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I am interested in formication. My boyffriend has this sensation of crawling ants on his cheek, elbow and left leg all test are okay. How can treat'?

I have 1 spider bite on my leg & my arm red painful itchy very swollen my whole arm is hurting & my leg hard to walk.I feel weak. Whole body is hurts?

I have had itching from head to toe in the past 4 weeks. It started on my legs. It can itch anywhere now but spreads. Few minutes later, disappears.

17 month old in day care, red spotty rash on abdomen and back, spreading to arms and legs. Temp 39.4 (17 days ago), think that was hand foot mouth?

17 Y/O girl. Recently been bruising a lot easier on arms and legs, I've been getting itchiness on arms and legs causing Petechiae, doctors? Causes?

1yr w/rash both arms & legs. Looks like chkenpx but only on extremeties. Hospital ER Dr. said exposure to metal but not sure. Any ideas? Not itchy

22 weeks pregnant back of legs very itchy? I between thighs and back of my knees is it my eczema or something else?

22yr old female. I have piles and have been using the cream but getting leg pain right down to my foot and also in groin area and prickling?

3 different rashes on my body 1 eczema on my right 2 fingers and ears 2nd rash on hips; thighs and ankle 3rd on shins and lower legs .. no one can figu?

3 month old has had fever for two days now and has broken out in a rash on legs and arms and a litle bit on her face overnight?

3 week pregnant 28 y/o. Concerned about itching all over body. Gets worse in the evening. Started on feet and legs. Now on back neck and scalp.

3 yo is restless...Toss turns & wakes frequently. Eczema is spreading up arms and on face...Not sure if related. No fever. Should we be concerned?

35 weeks pregnant, itching all over, arms, face, back, neck, vagina, legs and feet. Haven't come in contact with nothing allergic to. What to do?

4 months now I have been getting strange goosebumps only on my left leg. The goosebumps are in weird patches and no specific pattern What could it be?

41 years old. Shingles for 3rd time in less than 2 years. Always on both sides. Sick of meds. Don't seem to work. Feet and legs are covered this time. Last time was face and shoulders. Time before was feet and belly and back.

5 year old son woke up with hives all over his body (arms, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, feet, hands, ears, neck, face) yesterday (monday) morning. i?

7 month old has rash on outer thigh of both legs. No other symptoms.?

9 days ago I went for a walk then I got red non itchy spots on my arms + the tops of my legs. I have 10. I did stroke a dog. I don't have pets. Thxs.

About weekly a red dot appears in one of my legs nornally the knee or foot, happebs to both legs, and area gets hot and tight.

After giving birth, my legs, buttock, and arms itch at night. It doesnt matter if im in my room, bumps grow all around and it drives me insane! Help!

After i drink several glasses of red wine, my right calf swells up, my leg aches, and i get an itchy rash behind my knee. Whats going on?

After swimming if i don't have a shower straight afterwards i get itchy where my eczema usually occurs (crease of my arm, behind the knees) what is it?

After ZZQuill two days developed tingling and twiching in my legs. also moved to my entire body and also starting to noticed itching . this normal?

All of a sudden I have this rash all over my legs but its just from knees down. And it iches like crazy. What could it be...I should tell e I have esl?

Allergy sometimes swollen lips under feet hands arms neck thighs chest randomly.. Taking alerid alleviates for 3-4d. Pls advice.

Always had livedo reticularis bad on my legs. In the last year it has developed on my cheeks and backs of upper arms. How concerned should I be. ?

Arms and legs are discolored lighten due to rash.... help?

Arms/legs itch. No visible rash. Happened once before and went away after 3-4 days. Back now and going away again after 3 days.What could be the cause?

As I was sleeping my head became very ichy, as well as my ears. I woke up and found random welts on my legs, arm and back. What's going on?

Awful rash for little over a wk. Tht it was ringworm. Now it's all over tummy, back, starting on neck, arms & going to pubic area itching bad @times?

Been breaking out in small random rashes for last 3 months. On arms and legs. Lasts no longer than 10 minutes and goes away. Justrred and itchy?

Been on clonazepam 1mg for 18 months. 5 months ago developed rash in arms and legs,redness,eruption,dryness in legs. Should I quit the drug?

Began suffering from hives, and can a new watchband cause this, even though the rashes are not on the watch arm, but the legs and trunk?

Big bug bites but in rash style, only on top of back of legs, front waist, stomach, arms, neck and hands, very itchy, only nites, allergie meds nitely?

Bitten by non-lyme tick 8 mos ago (tick was tested). Itchy rash over legs, arms, buttocks, weight loss and night sweats. What could be the cause? Thx

Blisters appeared on my leg, but no pain or itch, help?

Both sides of my hip itches really bad and i dont know what it causing it, could it be caused by underwear too tight??

Breaking out in hives for about 3 weeks now. On feet, hands, legs, back arms. About 40 hives total in 3 weeks. Should I worry? Whats best treatment?

Bumpy skin all over stomach, legs. Eczema?

Bumpy skin all over stomach, legs. Is this eczema?

Burning skin on back of legs and buttocks with no rash?

Burning skin on leg but no rash, what is wrong?

Can anyone tell me what could be causing this rash on both arms?

Can bed mites cause a red rash on your lower legs?

Can bumps on my leg be from a virus?

Can Hypothyroid cause circulation probs, such as red legs; burning and itching also and tight shiney skin on lower leg? Why am I not being meds?

Can Hypothyroid cause circulation probs, such as red legs; burning and itching also and tight shiney skin on lower leg? Why would a Dr not give meds?

Can I have scabies without a rash, i itch on my arms, wrists, hands, back, hips, butt, legs, shins and really bad on anckles, but no rash!

Can rubbing ice to your legs, arms, and face cause any illness or bad effects on your body?

Can shingles come on arm/ankle. Only arm rash has feeling like being scratched. only 3 bumps on arm, 2 on ankle. All on left side. See Dr? Vacinat

Can someone tell me how long will dermatitis on my legs last?

Can someone tell me what this flat red non-itchy rash on my legs is about? Noticed it over a month ago. Was on arms and went away but still on legs.

Can sweating cause pimples on your legs?

Can you get stress hives or bumps on your legs? What can be done for this?

Can you please tell me why it'sthat my legs get itchy when i walk in the cold?

Can your legs be sore in the morning from growing?

Chickenpox on legs and arms only. Why does this happen?

Circular rash on legs?

Climbed a pine tree to get a frisbee out now red rash all over my arm, back of neck. It burns. What can I do for it?

Constant itchiness from red bumps for over a month, on hands/arms/thighs/legs (is not getting better, itches everyday), what could it be?

Could having MS and getting overheated cause a rash on your legs?

Could it be something bad if I have arm itching?

Could you tell me why my legs, arms, chest, neck and thighs have an itch if it's not a fungal skin infection?

Daughter playing at park got a severe rash on arms and legs. But only where sun hit. Stopped at sleeves and not on face or neck. Sun rash? I have pics

Developed petichia and rash etc. On lower legs after working 6 hours on my feet. Take warfrarin. No itching. Slight burning.

Diagnosed shingles, cellulitis on face, butt 2 weeks ago. Hot, painful, red areas come and go. Eye swelled, stiff neck, leg weak, headache, lethargic. Help?

Do the foods i eat have relation to the pimple-like spots in parts of my body such as leg, thighs, arms and shoulders? Even in my stomach i have but only few? How can i get rid of it?

Do your cheeks or legs get itchy when you have fifths disease?

Dr says my daughter has hand, foot, & mouth disease, but she also has bad blistery rash in belly, back, legs, & diaper area, & petichae is this norm?

Eating reese's and getting pink dots at my feet and lower legs, are these related?

Eczema on arms and legs. At first it was just my arms it went away for a little bit, but it came back and has now spread to my legs?

Every 8 to 10 weeks I have myalgia in my calves,upper arms,goes away, now 2 days after it went away, I now have a petechia rash both legs,related?

Every evening my grandpa(70 yrs) complains of severe itching on legs. What it could be?

Every now & then I feel like I'm being bitten by mosquito-like pain on head, arm, face? Why?

Everynight i go to bed i can't sleep as itching all over....Face nose arms legs back?

Excessive itchy feeling on legs and thighs for weeks, tried to avoid scratching as much as possible, now over 30 different size bruises on legs?

Fever aches,hole body.Nofever for 3 days. Especially the legs.Now the skin on the back my thighs begin sting & burn. Worse by tuching like the clothes?

First I thought it was bed bugs so I bought the mattres cover cause I was itching everywhere and has rash all over my body but it went away. But I still itch in some spot of my body like my arms, wrist, butt, left inner thigh, lower back?

For a couple years now I have had extreme itches on my chest, arms, calfs, and back just after i break a sweat, please help me. Thanks?

For a little over a year I have been noticing bruises on my legs for no reason.. and one on my leg is spreading rt foot burns at times as well.

For the last 3 weeks I have had a full body Itch with out any rash or visual symptoms. It comes and goes but mostly in the arms and legs.

For the last 5 nights around the same time at night i've been getting an itchy chest and legs do u no what it's could be?

Get red blotches on legs and some on the forearms when sitting in the sun. No pain no itchyness..usually goes away after a little while.

Getting red bites all over my body. Back, hips, legs, chest.They are itchy and happen at random times throughout the day. Not outdoors...

Good morning Doctor. Would like to seek 2nd opinion from you. My son, who is only 12 years ago, has white patches on his legs, buttock and hands and t?

Got a rash on legs knees elbows and buttocks from being at the beach today. Any ideas what caused this? Not itchy- but looked like hives.

Got a small rash at first, couple days later started spreading from my breast to my stomach, now on my arms and legs. note, I was sick with the flu?

Got bites on my ankle and leg, and now i'm itchy all over.How can I get rid of itching fast?

Groyne area rash red rash on both inner legs

Had fever for 24 hr last Fri. Rash on arms/legs/feet Tuesday. Legs/feet have itchy rash still. Headaches all week bad today. Meningitis?

Had shingle jab a week ago have a very painful and swollen arm headache and sweating been putting savlon on arm to try and ease it for the rash ?

Hairs on my arms an legs stick up even when I'm not cold?

Have a non itchy rash on one lower leg?

Have a rash on arms and legs burn and icth what could it be?

Have a rash that keeps reappearing in different locations such as my fore arm, back, and neck, it itches and burns could this br from stress?

Have a small petechial rash on the crease between groin and leg, leg side for 6 days now. Its almost gone, no other symptoms what could be the cause?

Have history of eczema on upper body. Big wound (ulcer?)on front of lower leg, and one under foot. Caused by eczema?

Have red rash on my feet, legs, a bit on arms & hands. It does not hurt or itch much, but I am also exhausted. Dangerous? Related to sun exposure?

Hello i have a love bite type rash on my left arm?

Hello, I have a rash on both of my arms, but nowhere else on my body. I did work in my garden on Wednesday evening? Could a plant have caused it?