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My right eyelid back near the crease been itchy for few weeks only the eyelid. Today woke up the whole eyelid is swollen and itchy. What could it be?

My son has a rash on the top of his eyelid and its the same color of his skin and then in the corner of his eyelid at the bottom its swollen ?

Cat scratch my eye and the eyelid and part of my skin around the eye and it still hurt and its a little red what should i do?

eyelids are swollen and I looked closer and my right eye on the line where my tear duct is, is tiny micro white speckled bumps,what is it?

Have a dark spot in the corner of my eye on the soft pink tissue near the tear duct. I noticed this the first time this morning. Its now very itchy l?

i have in the far outside corner of each eye under the lid a small cluster of white bumps.where my eyes should be red the are little white?

left inner corner of eye red,itchy,red shot,vessels lines seen.right inner corner of eye itchy & bump. mild steriods drops improve but again problem?

2 white ball like cysts in the inner lower eyelid that is on a red bump in the innerlid-eye dr sending me to eye surgeon,could it be Cancer?im nervous

2yo small scratch on upper eye lid. Today it looks like it has spread across the top of the lid like eyeliner. Not swollen or bothersome. Worry?

3 days ago my eye lid started hurting now the entire eyelid is red and there is a small lump. On the inside corner of the eye and swollen?

5 year olds eye was dark underneath and puffy earlier but now her eye ball looks irritated and she says it hurts but still puffy and dark underneath ?

5yr old with swollen right eyelid. Does not hurt. No drainage , slight redness on inside of eyelid but white part is clear. No fever. ?

A bump on the inside corner of my eye. What are possible causes?

A bump underneath eye on eye lid red puffy and hurts what is it?

A small bump formed in my eyelid after a stye went away a week ago what can it be? I have a small flat bump in my top left eyelid. Its not very visible but i can feel it with my finger and at times when i blink. It immediatly followed the stye i had got r

A small white pimple like bump appeared in the corner of my inner upper eyelid. It is tender to the touch and irritating my eye. Is it likely a sty?

A small whithead inside the outter corner of upper lid, is iirritating & sucreates puss. Any suggestions?

A tiny blood bump just popped on the inside of my eyelid, it is starting to cause irritation on eye. what should I do?

A tiny whitish bump on my eyelid not inside. But my inner eyelid is red. What is this? How can I cure it?

A white bump like pimple growing and painful to the touch is on my thumb's pad? It looks like an eye with an eyeball in the middle protruding out?

A white tiny spot has just appeared on the inside and in the middle of my upper eyelid. My eyes've been itchy and gooyee for few days. What do i do?

About 1 week ago i awoke with a single red eye but only in the inner corner. It has remained in that spot for a week and my eye feels uncomfortable.

After having trauma to the back of the head is it normal to have selling in the eyes and eyelids discoloured?

Back of my right eye hurts when rubbed&when lids are squeezed .But looks normal form outside no swelling and to cure this(only one eye hurts)?

Bad allergy eyes, have dark circles, i'm times puffy but most of all I have little white dots underneath my eyes and on my eyelids where eyelash grow?

Been getting wavey sparkly dots on both my eyes the opposite corner of my retna. On the outer edges on the bottom and side of my eyes.

Black dry raised spots on under my eye by the cheek bone area?

Black splotch or patch in left eye when i look up. It's mostly at the top of my eye, and my eye feels sore at the eyelid. Any ideas?

Black spot on lower inner eyelid. It is only visable when i pull the lower eyelid down. What could it be? Going to opthamologist asap

Black spot on lower inner eyelid.It is only visible when i pull the lower eyelid down. What could it be? No pain or irritation.

Both of my eyelids have this line that is swollen on my eyelid like eyeliner its slightly red and itchy but there are no other symptoms ?

Bottom eyelid swollen and red and red on the inner part too- hurts when I blink - what can I do to help? do I need to see a doctor?

Bump above my eyebrow. Bruise in the corner of my eye. Looks like a sac of blood. As well as a headache around the eye. No trauma.

Bump in the white part of my eye coming from the bottom outer part. Feels like if something is there and it's irritating when blinking.What can I do?

Bump inside eyelid for month, what is it?

Bump under top eyelid. Should I squeeze it?

Can you tell me if on my cheeks and underneath my eyes which kinda look like milia?

Can you tell me what this is from she just pulled down the bottom part of eyelid and small yellow dots were their?

Can your top eyelids get bigger due to chonic dry eye? Ik I gots oil build up on lash line now but before that I noticed whole top eyelid bigger than lead to noticeable buildup top lashline

Can zits on your inside eyelid?

Cause of dull eyes and bumps at corners of mouth?

Clear bump on my eyeball how to treat?

Corner of eyes are irritated and mildly crusty. Eyes are clear but red if you pull down the eyelid. Burning if I rub too much.what could this be?

Corner of left eye cheek bone injury, what to do?

Derm Qs:I have this strange spot started like a tiny bruise then now look wrinkle dry patch it's inder right eye not lid under eye ,nopain but puffy .

Do strawberry birthmarks go away, my son has one on the top corner of his nose kinda by his eye?

Does tazorac (tazarotene) cause dry eye? I don't use it right under the eye but on the top of the cheekbone, beneath the undereye area.

Elastic band flicked me hard in the eye. Doesnt hurt anymore but has red lines from outter edge to middle. Do I need to see an eye doctor?

Eye irritated. Discharged @ 1st. Next day, inner eye corner stings w/white squishy bump in inner eye corner,plica semilunaris membrane. Getting larger

Eye is sore on the outer corner. I thought perhaps a stye, i do not have a bump on outer lid and cannot see one on the inside. Pain when i touch lid.

Eye kind of sore and I noticed on my upper eyelid there is a string shaped very thin hard lump going vertical in the middle of my eyelid. Not visible.

Eye lids form crusty stuff along the eye lash line on top, it appears to be dry skin, he picks it off but it comes back, please help, what is this?

Eyes I have what looks like a blackhead in the corner of my eye what can it be ?

Eyes were itching. I rubbed them really hard and five minutes later looked in mirror. My lower eyelids were puffed up huge and swollen.

Few stys in my eye 3 weeks ago. I still have one in inside lower corner on lash line. Also ulcer lower inside lid.

For 2 weeks I've had a raised red bump under my eye (where bags under your eyes would be located) and is also puffy/swollen . It's painful ?

For 6 months I have had red spots on my chin and around my eyes and eye lids also on my upper lip and in the crease of my neck. It gets dry and flaky?

Had what I thought to be a stye on my lower eyelid, although no bump ever appeared. The pain is less there, but now eye hurts to look up and to sides.

Hard, painful bump above eye under eyebrow?

Hard, painful bump above eye under eyebrow. What could this be?

Have a raised non colored spot on the right side of my nose, close to corner of my eye, slightly rough but causes no irritation. What is this?

Have a stye. A bump in the middle of my top right eyelid. Doing compresses/ciproflox drops. Bump turning brown color..Does this mean it's healing?

Have always had prominent veins that run from iris to inner corner of eye. Tiny white spot developed on one vein. Eye a little sore. Infection?

Have redness in right eye bottom, irritated near construction debris. There a tiny white/yellow spot at bottom of iris, lids a bit swollen. Thoughts?

Hello I have a white lump on the bottom of my left eyelid inside. What should I do my eye is red, sore itchy, and in pain.?

Hello, I have bruise like circle on the outer corner of my eye. It won't go away- the other eyes looks bruised as well in the corner, but more red. ?

Hey I have a white spot on both side sof the inner corner near my eye. Its not a bump?

Hi doctor. I see a lump of red skin behind and below my eye socket? Could it be pimple?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is it called, photographing the inside of the eye ball?

Hi I have a small symmetrical bumps in both corner of eyes at caruncle part. I am feeling very scary about it , its like 2 months like this.

Hi I have yellow tint to the upper portion of my eyeballs what could this be? It's only when I lift the upper lid . The rest of my eye is white.

Hi I was crying yesterday and my left upper eyelid is a bit swollen and the inner corner of my eye is red and irritated. What do I do?

Hi I've had the white part of my eye scratched slightly by our dog and have a slight cut just under my top eyelid what should I do?

Hi! I have a subconjunctival hemorrhage in my right eye. 5 days in and now small red bump on sclera towards outside of eye. Is it part of same thing?

Hi. For years I've had a small almost tiny zid . In the corner of my left eye. Its not infected. Just smal yellow dot. How can I get rid of it?

Hi. I've had a white oblong shaped bump pop up on the insider corner of my eye. It is very painful and my vision in that eye is blurred. ?

Hi. Please help. I have developed a swelling under one eye located on top of my cheek. I, ve been to optholmogist but nothing connected with my eye. ?

How can you treat small cut at the corner of ones eye?

How do I get rid of an eye lash that got stuck under my eyelid right at the top of the eyeball?

How do i get rid of my chalazion its small now but my top eyelid is still swollen? Also y bottom eyelid is still swollen and has white inside eyelid?

How do I stop the bottom part of my eyes from getting reddened?

How to treat this yellowish bump in the corner of my eye?

I am a 19 year, old female traveling in Europe I have sore red eyes, and the inner corners of my upper lids are swollen kind of like a sty and yellow/?

I am a 60 year old who has xanthelasma on both upper eye lids that is white/yellowish patch about the size of a cashew. What can do to remove it?

I am experiencing eyelid pain. It is hurting under my eyelid and there is a bump towards the end of my lash line. It is tender blinking/touching ?

I am getting brown lines/shadows outside the outer corner of both my eyes, on the skin. I have never had that before and only noticed it about 2 days ?

I am losing my eyebrows inner part .. My farhead peels and I have dry eyes with crusts in the am ?

I develop swollen under my lower eyelids! when i blink it hurts and it's very red inside! i don't think it's a sty cuz there is no pimple there!

I feel coolness in both eyes, non red rash on top of both eye lids, burns in the corners closes to my nose, and swollen on top eye lids. Help???

I find a small purple spot on my skin near the inner eye corner..what is this!? Can it be a hematoma?!

I found a white bump on the outer part of my eyeball about two weeks ago. It is painless but sensitive and causes the area to be bloodshot.

I found something on the inside of my bottom lid of my eye and I don't know what it is. It hurts a lot and my left eye is slightly swollen. Thoughs?

I got small bumps, almost tiny blisters on my eyelid about 2 months ago. 2 days ago i got a dry patch in corner of eye. What could it be?

I had a stye about a month ago and it went away. Now I have a red bump on the inside of the same eyelid where the stye was. Any ideas?

I had a white like pimple like right underneath the eyelashes. When I blink its painful. I lifted up my eyelid and it burst. What caused it. What isit?

I have a hard small white lesion developed in the inner corner of my eye on the mucous membrane (not on the eye lid). In the middle of the red tissue? See file photo I have sent

I have a 9 month baby, she going for a week with her bottom eyelid reddish kind of purple her top eyelid gets swollen at times. What can it be?

I have a bad gritty sensation like something is in my eye because I rubbed my eyes a lot and caused me to get a bump on the lower part of my eyelid ?

I have a black speck in the corner of my eye and it's under the skin on my bottom lid?

I have a black spot near corner of my bottom eye lid what could it be?its been there a while & seems to have grown a little