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39, f, Diabetic Type II, not the greatest of control. Recently I have boils appearing on my inner thighs, under my buttocks & a few on my vagina front?

A bubble in the cease of my inner thigh?

Am i the only one who does thigh squeezing to work out or is this common?

Any treatment for inner thigh n front thigh cellulite? Age 23

Are there any natural cures for bloodclot in inner thigh area?

Been iching on inner thighs armpit and breast my boyfriend does ejaculate on my body could it be from this? He also has iching on inner thighs

Boils n dead skin near thighs?

Boils needs immediate attention on butt, inner thighs?

Bruises on both inner thighs?

Bruising on inner thigh?

Can a groin injury add fat to the inner thighs? After having a groin injury I've noticed that I have more fat in that area

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Can ballet cause stretch marks on your inner thighs?

Can DVTs occur around the upper back most part of your thigh? Like around your butt cheek area ?

Can i get lipdissolve in several areas of the body? Can I have lipodissolve on more than one area, like hips, thighs, and belly, for example? .

Can i see a dermatologist for inner thigh dark skin removal?

Can someone get a zit on the higher part of the thigh?

Can strechmarks on the bum cause itchiness? Also under the knees and on the arms and inner thighs? Because I'm always itchy but I only see stretchmark

Could hives in inner thighs be due to gluten?

Cramps in the same area inner top thigh near my butt for about 2 weeks? It lasts about 3-5 seconds, 5-7 times a day? What could it be?

Dark armpits and inner thighs?

Darkening skin inner thighs hormone related?

Discoloration on inside of thigh near groin that burns?

Does cellulaze cause infertility in female if done on front n inner thighs at d age of 23?

Does excercising the inner part of thighs tighten the vagina walls?

Does herpes on inner thigh comes and goes away to last a days or weeks?

Does shaving cause cellulite? If you have some cellulite on the upper inner arm could it have been caused by anything related to shaving underarms?

Every time i shave my groin and inner thighs, i get very bad razor burn. What can I do to prevent this?

For 2 weeks I've had a sensation of dampness &water on my buttock/outer thigh but there is nothing there. It was there months ago,went&now back again?

Got bites inner thigh near groin, how do i treat?

Have dark pigmentation on neck, armpits and inner thighs......Could you suggest any treatment?Age_23yrs

Hello am African and am wondering if there is anything I can do to stop darkening under my arms, in between my thighs, my buttocks and my butt crack. ?

Hello my qustion is I have kp on my arms legs and thighs and i find it really unattractive please help im a girl and its really embarrssing :/?

Hello, my thighs are paining to much what should I do to reduce it?

Help please? I want to know what are some good ways to tight inner thighs?

Hey good day i experience bumps on my inner thigh but it happens because of thigh rubbing. I just needed to know what is best for it ?

Hi i m 26 yr old girl I have dark area under my thighs and hips please help?

Hi. My inner thigh close to vagina is itching and I notice some darkening or discoloration. What can it be?

How can I fix the discoloration on my upper inner thigh?

How can I get a thigh gap and tone inner thighs?

How can I get a thigh gap with narrow hips?

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How can I get rid of cellulite on the upper thigh just below my hip?

How can I get rid of dark inner thighs, inner butt cheeks and genital area?

How can I get rid of inner thigh fat? Thighs not large 4 my size, but hips r narrow & constant chafing occurs. Pain & folliculitis. Need 2 lose fat

How can I get rid of inner thigh rash from chafing?

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How do you tighten your inner arms? I can never wear sleeveless shirts because my inner arms are saggy with the extra flab..

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How to get rid of hyperpigmentation on my inner thighs? I just lost a lot of weight and my dark inner thighs are embarrassing

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I am 22 yrs weighed about 325 pbs, my inner thighs have discolration bumps, boils and chafing in the groin area?

I am 26 years old female. I want to lighten the skin of my genitalia and inner thighs. How can I do that.?

I am a black woman but I have black inner thighs, vagina lips and butt. And the rest of my body is a lighter tone. Why is this? And how can I fix it?

I am getting boils on my inner thighs they come and go what could this be and what could i do?

I am overweight. Why do I have black marks between my thighs after chafing?

I developed a sweat/heat rash under arms, between thighs and behind knees and thighs. How do I get rid of this?

I get boils on my inner thighs in the summer. Is there anything that can help this?

I get bumps around my inner thigh and lower part of butt. It comes and goes away. Which doctor should I see. Or what could it be?

I get chaffing on thighs after running. What should I do?

I get frequent bumps inside my inner thigh. I am overweight and tend to rub my thighs together a lot. Is it acne? How can you treat it?

I get really big boil on my inner thigh as well as dark spots there also what should i do?

I got lots of cellulites on my butt all along to my upper thigh. And ther are some of them on the back of my knee. How can I remove them all?

I had my lipoma on inner thigh removed quite a few years ago but it seemed to have reoccurred. What should I do? I really don't want it on my body.

I have a boil on my inner thigh and it is very painful I have been useing smile's prid for two days is that good?

I have a boil on my inner thigh what do i do?

I have a boil on my right thigh. What is dat?

I have a knot on the inner thigh.What can it be?

I have a large cyst on my inner thigh and I also have two other boils on my thighs too I don't know why they're there but I tried to pop it and felt it pop twice under the skin?

I have a lump in the end of my right inner thigh under the skin. It's near my scrotum. What could it be and how can I get rid of it?

I have a mole on my inner thigh and it was flat, no it sticks out and it has some type of liquid in it and it is really painful all around it?

I have a rash between my inner legs close to vagina from rubbing together?

I have an inner upper thigh rash, any idea on how I treat it?

I have an outbreak of skin tags on my inner thigh and panty line area.. Should i be concerned and what causes it?