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I thought I had a UTI. They told me I had E Coli. I have developed a rash in my inner thigh and have small bumps. Is this normal? What is going on?

It first started with a small itches on my arm then it started to grow in circle. Slowly it spreaded all over the body(especially in butt and groin)?

1 yr old has small red bumps on legs and buttox. Ongoing for a week and spread up his thighs. Could this be irritation from detergent or should I make an appt asap?

10 yr old with itchy welts with pimple type blisters on them. All over her back hips stomache mostly concentrated to butt checks? No fever

1cm scabs that developed from a pimple - 3 on my left thigh, 4 on my bottom and a cluster on my back. Also blister rash developed after scratch healed?

21y Male Itching balls, then flat red rash on penis head, now few itchy bumps on balls (1cm each) itchy Rash on inner thighs Itch mostly @ night?

22 month old has rash under armpits (both) and tiny spot on upper back of only 1 leg. Tried baking soda bath and other symptoms. ...??

25 months toddler, small blisters (allergy) on right leg (back of knee area). Concentrated in one area. Not very red, itching. ?

3 rough patches of skin on 1 thigh &1 on the other thigh, normal skin colour can't see them but can feel them, no discomfort, cud it be form of RA?

30 yr old fm, painful cyst type bumps under skin in crease between vag & inner thigh , skin turns dark..Should i see a doctor? Reoccurring problem

5 days itchy skin all over, especially groin region and worse at night. Slightly red near groin only. Red circular rash and tender around nipple. Have used jetted tub a few weeks ago. Fungus?Bacteria?

5-10 large, hard, very itchy bumps on buttocks to outer skin near vagina. no drainage. not sexually active. had them 2 months ago, went away, now back?

5yr old girl has rash, looks like fire ant bites. If fluid gets on skin from one another one appears. It is on lower abdomen and inner thigh.?

7 weeks after C-section developed oozing from stiches, rash and swelling from belly button down to tighs. Rash is now all over my body? What can it be

A few days after i got sprayed by an unknown substance in public, bumps appeared on my arm, stomach, and pubic area. Are the bumps caused by the spray?

A friend of mine has broken out in a massive rash covering the back legs. buttox area and back. starting to form heads. similar to pimples. hot. itchy?

A rash started in my inner thighs, now it's all over my behind, back + shoulders. Starts like goosebumps then looks like a heat rash. Doesn't itch.

About 2 to 3 times a year during my menstral, a cluster of bumps appear on my buttocks. It doesn't hurts but can be itchy. I do wear pads and shave?

Baby has a strange rashy scab clumps underneath his arm pit and now has spread to his belly I've used reslove tinea and has spread since?

Been experiencing reddish rash in skin folds, inner part of arms and thigh areas. Slight elevation in rash. My neck have a rash as well with bumps in ?

Been itching on arms, thighs,stomach,and breast. Theres no bumps anywhere and im itching so much that im brusing the skin what could this be???

Between my groin and inner thigh, why the center itch?? im confused. I cant tell my parents about this. can vaseline help?

Between my thighs and testicles are red and itchy.Also i'm producing some white stuff in the same area.Please tell me what it is, and what should I do?

Black "bugs" in bedding, on couch don't see them on me but different big appears under my breasts,in groin area, and Armpits?

Brown patches of skin underarms and inner thighs from rubbing and lack of air to areas I think how can I get rid of the discolouration?

Brown rash exactly where my testicles lay in groin area, on both inner thighs. No itching. Hygenic/not obese. What is this and how did I get it?

Bumps all over legs especially thighs that are mostly skin color and some red. I've had them for a while. Sometimes itch. What could they be?

Burning red rash rapidly spreading over whole body started on inner thighs?

Buttock rash and thigh rash. Its itchy especially at night. Originally I thought it was scabies but it is only on the two areas. Also have eczema. ?

Can a yeast infection cause a blister like bump on the top part of my iner thigh? Help , answer this please

Can buttock itching be asign of cancer?

Can friction from running shorts during running cause bumps in genital region?

Can hsv1 travel to legs and cause tiny red razor like bumbs? or any where else to the body

Can itchiness on the outer skin of my manhood towards my groin be a symptom of an s.T.I.?

Can jock itch spread to tops of legs?

Can taking dbol cause a red bumpy itchy rash on the lower half of your body above your private area?

Cause of itching skin total area from the left knee to the ankle with no visable bumps or rash.?

Chaffing or redness in legs panty line. Where leg meets body not really vaginal area. It doesnt itch just a little red and tender when wearing pantie?

Circular rash inside of elbow related to infection?

Contact dermatitis in abdomen and back why? Answers

Contact dermatitis to bilateral lower extremity brother has a rash to lower legs that are circular red patches that are raised with itch burn.

Darkened skin that looks like bruises on both sides in groin area, along the bikini line. I often wear tight pants and sometimes synthetic underwear.

Deep blood red rash on both inner elbows. The skin is tight, burns, but no itching. Also, back of my knees started to get the same thing, but gone.

Doctor said mom has infundibulofolliculitis on her back. Had it for years. Painful & itchy rash. What causes it and what's happening to her skin?

Doctor's opinion? My whole body itches a lot.Esp my groin area, my penis burns sometimes and than itches.My thighs, arms, penis.?

Doctors on here think i have a fungal infection under my arm/ rib area, just noticed red marks on both armpits could this be caused by this as well?

Does Pigmented Purpuric Dermatitis which is noticed on the foot spreads all over the body? Please answer the query and help me out..

Dry itchy patches of skin on inner thigh, armpits and ankle (not itchy yet). Is this due to a recent tick bite? What is going on and what to expect?tx

Dry red spot appeared on skin by hip, rash covering my body followed. Red, circular, itchy, spots from neck to groin, front and back. Help!

Dx 49F suffer from Chronic itching of upper part unilateral triangle shape of private part , in area which skin attach skin at medial border of thigh?

Experienced red circular bumps on arms, legs and back. Changed clothing detergent and showering more often but they are extremely itchy. Why is this?

Female. I developed an itch generalised to my butt cheeks! it was moist and felt bumpy, discoloured ! now the skin is flaky and centre is now raw.?

First I have rashes on my vaginal area, inner thighs and waist. I observed it and it turned into a black skin. What could this be? So itchy.

First noticed a localized non-itchy rash or bumps in between thighs that spread. Every other day, more appeared in different parts except my face.?

For the past week or so, every single night i find itchy white bumps all over my body. Mainly upper thigh and forearm area?

For two days now the inside of my wrist is itching with no obvious rash. It only itches if I touch the area or water falls on it. what should I do?

Groin rash both sides purplish color rednedd on rt?

Had blisters surrounding mouth and on forearm, not HSV1. Lesions resolved. Weird hickey-like marks (3 on arm In different places, and 4 on stomach). ?

Had impetigo 4 months ago near gluteal region, thighs, and low back. Now itchy in those same regions. No lumps. Get testing? If so, which test(s)?

Had impetigo and used mupirocin2% three weeks ago. Left with redness and lower lip is itchy but no signs of blisters. Is it back?

Had red circles in pubic region under skin, looked like ring wor/now moved onto shaft, head and scotum. itchy. what could this be. severe jock itch?

Hard swelling and itchiness in ass(buttocks). Also, rashes on the buttocks till the front urinal part.

Have a petal like dry skin rash on back of knee, to front, also a round one below belly button, was told it was ringworm/lotrimin, nope, any ideas?

Have a rash on buttock for 3 mo duration.Few itchy spots on other buttock as well, have inflammation in area by vagina stretching to anus. Any ideas?

Have a rash type pattern under belly and in creases between legs it itches and has a weird smell along with bumps I have iched open what is it?

Have a red cut in my groin area where leg meets scrotum in one side.It burns when i put water on it and when i stretch the skin there. No itching.

Have a skin rash from my calf to my mid thigh. They are slighlty raided and itch. How do i know if this is a bacterial infection or hypersensitivty?

Have itching in inner thighs and genitals. Can see white spots also. Pain and chaffing also occurs sometimes .Does not look like jock itch. Pls help?

Have pimples on my skin that won't go away and are multiplying, it started on my collar bone area to my abdomen then everywhere (not itching).

Have red spots on lower stomach pubic area it does not itch much what could it be?

Have several bumps on legs that aren't that itchy as well as "scrapes" along side of knee. Could this be poison ivy/oak? New Bumps are showing up too

Having painful itchy red rash on inner thighs/butt cheeks for 2mo. Cracked skin & cut in area b/t v/anus. Used Lomexin Crème 2%, it mostly cleared up.

He has a dry patch at his inner thighs been there since i met him it itches him its white, flakey & bleeds. He is a large man & his thighs are close?

Hello doctor,i have a non itchy rash on my inner thighs near to genital areas from may be past 6 to 7 years.the skin there became black with a slight swelling at 2 to 3 areas.

Hello doctor. I have some form of rash or irritation between my legs in the upper creases of my thighs and spreading to the lower undercarriage of my testicles. It is dry in appearance and has a few small ashy white bumps. Its red and inflamed. At times i

Hello I am having a problem on my legs mainly by my growing area down to my knee-caps. They are red pimple like bumps some with puss and some without?

Hello, I am having an itchy skin. Noticed it two days ago. My feet, legs and other parts of my body itch like craze. I have tried to think of a pos?

Hello, I need help to differentiate a skin allergy or infection from herpes. I have itchy pustules with red base on the thighs and belly button?

Hello, i think I have a ringworm at the back of my knee, it's a red circle but normal skin inside, it's not itchy or painful, I have put germaline on?

Help, I have a rash on my upper legs, and my sack. At the tip of my penis it is red and flaky, is it just a rash or could it be worse?

Herpes started on penis 8 years ago i get 1 a month. Moved to anus 5 years ago. Now moved to below buttocks, and red streak in groin nodes. Why does it keep moving to different parts of body.

Hi i have a smelly itchy groin with a slight rash and large skin tag,can you help please as the smell is getting embarrasing.

Hi I have very red scrotum, and underneath my penis, I also have bumps on either side of my thigh, and my skin is really moist where the rash is?

Hi i'm 18 years old and no sexual activity whatsoever, i noticed gradually i've been getting really itchy everywhere with bumps in inner thighs?

Hi i've had jock itch for some time now and have developed dark skin on the inner thigh. I was wondering what it was and how to treat it. Thanks?

Hi there, I am a 23 year old male and there is an area near my groin area where both my inner thighs are super itchy. At first it was simply itchy and I figured it was nothing. The next day, I noticed that the itchy part of my skin there was a bit lumpy a

Hi, I have a rash that apearred on both side of my hips, around my underwear elastic line, I've had it for about a year, round, red and itchy?

Hi, I have red pimples on my chest area, just above the cleavage of my breast. I don't have any on the other parts of my body. What could that be.

Hi, I have a really sore red weepy patch between my legs. In the groin crease. This patch smells really bad and seems to be spreading to my belly fold?

Hi, I have a stinging red itchy patch of skin extending from my anus towards my tailbone about and inch and a half long. No bumps or peeling skin?

Hi, I have got 3 itchy round red spots on top of my toes near the inner joint area. My feet is usually very sweaty. Betasone or egocort? Thanks.

Hi! I have an lump under the skin on my leg which itches when i'm hot. What could this be? Is it dangerous? Thanks!

Hi. I have this rash that normally occurs around my vagina and inner thighs. It doesn't hurt but is really itchy.

Hives? Rash? It keeps spreading it starts as a red area then a welt appears and it itches and burns/stings on legs arms lower back and lower abdomen

How can I cure this red, itchy round rash on both sides of my hips? Im a builder so i work outside in the cold a lot and wear thermal trousers

How can I remove dark spots in butt and groin caused by ringworm?

How can you tell the difference between jock rash and herpes? I had athletes foot then got the rash on the inner thighs

How can you treat a rash between the buttocks?I've had a rash appear between my buttocks from some time now. At first it wasn't major and went away after I put some cornstarch baby powder on it. But it later came back and the skin looked white and now my

How do I get rid of foot blister? I also have a rash under my buttocks on upper thigh?

How do I get rid of hookworm I have cutaneous larva migrans all over my inner thighs, butt, arms, face, breast, i think it started lower and prob spread from itching, shaving, etc.... I think they are in my lungs, and now they are in my eyes they gunk up