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3 weeks ago, my 1 yr old had a temp for 2 days, then diarrhea now rash. Rash has turned red to bumpy, not itchy. It's been 2 weeks and rash still there?

9 papular rash on palms, and many in the entire body. The rashes is itchy. Is it more likely to be Guttate psoriasis or syphilis?

A friend has had a rash under her arm for 8 days, the doctor has said it's measles but it's still itchy and is now weeping clear fluid, is this normal?

A rash on one breast. It's not that itchy just alittle. Scabies? I had scabies years ago. I'm scared plz help no rash anywhere else

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Are meningitis rashes itchy?

Are most rashes hard to identify?

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Boyfriend and siblings have scabies. I don't have the rash but I'm itching a lot, will permethrin cream work even if I haven't developed a rash yet?

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Can I get a rash from my grandson after he gets his mmr? I have rash but no itching.

Can I have an itchy rash from West Nile without having the other symptoms? Is it dangerous?

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Could you please help me! i've had an itchy rash that has lasted four months. Lupus rash?

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Does an HIV rash itch?

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Does HIV rash itch?

Does HIV rash itch?

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Does the measles rash look the the hand-foot-mouth rash?

Does z pack cause itchy rash?

Dry colorless itchy rash after amoxicillin rash. Worried?

Eczema rash that won't go away. What do you recommend?

Eczema rash, burning and itchy. What's best treatment?

Erythema multiforme how long does the rash last?

Generalized itching, no rash or bites, what to do?

Generalized itching. no evident rash or bug bites, treatment?

Generalized itching. No evident rash or bug bites, what could it be?

Generalized itching. No evident rash or bug bites, what to do?

Hello, My 2 month old baby has small pimply rashes /red rashes all over her body. How do i know if its eczema or erythrema toxicum?

Herpangina cause rash on body?

Hi Doctors. How do I know if I have a STD or just a rash down there?

Hives-like itchy rash on tummy. I don't want it to spread all over. What to do?

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How can I take off my bumpy rash /bite?

How can I tell if a rash is scabies? What does a rash that is caused by scabies look like? How will i know if my rash is from scabies? .

How can I tell if a rash is scabies? What does a rash that is caused by scabies look like? How will i know if my rash is from scabies? .

How can I treat itchy, patchy, raised rash from doxycycline?

How can you tell itchy rash of scabies from a pregnancy related rash?

How common is pityriasis rosea rash? I have a rash with symptoms 100% accurate to this. Had rash for 3wks now. 2 docs, 2 diff ans. Self diagnosing now

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How to differentiate between urticaria, eczema and fungus infections. I have a bad rashes and itch all over my body.

How to identify this rash for me please!?