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bump inside of my ear for 3 months. Recently I have had lump feeling on right side of throat that comes and goes. Not sure if related or to worry?

I popped my back two weeks ago hurt my back couldn't move for a couple days. Sence been hurting on/off. Noticed painful bump on my spine what is it?

16 weeks preg.. Fell on butt. Not hard. Nothing hurts.. Should i be concerned...

17, lump above my adams apple? Girl. Just recently happened. Cant feel it, just a sensation

2 days ago I noticed a lump on anus it's pain to touch and during defecation and today I feel nauseous I'm too scared and shy to see my doctor?

2 weeks ago I noticed a red spot with a lump on my left breast .feels warm Since then the redness has went away but the small lump hasnt.

23 year old, Soft spot on top of head sometimes sensitive to the touch. Just recently noticed it. What could it be, should I be worried? Please help.

3wks sore spot 4in long on back of head.Feels like bruise but not.Now in the middle of it iuarter size lump with fluid.Dizzy. Sometimes itchy/throbs.?

7 weeks postpartum and today I noticed a small bump on my left side next to my belly button N when I put pressure it hurts a bit Should I be concerned?

9m baby just kicked on lower breast. It hurt a little and was painful. Now feeling stiffness next to armpit. Is it ok? Or should I be worried?

A bump about the size of half a marble has appeared on the back of my left hand, slightly above the wrist. I just became aware of it today, and while it does not cause me excessive pain, it does ache and hurts a bit if i put pressure on it. Whatcould it b

A painful lump formed under my breast near my left nipple. It came out of nowhere and is hurting so bad. What could this be?

A smal bump has appeared on my the top of my daughters left foot should I take her to the doctor? The bump is a little bigger than a pea and somtimes causes minor pain. She does competitive cheer. Could it be related to that. Or somthing else.

A week after my period and two days after a half hour work out, I felt a painful lump inside my groin. It hurts more when I try to feel it. ?

A week ago I noticed a lump under my armpit, it was going away, however, about two days ago I got a cold and it came back. what could it be?

About 3days ago I felt a lump in my armpit, it started getting bigger swelling and red. It gets agitated by my bra and it is painful. What could it be?

About two weeks ago i noticed my tongue was really itchy. Then in the past couple of days it started to hurt. Tonight i noticed deep cracks in it and ?

Abscess? Yesterday I saw a pimple on my stomach so I popped it and today it came back and hurts to the touch.

After becomeing pregnant i started to get small bumps on the roof of my vignia and lumps on thr side and front what does this mean?

After deep heavy squats at the gym I stretched and noticed a hard painful lump upper left side of butt cheek in the tissue. shld i be worried? 3dayago

After my period a lump appeared on my clit it hurts when touched there is also a little bruise on it what happened ?

After my period ends, I get a really sore tender spot on the back of my head. It hurts to touch. It lasts a few days, goes away until the next month?

Approximately three weeks ago, i noticed a lump in the middle of my throat. It went away. What could be wrong?

Are moles suppose to hurt and swell up?

Armpit feels bruised sore to touch. Comes & goes every couple weeks. Been to dr 2x's and they have no answers but didn't do tests. No lumps just sore.

Around 3 mõnths ago felt small bump under left armpit that went away. Now it is back again. What could be causing this.

Awoke 1.5 weeks ago w/ really sore feeling under/beside left breast. Assumed rib issue, remained sore. Today- pop in same area and now extremely sore.

Before a year i had a lump in my armpit it hurted me a lot but with time it got away and till now i didn't have it back, what is it?

Black spot on right arm, hurts and is swollen around it. I though i got bit but seems worse. Should i be worried?

Boyfriend had dry heaves & said it felt like something tore & started burning, now he has a spot just under left ribcage that is swole.

Breastfeeding my daughter she latched on to the top of my breast on accident and now there is alot of painful veins there wont go away and it hurts?

Bruise and lump dont know how I got it. Woke up with it?

By the end of a normal day my ankles hurt, ive noticed a lump on the backside of one n the other is veinish and discolored n a lump in the front.

Can i get advice? I've got a painfull lump on my sternum and lost 30 pounds suddenlyi?

Can lump in underarm be formed if periods are to come.Had itching & then felt a lump.Pains little when pressed.Am overthinking.Pls help.

Cut/bruised my leg in July quite badly. it appeared to have cleared but I have recently noticed a lump/bump where I injured it. Should I be worried?

Doctor I'm very concerned I started noticing bruises on my arms they don't hurt and I don't know from where they come?

Dr., i can feel a small lump in the left where my ovary is. i just noticed this yesterday and it's making me worried. it's kinda painful when i press it.

Elena has a lump on her palm. She said she fell around 6 months ago and it started growing until recently. Now it is big enough to notice and hurts.

Every once in awhile i get a painful bump on the inside of my thigh and arm pits. It goes away after a few days. Do you know what it is? Thanks

Felt 2 lumps on anus. The one I could see looks black. It hurts. What could this be? What do I do? They feel big. Do I need to go to the ER or Doctor

For 3 years my husband has sucked on my nipples. Last night the right one got a stinging pain in the inside middle of it. Why could that be?

Gave myself a testicular self-examination and feels like i felt a lump on it. When i touch i get a sore pain. Should i be worried?

Good evening. I have a lump on the back of my head that has been around for at least a month. I recently touched it, and it is now painful and tender.

Got a antibiotic shot for strep throat 4 years ago the shot left somewhat of a lump on my left buttocks now 4 days ago that lump turn into a pimple can't seat run walk right and it huts badly!help!

Got a lump on the middle of my penis and there is no pain what could it be ?

Got a pea shaped lump on inside of my right cheek, not painful but starting to scare me as to what it is and what caused it :(?

Got a small lump on my left side of my vaginia its inside very worry. I'm 24 wit no health issues. But it hurts to touch.. ?

Got a throbbing pain ont the side of my thumb near the nail its sore to touch and move and a small lump has appered. It just came on today?

Had septoplasty 2 weeks ago, hit my nose today at the top, not really hard, it hurt only a min and theres a small bump come up, not painful, worried.

Had sex and testicle went up disappearing. Today it is very sore to the touch almost feels bruised should i worry? Help please

Had sex with my boyfriend at 33 weeks pregnant & it was painful he said it felt something was in there.I felt myself & there is a rock hard lump in me?

Had soreness on right rib for three weeks its gone now but i noticed two thick string like spots on and below by ribs what do you think it is?

Hard lump quarter size above knee. no pain. doesnt move. what is it? recently came wasnt there before...

Have a boil on my inner thigh. It came about four days ago when my period started. really tender and can barely walk. Can the doctor drain it?

Have a bumb that appeared monday on my arm right in the bend. Its painful and today a thick white puss just ozed out. It stopped but stlll hurt to tou?

Have a lump under incision from getting tubal 10 days ago. Was turning from front seat to back seat and the lump started throbbing. Should i worry?

Have a mole on my back which had got bigger & feels a bit rough when i runy finger over it.

Have a small boil in my hip went down dr gave me some meds but it didn't go away. It's still there but doesn't hurt it just feels squishy. ?

Haven't been getting much sleep lately, noticed white kinda oval area under tongue, got more painful as day went on, hurts when i yawn, sounds like ?

Haven't showered in few days-last night had painful/weird sensation?so showered; then today bumps &1big bump where pain was last night -left inner lip

Hello doctor. I have recently gotten an odd little ball between my left thigh and my groin. It is not visible and barely protrudes and hurts to touch.

Hello Dr. Allan, I woke up worried today because I noticed a purple spot on my knee that doesn't hurt or itch. I also get chest pains.

Hello I have a lump on my head it doesn't hurt but I see it from time to time I'm getting worried what can it be ? Is it dangerous ? I'm worried

Hello I have a question I have formed a lump in my forehead it doesn't hurt but I see it from time to time I'm getting worried what can it be ?

Hello I'm almost 25 years old a my behind has been hurting the past couple of days like a rash what causes this.

Hello ie got itchness in my nuckle and a lump inbetween ?

Hello it's a wart that I've discovered the past week or two...just one day while combing hair I felt a bump and it hurt when touched. Started touching to feel, it a wart.

Hello, I have a very sore lump on the back right side of my head. It appeared yesterday from no where and has not stopped hurting, should I be worried?

Hello, I have small lump about 2" above the outside of my left ankle. It noticed after I went for a run. The pain isn't much but it is bothering me..?

Hello, I just noticed today that I have 4-8 circular purple spots on my right ear, but it doesn't hurt & no pain. Should I go to the doctor?

Hello, today i noticed that my right armpit was sweating while the other wasn't. Yesterday a smell came from under both my armpits which never happens?

Hello. I am really freaking out right now. I woke up seeing a swollen mon pubis. What could be the cause?

Help i noticed a strange growth on my side/back and my husband checked it out and it was a tick. He pulled it out. What should I do now? Scared!

Hey I got a soft lump on my right foot but it not painful at all i could walk and stuff but it just there?

Hi i got some lumps just as u see in my vagina could this be serious and could it be sists it's a bit itchy now and again in side?

Hi Docs I've noticed something like a little pellet on my son's(4.5 years) neck from.the back side to the left.Could it be because he caughes 5days?

Hi I discovered some bumbs on my "area" all of a sudden today. What could it be?

Hi I have a lil lump under my arm should I get it checked out ?

Hi I have found a lump under my right arm i thought it was a spot at first because some puss came out but it has come back bigger only blood came out.?

Hi I'm 18 and I recently been noticing that when I smile i have veins sticking out in my neck. When I touch it, it hurts and Im really pale and tired?

Hi I've just noticed a hard lump at the back of my daughters head what could be? I'm very worried, could you advise me on what to do?

Hi ive got a swollen left tonsil thats giving me no pain but it my jaw has started to hurt on the left side and ive started to get an itchy scalp and?

Hi my index on my right hand, suddenly got swollen on one side. Its a little hard but no pain. Im worried, what is this?

Hi, Dr. I'm very concerned, I had what appeared to be a bump under my left ear for 2 or so days. So I regretably squeezed it and it started getting ge?

Hi, i have a lump just above the right side of my penis, ive have onky just noticed it, it isnt painful but quite prominent, any idea what it could be?

Hi, I keep getting really sore lumps in my nose. They have a white head to them. I've had 2 recently and noticed I've had them a lot lately.

Hi, i noticed yesterday a lump under and next to my mole on my left side chin area. The mole is light brown and lump is not visible, hurts when pushed

Hi, in the past few day a big bump grew in the back of my head hurts n the right side. I don't feel pain or onything. It's just big bump & when I touc?

Hi, ive got bumps on the back of my tongue that hurt when i swallow, any idea what it could be?

Hi, ive just noticed a soft sorta lump forming inside my belly button over the past few weeks, there is no pain at all,, just getting a little bigger?

Hi! Since Friday, I've had this small lump in my neck on the right side, my parents said it'll go soon,it only got a bit smaller but it's still here.

Hi. A week back I noticed a small lump in my cleavage. It didn't hurt that much. Since the last three days, it hurts a lot. What can it bePlease help.

Hi. I have sore and tender parts ontop of my head for a wèek now and i am gettimg worried ?

Hi. i noticed a black spot in my left toenail. it does not hurt or pain or irritate. but i'm afraid what that is. please help me. is this something ba?

Hi. i noticed a black spot under my left toe. it does not hurt or pain or irritate. but i'm afraid what that is. please help me. is this something bad?

Hi. My 4yo son has a bite to his left wrist. It is hard and swollen. Shows No pain to the touch. Should I be worried?

Hi. Yesterday i noticed that it was hard for me to eat due to a painful feeling on my gums. In the middle of the night i noticed that i was hard for m?

Hiya I have a lump on my lower back you can't see but can feel it not sore to touch just a bit worrying what could it be in 23 thank you x?

Hiya i have got 2 lumps in my left armpit 1 hurts the other 1 dont and IV got 1 lump on my other armpit ihave got a rash on my right armpit ?