all over my shoulder blades and upper arms it's very itchy can you please tell me what is the cause of this thank you?

Hi I have some weird bumps on both of my arms could it's be dust mit?

Hi i have spots on one forearm like a rash, and I don't know what's caused it. It's only on the one arm, no where else.. What could it be?

Hi there is a rash on my arms and legs and its itchy it shows really small bumps i guess. Any treatment?

Hi there, Just a question I've come out in red bumps all over my skin. My back / Arms / Scalp / Chest they are a little itchy and painful.

Hi, For the past 6 months or so, every single night i find itchy white bumps all over my body. Mainly forearms, they appear randomly through the day ?

Hi, I have a button on my arm and would like to know if it is cancerous?

Hi, i have get a red rash on the back of my hands, on my arms, face, back and legs when I exercise or blush, i also get white bumps on the areas too. ?

Hi, um I have a hard lump under my skin on my upper arm and then their one more starting to developed what is this ?

Hi,A few weeks ago I noticed 2 red round dry spots on my abdomen slightly raised, over the last week they've spread to my back, arms and legs.

How can I get a v-shaped torso?

How come I have itchy white splotches on my upper arms?

How do I know if I have been having this arm itch in the same spot for months. It be a nerve causing this itch?

Husband has a red rash. Under arms and top of arms. Now its going down his arms and top of hands. We thought it was a reaction to fleas.

I am broke out in an itchy red rash on my back, shoulders and arms. What could be an internal reason for this?

I am broken out with rash on front of thighs around my waist chest upper back. Looks like blisters and very painful and itches. Some spots r larger t?

I am experiencing skin rash (quality: ring shaped, inside is slightly paler and peeling, spreading from chest to abdomen and neck, slightly itchy. ?

I am getting spots on my body and under arm . I am 19 only .