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I tried to pop a pimple that was not ready now the whole pimple and surrounding area is swollen and red and the skin has come off what shall I do?

A pimple on my cheek was scrubbed to hard in the shower it popped and is red swollen like a blood blister. Keeps happening how do I get it to go away?

Have a bump on the inside of my leg close to my private parts i have squeezed t over and over bit just get bigger and only clear liqud comes out but?

1 small light blister like bump on finger had it for 2 weeks and still hasnt gone, wart? Its soft and i can push it in no pain tried popping it nothing

19 years old popped a zit but wont stop bleeding help will i die?

3 years ago i thought i got a zit in my armpit but couldnt pop it i still have the mass a little deeper now... What could it be it was black on the us?

3 yo got bug bite 5 days ago. Red area with whitehead. Only thing left today was whitehead. Tried to pick it off and re irritated it. Dr or wait?

3weeks ago I woke up with 3 pimple like bumps on my arm. Since then almost everyday I wake up with at least 1 new bump and the others eventually pop.?

A black head looking pimple on my back doesn't pop.After squeezing it it hurts now a little.What do I do?

A few years back i tried to pop a pimple on my forehead. Nothing came as as i push harder. The next day a black spot showed up.

A pimple on the arms for a month i pop it and a little white thing comes out. Is it a wart?

A week ago I was itching my arm. Couple of days later what looked like a pimple was there I pop it and another came I thought it was a blister.

About 2 months ago I got a pimple looking thing on my shoulder, popped it and came back now it is a red pimple looking circle, soft, doesn't hurt. ?

Acne like bumps behind ears and down neck, jawline. They get very inflamed, sore, and sometimes itchy. Seem to spread quickly. Is this just acne?

Acne or staph? A 2 month old pimple finally popped and the another one right next to it came up. Sore and unable to pop it...Worried.

After popping black heads it left me dark marks on my nose .. It looks really bad how can I make it go awY?

Always getting large deep pimples on my face and scalp they are hard and leave big holes how do I release the gunk and pressure they hurt ?

Always getting pus liquid pimples they hurt and they are on my face and scalp they cause my hair to fall out what can I do they are sore and real fill?

Best redness relief drug storeproduct for redness from pimples ? I got some small like pimples in the middle of my eyebrows and it dosent go away

Bottom left side face/lip blow up like a balloon, very infected, looked like softball in it(dr=bugbite) now its theother side was 1st pimple i popped?

Brother, 3 years old , has these random bumps that turn into blisters and pop on their own... Comes and goes this is the third time what could it be?

Bump on my panty line. Doesnt hurt unless i try to pop it. Its small and doesnt bother me unless i see it. Its only one . I shave to. What is it?

Bump on tip of nose. Looks like whitehead but it's not. Tried to pop it, but it won't. Bleeds only. I tried to cut it off. Grew back. Hurts to touch.

Bumps on Mons pubis. Latest one is from shaving and it's painful but feels like it needs to pop. Help? Also have "older" bumps that don't go away

Bumps on the sides of my fingers that don't hurt. When i pop them clear liquid comes out and a little hole is left it get abt 10 at a time every month?

Caleb keeps getting a bump on his knee, like a pimple , eventually it pops but is very painful. What could this be? What is the best way to treat?

Can a blocked tear duct also hurt,Ive looked and I'm not seeing anything that looks like a pimple?

Can i pop my ganglion cyst on my wrist with a thumbtack and push out the gel substance I've tried hitting it with a book and it wont work and I've had it for like 6 months now and i want to get rid of it

Can stress cause hard bumps to come up on forehead?

Can you tell if you are going to have a pimple before it forms?

Constantly getting Zits/Pimples on the sides and back of my head? They go away on their own but always come back. Not painful unless I touch them.

Dad says he has a big pimple like inbetween his butt he says pus comes out but comes back nd he can't even walk what could it be?

Do I have a not normal pimple or cyst problem? Recently i got pimples but just all white not red and swollen on my body but I have had them on the back of my head for some months now but they seem to be poping up on my back, stomach, ribcage, and gentials

Do I need to see a doctor for an under their skin pimple?? It's big and a hard bump and I made the mistake of trying to pop it (oops)

Doctor I have pimples coming all over my face and its terrible ... I can't even go out for any party or ocassions ...?

Does a lymphocele come and go? and do they just stay a reddish skin color, some have went away within days but a couple more have popped up? The do not scab or pop they are just hard like bb's under the skin

Does toothpaste make the pimples in the head go away?

Dry hard bump on chin that grows back every time i pick at it it bleeds pretty bad too it started out as a shaving bump before it got a little bigger ?

Every time i masturbate I am getting acne like something a bit bigger than pimples. All the time yellow flum like thing comes out of it. Reasons?

Everytime i pop a pimple and it bleeds afterward my blood cloths really quick is that bad?

Everytime I shave my thighs, I get little pimples a day or two later & I have to wait 3 weeks just to shave them again because I don't want to go iut in public with these, pimples. Sometimes I pop them but only water comes out. Whar can I do to prevent tt

Felt bump forming under skin on the edge of lip, tried to go ahead & pop it, only little clear liquid came out & it swelled alot , possibly? ???

Flesh colored bumps on chin I am 20, f, had since 10 yrs old. Wont go away with acne treatments doesn't hurt or itch nothing inside what is this?

For 4 months i have ben having some sort of continously acne infections only on my right cheek. Red pimples with green/white pus. Whats the solution?

For about a year now i hve had red bumps on my butt and they won't go away. Idk what cause them. I do run and sweat but they r still there when i stop?

For the past 3+ years randomly I get a red soft big pimple/sore on inside of leg. Doc says abscess. Could that be true? It hurts when it comes and sta

For the past month I've had these boil looking things breaking out on my butt. They get yellow and nasty They swell up really badly. Idk what they are?

Getting very hard, extremely painful zits on my chin that can last a couple weeks. What are these and how do I prevent them?

Got a type of pimple under my armpit what's this it hurts?

Got blackhds n my cleavage try to pop it but it didn't come out now it's swollen like a cyst inside what cn I do? How about warm compres? This gone?

Had a vasectomy reversal 21 days ago, noticed a pimple like on stitches but it feels like a big pimple underneath, anything to be concern about?

Had a wart frozen and now the spot is a big painful boil. This has never happened before. Can I use a warm cloth to get it to pop?

Had clamitya once and a few months after treated for it found a small bump on one of my inner lips, wont go away and is hard.

Had sex a week ago and had two cuts, now its cuts and bumps that look like blisters. They hurt so bad. Ive been with the same man for 2 years.

Hard bubble like "pimple" inside lip of vagina, hurts when I try to pop it but it has a white head. Not sexually active. It hurts, what do I do?

Hard whitehead looking type bumps on my cheek for months. I try to pop them nothing comes out & they stay white. Tried warm compress. What are they?

Have a hard thing in the inside tip of my nose I just need to know how to get rid of it, it looks white but is not a penpil tryed to pop it befor ?

Have a knot on or beside my clit not sure what it is . Only hurts if I touch it not wanting to go to Dr. Just popped up 2 days ago . Any home remedies?

Have a lot of zits on my back and shoulder. They are pink-red and itchy. Whey they pop they leave black marks... I hate them.... Please help me?

Have a painfull pimple like bump on my tailbone, that keeps coming back , the cycle is ... It starts to hurt then grows into a huge pimple ?

Have like a clear kind of liquid that comes out of anus hole. What could it be? also have a very painful pimple right next to the hole. What cud I do?

Have little bumps on my arm that have been there for months. Don't go away. Expand when scratch, and go back small after a while. What is it?

Have odd zit on face that suddenly appeared. Painful; if I try to pop it, skin around sinks becomes dark, wont pop. Only one. What is this?

Have pimple in my inner thigh that hurts were my underwear line is doesn't have a head to pop it and it just hurts when i try to pop it?

Have the weird bumps that after a day they pop open i iguess and they are really watery until they start to scab up they are on my upper middle thigh?

He gets knots on his head and they come and go, he squeezes them and stuff come out, what should we do?

He has huge pimples on his body everywhere and now there is one in his eye and the pimples on his body hurt really bad to the point where he cant move?

Hello , it's been already 2+ years that i have something like pimples on balls it's looks like under my skin and inside is abscess but i cant blow it?

Hello , on my face I have a pimple that is itchy . Its puss looks like it is going too burst . Please help me by telling me how to get tid of it .

Hello i have a boil on my penis or a pimple and somehow i cant get a erection no matter how hard I try im kinda scared a bit

Hello I have a pimple like thing under my tounge it won't pop, it is also slightly sore what is this ?

Hello I've had a pimple in my earlobe for a couple of weeks now, and I was just wondering would it be safe to peice the skin and pop it?

Hello there I have a tooth that needs to be remove and I will soon but a small bump has came on the side and I do smoke this bump comes and goes.

Hello, I have a large pimple with 3 heads, not yet dried up, and red. When should I consider going to the GP? Thank you.

Hello, i have had a black pimple like thing on my right breats for about 2-3 weeks now. I have tried to bust it like a pimple and nothing happens?

Hello, I have had this for a couple of years and its bothering me...Its little bumps on my neck, its like my pores are out...I tried exfoliating...

Hello. I have a mole on my neck. It's very small and it sticks out and you can wiggle it. I heard that if you try to pop it like a pimple it will bleed. I've had it or years. How can I get rid of it?

Hello. My dad is overweight and has these pimple looking bumps on his lower belly. He is constantly squeezing puss out of them. Are they harmful?

Hey a hemorrhoid popped up out of nowhere 3 day ago, it is very painfull and the size of a grape and now it looks like it's ready to burst, what do yo?

Hey i have these bumps on my arms some are small some are big and i get new ones everytime too ... I don't know what they are or are they dangerous ??

Hey um i have this thing on my chest and i dont know if its acne or a rash. Because some of then pop and some of them dont and its ichy sometimes.

Hi doctors! a couple months ago i noticed something like a pimple on my right cheek near the eye, anyway I have tried popping it n things came out.

Hi dr I have these nasty boil like bumps on my chin and along my jaw line... They have been coming and going(but never fully gone) for about six months.. They drain clear liquid and fill right back up .. Very painful. What culd it be and how do I make i

Hi dr. I have a bump on my penis from past 1-2 months it doesn't pain me but when I squeeze it puss comes out of it,is it normal?how to get rid of it

Hi i got a fear of balloons popping how do I get rid of the fear.? I have it because someone popped a balloon in front of me.

Hi i got a pimple like bumb on my anus what should I do? I've had this bumb on my anus I've tried poping it an i think it made it worse. My girl friend wants to take me to the doctor an i feel wierd about some body looking at my butt. Im 29 an in good he

Hi i was wondering what does it mean when you get random pimples with pus in them around your body and they hurt?

Hi my friend has a zit (acne) a big one under his eye. How can he treat it? It is the first time he has something like that. Please help it hurts

Hi my name rochelle Ive been having big red bumps with scabby kinda like when u pick at it and stuff and when I go to pop it water like stuff come out?

Hi past few weeks on back of my scalp i have a lump like a scab. Keep picking at it. So annoying. Has been bleeding. Have 2 of them What should i do?

Hi, i get these little water blisters under my breast and on my stomach kinda often mostly a while after a shower. They dont itch or hurt. Theyre tiny?

Hi, I have started to get pimples along my cheeckbones, and at first i only have one, now I have 7! i really need them to stop, and go away, help?

Hi, just wondering I'm breaking out in lumps on my legs they are reddish and are sore to touch they are small like pimples but keep coming what r they?

Hi, there s a spot on my back in the middle of it, it looks like a nipple. Can it be waiting to ripen and stuff comes out of it?

Hi,under my armpits i have like redish pimple looking things and they hurt and when i pop them pus comes out and sometimes blood. they always come bac?

Hi. I have a embarrasing problem dont feel comfortable going to the doctors , i have a boil near my anus , sometimes its painfull sometimes its not. Can i treat this at home? Its like a little lump.

Hi. I have inflammation at the back of my head. it it itchy and doesn't go away. what can I use? it's pimples like...

How can I make the recently popped veins on my penis go? I never had them before and suddenly they appeared , how can I make them go?

How can I stop boils that come on my inner thighs and private parts? They are large, sore and leave a black spot.What are they and how can I get ride of them?

How come I have a huge pimple on my back?