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2 yo developed redness, blotchy, and hives on tops of hands and feet,face,arms yesterday. All of these keep appearing and going away and appear 2days?

I recently having small fevers fatigue over a week. I had a head to toe rash. and now I woke up with very swollen hands and feet and sore joints?

1 of my fingers + 2 of my toes have been red, itchy and swollen for a few days. I also couldn't stop sneezing for an entire day. Allergies or what?

12yr m has rash on top of hands feet elbows and now nose he has no sore throat no temp and they are only a little itchy what could this be ?

16-year-old with sudden onset of burning, itching, bright red hands and feet that sometimes tingle. What could it be?

2 days ago I woke up with my whole body itching me. My palms, feet , neck , everywhere.I still have these symptoms 2 days later. What can it be?

2 y.o. w/ pimply rash on butt next day spread to knees& elbows. Dr DX w/ hand foot mouth but no mouth sores & she was not sick. Not itchy or painful?

3 days after sex I got small itchy bumps and few blisters on my arms, thighs, legs, hand and feet (not on my genitals or mouth), could this be herpes?

3 y/o w maculopapular rash on both sides of feet up to ankles, hands half way up arm and a few peri-orally. Mild fever, no sore throat. ?

36/6 pregnant severe swelling, finger knee, and toe joints hurt, rash in my face.. My ob says to drink benadyl but doesn't help and im itchy everywhere?

4 yr f healthy has rash on torso stomach legs and on top of feet itchy little bumps no pus nothing in mouth . Could it be hand mouth and foot?

5wks postpartum and the past week the palms if my hands and soles of my feet have been itchy at night. Today I am itchy during the day. Causes?

8 years old has red rash, swelling legs, ankles, palms. Now face swelling, eyelids?

A few times a year, a rash appears all over my body, and I get severe itching at my extremities such as hands and feet, the top of my head. ?

After 2 days of full-body hives, woke up to find lips, face, hands, arms, feet extremely swollen. Have been taking antihistimine, what to do now?

After a Crohn's flare-up, she's having rashes and swelling (not always colocated) that moves around a lot between feet/legs and hands/arms.

After exercising, my daily hives/rash on hands and feet has spread, what to do?

After giving oral 8 days prior, hands and feet peeling after sore throat, after peeling red bump on palm and a few on my foot.?

After hot showers have red rash on thighs, knees, and feet. Feet r bright red, swollen, & numb. Same symptoms on hand 2 nights ago, any thoughts?

All over head - toe itchy skin that moves around, no rash. Can also be palms of hand and soles of feet. when scratched it just gets more itchy.

All the sudden my hands start to itch. What can cause this?

Almost every week or every other week, I get eczema or like a tiny rash on my pinky finger. It gets really itchy and I can't sleep. Is it allergies?

An itchy rash all over my body and swollen feet and hands--allergy?

Any advice about how to treat dry Skin? My arms, elbows, knees, legs, and hands are severely dry. Itchy and red. Advice?

Any recommendations for an ointment for hand foot and mouth rash on a 2 year old? She's energetic but a little uncomfortable with rash on arms/bottom

Anything that scratchs, barley to a lot causes hives , itchy Ness, heavy in the area, many in arms .perminate rash on wrist where fractures main arm.

Are bumps on my hand a sign of hives?

Are foot/hand swelling related to hives?

As the past two nights i have been having severe swollen fingers and a rash that spreads from my knuckles to my arm. Help please?

At night when i am laying down in bed or on the couch, my feet get really itchy red and hot and sometimes my palms to. I dont have fungal infection.

Athlete foot would go on ur hand also I have the red sores in my foot and fingers?

Best way to rid of fishy scales n eczema problems in heels of foot?it is painful to walk sometimes. Its spreading in palms of my hands!!

Blistery rash, red & swollen all over hands. Starting to spread up wrists & on feet. Very itchy. Is it an allergic reaction?

Body very itchy sporadic bites. On my face fingers hand arms and ankles happened over night at a friends house. Slept on floor they spread when itched?

Burning and tingling spots on fingers and palm both hands but worse on left. Moisturizers don't help but cortisone cream does some. Ideas?

Can drinking cause hands to itch?

Can dyshidrotic eczema be located on top of hands & shins? Hubby has seen drs. No answers creams don't seem to work. Hand itches, cracks & scabs over

Can my psoriasis cause strange symptoms to appear on my foot?

Can paronychia finger infection spread to the upper arm?

Can the raynaud symptoms happen on patches of skin on the arms, thighs, or the trunk? Or is it only on fingers, noses, and toes?

Chapped hand rash that hurts and is spreading slowly. What should I do?

D dimer results of 270 after a rash appeared on both hands first through third fingers knuckle to tip doctor said it was a not a rash.

Do bed bugs bite palms of hands and feet and what do they look like?

Dry lips, sore throat, diarrhea and lost of appetite. Also small itchy bumps (two blisters) on my arms, thighs, legs, hand and feet. Is this herpes?

ER doc said my 18mnth old has Hand-Foot-Mouth disease but she has bumps around her mouth on hands and feet top and bottem on arms,legs,buttocks,scalp?

Experiencing hand pain, hand swelling, hand tingling and warm skin on the back of my hand. also itchy but no rash. Display photo is of hand

Extremely cold soles of feet! Feel numb like ice. Painful dry soles and just noticed brown spots appearing on one sole of foot. Feels icy cold swollen?

Fast help needed: swollen hand from bite, red hand and red spreading up arm, what can I take as treatment?

Feet (sometimes hands) gets red hot and itchy and its happening every night lately. What should I do ?

Fingers both hands itch like crazy with swelling at joints. What are possible causes?

Fingertip and toes itchy when in air-conditioned room.....Causes?

First tingling hands&feet about a week(now only here and there)than dry flacky skin including face(up arm/leg to)month later numbness now 2 days, small red painless spot under skin finger print area?

Foot itches internally, no rashes, is this a nerve pinch?

For 2 weeks I get stinging pain on the top of my hand. Effects both hands. Not the palm side. No rash no redness it stings for a few hours. ?

For 3 days now, having itching feet,hands,other parts of my body, living small red bump as if bitten by mosquito.more in morning after shower.problem?

For many years off and on I've experienced rash on my arms and legs, itchy and swollen feet and hands as well. ?

For the last 5 days I've been getting itching palms of hands and soles of feet. I've never had this problem before. It's episodic andseverely itching.

For two months I have extreme constant itching all over my body. I have no rash or irritated skin other. I even itch on palms if my hands and feet.

Got a rash under armpits, inside thighs , top of feet and palm of hands. What is it?

Got hand-foot-mouth from son, with blisters all over face, in throat, hands, feet. My fingernails are hurting badly now. Is this possibly related?

Got hives on my legs and face. Very itchy. Swollen hands. Not allergic to anything from what I know. Help?

Had hair bleached blonde today. Now I have blisters on scalp, swollen hands, mad with the itch on hands arms feet and groin area.

Had red rash all over body.4 days i'm on 3 different anitihistamin.Now joint stiffness, swelling feet, ankles, hands, wrist.What could this be?

Hand foot and mouth on two year old. A week in and still spreading. Looks terrible, a lot like a burn on his face where sores used to be. What to do?

Hand foot mouth question. Can it be hfm if he has no blisters in the mouth, no fever, and no itch. Blisters on his legs and arms look like hfm.?

Hand palms and feet soles ITCH. Keeps me awake. Had something like this 40+ years ago and it was mono. ??

Hand washed bras, both breasts very itchy (especially when sweaty) underneath and on sides. Why is this? There is no rash

Hands feet itching after eating crabs?

Hands itch really bad especially at night?

Has persisted for 24 hours symptoms include itching of palms and soles of feet bumps in groups on heel of hand none on feet no redness tried Benadryl (diphenhydramine) ?

Having breast radiation but i itch in my face my letft hand palm and under my right foot what is the cause?

Having small on & off burning sensation on my palms & sometimes below my foot causing me to scratch since itches a lil 4 a wk. What can this be?

Hello. My son (20 months) developed a rash from hand, foot, mouth virus. Is there anything I can use to ease the irritation of his skin?

Hello. So since Saturday, I have been up all night itching my feet. It isn't in just one spot on my feet they are just overall itching and sometimes h?

Hey i am developing rash on my left hand . Its kind of itchy at times. What do i do?

Hi doc, had unprotected oral and got pain on big toe on my left leg and itchy rash on my elbows and non itchy red rash on chest. Then got ulcer on lower lip and skin on mouth roof started peeling off. Burning tongue sensation and lumps on mouth roof. Imme

Hi doc. I have these blistered spots appearing all over my body.. arms, fingers, legs mainly, ankle and toes. they're really itchy. What are these?

Hi doctor, the skin on my arms was breaking out in a rash and my palms tingled, when i take a bath it will more tingle, i don't know what happen for me.

Hi I am 20 weeks and I am find myself very itchy all the time it has started on my hands and feet what can I do about it?

Hi I have 2 blisters on the palm of my hand its not red or itchy and also have 2 on the sole of my feet painful as well should i be concerned?thanks

Hi I woke up yesterday morning to a red rash on both hands .thought they could be wind burn from being in my right hand is swollen any help.

Hi my elbows knees ankles and hands have been itching for 11 days i itch til i bleed and it burns could u tel me what this could be thank you becka?

Hi my son who is two years old developed a rash on his hands and feet at first. They are little, red, and you can feel the bump when you run your hand?

Hi, i have a non itchy rash only on my hands...First it started on shoulder and extending till elbows...It is not itchy or burn...?

Hi, I have a itching redness on my hand between elbow and ankle which swells when i scratch it?

Hi, I have had the swelling on the back of hand not palm for 3 days now, and it itches occasionally ?

Hi! i have these very small bumps on the tops of my hands and on my ankles. itchy. am i have a reaction to medicine? what is it and how to get rid of

Hives disappeared overnight & been replaced w/extremely swollen hands/arms/feet/ankles/face/LIPS. Painful, stiff - took oral antihistimine, what next?

Home remedy for itching legs and hand?

How can I control the ezcema from my fingers somethimes itchy a lot?

How can I stop swelling in my hands and feet? Is it from lupus or something bad like that?

How can you get rid of itchy swollen hands and feet?

How could I make rash go away from my foot, finger and arms?

How do I treat small random itchy blisters on my skin. Mostly on my hands, some on my arms and less on my legs & feet. Worsens when I am in the sun

How to remove itchy swollen hands and feet?

How to tell the difference between an allergy or scabies? I am itchy all over including my face, hands, buttocks ankles etc.

How to tell why I have a recurring rash on the top of my hands during pregnancy?

Husband has itchy rash(blister)looking on hands, feet, face&and some on torso.One day fever only, already had chickenpox.?

I had a pedicure. I came home and my feet and hands started to itch. The itch soon spread all over my body. There is no visible rash. Is it fungus?

I am 22 weeks pregnant is it possible to have itchy hands and feet without having icp?