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'what could this bump on my forehead be if i didn''t have an injury?'

8m old baby has red rash on cheeks up to ears and on eyebrows. Hot to the touch. Keeps rubbing face. Also on the back side of neck only. Suggestions?

A certain part of one of my teeth feels sensitive when I apply pressure. The cheek area around that region aches a little when I vigorously move it.

A needle scratched and pierced my scalp although the wound looks healed i experience severe scalp pains n headaches after one year what can I do ?

A swollen lump appeared in the center of my forehead, 1/4in wide from left eyebrow to hairline, slightly angled to the right. No trauma. What is it?

After a very violent sneeze, later I noticed an indent on frontal sinus right between my eyebrows. Quite painful to the touch. Should I be worried?

After applying hair color my head is throbbing and numb?

After doing scalp exercises my scalp feels detached for a few months, messed up and is moving around a lot underneath. Please help?

After large quantities of alcohol, i have sinus like pressure in my temples, ears, eyebrows, and forehead this normal ? its been 3 days

Bleached my hair twice & it got on my scalp & my neck & collar bone & now the inside of my body hurts & burns so does the scalp of my head wh. Is that?

Bump on forehead then gone then appeared on his nose/inner eye then gone and now above his left eyebrow. Its soft and feels bruised. Any ideas?

Bumped head days ago , bump on head now , healing . Is my right hand feeling pain or a bit weak due to the forehead injury or its unrelated?

Bumped my head 34 hrs ago, cut which bled but didn't hurt that much now it and the surrounding area is painful I have headache, stiff neck, is it ok?

Burning and swelling in my forehead,behind the eyes,and at the back of the head.whats wrong with me?

Burning scalp, forehead, neck and mouth is this an, iety?

Burning under my front scalp in d middle of my head.?

Can a headache cause the scalp to be sensitive to the touch?

Can a rough scalp massage cause a headache?

Can a tension headache cause your scalp to be so tender it hurt to brush hair?

Can forehead be deformed by applying force regularly on middle of forehead?

Can gout appear in the chest and head area?

Can having TMJ for 10 years cause head pains that worsen when you turn your head and when you press on spots on scalp? As well as facial pain?

Can tension headache cause pain above eyes, forehead, ear area and neck. Forehead sore to touch. Occasional scalp tenderness. Dr said its not sinus?

Causes of a bruised feeling itchy scalp?

Could a head injury cause chill bumps on one side of the body?

Cyst on my scalp popped under skin and have been suffering with a terrible headach all day?

Cysts in hair, lower jaw, behind ear, over top of eye, nose bridge, both underarms, waist line, groin, around anal area would be diagnosed as?

Doc said I have occipital neuralgia, but I have a lot of tingling in frontal area around eye/cheek/forehead on right, lot of scalp pain?

Doctor diagnosed with occipital neuralgia, sore spot on right base of skull, but get tingling in front head and forehead and temple?

Does occipital neuralgia cause tingling over one half of scalp and sore spots on scalp? Hurts to move hair. Also tingly numb feeling forehead n cheek

Does scalp lacerations hurt?

Enormous knot on forehead, what is this?

Everyday i'm having scalp twitching or scalp spasms in my temporal area. They are not painful but are very annoying.

For the last 10 yrs my scalp has been sore to touch and i get on and off head pains every day. (usually in top of head) could it be a brain tumour?

Found an indent directly on the top center of skull recently. Scalp feels painful to the touch and hair moving around in that area hurts. What is it?

From my eyebrows up my forehead is sore, why?

Had a ear infection with a sensitive touch to the head for a few days. Now gone, but headache has sustained for a week now. Tight neck muscles, to forehead.... Anything I should be concerned?

Have a bruiselike feelin on my back shoulder blade like bruise but no bruise also on my head and now right in between my eyebrows on my forehead?

Have a chemical burn from lice treatment on back of neck and ears. Back of neck has formed a big puffy scab, ears still seeping. What do i do?

Have have had scabs on my scalp my hair line near my ears is thinning and is constantly knotted also its affecting my ear with stoney wax blockage?

Have headache for nearly 2 weeks now. I feel like my scalp is tight & have soft spots on head, neck & behind left eye. My head feels bruised often. Y?

Have noticed blisters on my scalp and upper right eyelid. Also, felt a sore at my right nape just below my ear which could be the carotid artery?

Have sinus pressure in face and my head has been seemingly hurting a little bit. Some of my head pain has been in the temple area from time to time.

Having quite continuous head pressure, stiff neck, shoulders, and jaw. Sore scalp, tender areas on scalp, headaches in forehead and behind eyes.

Headache on and around right side of forehead/eyebrow/cheek for an hour. Also small bump on top of eyebrow, bump doesn't hurt much. Sinuses?

Healing from bump on head ,bumped head on wall 3 days ago .tend to grind teeth when anxious ,area near temple aches now. Is it tmj or frm bump or both?

Hello docs, i've been having pain n my scalp when i move my hair around it hurts no sores just pain & kinda soreness i think it's my scalp & not brain?

Hello doctor. I am 19 and my forehead is very sensitive to touch.what can i do to reduce the sensation.

Help! could stress cause tender spot on scalp ?

Hi doctors, can you please tell me if you feel pain from touching the scalp and hair (left hand side ) is there something wrong inside the skull ?

Hi doctors,if one has a brain tumour,will the hair and scalp be sore to the touch ? Thank you

Hi have bump on forehead from clumsy incident , also deal with tmj, wondering why there's a dull ache near back of head it bump or tmj ? :/

Hi I am a 37 year old female. My suture on my skull just behind right ear has grown to about 3/4 inch wide and my head hurts to even wash hair?

Hi, is it normal for my adult skull to get more bumps and indentations? I also notice when I apply pressure to an area of my skull I feel a dull pain.

Hi, sometimes i get from dull, achy aches around my forehead, eyes, bridge of the nose, back portion of the head and cheekbones. Why do I get these?

Hi. Bumped head on wall , tiny bump has healed but can't quit grinding teeth (I have tmj) that same area aches now . Ideas on wht it is? How to treat?

Hit my head on the fridge, scalp burning and sinuses bothering me. Please help?

How do I deal with spot on forehead with no heads to pop really sore ?

Hurts to push middle of forehead and middle of area above eyebrows?

I am having some swelling in my scalp and sometimes its paining.

I am sensitive to eyebrow, and I went to get my eyebrows done, now the area around my eyebrows are very red and swollen, what can help this?

I am suffering from really sore inflamed spots at base of hairline and ears . What can i use to reduce the soreness and redness of these?

I believe I have a pimple under the skin on my nose. It is pulsing with pain all through my forehead to my left temple. What should I do?

I burned the side of my head with my straightening iron it was not my forehead it was like on my scalp above my temple did I hurt blood vessels?

I fell in the tub 2 weeks ago. My eyes keep watering, front of my head aches often. Hot my neck, under my ear and head. Now crusted blood in nose?

I get headaches in my forehead and sometimes right by my eyebrow what should I do?

I get like pins and needles in head and cheek bones and my nose go tight and my eyes go every and then they hurt when I touch the top of my eyes ?

I had a big scalp and forehead laceration 23 staples and 150 stitches last may, the scar itches and hurts to touch on top of head. Should I worry?

I had a concussion a week ago and I still have a bump and headaches and my scalp is sensitive to touch and I have a new bump on my forehead ?

I had a needle put in my head for occipital neuralgia, that was about a month ago. If i rub the spot where the needle went in, can it still get sore?

I had this pain in my head in a particular spot but not anywhere else is that normal?

I have a bumb in my temple area. There is one in my other temple also. But you can only feel it. What would that be.My doctor said it was nothing?

I have a bump above my temple into my brow bone after falling. After two weeks the bump is still there. When will it go away?

I have a bump in my head and when i touch it i get headache so what can I do to cure it?

I have a bump on my scalp that is painful and it feels like it has a head but it has a throbbing sort of pain.

I have a burning forehead and scalp and neck it started when i was mowing 3 weeks ago it comes and goes what could it be?

I have a cold sensation that feels "inside" my forehead. It's as if I lathered a cooling gel on my forehead; but I did not. ?

I have a cold sore break out on the top of my left upper lip. Its on my skin under my moustache. I was clipping my facial hair, and accidentally a hair from the infected area went into my left eye!

I have a headache that goes from one ear to the next across the front of my forehead and face and down to my nose. My thought also itches a lot ?

I have a long crack in my skull from the top of my forehead to the top of my nose. It makes my headaches extremely painful should I be concerned?

I have a lump on my head.The area around the area feels dented in. When i press on it. I get a painful migraine, dizzy & ringing ears. What causes thi?

I have a lump on my testicles left side, in grown hair? It is very sensitive, feels like someone pulling a hair from the area.

I have a lump on top of my head and it has a cold feeling underneath the skin it bothers me so much i can't sleep.

I have a medium lump or knot on my forehead that putting icepacks to it doesn't seem to be doing it anygood, what else can I do for it?

I have a scalp boil like woun.D on the upper left side of my head my hair fell out and is still bald it has been over a year drains then fills up?

I have a sebaceous cyst on my head near hairline at forehead. I just applied unintentional pressure to it and I felt it pop. Should I be concerned? I'm Worried about infection under skin, infection in brain etc. what should I do? Is this an emergency

I have a sensitive knot on the back of my head that only comes up when i dye my hair have burning in head?

I have a serious staph infection on my scalp and face. to the point where i can't even lay my head down on a pillow because my head is inflamed. For years doctors have just been prescribing me normal antibiotics that have only kept it from getting horribl

I have a small sore area on top of my head I don't notice any tenderness until I brush my hair no headaches or other symptoms do it mean brain tumor?

I have a sore scalp on whole top of head feals bruised and sore if I touch my hair what could this be?

I have a spot on the top of my head that is sunken in. It hurts very badly if any hair near it is pulled or I touch it, even if it's gently. ?

I have a streak of numbness from the crown area down my face to the top of my eyebrow on the left side of forehead. What could have caused this?

I have a swelling at the crown of my head between my skull and scalp, when preasure is greatest my scalp itches and weeps. Headaches and nausea ?

I have a VERY painful rash w/ weepy blisters behind my ear. Very bad neck & back pain. Rash spread across forehead @ hairline. Headaches. Nauseous. ?

I have an inflamed bump on the scalp of my head in the temple area & my hair is very thin there, what can be the cause & how can it be treated?

I have bumps/swelling all across my scalp from a car accident 4months ago. These have moved around my scalp and really ache. But my gp says its normal?

I have cysts!one on my arm and one on my face near my eyebrow.ive also had something on my chin that looks like one but this one hurts when I touch it?

I have dandruff and i'm shedding too much hair from my head the middle side and my right and lift sides above my ears for years now?

I have deep firm white heads on my forehead and cheeks. Can they be removed ?

I have extremely itchy, inflammed and crusty scalp which has moved to my forehead, ears and neck my dr prescribed nizerol but it's not working help!