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“I have had a rash on my leg for nearly 6 weeks it doesn't itch, it extends from my foot up my calf. It's slightly raised and slightly red”?

14 year old very active boy woke up thursday morning with red blotches palms and some on feet. What could this be? It is not itchy or painful.

2 year old daughter was bit on the back of the legg left big redness and small purple area at the bite..days after redness is spreading but purple gon?

20 days ago my left big toe starting itching. Continued to itch & now has fluid filled blisters. Also red pin marks around area. Only 1 toe. Fungus?

2cm ulcer on middle, front lower leg. Swollen leg, red around wound. Does heal! looks like venous ulcer. But gp says ezcema. And he knows best right?

2yr old has small raised red lumps his ankles, a couple on his legs and back. Within an hour developed a red rash in groins. What is this?

7 weeks after a sprained ankle, the skin on my foot turns bright red after showering (no swelling/inflammation, not painful). What causes this?

9yrs ago, both legs itch, and little red spots form all over my legs that get redder at times. Still present, but not itch. What is it? How to treat?

A darkbrown spider bit my foot on Tues had a blister swollen on&around the bite it's red & itching bad I have pain in my ankle should I be worried?

A healed wound on the inner side of the ankle looks black and is itchy. Something just don't feel right.. Its got a bit of rash too..

About a month or 2 ago my legs and ankles started swelling, red bumps, very sore and a week ago started oozing clear fluid?

Achey, white feet with red spots all over after playing basketball. Bad circulation?

After running yesterday, a tender, red lump has developed on the outside of my leg about 4 inches above my ankle. Its about an inch in diameter.

An almond sized scratch or bruise on my hand is peeling after a week, doesn't itch or hurt, looks purple. The edges haven't changed, what is this?

Are red dots on foot alcohol related?

Around my skid burn on my leg from the concrete is a dark reddish and swollen down to the ankle, is it irritation? is it infected?

At the bottom of my legs near my ankles it had been very sore with a burning pain, little red spots have appeared. What is this and will it go?

Awoke with raised red welt and surrounding redness on thumb knuckle with partial numbness. Does not itch or hurt.

Between shin and ankle still swollen and a little red?

Bitten by leech while in river, top of foot over arch. 1 week later top of foot large red, swollen area. Itchy, dark purple spot at bite. Treatment?

Bitten in my sleep a few days ago - my ankle is swollen, painful at times to walk on, red rash, itchy, warm sometimes, what could this be? What helps?

Bitten top of r.foot. Sharp pain, now 2small blisters w/tiny blood red dots around them. Now intense itch there& r.ankle. Posib spider? Best treatmt?

Black dot under skin on top of foot? My wife said it suddenly started burning. Doesn't appear to have a bite mark or swollen. Any ideas?

Blood bisters appearing on arms. Unbearable, burning, and itching and red blood blisters are appearing all over my arm. No trauma so what is it?

Blood bisters appearing on arms. Unbearable, burning, and itching and red blood blisters are appearing all over my arm. No trauma so what is it?

Boil on my knee is causing me to burn up! it gots my knee all swollen and red. Any ideas?

Both feet and ankles are swollen, red, and warm to touch which has gradually gotten worse over three weeks' time. Itching from head to toe no rash?

Both of my feet were very red on the top of them. They began to itch so i scratched them and instantly they became swollen with my veins bulging out.

Bruises/spider veins in my child, red blotches near the botton of her feet? Been visible for awhile now seems to be getting more

Bumpy, not very red, not hugely itchy rash on both legs inside knees down to ankle area. Recently have spent some time walking around in tall grass.

Can eczema (i have been scratching) be the cause of a rather big open sore on the front of lower leg? Leg swollen tender and red around the wound.

Can venous stasis (early stage with just rash) itch very badly. No swelling and reddish but doc said that's what it is on hubby's legs. What for itch?

Can you advise about 3 red spots on my forearm that appear like bruises or bites? They don't hurt or itch, & I've been wearing long sleeves all day.

Cellulitis on inner thigh, on day 6 of ATB's, redness/swelling gone, now just left with what looks like 2 brown bruises, is this normal?

Circular itchy slightly red swellings on the arch of both underfeet for 1 year which break (whether scratched or not) to dry up. Antibiotics no help. ?

Clo fever now have swelling and black spots to legs and feet, spreading to testicles?

Cluster of blisters very swollen and red. Dark red/purple around edges very painful on calf anyone know what it could be? Hospital unsure

Cut myself shaving above my ankle a week ago it is red and now has a rash?

Diabetic I have 2 small red spots on outside of my leg that itch and are tender to touch. They have been on my leg for apx 2 months what could this be?

Diabetic with foot is swollen, red patch forming..Do I need help?

Diffuse purpura rash dark purple to light purple painful to light touch, clear fluid filled blister just above ankle twisted ankle 4 weeks prior ?

Dry patches on leg, ankles close to the knees. Three have appeared. Circular. Quarter size. Scab quickly. What can they be?

Feet are swollen to the point of developing water blisters. Numbness, tingling, dark reddish purple color. moving to my hands now and up my Calves?

Firm, pinkish circle on the arch of my foot. Slightly raised, about 0.5 CM big and no pain, itches abit when you rub it. What is it? What should I do?

Foot still red and swollen 6 weeks after break?

For 3 or 4 days now my left foot, at the bottom, in the center is very itchy, very sore, and throbs. It's red. Why is this happening?

For about 3 months now I have have had a reddish/pink rash on the top of both of my feet. It is rectangular in shape and warm to the touch. Help?

For over a week i've had painful swelling in my legs with burning sensation and red splotches on my shins making it painful to what can it be?

Got sun poisoning, I'm blistering going from red to brown, except for my legs, theyre still red. knees are swollen, standing purple blotches appear?

Grandson has red patch on thigh at groin. No bites, no scrapes, no bruise. Warm and very tender. Could it be cellulitis?

Had arthroscopic menisectomy 10 days ago. Leg is slightly more red than the other, but after sleeping, it is totally red and slightly colder to touch?

Hard blister like bump on my both leg.the color of the blister is red and its quite painful. Difficult to walk. Kindly advise?

Hard white scab on foot following diagnosis from cellulitis, please help?

Have a few red bumps on the bottom of my feet - not itchy, just somewhat irritating when I walk around. Had a similar spot of bumps on my lower leg.

Have a quarter size red, severely itchy spot w/ whitehead on my ankle. I had 1 previously on my calf & treated it as ringworm. When I itch it seems to gets swollen. ?

Have a very itchy feet ankles and legs. I've scratched so hard I have sores. And now on one ankle I have a cluster if white bumps.

Have fever for days . Now have swell and black spots on feet and legs which now has spread to the testicles.?

Have rash on instep on both feet, red splotches on arms, and now sore throat?

Have red bits on my legs. What caused them?

Hello All, I have noticed small small red dots on my foot extending upto 1/3rd of my foot. They don't have any itching or burning or pain. Plz help?

Hello, I have a very itchy circle around a hard hard blister on top. I have no idea what it is...its been on my foot for 2 days now. It started off as?

Help please. When i work out i get red bumps on my thighs and shins, what's the deal?

Hi I had a pus blister on my leg a week ago that now looks like a tiny white hole in my leg, it's making my entire calf hurt so much !!! someone help!

Hi, just noticed some red/purple dots on my feet and ankles, highest one is on my calf, they are on both feet, and one has cut open, no pain, ?

Hi, I have itchy lumps on my arm, leg and feet. They are about a small cherry. What do you think it is?

Hi! I have -extremely- itchy bumps on my legs. Not quite blisters, just circles of red. On the back of my thigh above the knee armpit.What is this?ty

High fever for two days, red spots developed on my skin mostly foot and palms, itchy but when scratch or touch, it hurt as if it is swollen.

How can I treat this painful red bumps on my foot?

How do I heal a big rash that is itchy red and scabbing all over my ankle and is spreading but hasn't healed in half a year?

How do you get red welts on feet?

How to remove red streak going up the thigh from infected risen on knee cap?

I got a rash on my thighon both my legs, it's been for about 3-4 days.It's above the knee and red and itchi.How can I cure it?

I am 23 years old with a red crusty looking rash on the outside of my ankle that hurts where the bone is what could it be?

I cut my leg shaving 4 days ago. The cut was deep. Teo days later i noticed my ancle was swollen and red. What could it be?

I developed a rash on my lower leg last summer. It itches, pusses, bleeds, and is sore if i scratch it. Its round, about the size of a tennis ball.

I developed one small red bump on my left leg near my ankle that turned into a red bruise like mark 24 hours after its onset. What could it be?

I developed tiny red spits on my feet and lower legs. They do not hurt or itch. What are these?

I dropped a drawer on my foot 2 days ago, and it swelled up when i did it. it is very painfull, a bit swollen ad red and purple around the edges.

I fell down and had an abrasion on my leg. Now the wound is healed but there are red itchy rashes(dots) around it and spreading! What could it be?

I felt something bite me outside a few times on my legs and feet but couldn't see what it was. I have about 35-40 little red dots on me and no itch?

I get these little super itchy bumps (mostly on my right leg/foot) & when i scratch they turn red. I have about 8 right now. What could they be?

I got a number of mosquito bites on my feet last night. Along with the red, itchy bumps, both my feet are swollen, and it hurts to curl my toes. ?

I got a pulling sensation on the bottom of my foot, there is now discoloration and it looks a tad swollen, & still burning, Could it be a busted vein?

I got bit by something on my foot is swelling, itchy and red. How can I figure out what bit me?

I got bit on the top of my foot this summer and foot swelled and super itchy. Now it recurres itchy and you can see the bite mark. Any ideas.

I got these little red bumps on my feet. I think its posin ivy cuase I had it before on my legs?

I had a blister on lower leg that I popped, now has a bruise on both sides. Bruise darker in middle. Could it be insect bite and what do I need to do?

I had a blister on my leg and it has now gone down and developed a red ring around it. What could it be? Should i be concerned? Is it from an insect?

I had a few bruises on my arm and swam in a river afterwards. 2 days later I have discovered a rash on my arm around the bruises. It's red pimples..

I had a foot/ankle tattoo a little over a week ago. I started getting these little red bumps. is it infected?

I had cellulitis left leg from March 2. 3 weeks ago went to compression socks, no open sores.. My leg is dark red (ok) but hotter than right (2.5F).

I had red lumps on my shins 6 months ago from strep infection, now one has reappeared and its on my shin it is big and my joints hurt?

I have 4 bites on my shin. Itchy. Not too painful. But on my calf, there is about a 2x2 inch red splotch. It's smooth. What did this? dangerous?

I have 4 nickel sized itchy welts on my lower legs and bottom of foot. What are they?

I have a baseball size, red and pink blotch on my lower leg. Not painful and does not itch. Developed overnight, also have headache and chills?

I have a bit on my foot on the bone near my ankle it's a little red dot and has been swollen for 2 days now ?

I have a bite that is red swollen in forearms, legs and back as well. Then ends up with a bruise.

I have a bruise on my thigh without injury. Last week it was green now its red with a white center. It does not burn or itch?

I have a bug bite on my leg. Theres a red spot in the middle, and the area around is red and very swollen and it's painful to walk. Is it infected?

I have a bump on my foot thats big and stings what is it? :// big bump swelled up not red. Skin around it is rougher than rest of my foot amd stings