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For a month Had hard&large pea size bump/pimple on my outer vaginal lip at the top. It's very pink&looks like it wants to burst but hard!no squeezing?

got a small hard painful lump on bikini line, below my inner thigh bone, no redness or pimple like appearance. should I worry ?

1 big pimple, the lump under the skin was a little bigger than a pea. It popped, healed, then bruised, and bruise is still there but smaller 2 months.

1 year ago i had a very tiny white lump soft to touch below the rim of head of my penis, it seems to have grown about size of a til seed, please help.

10 days ago i noticed a small, painful lump high up on my l. Majora with a purplish color. It has gotten smaller and less painful. However, i can still feel a tiny little mobile bump under the skin. ?

12 year old son has a lump on scalp the size of a thumb that is made up of thick whitish/ yellowish scales. Doesn't hurt but itches?

2 days ago I popped a small pimple on my face. Now it's dark red, very hard, warm, and the size of a dime. It is raised and doesn't have a head.

2 painful bumps on Mons Pubis, red and swollen, larger than pimple. Becoming larger & more painful. Unsure what to do about them? Thanks

3 weeks ago found a pea sized painless lump outer labia. It popped but I am left with a small red open mark. What is it? Sebcaceous cyst or syphilis?

4 days ago I had 3 little bumps that itch popped up on the top of my right breast. Now it has smaller bumps and ridges around it. What could this be?

A (1) very small hard white spot (not painful) on Right side of my labia minora what could this be??

A boil on my cheekbone turned into a hard painful red lump. What is it & how to care for it? Thanks.

A couple of days ago i had a pimple like bump on my left breast, went to pop it, wouldn't pop, next day it swelled and red the size of a dime or nicke

A hard pimple the size of dime near butt crease, very painful also a pea size one near it, what could it be? Hi im 22 years old, sunday night i was laying in bed and near the crease of my butt was itchy when i went to scratch it i noticed a bump, now its

A lump inside inner fold/lip of my vagina, it's a bit bigger a pea. It went from being beebee pellet sized to pea sized in a couple weeks. Help!

A painful purple bump in my armpit popped. Now there is a small hole there. Will it heal by itself or should I be worried about this?

A painful small pimple? On the left surface of my testicle

A pea sized bump like a pimple with tiny white spot on top next to my clitoris two days after shaving . Does not cause pain what is it?

A small bump between eyes is quarter size and hurts to the touch help me?

A small bump on outer side of scrotum which gives out pus when squeezed. Painful when touched and else it is normal.Plz help?

A small lump at the base of my penis, I can feel it under the skin, it is like a small ball, it only hurts when squeezed and is visible when erect?

A week ago I found a little bump on the inner lip of my vagina. Now the lump is bigger &sensitive & hard. What could this be and how to get rid of it?

About a month ago I noticed a pea-sized lump under the skin near the base of the penis. It just recently started to become slightly painful. Advice?

About a week ago I noticed a tiny bump near my anus. I figured it was nothing. Now it has grown to a pea-sized bump and I'm concerned. What is this?

About twenty minutes ago I noticed a penny sized bump above my armpit. it seems to be below the skin. It is smooth and can be rolled around. No pain.

After i shaved down there I have a large, really hard, ball like shaped and very painful spot on my lip (vagina ) on the outside. Please help?

An area with the diameter of a dime swelled up on the inside of my lip. It doesn't hurt. very little if any discoloration. What is it?

Anal lump for months, pea sized. Doesn't really change in size unless theres constipation. Painless, looks like a small red pimple. What can this be?

Anusol seems to be shrinking hemorrhoids, but now some of them turning into small (whitehead sized) hard bumps that are itchy and hurt, is this normal?

Are all hems bluish in color? Think saw bumps but they were flesh color. Could be swollen anal folds? Do not feel hard to the touch.

At the top of my groin there is a large golf ball sized lump on the inside it's red and hard to touch and it looks like it could burst what cud it be?

Big hard round something appears on my eye crease which causes it to be swollen. I think it resembles a boil. What should I do?

Bit inside of my cheek a week ago. Now its a decent sized white spot & its really painful. What is it and why wont it heal?! what do I do?

Bump on mons pubis that once was bigger, now is flat. It wasnt raised, it was a bump under the skin. What is it? Never once painful.

Bump the size of a thumbprint in the crease at leg/vagina. I thought it was a pimple, but it has been 1 week and hurts bad when squeezed!! No colour ?

Can the recently noticed red pea sized sores around panty line be herpes?

Cyst like painful to the touch lump on the outside under lower lip, a little smaller than a pea. Flesh colored. Tender. Previously had blocked pore.

Dark hard bump on back. It's painless. Hasn't changed size. Had it for about a year. No pus or anything when squeezed. What could it be?

Discovered a tiny lump below the skin abt 3 inch from my nipple. Last night it became painful to touch with a 2 inch diam redness around it. What is ?

Female with bump the size of a quarter on my genitals and it hurts when you touch it. It's not like a bug bite its a huge extendes lump! should I be worried?

Found a small red lump on the top left testicle (outside of skin) hurts when touched ?

Found hard bb sized lump of labia majora in hair area. . location is about 4 o'clock. not painful. flesh color. perimeno. thoughts?

Found small, painless, hard bump/lump on eyeball. Not a stye. Any ideas?

Gnat bite about 2 weeks ago very painful to touch n swelled, has gone down in size but painful still and lump. Had a puss spot init and hickey dots near

Got a pea shaped lump on inside of my right cheek, not painful. Just appeared & i don't know what caused it or what it is, also would it be contagious?

Got a small bump on palm of my hand. Te size of a small pimple. What could it be? It's not really painful but has grown a bit bigger from this morning

Got hard movable pea size lump in my lower vulva it's a little red not so painful too. It's like 3 days now?? Wht s this?does it goes away its own?

Had a small red spot on my penis for around 3 months it was a Whitehead but I squeezed it but now it won't go, it's not painful or changed in size?

Had sex over the weekend, and I noticed three days later I have a lump under the skin on the shaft about the size of a lima bean. It doesn't hurt.

Hard bb/pea sized lump in forearm for 4-5 years was skin colored, not getting bigger but has become red/pink in last few months. Painless. ?

Hard boil like bump between butt cheeks near anus. It's a bit sore had a small white head but nothing came out and the lump is huge. Appeared in a day. What is it?

Hard bump on palate. Started size of pea has shrunk to half that size in a month. I scraped my mouth top with the end of toothbrush before bump. Help!

Hard bump under the skin on labia majoria its small, pebble/pea sized , a little pus and blood has come out but the bump is still there?

Hard lump, near clitoris in inner labia. Size of a little pea pod. Doesn't hurt only if i press on it. Skin color, no head to it.

Hard marble sized lump under skin near healed belly button piercing. Not visible/painful but I just squeezed it and blood came out of the hole, help?

Hard shiny red non discoloured, rarely painful lump. Photo in my files.

HARD, pea sized bump near clitoris. Itches, but not really painful. Not colored differently than surrounding skin. Not an STD, is it a sebaceous cyst?

Have a big red spot/lump under armpit which is painful. What should I do with it?

Have a boil on my inner thigh.purple/red I've had it b4.It's a hard lump I squeeze dont pop got bigger.When goes away leaves purple scar.MERSA? Help!

Have a hard bump inside of my labia menora. Its abt the size of a pea but smaller if i push it reelly hard it it hurts and it itchs around. Is it bad?

Have a lump below knuckle right thumb the size of a large pea. Doesn't hurt and is white under skin. Gives a bit when pushed. Have a pic. What is it?

Have a painless lump in my lower eyelid in the middle. Is quite solid and red on the underside and has been there for a few weeks. Hurts if poked

Have a purple ring around my anus and a small pea sized, not squishy but somewhat hard, thing underneath the skin, some what worried any insite?

Have a small (half a pea) sized lump on the shaft of my penis, it's not painful and had 14 months it before sexually active. Told it was blocked gland?

Have a small bump below skin (pea size, gets bigger when I bend back). The area has a black and blue mark above thebump hurts now and then.what is it?

Have a tiny bump on edge of labia majora. It's skin coloured and no bigger than a pin head, it's painless and definitely not a cyst. What could it be?

Have few pea sized nd few tiny lumps on my scrotum. The big ones are hard and pale yellow.The small ones when pressed burst with discharge.Wht r they?

Have painless movable very small lumps front bottom inside of mouth some same skin colour some slightly white. Been about a week no change in size

Have small fleshy coloured hard lump on inside of bottom eyelid. Pain before it appeared but now no pain. Any ideas what it could be?

Hello I have a hard small lump on my scalp its is a little bit red round the outside but most of it is a yellow colour what could it be?

Hello, I have had a firm, small lump on the underside of my penile shaft (near the base) for some time now. My family doctor had told me it was a cyst, and it's normal for these to occur. A few days ago, it became swollen, red, and doubled in size. It i

Hello, I am a 22 male. I recently felt a very small bump on my hard palate, that is the same color as my palate. There are three brown holes by it.

Hello, i have a painful, hard, quarter sized lump on my upper thigh. Its red around the actual lump and hasn't got any smaller.

Hello, I have a small bump in my armpit. No it doesn't hurt. It is red and it is like a small bump. I got it after shaving my armipt. Thank you.

Hello, I have a small pea sized lump on my pubic area. Very close to the base of my penis. I'm a male. Not red and doesn't hurt too bad.

Hello, I have a small pea sized lump on my pubic area. Very close to the base of my penis. Not red and doesn't hurt. Been there for a couple weeks.

Hello. Just noticed a couple of lumps in the opening of my anus. Look a little purple in colour and move?

Hi i am 18 and I have a painful when touched or rubbed on, slightly small but medium sized lump on the top part near my navel of the mons pubis What ?

Hi I have a bump on my labia minora. I've had this before, it started very small the size of one grain of salt. Then became larger. By the time I went?

Hi I'm 8 months pregnant and I notice these small bumps in between my buttocks there red, soft, and non painful one bump is pea size others are smalle?

Hi im sandeep i have a small lump above my penis and its painfull !!! What it could be?

Hi, I have 3 tiny red bumps on top of one of my breasts. They aren't pimples and I can't feel any discomfort with them. Wondering if they are okay?

Hi, I have a small lump on my outside thigh that's small but red. Has been there do over a year and it won't go away. It has not changed though ?

Hi, I have a small pimple like lump on my left breast. It lies just underneath the skin. It's kinda red and there is no fluid in there.

Hi, I have a small purplish almost skin color lump on my bikini line that is hard when I squeeze it but doesn't hurt. I thought it might be an ingrown?

Hi, I have a small white bump right above my clitorus near my pubic hair almost. It's only slightly uncomfortable when you touch it, but it is not itchy and I didn't even realize it was there until I felt around down there. I'm concerned as to what this m

Hi, i have those small lumps on my penis which are like pimples but much lower. There is one in particular that grew and has become white, is hard?

Hi, i have what i believe to be an ingrown in my armpit. Its becoming very painful and redish and swollen. Its about dime size. ?

Hi, i was wondering if i could get some advice on a lump on my inner thigh. It was a red soft lump, and now it is open with a small hole in the middle?

Hi. I have a red bump on the bottom of my buttox. It is hard to the touch and painless. The size of a dime. Can you tell me if I need to go to my doctor?

How do I know what kind of bite this is on my outer thigh? Its several puss filled bumps in about a radius the size of a nickel.

How to bring down swollen lip..? A bump was on it and i squeeze then sollen bigger

Huge knot/bump on the outside of my lip red an hurts i know its not a coldsore i squeezed it and seen 4/5 white dots, its really hard but smooth touch?

Huge lump under skin under sideburn. Was painful to touch 1 month ago Applied heat. Now small pea size and doesn't hurt but still there. Any ideas?

I am 28 years old. I just noticed a red bump right next to my nipple. It is very painful to the touch and it is round and protruded.

I busted my lip & now theirs a pea sized bump in the same area. What could this be?

I discovered I have a hard, round, almost ball like, dime sized bump under my skin in the groin area. Got tested for stds, not it. Other possibilities?

I do not know what this lump is near my clit. I have a lump, about the size of a pea, near my clit. I know it is not an ingrown hair and I have never had this before. Also, near this lumb are very very tiny bumbs- like 3 or 4 tiny bumbs. What could this

I don't know what I have but it's near my neck. It looks small like a pimple and hurts. But is it a lymph node. It looks to small to it. Pls help?

I don't know what this red/purple dime sized bump on the underside of my penile shaft if. It has become very painful over this past week.