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'i have a red rash on my chest in my cleavage?

18 year old from India. experiencing itchy bumps on my shoulders upper arms and chest. Since the past 6 months. My chest has dark spots since 2 years?

2 months ago.I developed an acne like rash. Began on my chest and now spread to my back and spine. It sometimes feels warm. What should I do?

A month ago i started getting this itchy rash around my neck and around my abdominal area. What could it be?

A worsening rash on chest has spread to ears. What can I do for this?

After taking a shower a rash appeared on my chest then all over my body. What is going on?

Almost 4 yr old son has rash on lower arms with no other symptoms.

Annoying rash on back of lap!?

Back chest and stomach always super itchy have acne on chest and back why so itchy?

Bad rash on my legs, lower stomach, breasts. Can it be pupp?

Blister rash on my back, stomach, chest, and my inner thighs?

Body aches, very fatigue, headaches, had a fever not no more and red spots on arms and stomach, not itchy or raised they are flat to the skin?

Bruising pain by my rib cage and back with a red blotchy rash?

Bumps on arms and stomach seems to spread on stomach?

Bumps on chest n upper body back stomach don't no what it is help! can it be herps? Or aids

Burning in upper chest, neck, and into arms for over a week. Is this a symptom of herpes?

Burning sensation that started in my head now spreading to my neck, back chest and arm. What could be no rash. Feels inside my body. Worsening.

But hypothyroid symptoms is rashes. And itchy head and back pain and i got all that?

Can you help? I woke up to an itchy rash on chest, arms and neck?

Ciprofloxacin causing headache, sweating, dizziness, a little rash on chest, redness on arms, plus a little bit of chest pain. allergic reaction or no

Colsore looking, dry rashes on upper thigh, breasts, under arms, legs, back, shoulderblades?

Doctors can you tell me why do I have a rash on my chest (is it due to pregnancy)?

Every time i cough, my back itches where I have a mole. Is that normal?

Fever for three days then rash on face, neck and chest , 1 year old. The rash blanches when pressed and doesn't appear to bother her.?

Fri sunburn/blisters on rt. arm. Loose stools, fever. By Tues blisters on left arm, neck and lower right arm and malaise. Just sun poisoning?

Have a bumpy rash on my back pain in my bottom ribs and on the rash its self?

Have had a rash on upper back for a week with a constant sore throat, rash is starting to spread. Itchy but not burning, getting concerned ?

Having itchy chest. Started last night. There's small spots round my chest. Worried i may have arthritis in chest as have had pain there. Please help.

Hello, over the past week I have been itchy mostly on my torso. Neck back belly chest waistline scalp tops of arms but it's been pretty constant. I?

Help please i woke up to an itchy rash on chest, arms and neck. What is going on?

Hi I have these brown bumps on my neck, chest, stomach, arms on both sides and my thighs i was wondering what they are i hate seeing them i hope u know ?

Hi, i feel itch on my skin especially face ANC chest and observing as some block dots are on my face, neck and chest . Please give me the remedy....?

Hi, i had a flu shot & that night I have a reaction with red dots on my back, chest and upper arm where i had the needle. It hurts and itches.

Hi, I have rash all over my upper body except on my face and it seems to spread mostly chest and stomach, can somebody help me identified ?

Hi, I have ringworm-like rashes on my back, chest and stomach. What could be the problem as the numbers keep growing? Awino

Hi, my baby is 7 months old and he had a fever for 3 days and after that rashes came out on his face,stomach and arms ,even on his head.what can I do?

Hi! I have a pink, itchy circular rash on my chest above my right breast. What is it?

Hi. I am a 27 year old man and 5 days ago i had a pain on my chest area. After 2 days a blistery itchy rash developed on my chest. I am scared?

Hi. I have a rash on shoulders and upper arms it has been 3 weeks since I noticed them what can it be , could it be hot tub folliculites?

Hives have spread from wrist to back and now chest. What's going on and what do I do?

Hives randomly appeared on left arm and spread to stomach and chest, not poison ivy or oak concerned help tried benedril?

How should I relieve the slightly itchy rash on chest stomach and back?

How to clear up bumps on upper arms and chest?

I am 13 weeks pregnant and started to have a bad, itchy, bumpy, red rash on stomach, chest, breast, arm and neck. Not allergic reaction.

I am experiencing breast redness and rash on chest.

I am experiencing rash on back and side torso.

I am experiencing rash on chest and rash on back.

I broke out in a very itchy, burning rash on my neck , throat and upper chest and i don't know the reason.I've had this for the past 3 weeks.

I currently have the flu, and developed a strange itchy rash on the middle of my chest, what could cause this?

I get red blotchy spots on my chest and upper arms when stressed or upset. I know it is caused mainly by anxiety but is there any remedy for this?

I got a red rash in 3 patches on my chest and stomach after a colonoscopy. What could have caused it? Should i be worried?

I got this rash over her chest, shoulders and upper arms, also accompanied by fever. By the time we got to the doctor it went away? What could it be?

I had a fever 1 month ago and the next month i had a non itchy rashes on my chest and face and upper back all is gone only the one at my upper bac?

I had a fever 1 month ago and this month I have non itchy rashes on my face and chest and upper back all is gone but only the one at my upper back the?

I had a non itchy rashes on my chest and face and upper back all is gone only the one at my upper back is still the can it be hiv rash?

I had pneumonia and both medications gave me a rash. A week in I got a sharp pain in my inner left thigh. I have a burning in my chest,thighs and arms?

I have a a rash on my right shoulder, it only itches when I have a coughing fit. It has been there for a while. What could be the cause?

I have a faint rash on upper arms, chest and face- non itchy. I also have headache, achy/sore joints and muscles, and tender spots on neck and chest. ?

I have a flat, reddish rash that started on one side of my chest then moved to the other, and then to my lower back. Is it common rosea? If not, what?

I have a horrible rash on my neck and chest it's painful and itchy I have had it for a week and nothing I do is getting rid of it...What could it be?

I have a patchy red rash on upper torso and arms and it is also itchy, seems to be worse when it's humid?

I have a rash all over my arms, neck, stomach, back, thighs, knees and back. I haven't been in contact with anything new. I haven't been sick.?

I have a rash around my eyes and under my arms and on my chest. What should I do?

I have a rash in my neck, an every time that I eat it's getting worst. I've been having this rash for about five days?

I have a rash on chest that doesn't itch and chest wall pain, what could be some possible answers to what this is? The rash is only on torso and thigh

I have a rash on my arms stomach chest and lower stomach it appeared over night and it itches and burns when i scratch, what caused this?

I have a rash on my back and chest. I took pictures. It does not itch. But is going to my torso. What could it be?

I have a rash on my belly and back and a few on my neck, what is going on?

I have a rash on my chest that looks excactly like two lungs! help?

I have a rash on my legs, arms, stomach, chest, neck and head. I have been to the doctors and they can not work out what it is.?

I have a rash on my neck and chest that is pruritic and keeps coming back for the last 3 months, no discharge , just erythema and bumps. ?

I have a rash on my neck for about 1 week red blotches woke now a rash on my upper right side I have been very tired and taking phentermine?

I have a rash on my stomach that spread to my left arm that doesn't itch or hurt. What could it be?

I have a rash on my stomach, chest and back. What could this be?

I have a rash onmy upper right chest and a rash behind my left ear..whats going on?

I have a rash or hives that started on sides of stomach, spread to inside arms, my neck, all over stomach. Its been 8 days. Any idea what it is?

I have a rash that first appeared on my chest after taking penicillin now its on my lower back and seems to spreading up my shoulders should i worry?

I have a rash that started a week ago on my neck and has spread to my face and upper chest in small sections. Whatcould it be?

I have a rash that started small on my stomach and now has spread to my chest and back and now neck. Some people say it's hives. What can it be?

I have a rash which is raised on my shoulders and round to my shoulder blades, could this be hives?

I have a reacquiring itch that comes on about october ever year no rash started around my eyes but now has moved down to my chest and arms ?

I have a really bad rash on my upper thigh, what can be causing my rash?

I have a really veiny chest. What can I do to cover this up?

I have a red blotchy rash on my back and is now spreading over my shoulders onto my chest. I have had it for almost a year now. could I post a photo?

I have a red bumpy rash on my face back chest and arms, I had a scope done 2 days ago and was under anaesthetic, could u please help me out thanks?

I have a red itchy rash on my face, legs, neck and stomach. I'm also have been running a fever with it. What could it be?

I have a red rash that is under my breast, around my arm at the shoulder, on my neck and my chest and seems like its spreading. What is it?

I have a red spotted rash on my chest, back and stomach area. It is not on my arms and legs and it is mildly itchy. Do you have any idea what it is?

I have a white itchy rash on my back chest and arms. How to treat this?

I have an itch on my upper arm and shoulder for 4 days. There is no redness or rash. Nothing I have tried helps.?

I have an very itchy rash for the past 4 weeks little pin pric red bumps on my upper back, chest, stomach and upper arm areas i'm a 30 year old female?

I have blotchy skin and don't know how to clear it . It is around my stomach chest face and under my arm. And in my forearm?

I have bumps on my upper body chest back stomach n neck not sure what it is don't itch or hurt help please?

I have chills, feel like I have goosebumps all over my arms and legs, but there are no goosebumps. I have an irritated scratchy throat.

I have developed a rash (very itchy) on the back of my arms and legs now state ting to progress to body. Also have severe chest pain in centre of chest?

I have developed a rash/blisters on my chest. Anything i could put on it?

I have developed rash on elbows, then esophagus pain. What is going on?

I have dry red non itchy skin on my chest, upper shoulders and in my back. I would like to know of what it is.

I have had a burning annoying rash on my left rib cage for 3 days now. There is no other areas that have a rash should I go to the drs.?

I have had a rash on my stomach and chest for 5 months. I went to the hospital a month ago and they had no clue what is was. This is third time I have got this rash in my life. It can be described as spots or patches every where on my stomach they have dr