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had what I think was a boil and it popped while I was sleeping but its still raised and painful and bloody. What can I do to reduce pain?

I have a red patch on my lower leg. It's not crusty nor painful. It doesn't bleed even with force. What could it possibly be?

I have a very swollen tragus that is red and painful to touch. What is the cause of this and are there any home treatments that can help?

My leg is a little swollen, slightly painful, warm to the touch, and red. What could this be?

1 day after a mosuito bite over my sternum ..a red tender patch is formed.. its very tender on signs of infection or fever?

1 day ago I got this lump on top of my right hand. Have not hit it or anything. No signs of a bite. It is a little red very swollen and tender. Possib?

11 yo daughter. Swollen ball of foot. Red and painful to lightest touch. Swelling progressing. Now the size of a large egg. No fever. No injury.

11yo daughter with swollen ball of right foot. Red color. Swelling the size of large egg. Pain with light touch. Otc meds no help. No injury or fever ?

11yr old daughter has painful red bumps on her areolas after swimming in the sea for several days on vacation. Clogged Montgomery glands? How to treat

19yrs girl. For no reason, fatty flesh of nostril swelled/got red/hurts to touch&flare; no congestion/other symptoms. Doesn't seem like pimple. Cyst?

1st metatarsal head painful to touch, but there is no bump, redness, or swelling. Why would this be hurting?

21yrold with rash on upper right arm, size of a fist. No bites, allergies, or sun exposure. Does feel warm to touch. Noticed two days ago.

28 yf woke up 4 days ago and my middle two was very swollen red painful well there's no bite but it's so painful I can't walk?

29 yr old has itchy irritated skin on top part of left breast. Has been hot weather lately. Need to worry about inflammatory breast cancer?

2weeks ago i had red blotches on my left breast i thought some thing had bit me it was very painful and warm but faded away i have had the same today?

3 days ago my eyelid started to swell. It's getting bigger everyday, not really painful but it's swollen half shut. What should I do? No insurance...

3 nights ago, i had an itch on my right pinky. The next morning it was a swollen zit-like yellow headed sore that oozed oily blood. Painful and stiff!

3 yr old healthy girl one toe is very red and swollen but no heat .. Says it is itchy but not painful help?

3+wks sore spot on base of scalp by ear 4inchs long. Feels like bruise throbs& sometimes itches quarter size fluid filled spot. No redness. Dizzy now

30 y.o and 13 weeks pregnant and out of nowhere I noticed this painful scab on the side of mynipple (not the tip)and it wasn't from injury or irritati?

30yo bruises with the slightess touch, 2 mouth ulcers and very white skin, dizzy and wont go to a doctors?

32 weeks pregnant sore and irritated when I whip down there with tissue and itchy afterwards then swollen up so is this normal?

33 yr old woman 4 the last few weeks i've got a swollen face but not everyday but my fingers are swollen and feet hurt as well. What is going on with?

3rd toe on right foot is red, swollen and tender to touch ?

4 days ago I woke up with a bump on my foot with pus in it, a few days later it got worse and really swollen. What could be the problem?

4 days ago little wierd acnes started to appear on my neck , underarm down to chest and belly area , they're not painful only a little bit itchy !

6 months now I have bumps on my bikini area they don't hurt and are small.Just recently I have swollen tonsils and a cough for a month related or not?

7 yr old boy back from pool party and complains of very sensitive nipples. They are red, and painful to touch. We're icing the area. What can it be?

A few days ago i noticed my feet & ankles were swelling.They are sore & ache. They aren't warm or hot by touch. I have no fever.I am 52, white, & female

A few months ago i had cellulitis in my finger i think i may have it again. My finger is red warm swollen n very painful! what should I do?

A friend of mine has a red vein like streak going up the back of her arm from wrist to underarm. It's very painful and she said a cool rag feels good ?

A German Shepherd bit down on my arm, but didn't break the skin. I have a hard slightly purple lump there now that's sore and warm. Should I see a Dr?

A light pink lump on my scalp that has crust around it, also soar to the touch.

A little red and puffy around one of my laroscopic incisions no leaking or bleeding is this normal also not hot to the touch?

A red sore lump around the size of a finger nail has reappeared near my groin. Feels moist. Could it be herpes?

A warm swollen lump has appeared on my skin. It is around an inch wide and is very painful. Is it a pus infection? If yes, how can it be treated?

About two weeks ago my thumb became swollen and red. Slightly sensitive to the touch in one spot. Now my skin is peeling and thumb is Still swolleN?

After a styriod injection in my backside, the area is really sore & tender and a hard patch under skin , it also itches all the timee?

After drinking, I woke up with a swollen right hand/ that was black and blue. Two days later, swelling has gone down, but still somewhat tender. ?

After forest hike growing swollen areas on eyelid (with white bumps,seem not purulent).Itchy first then painful after few days.NSAID&ofloxacin no help

After getting chiqun dunia,my feet is now swollen and has little dark spots on it.Can you tell me what is causing that ?

After swimming in the Chesapeake bay ocean after a couple of hours i notice a red swollen bump on liba whole right side is swollen what is it?

Any advice? I have been having two red dots that are pretty large on my hand for years now. They don't hurt but they also don't go away?

Any danger biting me on, around the neck? Skin around it is pink and it's swollen. Any idea how to tell him to stop?

Any reason why are my fingers swollen and itchy?

Aprox 14 flesh colored bumps posterior wrist one side. Star shaped With migraine insomnia flu like symptoms area tender and sore Itchy when agitated ?

Armpit skin suddenly became sensitive to the touch, no pain just irritation. No visible bumps or discolouration, dont use deodorant? What is this?

Around my ankles are itchy, tight and slightly swollen?

At around 4pm today i started to itch between my butt cheeks, now both cheeks are hard burning, hot to the touch and swollen. What could this be?

Awoke with both my feet being painful, excruciatingly so. They are swollen area on top of both my feet painful if touched but do not feel warm?

Bad swollen lip, dead skin top, very painful, hard lump bottom rt, blurry vision/cant focus, tired, lil bit pus out after squeezing, swells 10x more after?

Balls of feet feel numb, cold, and swollen, but don't appear to be swollen. Is this an issue?

Base of penis is swollen and puffy. Not painful. But slightly numb. ?

Been bittern by something this afternoon, two clear bite marks. Just by elbow on the inside. Is swelling up and feels hard to the touch?

Belly button hurts if you touch it. Also swollen and seems to get more firm and a dark reddish color daily .Its tender in the close area around?

Big blister between fingers that's surrounded by smaller ones. Extreme itch painful to touch. Not poison o,i,s or hogweed. Not spreading over 2days?

Bite on back of knee, was small red & hurt. 2 day later is swollen, red, itchy, skin around it is hard & leaking clear fluid, but feel ok. Seek help?

Bits on my legs , sore and hot , and little swelling by groin?

Blister on my toe caused by running popped yesterday. Is now red and painful, feels a little swollen. Could it be infected?

Blisters on back (now 1 on chest) for no reason. Fill with fluid. Once skin peels, stays red like a burn, painful to touch/move. Very painful w/ water?

Boil under armpit is red n painful what can I put on it to reduce swelling?

Both knees are hot to touch but they don't hurt at all and they are not inflamed or swollen and have no bumps, bruises, lumps or scrapes.Help me plz?

Breaking out in small red bumps on legs and slowly spreading and are painful also with a headache and fever what could this be cause from?

Breast cyst is warm to the touch, red, very painful, growing, red circle around it. Even my shirt touching it hurts. What to do?

Bruise on breast. Covers half the nipple and some outer region. What is the cause? Has a swollen red center. Extremely painful.

Bruised, swollen and tender forearmwhat ought i do?

Bump in right ear 4 2 days right b4 qtip enters can be seen & touched its skin color only hurts when touched no injury fluid/blood do I see dr? When?

bump on my chest. hairy chest and ive never shaved it. I applied a hot towel with a little pressure several times. now the bump has enlarged

Bump under my lip & it was swelling and after medication (it stopped swelling) and now it became hard. not soft smooth.medication without surgery.

Bumps on my finger that itched at first now turned hard and painful (sore) and is dry and peeling, happens frequently comes and goes ?

Burned arm on an iron yesterday. quarter size Blister formed and ruptured and area is now raw, red and painful. Time to see a Doc or treat at home?

Can a blood infection cause cold, red achey feet that leave a white imprint when you touch them?

Can a swollen leg get so swollen it starts to split the skin?

Can allergic reaction to fruit cause a pea-size lump inside my tongue? It's tender but not painful, slight swelling. What can I do?

Can I get yeast infection on buttock? Largish Skin eruption, purplish, feels rough, possible blisters (can't see well)...sore to touch or w pressure.

Can i put neosporin on a painful red swollen lump on the tip of my foreskin to reduce the pain?

Can I use lidocaine jelly on a boil on the side of my breast?? Its very tender and swollen and very red

Can IBS make skin sore to touch sometime?

Can the constant picking up of baby cause bruised feeling breast?No pain when i touch/examine it, just if i lightly itch it and pick up baby. No bumps.

Can you give me advice with itchy, red, sore, swollen left nipple?

Can you help? I woke up with painful, itchy, swelling on the back of my hand?

Cat scratch from 4 or 5 days ago right beside finger nail bed and the area beside is tender and red. No pus not noticeably swollen, skin is firm.

Cat scratch on palm 8 weeks ago. Still bruised, a little pain and occassional tingling. No redness, pus or swelling. Why would it still be bruised?

Cellulitis after getting vaccine? Why? Arm is red, swollen, warm to touch & painful.

Cluster of red blood dots on side of big toe that wont heal and go away & is now quite painful when walking. Wht are they & what's the treatment pls?

Daily itchy palms but no sign of redness or rash. I do feel a little bit of pain (achy), any idea should I be concern? Please iam worried its ser

Daughter's second toe red, painful to touch, and swollen. What should we do?

Dime-sized soft lump above left eye. No pain or redness & I can't feel it. Sometimes can't see it. Other times (like lack of sleep), it looks swollen.

Do I have prickly heat rash? I did hot yoga yesterday and now I am covered head to toe with tiny flat red bumps. They're especially bad on my glutes & quads. They itch, and i don't feel particularly good. They're not raised or full of pus

Do lots of people get sore skin that hurts to touch, or is it unusual?

Does a wound that's healing feel warm to touch (not hot)or does this mean infection. It doesn't hurt to touch. ? It is pink an inch around

Does all forms of eczema have to itch? The underside (pad) of my left thumb goes thru stages every few days it seems. It becomes swollen, the skin gets hard & crusty, (a light yellow color) then it kind of peels/cracks off. It feels/looks raw, very sore a

Does the skin ever get red and warm to the touch when the nerves are healing?

Dr. my hickey hurts which is on my neck and its a bit swollen and slighty red. is it herpes or blood clot? what can i do?

Due to an insect bite, I have a very large lump on my leg (4 in by 3 in). When the skin is pulled, it feels a little sore. Should I be concerned?

During volleyball season my armpit does this weird thing where it's red, itchy and rough. It's only the left one though. What's the cause?

Elbows always look bruised but aren't dry ar sore have not hurt them ao what might be causeing this?

Every morning my feet are puffy, swollen and sore when I get up. Why?

Feel like I'm getting a sinus infection face,head hurt, nose is swollen on left side, lip is swollen, face feels hot and puffy n sore? What can I do?

Fiancé works 7 days 12 hours, both ankles are swollen, red and hot to the touch, been like this for 3 days what could this be... On his feet all day..