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blister like bumps all the way around the shaft of my penis right below the head.the area is red. There is no fluid no pain no itch appeared suddenly?

in garage, when I felt a burn itch on fore arm. now 5 days later its raised, red bumps in a circle. Hot & tender to touch. what can I put on it?

"i have a purplish reddish rash on my arms and legs and a bump filled with pus on my knee. What could this be?" "i have a purplish reddish rash on my arms and legs and a bump filled with pus on my knee. What could this be?"

12 yr. Old had 1st period 5 months ago. Past 2 cycles she's in bed w/fatigue & an itchy red rash that's blotchy & raised all over her. Is this normal?

13 month babys face an leg has red spots, doctors said allergy but they don't get well?On leg seems watery spots ? Swallen point poin ? What shoul i do?

14 yr old bro has a thew spots on back and he always finds them itchy he even saids his chest itches abit

15 little white spots on chest after returning from holiday not a rash or itch but spots from nowhere should I go Docter ?

17wks pregnant.had red triangle welt on L breast. Wasn't red, itchy, or warm. Redness went away, n got dark. now it keeps fading and getting smaller. ?

1st a boil then 2 weeks ago lips swoll up & now turned black. Have a rash bumps all over my body & another boil & get chills. Any advice?

1st HIV test negative but just started getting on both arms red rash under neath skin when I itch it red lines come up and go away is it hiv?

2 weeks ago a red rash appeared on the right side of my chest. Size of a quarter. Itchy. Not spreading? Very worried.

2 year old with red bumps on torso is vomiting. What could this be?

2 yr old has 2 red pimples next to each other on the back of her thigh.She doesnt itch it or complain.Has been there for 3 days.Its not spreading.

2 yr old with 104.7 fever yesterday, 100 fever today and now has a small red bump rash on his chest, all over legs and top of feet. What is this?

2-3 weeks later i got a vaccine, i noticed the site is slightly bumpy (like a pimple but no redness) and has been a little itchy sometimes. Normal?

23 wks pregnant. My 3 yr old and I both got stomach bug, me vomiting 5-6x over 9 hrs & achy. I have rash of tiny red dots on cheeks. Is this normal?

27 wks pregnant and have a very painful rash on the back of my leg. The skin is very red and covered in puss bumps. not itchy. Should I be worried?

2wks ago i had 4painful/itchy bumps on my r/arm 3days later they came to a head -white pus-an popped. Now i got 1 on other arm and right buttocks help?

2yo mild fever & next day rash on back. It went away then went on cheek and now seems to disappear then appear new spot Dots on mouth too what is it?

2yrsago inthe winter on a few spots onmy face.My skin startedpeeling some it waslittle red.The doctor gave me triamcinolone the spotskeep returningwhy?

3 yr old son has a weird red freckled rash on one side of his face for days.. why? Should I take him to the doctor? Do freckles start out like that?

36 weeks pregnant and been getting itchy all over also noticed a rash ( red dots all over my face and tummy) should I be concerned?

38weeks pregnant and have a rash from jawline down neck. Its really itchy and has lil red bumps. Should i be concerned?

4 days ago a cluster of red blisters appeared on my lower abdomen. They did not hurt or itch till yesterday. Now the blisters have drained and it's becoming very red painful and itchy and another cluster appeared yesterday right above my belly button?

4 year old has red bump on leg and it's sore any ideas on what this could be?

9 month old has small red bumps that are hard on back arms and thighs. What could be the cause?

A bruise on my wrist has appeared two days ago. It has a red circle in the centre it is not painful just itchy does not disappear when pressed on?

A couple weeks ago I broke out in an itching fit in my sleep it stopped now it's back and now there are red bumps are on my gentiles what is it?

A few itchy bumps on arm. One on back. My mom has bumps too. More than mine and she asked me to feel them and I did. A few days later I had small itch?

A few red spots localised on one arm. A bit bumpy that doesn't hurt or itch. A few hours later, it is less visible. What can it be? Is it worrisome?

A few weeks ago a non-itchy rash appeared around a lifelong mole on the my neck. After a while it started to fade and go away but today it reappeared.

A rash has appeared on my stomach and back and on my arms.. It's been there since yesterday and still hasn't gone, any ideas?

A red mark has appeared on my lower leg. There isn't any lump underneath it, and it doesn't hurt. Any ideas what it could be?

A slightly red bumby rash has appeared all around my neck?

A small cluster of small red bumps near inner elbow of left arm & a few red bumps around both arms. Itchy. 3rd day now. What is this?

A small rash appeared on my back, no idea where it came from.No spreading, extremely itchy and red, and i put lotion o. Any ideas on what it could be?

A week ago developed a marble like bump under chin 5 days in started to swell and a along w it a rash on cheq did give meds no answer to blood test?

A week ago I had a small, itchy, yellowish, fluid-filled bump on the top of my foot. Now I have twenty. Other itchy bumps are on my legs and neck.

About 5 mths ago I got an itchy red dot on my leg and it's still there. Two weeks ago I got another one on my left abdomen. What can it be?

About 2 months ago, I started getting these red-brown blotches on my buttocks. They don't hurt or itch. I never had but acne before this. Please help?

About 2-3 weeks ago i noticed two red bumps towards the bottom of my buttocks. They don't hurt or itch. What could it be?

About 4 or 5 weeks ago, these red patches started showing up on the inside of my elbow. Any idea what that could be?

About a month ago I noticed my neck felt hot and itchy but no rash it went away but yesterday I noticed it again what could it be or how do I stop it?

About a week ago i woke up with my leg itching and little bumps. It has only itch a couple times since, I have noticed that it has slowly spread?

About five months ago i started itching on my arms and red spots came up i went the doctor they didn't know and now its spreading to my legs?

After hot shower has pinprick size red spots and blotches on belly. Lasted 30min but I took Benadryl (diphenhydramine) after ten min. What would cause this?

After i went outside on a windy day, my face was red, itchy, and swollen. Do you know what happened?

After taking out my tampon i developed a pain around my vagina that turned into a red itchy rash what could that be?

After working out today i noticed an itchy red bump/mark on my stomach. I've had others which still remain but don't itch. What could this be?

Almost a year ago. I got these 2 itchy red rashes on the back of my legs. My doctor said it could be from stress. What could be the cause of it?

Alright this all started may 26. I have red itchy bumps going in a line from under my arm (by armpit) going all the way down to my knee there clusted?

Also with the rash, the bumps are raised and clustered together, any idea what it could be? He was rushed to ER last friday cos of this

Always have eczema on my legs but today when I scratched it it all began to bruise could this be something other than eczema?

Angry red lines on legs for years, very itchy! Reactin not working as usual today, what are these and what can I do to stop them from reappearing?

Annoying itchy bumps/bites on bottom of feet. They appear at night and right now are three little bumps close together.

Armpit was kinda itchy then started scratching a lot then it started getting more itchy. I shaved and still itchy. Why? Any cure?

Around my navel there was a itchy bump. That was two days ago. Since then two more bumps have appeared. Should i be concerned?

Back of my left hand but not fingers is red and scaly and has a few little raised red lumps not itchy but like hot pain what could it be and treatment?

Bad/itchy rash that starts under my groin & goes all the round my anus. Its red & can gets really dry. Started last year wen i started track. Help!

Been using head&shoulder for 2weeks for red itchy patches allover my head they are still everywhere so I use something else or be checked out for it?

Behind my knee I have seemed to have got a slight rash with black dots on. It doesn't itch but i don't know what to do to get rid of it. ?

Big sore bump under my arm what is it?

Bought slippers. Wore them once only woke with 4-5 itchy bumps on my foot. It took a week for them to start to disappear. Now I have 2 more bumps.

Br red raised dots in a cluster.Started in1spot.Notitchy.Gets bigger n spreadsout, goesaway, then more popout been on trunknlegs.-lymes -resp antbiotics?

Brother has been complaining about being itchy and has red spots/bumps all over. he was told it was allergies. Now a month later Im starting to get it?

Bump on face - no head, itch, or pain. There's a bump on my face, next to my right eye. Red and round, but no itch, pain, or head to pop like a zit.

Bump on left thigh like a pimple but painful ?

Bumps on my itchy elbows don't go away! what do I do?

Bumps that itch and sore to touch on upper torso?

Bumps went away on there own, scabies or something else? Just on my hands. They completely disappeared

Can you get shingles again? I had it @ 14 I'm now 23 (8w preg) I have a patch of red raised bumps on my stomach - super itchy! But painful

Can you give me advice with itchy red pimple like dots on legs and wrists?

Circular red rash with dot in middle on upper left thigh. Itchy and dry. There for 2 weeks?

Clustered red & white itchy bumps in one area on my right torso at the waistline, my right armpit is itchy now too. Any suggestions for meds & diagnos?

Could these red bumps on the backs of my arms be eczema?

Couple of days ago a strange out of no where bump/spot has appeared on the crease of my right buttock cheek/upper thigh. Extremely painful and raised.

Cyst on my arm has turned red and started bubbling up. Any ideas for treatment?

Daughter 6 yo gets red splotches all over her left leg when being very active not itchy/raised only left, goes away after resting?

Daughter has red bumps that itch on lower hip and under armpit what could it be?

Developed large red dry cirsle rash on chest whilst on holiday in november. Got smaller on back and stomach?

Do I have psoriasis, eczema, or something else? Is there any at-home treatments? I have a very itchy, red, bumpy rash behind both of my ears. It has showed up a couple days ago, around sunday, and i cannot afford a doctor right now to have it looked at. I

Doc, I had 3-4 red coloured tiny dots, (not ichy and not raised) on my bicep like 2 months back. I didnt really care first, but now since the past 1 week Ive started seeing them on my neck, on my arms, chest and increased in number but still not much.. I

Does ringworm have a raised bump in the middle that is sore to the touch?

Dyshidrotic eczema ?? The past few wks my right index was swollen and itchy and now my left ring is puffy and has see through-like bumps on palm-side

Ever since I can remeber, I've had these tiny red dots on the back of my arms the whole way up. They don't itch or don't cause any pain. Cure?

Ever since i started college again after a long time i started to have these white yellowish spots coming out on my arms, neck and it itches a lot.?

Ever since october last year, I've gotten these itchy red spots. they started at the base of my wrist and has spread. now it's all over. what could it?

Every time I go out in the sun this rash that I have flares up into red bumps and they won't go away. What could this be? Started 6 months ago.

Few weeks ago red itchy spots appeared at the back of my neck and forhead. Gp said its allergy and gave me loratadine allergy still there. Treatment?

For 6 months, have had itchy skin around the auns and recently started to itch on the inside. Have been de-wormed and still no help. What is it?

For a week and a half i started to get a lip numb and not always same spot, accompanied by itchy hives and welts sometimes have heart palputations?

For over 8 months my daughter has had a circular patch on inner arm when it flares up its red and itchy then it stops bothering her for weeks at a tim?

For past few months recurring rash on ring finger. Starts itchy / burning & red w bumps that when popped have clear liquid. Keeps coming back. Help?

For the past 2 days I have had a patch of little red bumps that itch. I don't think they are hives. Was in the woods yesterday. Should I worry??

For the past 2 weeks after waxing my arms I've gotten small, red, hive looking dots. Recently theyve started itching and hurting. What could this be?

For the past few days I've seen a rash appear on my bum. its raised, red, and itchy. Now my lymph mode on that side is painfully sore which started tw?

For the past month I have been experiencing weird raised red bumps on my arms and legs. It only happens if i scratch, and they go away quickly, help!

For the past three years I've been getting rashes on both of my hands only in the month of May. They're small red bumps that are very itchy and they b?

Four welt spots on inner left arm, one starting to blister...what might it be?

Got a breakout on the inner thigh it comes and goes no itch what can it be ?