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I noticed a small pea size lump right in front of the tragus of my right ear its under the skin. Causes dizziness and headaches. Infection?

do you have lipnodes behind your ear

I have a small less Than CM bump behind my ear on upper part, is it cancer?

I have nots that are painful behind my ear that sends a numming in my shoulder n down n my finger tips?

I have this lump behind my head that has been there for a few years. Its very small but every time i poke it, there's always a annoying pain.

1cm bump behind ear near earlobe that is painless,feels kinda rubbery to me and doesnt grow. i had ear infections all mylife. related?

2 days ago i caught the flu and ever since I have been getting painful shocks behind my right ear about every 5 seconds at the base of the skull.?

2nd day of sharp pain deep inside ear canal and it hurts to touch on outside by earlobe. What can this be?

7 yr old son woke up with dime sized bump on skull behind ear. Very sore to the touch, hard not squishy. Couldn't find evidence of a bug bite. Doctor?

A couple months ago i ask about a lump that moves around when you touch it its just behind my ear and it very annoying it doesn't hurt but it annoying?

A dull ache behind my right ear, on the bone, that otherwise looks normal, but is also sore to the touch and feels a bit raised, neck hurts a bit too?

A few days a week, I get sharp pains in my right ear. Not inside the canal, but more the cartilage. It's extremely painful, especially if touched.

A huge lump behind the ear?

A little below my ear next to jaw I have a lump and when i move or bend over it hurts could it be tooth infection or something serious

A lump under the right ear. not very large. I can feel it but cant see it from outside very properly. Area around is a bit swollen and hurts little.

A part of my scalp at the top right feels sore and swollen and its also red and hurts.This has been on and off. Could I have a brain tumor?

A small lump on face near the right ear, its painless (when it press slight pain), earlier I have hard wax in side the ear and cleaned.?

A small lump on face near the right ear?

A soft lump under my tounge towards the front right my mouth. It seems have popped/drained out. Could this be? Hurt me if I swallowed what drained out

About a month ago I noticed a bruise behind my right ear. there was no injury to cause it and when I touch it I get dizzy. what could it be?

Accidently got kicked behind ear in soft spot/bone. Have a head and ear ache. eye on that side feels like maybe a compressed feeling. Should i see dr?

All of a sudden I have a swollen painful bump in the back of my skull that hurts very much to touch. Right side bottom of skull lined up behind my ear?

Are lymph nodes present on ear cartilage? I have a small lump behind my ear cartilage. Not on the neck or the head part but on the ear.It is tender.

Are their any blood vessels near the tragus part of the ear? I feel a swollen lump in that area could it be an anurysm?

Are there lymph nodes behind our ears like on the top and bottom?

Are there lymph nodes inside earlobe? is a very tiny ball inside earlobe a cause for concern? it doesnt hurt at all and i got it a while now

As of today, I have 2 painful pea sized bumps behind my right ear..Which hurts! what could this be? Also, could it be from sleeping on my earring?

Ball bump in front of ear lope, do I need urgent care ?

Behind my right ear close to the top and middle hurts to be touched? it's not red and there's no bump.

Big bump on back of ear very painful and swollen?

Blister on top of right ear being very sore. Can not put any pressure on it. Still red. Not swollen. Nothing draining. What shall I do. Glasses hurt?

Bone behind right ear is more prominent then behind left ear. No pain. Is this type of asymmetry normal?

Bone hard painful bump behind ear but on bone, what to do?

Both of my ears hurt inside when I lie down?

Bump behind ear on 4 year old?

Bump maybe 2 inches below my right ear does not hurt when i touch or press on it. I read ciprofloxacin may cause tendonitis could this be related?

Bump on back of ear on bone and hard. Hurts to touch. Moderate headaches on and off everyday for the past week or so. What could cause this?

Bumped my head 2 weeks ago doesn't hurt anymore. Still a bump on the right side of my forehead 2 inches wide, 3mm thick. No watery fluid, ear blocked?

Can a sebacous cyst behind ur ear cause a off balance feeling?

Can small cuts from cupping therapy behing ears cause swollen lumph nodes behind the ear?

Can there be a small bone behind that surrounds the ear canal?

Can top of ear lobe get badly sunburn?

Can ur bone behind ur right ear be larger the the bone behind the left? Is this normal? I do have a small pea size cyst behind right ear.

Can you tell me about a bump right behind jaw bone, below the ear?

Can you tell me about this bump behind my ear?

Can you tell me about this lump behind my ear?

Can you tell me if my ear lobe is swollen but doesn't hurt when i touch it does that mean the swelling might go down?

Could a cyst appear where the jaw meets the ear, sort of like right under the earlobe. And what exactly is a cyst?

Could the lumps and bulges behind my ear be the cause of my severe headaches?

Cyst in ear, ear turning purple at bottom of lobe?

Daughter bump heads with another kid. Now there's a golf ball size bump behind her right ear that is hot and sensitive to touch. Is it cause for conce?

Daughter has a cyst thats above her ear her face us swollen on that side but she doesn't have a fever she say has a lil pain what can I do ?

Daughter has a hard dot or lump behind ear not sure but turns blue when you touch it?

Daughter has lump on neck behind ear and its red around area any suggestions what it could be?

Do glands behind the ear ever need drained?

Do you think I should pop this pus-filled lump directly behind my ear?

Do your ears hurt when you get herpes?

Ear cartilage pain started in my right ear about two days ago. Ear doesn't look red although edge of cartilage feels larger than my left ear. ?

Ear pain/fullness vertigo.small pea size bump behind ear not painful. Infection? Allergies? What is this?

Ear sore to touch pressing on tragus, pulling on ear lobe. Feels warm to the touch & slight itching. Preceded by cut & region sore now. Can't feel cut?

Feel lump on rt side of nostril crevice where it meets cheek. can't see it. Hurts to touch or scrunch my nose. Reaccuring. Pimple? Sinus cancer?

Felt fluid in ear, felt inside must have cut with fingernail it bled soaked both ends. Feel cold or sinus coming on. Node swollen under jaw. Why node?

Fluid lump behind ear?

For 2 days cartilage in right upper ear is warm and hurting and I don't know y I haven't hurt it in any way what causes this and should I be worried?

For the last couple days i had this Really bad pain in my ear now it's spread to my jaw bone tonight I discovered a small bump behind my ear it hurts?

For the past 3 days my ears have been feeling warm and itchy they are also red. it started on just the earlobes and has now moved to the outer edges?

For the past 8 months i've suffere with a severe itchy, smelly, oozing, sore scalp. I have very painful lumps behind ears & in my neck. No relief!

For the past months, i've had flaking behind my ears and it would sometimes be inflamed. Never had that before, what is it or causes it? It hurts!

For two days now both ears have hurt and left one is itchy inside. No draining just sore and left side of neck hurts. Is this an infection?

Found a finger tip sized lump behind ear (not in fold but more on the side of head) 3 weeks ago. Was not painful but now is. Very firm, bony like?

Found a pea sized hard knot behind left ear(almost touching ear) only slightly painful when touches, no redness or fluid or anything, just the knot?

Found small lump behind my 4 year old ear it does not hurt . Did not know it was there until she felt it n told me it turns blue when you touch it?

Front neck/throat hurt. Lump pop9s out of place push it in and it pops/cracks. Severe throat pain at times. It's always bothering me what coukd it be?

Gland behind ear hard and slightly swollen for a few months. ent didnt seem concerned, should i get a second opinion? inside cheek swollen same side!

Good day i got an upper ear piercing and around it felt itchy so i itched it and now it seems to be swollen it doesnt hurt or anything but i can see i?

Got kicked in the chin, but I have pain behind my ear?

Got my ears pierced aboit 2 weeks ago. Now they're really tender and painful and I've discovered a swollen gland right below ear lobe. Is it infection?

Had 2-3 lumps in left breast,today noticed a hard lump behind ear beneath my skull.With occasional pain in ear n stiff neck.R both these lumps related?

Had a bump on the backside of my ear tragus painful no touch 4 days puss came out today pain inside ear & face is this a ear infection starting?

Hard big lump behind ear feels like a bone slight pain on scalp half way up ear?

Hard bump at the bottom of my ear where the earlobe meets the side of my head. Been there for months, swelling goes down sometimes. Lymph node?

Hard fixed knot behind right ear. Tender to touch and flesh colored, also have been battling cold/allergy symptoms.

Hard immobile lump size of fingernail right on bone behind ear - not jaw. Slightly tender to touch. Mild ringing of ears a few weeks ago. Thoughts?

Hard lump behind ear sore when i touch it.What is it and what will i do?

Hard lump behind my left ear but not exactly in the ear itself, it is like located in my lower skull and just right behind the ear.I got headaches too

Hard lump behind my left ear but not in the ear itself, it is located in my lower skull. I got light headaches for a week or 2.

Hard lump behind my left ear right at the top of the jaw bone?

Hard lump behind right ear. Right ear sticks out further them left ear.

Hard lump bottom of jaw near ear. No pain. What is this?

Hard lump on the bone behind my ear, had for about a year. Doesn't hurt to touch but often causes pain around my ear. What is it?

Hard lump under skin on the bone behind my left ear I can't move it what could this be? I have strep and had rash all over body

Hard painless lump behind ear and on throat, been there 3 months or more. Antibiotics didn't make them go away doctor not worried why they still there?

Hard painless lump behind right ear. What could this be?

Hard small bump under the skin below/behind right ear. May have gotten smaller overnight. But is still very sore and aching/painful. ?

Hard swollen gland or lump behind right ear for about 4/5 months now. only on one side, and only slightly swollen. ?

Hard, immovable, painful lump on the bone behind my right ear. It hurts when I turn my head to the left or when I press it. No headaches or sickness.

Has had some pain behind his ear, and he says it's a little numb. I looked and it seems like a pimple is there. But I'm not sure if that's the cause.

Have a hard reocurring lump behind my right ear, its last a couple of hours and when i touch it i almost feel it pulsating and going downwhatisthis

Have a painful lump behind my right ear that went in a few days, about two weeks later the same sort of lump appeared behind my left ear.Any idea what?

Have some very big knot like blister/red rashes behind both ears, on chest, back and a few on legs. They hurt to touch. What could this be?