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Because I have a small rash on my pinis and would like to know what itis and how to treat it?

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Can this looks like herpes please help!?

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Child has something on her shoulder that looks like a wingworm its been on her for over 2 months now any idea of what this could be?

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Does this look like chicken pox as I have shingles I can't attach pic it's like a red rash ?

Dust mite rash. What does it look like?

Found this really itchy rash on my back and theres a little on my stomach? What does poison oak look like?

Had a rash on body for months. Looks like razor burn & doesn't itch. Wctb?

Have a rash on my nake when i first seen it look like a wingworm now it looks like bug bit that just keep getting worse and a few on my arms now?

Have rash looks like tiny pimples?

Hi i've got some stuff appearing on my skin that looks like ringworms, but they are not...They don't itch ?

How can you have vasculitis when your skin looks normal? Is there a kind of vasculitis where your skin looks normal? I don't get it.

How do herp├Ęs look like and symptoms?

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How does the skin look like after curingvaginal yeast?

How is ringworm diagnosed? My one year old has a circular rash that looks like it may either be eczema or ringworm.

How will i know what does a strawberry allergy look like?

I am sixteen and i believe I have ring worm. It looks like a rash in a circle but it's not itchy. What else could this be?

I got a rash on her side that has spread to under the breast. It just looks like a rash but the rash under the breast looks like a blister. Shingles?

I have a blister that looks like it's infected similar to one i had a few months ago. not sure what do?

I have a bump on my eyelid. It doesn't look like a sty it looks like an eczema bump. I had this b4 &my doctor gave me a steroid cream what do I have?

I have a dark extremely itchy rash on the folds of my inner thighs i found a picture online of what it looks like but no description. What could be?

I have a foot swelling and it looks like i'm having an allergic reaction. It looks like it might be spreading to my hands. Can anyone help me?

I have a pimple like rash on both of my arms. I've been told it looks like a pregnancy rash. What could this be?

I have a purple looking rash all over could it be caused by an std?

I have a rash in my pubic area it doesn't look like herpes i don't think but still i'm freaking out is it a STD or am i just fine and its a rash?

I have a rash it looks almost like flea beta but I know it's not it itches so bad what could this be?

I have a rash on my chest that looks a lot like chicken pox except they don't itch. Could there be some other cause for this?

I have a rash spreading all i've my legs and vagina it looks like ring worms myob said it could be yeast infection but it doesn't look like it?

I have a rash that looks like a sunburn on tophair of my vargina ?

I have a year old baby and he has rashes all over his body and look like blisters and all over his fingers. What could it be?

I have an itchy rash that looks like cauliflower, help?

I have blisters on my bikini line and a rash that looks somewhat like psoriasis. What could this be?

I have chicken like skin on my arms....It is like a rash that I have had all my life...How do I treat it?

I have got some rash like pimple on my face, and it's itchy. looks like diaper rash...

I have had granuloma annulare for four years and they look like ringworm. I need them gone.

I have I rash on my neck that kinda looks like ringworm but it doesn't itch. What could It be?

I have multiple small, non-itchy, rashes that look like hickies, what are they?

I have reddish pimple look alike in my penis head looks like if a rash too, it itchy sometimes what could it be?

I have small round patches of very thick skin. They seem almost like scales. I also have eczema all over. This looks much different than the eczema.

I have something like a rash on my vargina, what should I do?

I have this rash on my forehead and i don't know what it is, looks like acne but I am not sure it is. Look at my profile pic, you can see it there?

I have this rash that looks like a ringworm but it's not and it itches also its an oval shape what could this be?

I have what looks like a fungal rash on my butt. How can I identify it / treat it?

I have what looks like a rash of moles on my penis what is that?

I have what looks like a ring worm outbreak on my body but it not rings worms and they itch very badly at times and it looks like its spreading do you?

I think I have eczema but I don't know. What does it look like?

I think I have ringworm but I'm not sure. It's on the front of my neck. it looks like pictures I've seen but isn't itchy and not very scaly.

I was diagnosed with impetigo, but it looks like ringworm - what's going on?

I was just told by my doctor that i either have lupus or roseasa on my face! it's very red and spotted almost looks like scaley blisters!

I would like to know what kind of rash do I have?

I'm not sure I have psoriasis. What does it usually look like?

I've had a rash for about 6 months now. From pictures that I've seen it looks more like jock itch than anything else. But it never itchs

If i have also has a rash on my palm, is it automatically a syphilis? btw, my rash is ichy. i think it is papular rash and some look like vasculitis.

If rash bumps looks like a zit. Is it contagious?

Is it possible for allergies to make your skin itchy but not look different than usual?

Is there anything that can look similar to herpes on babies skin?

Itchy rash that comes and goes all day long. Different spots all the time. They look like goosebumps.What is it? My dr. said sand mites.

Lice what does it look like?

Looks like my gf has pityriasis rosacea but im not sure, what else cud it be?

My child has a rash on his cheeks that looks like he was slapped? What caused this?

My daughter was bit by something that started like a blister but now looks like a ringworm.

My neck has a rash that's been there like 3wks it started itching first then I saw what look like a lot of bumps now it looks like a burn help?

My one year old has a patch that looks like fungi on his arm how can I treat it?

Please tell me what an acute HIV rash looks like?

Rash that looks like scratches all over body?