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1 yr old boy has red sore bottom due to hard stool yesterday morning.Now his stool is soft but it still hurts him a lot.Can I use nappy rash cream?

10 1/2 month daughter has rash on chin, cheeks & nose. No new foods introduced, doctor not concerned, but what could it be?

10 month old daughter has few petechiae on neck for a few days, she is well. Today my 3 year old boy has a few petechiae on his ear. Cat fleas?

10mo. Boy Fever below 101 since sun Now rash behind ears on forehead and down neck. No other symptoms. Theething top 4 front teeth. Is rash concerning?

10month son red bumpy skin rash on tummy showed up not long after immunization shots. Could that be the reason?

11m old babyboy went India for vacation.recently started having pink bumps in face and hand.chicken pox or heat rash?no fever playing eating normally

13 month daughter has molluscum contagiosum for 3 months on chest and arm. What to do? Looks awful!

13 mth old has a few pimple like raised bumps on hand, near nappy, 1 on back & 1 on inside of lip. No fevers, eating/drinking norm.& happy. What is it?

13yrs.Son got raised hive-like rash on chest?

16month son has had pink rash on armpits/crotch for 4 days. Nothing is helping (cortisone/desitin) no fever and doesn't seem to itch.?

2 year old girl just diagnosed with impetigo now has "thousands" of red bumps all over. What is this? She spent time outside

2 year old has 103 fever and red spots on torso. What could this be? Should we go to urgent care?

2 year old son has red hot bumps on palms, bumps on arms, ankles & a couple on his side, flea bites? Hfm disease? Chicken pox? How to tell difference?

2 yr old developed a few small facial bumps on face 1 wk ago- yesterday bumps spread to hands and legs, can he have chicken pox if he's vaccinated?

2.5 yr daughter is getting 2yr molars and i noticed her tonsils are extremely swollen. Not red or no patches. Could teething cause this?

3 mo old has rash all over stomach and back. Does not disturb infant. Is not red, just small bumps that cover back and stomach.

3year old has got a red raised rash on his neck and back. He is complaining of a sore tongue. No fever?

3yr boy has red rash all over.Not itchy or sore, but a brown ring has also accured.Child is running around & playing. What can this be?

3yr has itchy butt cheeks for 2 days straight . No rash has appetite seems healthy getting over runny nose w fever.. Should i worry cancer?

3yr old has very itchy/bumpy rash. Looks like c.Pox (but no blisters only bumps + has vaccination). Took to dr -said "viral" but that was 2wks ago?!

4year old has had very red cheeks all day, no other symptoms apart from a cough developing ?

5yr old small rash on tummy and elbow should I take her to her dr or is she ok for school?

6 year old son woke up with red rash about the same size on both sides of face around the sideburn area. No fever, doesn't seem to have any other symptoms. Should I be worried?

6 yr old son had headaches for 2 days. Now they are gone he has developed a rash all over his body. They are small and flat. 4 yo brother had same.?

6years old male child. Red spots, high fever and swelling in hands and legs? Please advise.

7 year old boy has an approx 1 CM x 1 CM white raised bumps. Is this a rash or viral infection? No c/o of pain or itching.

7 year old son has developed pink/red spots on face and chest. A few days ago he vomited through the night but has since appeared well. Should I worry?

7m old low grade fever of 101.5 (day)103 (night).Two red spots on his cheek and sore on the roof of his mouth has a bit of diaper rash? Cause?

7month old son has a line of raised bumps from butt down left leg. He just finished amoxicilin, could he be allergic? Er doc didn't know what it is

7mth old baby not eating, diarrhoea, very unsettled his eczema has flared up and has white sort of bumps on the inside of his cheeks (mouth)?

8month baby ate 1oz of lentil.rash in his chin, and chest.ate at 4pm,it's being 7hrs still not disappearing.pedi open at 9am.what can I do now?

9mo has red spots on thigh&wrist-look like bug bites.Had fever last night of 101.5-has gone down since. No appetite, fussy & moaning today. Connected?

A 1 month old baby girl represent allergy on the cheeks, forehead (plus yellow scales on forehead) and few on the chest and. What would be cause ?

A rash lasting 2 months under a toddlers breast/ribs. The rash is a little rough and red. Toddler has cold every month. Does not seem itchy. ?

After playing on a carpet my 19month old son developed patches small blistering rash on his inner upper thigh ..No fever or vomoting but spreading?

Autism and red cheeks is there some significouldce?

Baby got ear infection followed by upper respiratory infection,recent small red spots on tummy and chest.Could it be chickenpox?Hasnt had vaccine.

Best way for my teenage daughter to shower with broken arm?

Blotchy red palms on a kid, should I be concerned?

Both of my children woke up with a rash this morning. One daughter had it on her arm the other daughter has it all over her back and some on her arm. They are not showing any sick symptoms. No fevers at all. They say it itches sometimes. We did visit a lo

Boy has tiny bumpy rash on forehead, caused by zyrtec (cetirizine)?

By what age will i know my son complexion , he's two months and his ears are slightly daker than him?

Can my 2 year old son cause bruisin to his ears frm scratchin no medical condition other then eczemaand recently contracted eczemahertipicum?

Causes for 2yr old son small red raised rashes just behind rt ear? No other symptoms showing. No temp. Feeling ok otherwise.

Child developed bumps on his face around his mouth and on his legs after coming in contact with our xmas tree. Is that unusual that it wasn't all ove?

Child has faint rash on cheeks and torso (flat) no other symptoms feeling great what could it be?

Child has red pimples on butt. 6 years old. Is this cause for concern?

Child red spots on lips, none inside mouth or on body. No pain or itching. No fever or sickness. Not scabs or fluid filled. No new foods Not teething?

Chills,Uncontrol shivering yesterday; no high temp. ER said I was fine. Rash today thigh, red, blanch. Spots around no blanch. Itchy. Otherwise fine.

Cluster of red dots on soft palate of 2 yo considered petichiae? What causes it?Just a little paranoid since we had a leukemia scare when it was mono.

Could my son be allergic to red dye my 6yr old son gets a rash on his mouth and chin when he eats or drinks anything red.We assumened it was strawberries and stopped givin them but i noticed its anyhing red.He had a cherry flav water ice tonite and got th

Could red cheeks on an 18 month old be a sign of a peanut allergy? Last 2 times of feeding my son peanut butter (days apart) his cheeks turned red.

Could sleeping on top of my left arm cause red dots like petechiae to appear. Currently taking antibiotic as precaution (kids) for strep.

Could you tell me why my husband got hit in the cheek and now has headaches and body rash?

Daughter , 10 yrs old, had chicken pix shot. Today is is red, swollen, and hot to the touch. What should I do for it?

Daughter 4 has red cheeks and lil bumps on them has no fever but she's had it every since she was a baby should i see my pediatrician about it ?

Daughter has stomach bug running fever nothing crazy 100.6 face is now puffy and red?

Daughter has what looks like hives on cheek and back. Not itchy. Has had a cold for the past cpl of days. What should I do? No fever.

Does my son have the chicken pox? My son came and showed me a few bumps this morning that i thought could have been just flea bits... Well when he came to take his asthma medicine tonight he said he was itchy and showed me his bumps and they have spreaded

Dry red rash on cheeks, in baby. Whats going on?

Have a rash and dk what it is or what todo for it?

Have cold & a 4cm by 3cm purple/red pinprick rash on my thigh that, doesnt fade under glass & hasn't spread. Doc didnt seem too worried but should i b?

He's had fever up to 104.1 for 5 days. Yesterday only 102.5, and i saw he had a rash on chest, red no blisters, today spread everywhere, even forehead?

Hello, my brother has very itchy bumps at his back for 3 weeks now. is it allergy or else? doctors dont know the cause. they just give treatments.

Hello. Son is 4. Two days ago presented with fever (100.5f) malaise. Since then he has developed small red flat circular rash on buttocks primarily to a lesser degree on back, a bit around nose.

Help docs! my sons chin and lips are blue. Is he sick?

Help please, my doctors can't figure out what kind of rash my son has?

Hey my toddler has some red bumps on his arm, he doesn't have a fever or it's not itching, could this be something minor or should I be concerned?

Hi my 18 month old grandson has an increasing amount of water filled bumps. Landon does not have any known allergies, nor does he have any obvious illnesses now. He is teething, though. The bumps are all over his legs, arms and tummy. He hasnt been

Hi my 3year old son has got white lumps surrounded by red rash on one cheek and on both ankles. They have just appeared. Should i take him to a&e? Tha

Hi my daughter has come on with a rash behind her ears and face on her chest there quite red but shes not ichying them and hasn't got a temperture.

Hi my daughter is almost 1. Every time i give her whole milk she gets red marks on her face around the mouth. I want to wean her, what should i give h?

Hi my daughter of ten has a fine rash and looks warm in the face but she says she feels fine i m a bit worried she was sick three days ago?

Hi my son will 1 this Saturday. i laid him down for a nap and he woke up with a red/pinish,skin coloered rash on his face and behind his ears?

Hi we think our daughter has leishmaniasis. We noticed some spots on her face 3 days ago. We were in paraguay 2 months ago. Do we need 2 c a doc asap?

Hi, My college aged daughter has developed a mysterious rash from her waist down her legs to her ankles. She thought she had a cold a few days ago and has been achy and congested. But the rash has her worried. She went to Urgent care last night, they drew

How can I treat my son eczema its all over his body and its swoll he can sleep?

How do I get a tick head out of my son's skin?

I am 28 yr old mom to 5 boys (1 recently passed to sids) in last 6 months I have been getting red scabs that itch all over legs and arms? What is this

I developed a small rash in my forehead which am the only one who can see it after i ran the army 10 miler?

I gave my 8week old Benadryl (diphenhydramine) 1cc or 2.5 mg for a red, raised rash on arms, legs, and back. Hate it! anything else i can do? He's crying inconsolably

I got told that my son had a red ear and red throat buy my gp and also infected eczema today when i took him there his temp was 38.4?

I have a rash on the crease between leg and vagina for 4 days I'm starting to cough but my brother has been sick can I have herpes?

I have bump still on my forehead since i was a child, what to do?

I have red itchy spots all over my whole body. I had otis externa a week ago and took amoxicalln. I have a temperature of 99.8 and a sore throat. ?

I noted that my 4 Y son has around 3 itchy bump in the head in different locations in head He is active, eat well and no fever. So worried please help?

I noticed for 2-3 weeks or so my kids 3 & 4 years old have typical strawberry tongue type spots without redness or high fever. Is it OK?

I recently took my 2 1/2 year old to the ER because he had a fever of 104.3 it's been 3 days now he has a rash all over his body almost looks like red little pimples along with a mild fever and diiharrea what could this be?

I spotted 3 small barely visible petchiae on my toddlers chest near his nipple. He has had a cough for a couple of weeks. Could it be from that?

I think my son had a reaction to my sister's perfume. (He now has bumps all over his face and neck.) Is there anything I should do?

I woke from sleeping all night on lounge with a red rash on 75% of my face, 2 days later it has gone into my mouth & throat also, not itchy?

I'm 34,and just got chickenpox around 18days ago, why my rash still here,so many on face,what can i do?is it normal? After 3weeks still has rash?

I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and my son has slapped cheek syndrome. What should I do?

I'm on vacation in Jamaica, and developed small rashes all over my ties, stomach and arms. They are a little itchy at times. I'm a 34 year old female.

I'm pretty sure it's not slap cheek. It doesn't look anything like it at least. It doesn't seem to bother her and she doesn't have a fever, a cough, or anything, just the rash. They are about 2cm in diameter and spotty on the left side of her face. From h

I'm worried because my 5 year old son has smelly fluid in ears and pimplelike rash around his body, what do you suggest?

I'm worried because my face (or my cheek) became really itchy than small lumps started to form but they were not visible is this hay fever, what do you suggest?

I've noticed a rash on my skin that appeared about a week ago. I had all the vaccinations when I was a kid, so wondering what it is and what to do.

In Sunday my husband and two children broke out in a rash over body. It is raised, grouped together and swollen. ?

Is 2 petichiae spots on a 2 yo upper leg bad? Would it spread quick if serious? I have same dots and so do my other kids. How do I know if serious?