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.. what are these itcy yellow pussfilled bumps at my chin and cheeks? there are 4 at my chin, 2 on cheeks. one is blacked. Why? pustules?

'i popped a pimple and now it''s black?

3 months after finishing accutane is it normal to have small breakouts? they are tiny red pimples but I am scared its coming back?

A small skin growth resembling a pimple on my back? Been there too long to be a pimple, I think.

A very big red pimple on my nose, sized of a pea, will it leave a mark, what did i do?

About three days ago a bunch of itchy red pimple-like bumps popped up on my face and neck, basically overnight, and some have spread to my chest?

Acne, dry skin, large face bump?

Acne, large face bump. What do I do for prom?

After my delivery lots of pimples r growing in my face I don't know what to do,?

Also, if you don't pop a whitehead, will that leave a scar on your face once it's gone?

Are there things i can do to properly pop a big red pimple on my chin?

Are tiny little bumps (skin coloured) clogged pores or acne? They're covering my whole face and I can't wash harshly because of my hypersensitive skin

At 40 and never had acne I'm having a breakout of bumps on face that turn into huge holes ?

Best thing for pimple under skin?

Black scars and pimples on my face and also they formed holes in my face is there is any cure?

Bump on border of upper lip.have acne,oily skin,never cold sore b4.didnt notice tingling b4 it appeared.popped it cuz there was a pimple?

Bump on my back, is it a pimple?

Bumps on chin?

Bumps on my face not pimples but they hurt?

Can a cold sore look like a whitehead pimple and pop like a pimple? Can pimples appear on lip? No tingling or itching or blister?

Can a hot towel help a painful pimple that has a small black head?

Can a pimple cause your entire forehead to swell?

Can chili cause pimples?

Can exercise worsen comedonal acne? I haven't been exercising because my face is filled with tiny bumps with white fluid which I think r whiteheads.

Can hear a bursting noise when pressure is applied to hard pimple on forehead and pimple under chin what could it be ?

Can lemon cause small pimples on face?

Can people get pimples and zits on their lips?

Can staph show up through a pimple on your face?

Can the triangle of death on the face really cause death if popping a pimple in that area?

Can you get pimples on your lash line?

Can you give me suggestion: what to do with a dried and red pimple?

Can you tell me if I have a couple pimples on the face, what to do?

Can't tell if what I have is herpes or zits around my lip. Had whiteheads. When I popped them, white stuff came out. I get acne frequently.

Chickenpox, Some of the blisters in my face have whiteheads inside that resemble the acne pimples. Is this peculiar?

Clear puss filled bumps on face, not sure if it's acne, need some advice?

Could i put clean and clear spot pimple treatmeant on lesions on my face!?

Could you please tell me about little hard painful pimple without pus on my face may be?

Could you tell me what are good acne solutions for small pimples and black heads?

Dear doctors, I have been having whiteheads and blackheads growing all over my face.The whiteheads grow in small lump on my face?

Do herpes look like normal cyst pimples on your face?

Do papules after a pimple go away on their own, without treatment?

Do pimples turn into lipomas?

Do you think I should be worried about these pimples on my face?

Does waxing your face make pimples and what's the best way to stop pimples apper?

Dr. Rx'd clindoxyl but i think I have impetigo- can it work? Small clusters of tiny red bumps around my mouth & chin for 3 months. Never had acne...

Flesh coloured bumps on face and Pores refill with white stringey pus even after squeezing until theyve turned into a spot but then they scar?

For over 3 years I have something like a pimple - acne in my gum in 1 spot just one pimple. Most of the time it is very small but sometimes it grows?

For over a year now my forehead and right cheek has clusters of acne some big some small. What is the cause and how to get rid of them?

Had a whitehead pimple on my chin. Popped it/applied makeup. It formed a scab. Will aloevera help with the scab? What if the pimple is still 'active'?

Hard pimple under my skin on neck ?

Has lots of tiny flesh bumps at the forehead, cheeks, and chin. What could the bumps be? Bumps gone after facial but returns after a few weeks.

Have many small pimples on my cheeks that itch why?

Hello doc, i had a small pimple on my lip, i popped it and now it became a huge scab. what do i do? or is it really a pimple?

Hello doctor..I have black spot and pimple on my face, .My face is always oily, it looks dull always...Is there any facewash or soap for this infection?

Hello doctors, is the red spots what left from the acne, if that is right how can I remove it .?

Hello my pimples are leaving slowly but these pimples leaves black sign what should I do please suggest me?

Hello, I have what looks to be a pimple just above my lip. It appears to have a white head. It is a little sore. I do have cystic acne and get pimples on my face. I'm writing you to find out if it is just a pimple or whether it could be a cold sore. I d

Hello! Around a year ago, some red pimples started appearing around my mouth, on my chin, forehead and around my nose. I'm 24 now and I never had acne?

Hello! I have blind pimples all over my thighs and I dont know why, have had them for years.

Help I had a pimple on my nose that I picked, now it is red and looks like an open scar, how can I fix it?

Help! need to know if there's such a thing as "nervous zits (pimples)"?

Hey I have been having problems with clearing my skin from blackheads and pimples. Do you have any suggestions?

Hey my face is filled with pimples.Any exercises doctor?

Hey, is this really a doctor? Just wanted to ask that I have a zit/pimple or whatever its called on my face under my lips, basically on my chin. Its some large red circle, not really red but like redish. What should I do? It's really annoying.

Hi docs I have five to six red dots spread around my left bum cheek can it be pimples? I normally put moisturiser on my bum cheek sometimes blackheads

Hi how i can remove a big pimple and red marks ?

Hi i have lots of small pimpls all my face?

Hi I hve small bumps on my face & Acne.Its in skin colour,not itchy or painful.Doc gav cuzoyl 2.5 & Nadiderm.I feel bumps r increasing.I have oily skn?

Hi, I have had these hard, red bumps on my forehead for about a week. At first I thought I thought they were acne but they haven't dried out yet!?Help

Hi, I have popped what i think was acne on my lip. It's just one dot and for the past two weeks it's been there. I'm not sure if its a zit or cancer?

Hi, i've had these pimples under my eyes for years. They are small, don't hurt at all. What is it and how can I treat it.

Hi. I have a pimple underneath my left underarm. The head of it is red. I'm scared. Is it just a pimple or a boil? having dark red pimples on my cheeks and forehead big pimples. .I tried am using deriva it good or tell me any other suggestion? upperlip has tiny blisters or pimples but it doesn't go away.. What could it be?

Hi.Ilike to ask you how to treats my acne, pimples, black and white heads?

How can I cure pimples on my back? Sweat pimples and other types of pimples.

How can I fix small lip line pimples that have small cores n pus ? Oil skin. Never clusters random singles and redness .

How can I get bruise off of my face from popping pimple?

How can I get rid of an underground pimple? It's very firm under my skin and the majority of the pimple is under my skin. It is large and on my chin

How can I get rid of my old acne bumps. After the actual pimple is gone it leaves a small bump?

How can I get rid of my small pimples, white heads and blackheads on my face?I am suffering with these skin problems on my face for a year..

How can I get rid of red spots on forehead from pimples popped about a year ago? I don't have acne anymore but i still have red spots. Any help?

How can I get rid of red spots on my forehead from previously popped pimples? It looks like rosacea but i'm only 16 and it's only on my forehead.

How can I get ride of really small pimples on my cheeks?

How can i mimimize my pimples on cheek?

How can I pop pimples without getting red spots all over?

How can I reduce a huge, painful pimple?

How can I tell the difference between a cyst on my face and a large pimple?

How can I treat a popped blind pimple?

How can we detect the dimple and pimples on the face?

How can you get rid of a whitehead pimple close to your eye right under your eyebrow?

How can you treat popped blind pimple?

How do I cure pimple marks left after pimples hav vanished?

How do I get rid of a red pimple on the left upper cheek? The pimple does not have a head

How do I get rid of pimples on my face? I have a good hygiene and i still grow pimples on my face. Im 16 some of them are just red its not pimples. Ty

How do I get rid of the numerous tiny pimples on my forehead and face?

How do I get rid of the oily skin and whiteheads and small bumps on your forehead, nose and chin?

How do i get rid of these pimples on my head there small bumbs and i wash my face everyday! please help ?

How do I treat a pimple under the eyelid.? Have a small pimple under my left eye that doesn't want to go away. The pimple feels like a hump.

How do I treat the red marks left behind by pimples?