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I have a hard round lump on my forehead above my right eye but is located almost to my hairline. It feels like a bone it's been there for 2 years.

For as long as I can remember I've had theese lumps on my feet there quite soft and the one on the side has a vein over it, they don't cause me pain (not that I know off) only one is hard, and the soft one moves when I move my toes. I do get pins and nee

Tinier than a pimple WAYYYY deep under the skin behind my neck (under head at top of spinal cord. It's pea size, feels like a bone! Doesn't move ?

15 y/o male. Hard lump on back of head, doesn't move, feels like bone, feels like dent under "lump" making it feel raised. Doc said lymph node?

22 yr old female. I've a hard lump around the region where my 2nd rib joins the sternum.It feels like a bony mass and is painless.Please help!

3 yo has small hard lump under muscles in neck. Not movable and hard to find. Feels like a bone. Is this a bone I'm feeling? Worry lymphoma?

3-1/2" oval lump lower left rib,soft,not moveable.Soft fat, sore if push on bottom rib.X-Ray had nothing.Ultrasound next.Ideas what is or best tests?

31yr old female healthy no other symptoms hard little knot on mastoid bone behing ear on bone right at hair line for coulpe weeks what is it?

3mm lump on the scalene muscle where my shoulder meets the neck. Feels rubbery, no pain, skin moves over it. I noticed it about a week ago, thanks?

9 Year old boy (wears hockey skates) has a large lump -grape-like on the back of his heel. Feels and looks like a grape under skin. Tender when push?

A bump below the skin at the inside base of my middle finger, it feels almost like it's part of the bone. It doesn't move but pressure hurts it.

A lump grew at my gum. When i press it, blood came out and flattens. It hurts. What is that? What do I need to do?

A lump under the skin of my pelvic bone. It comes and goes in the same day?

A small soft lump that comes when doing things barefoot (yoga). It is on the outer top - if pushed down it kind of hurts but stays down until stressed?

About a week ago i noticed this lump on my left collar bone. It's weird shaped, hard & starts just above the bone but is mainly on it. Never broken it?

Above my left inner ankle bone there seems to be a soft lump. It is painless and i've had it for awhile. It almost feels like muscle.. What is it?

Adam's apple more towards the left. Can move it to center but something cracks. This normal?

Afraid skull's coming apart or growing tumors around temporalis. Dr says i'm just anxious/noticing asymmetrical bumps/cracks/dents. Always tender. Cracks are small, but feel deep. Bump's above ear.

After touching and pushing on my hyoid bone it feels like I have a massive lump in my throat is this normal or have I caused damage?

Am I suppose to be able to grab something near my collar bone below Adams apple? It's soft and tender. Tender to touch. Ate sharp foods yester.

Any ideas why my tail bone tingles when i see something that looks painful?

At large heavy metal con. Was front of huge rough crowd.Pushed against metal gate just under chest high. Brused, swallon very painful xiphoid, broken?

At that start of my buttocks, between, there is a hard round lump that feels like a bone. Is it my coccyx? Or?

Bang on head with lump 3 years ago. Now same area front of skull, near hair line I can feel row of small lumps bit like hills no pain bit gristly.?

Been told I have a sharp piece of bone on my palate consultant opened palate up @fiyled it down, it hurts so much more now than b4.Wot shld I do ?

Bone on the top back of neck, right under skull. It doesn't stick out, i can only feel it when i press in. What could this be?

Both sides inbetween my neck and collar bone have these 2 swollen masses that are visible and starting to be sore.i haven't lifted anything heavy ?

Breast lump upper outer quad feels long&curved feels like swollen vein. soft in shower, Dr says normal glandr tissue. Can br. tissue feel like this?

Bump on the back of my neck, it's not fat, it's hard like a bone, like my torso wasn't long enough for my spine, what is it? How can it be fixed?

Can a lipoma swell up and down often without any pain?Its on top of the bone at top of spine/base of neck and coz of it position it gets aggravated.

Can Doctor tell a fibroadenoma from exam?Have hard smooth lump1inch moves around hard to get ahold of it as it slips from fingers 2 O'clock left quad

Can feel tiny bumps/lumps in pocket above collar bone, but I have to lean forward and really feel around to feel them. Scared of lymphoma. Hypochondri?

Can normal fibrous breast tissue feel like a long hard ridge? Left upper outer side near areola. Have two similar spots near eachother feels lumpy.

Can palatal tori be on just one side of the midline? I have a hard, bony, painless flesh colored lump to the right of the midline. Only pain when push

Can you feel the linea dentata during a rectal exam? I feel something asymmetrical and hard like cartilage in the opposite direction of the prostate.

Can you get a hair line fracture in the clavical bone when you were rear ended? My clavical hurts very bad raising my arm touching it. Kinda swollen

Can you still get dentures if you have little to no solid bone left?

Can you tell me about the name of the bone that's below my collarbone. It is visible on some people, like me.?

Cant tell if bump in neck is part of my bone structure or something bad. Not clearly visible but u can feel it. not sure if it was there before or not

Center of pubic bone hurts when I press down on it. How come?

Could a bruise make a bone bigger or make a knot in the muscle?

Could a sore jaw on the left side and ball - like mass that can be moved around underneath of it be connected to a large hole that formed on my tonsil?

Cracked collarbone and having a hard time breathing. Any tips?

Daughter hurt shoulder bone. I noticed the bone looks higher than the other shoulder. Looks puffy too. She cant move it without pain shooting thru it.

Dime-sized lump right under skin. At bottom of left rib-cage, no pain. No unique medical history. Not rock hard, but not soft either. Moves a Little.

Do lipomas have to be circular? I have what feels like veins directly on clavicle and under they are long ovalshaped squishy things what could this be

Do we have lymph nodes that sit directly on the clavicle bone itself? I have 2 rock hard movable lumps which sit directly on the bone on both sides.

Does bone cancer feel hard or soft if you find a lump on a bone?

Does the cartoid body in the neck feel small, squishy and move around? I feel something moveable that pulses

Does xiphoid process feel like knots?

During auto-exams i feel a somewhat soft lump attached to the bottom and rear of my left testie. Is that tail of epididymis?I feel it lumpy! Thanks!

Feeling of swelling in armpit. No lump, apart from what feels like bone when arm is in the air. No extra warmth or size difference. Any help?

Felt a soft movable lump in front of neck (more to left), when feel with fingers. Not obvious when look in mirror. Only a slight bulge when look up?

Firm but not bone hard lump on top of shoulder towards arm. 2.5 CM long. Under skin but on top of muscle/bone. Moves very little. Afraid of cancer.

Found a lump like bone in my nose.. Is this bad?

Grape sized bone like lump underneath left ear behind jaw bone. Its been there for aprox 2.5 years... No palpable symptoms?

Had genioplasty and rhinoplasty over a month now. Still painful and swells up a lot! Especially chin, hurts and very tense. I know it'll take time?

Had headache and pressed hard on my radix to reduce head pressure, could this make my radix smaller, push the bone in?

Hard (bone-like) bump on my bottom right rib (on my side, approximately in line with my shoulder). Slightly tender. Grateful for advice.

Hard bony lump on left side of hard palate in back. Sometimes sensitive but usually painless. Noticed it 1 year ago, hasn't done much, but grew 1-2mm.?

Hard knot on joint of thumb, cyst soft or hard hurt when i push on it. What does this mean?

Hard lump below left ear on base of beck that I can move/roll around with my fingers what can it be?

Hard lump in neck that feels like grissle - muscle?

Hard lump on tibia bone (upper front part),which had mild pain 2 weeks ago (only on touching it).Now the lump is hard and immovable. No pain at all.

Hard lump right below my chin, below the bone, higher than thyroid or Adam's apple, can be felt and seen when I tilt my head back. Hard to swallow.

Hard lump under skin in spinal cord? My back hurts really bad almost a month now, sometimes makes me not want to move

Hard painful lump behind ear on the bone. Only just noticed it. Cannot move it is fixed to the bone?

Hard painless lump above knee. His brother had kicked him. No sign of growth.feels like it is attached to the bone almost like a clay bandaid.

Hard painless lump on jawline that feels like bone. Dentist couldn't seem to find it, but it's there. Should I request an xray or is it probably fine.

Hard, fixed lump under chin near trachea, painless, i'm 19, under skin, can be felt anyway i tilt my head, and by others, is this a cause for concern

Hard, immovable, painful lump (3 cent+ if not larger) on r clavicle stretches to sternum, feels as if it ends at throat base. Incr in size last 6 mos.

Hard, painful (feels like a big bruise) lump in between breasts - seemingly on sternum. Does not move. 2-3in from clavicle. Should i get this checked?

Have a Lump just below my skull just to the right of my spine it's soft about 1inch around. Not painfull and can move it around with my finger.

Have a lump on my left shin bone. is very hard and does not move, has been there for several months now. should I get this checked out?

Have knot on breast bone Lt. side after felling on hard box hurts to pick up thing bend over or mash on breast bone been 6weeks what could be wrong?

Have lump by lower left pelvic bone underneath skin and fat. Only hurts when put pressure on it. Big as a quarter. What can it be?

Hello i was rubbing the back of my head and i found this bump its like a bone and it doesn't really heart when i touch it is this normal?

Hello I am 31 male wife noticed a golf ball size lump on my chest close to sc joint, feels pretty firm and fixed it feels softer in some areas than others the top of the lump is hard as bone tho, does hard and fixed always mean malignant? I'm having ultra

Hello I have a tiny hard lump under my eye just undernerneath the bone socket. It doesn't hurt and I can move it around under my finger any ideas??

Hello I have the weirdest lump on my pubic bone it's about the size of a 2 marbles put together . It hurts really bad?

Hello sir. I noticed a bony lump on the top of my left shoulder bone. It's not paining though. I lift heavy weights in the gym. Should I be concerned?

Hello sir. I noticed a bony lump on the top of my left shoulder bone. It's not paining though. I lift weights in the gym. Should I be concerned?

Hello, i found a little lump on left side of back of my head, it seems connected to skull, its painless and skin moves freely over it, im so concerned?

Hello. I have a lump on my back. I was told its lipoma but its hard at the bottom and gets softer toword the top. What could this be?

Hey! I have a hard bump on my lower jaw right before turning for the chin. It seems like it's part of the bone. What could it be? Obese 18m.

Hi ,i am feeling a hard pointed rib type bone under my left breast ,its painless, lying down makes it more is serious? should i visit doc?

Hi . It looks I have a protuberance on my right thigh it is not appeared yet but only feels when i touch it and grab in my fingers.Any risk of cancer?

Hi are there lymph nodes below the collarbone? I noticed a small firm spot just below the tip of my c.b. on my r side. No pain, feels almost like bone

Hi I have a small lump an inch directly under chin bone it moves when I lie down an when I am upright I can feel it for no pain just tenderness I am f?

Hi i have found a smallish lump under my left collar bone feels like a sack of some sort under my skin?

Hi i m 28 female felt spongy lump in armpit on wed now i feel hard tube like structure below the lump what is it? at one end it is rounded and fit

Hi right above my left Brest and under my collar bone feels like a bone (ball) it doesn't move but it sticks out?

Hi there, i had a lump in my ear that started moving towards the jawline. it doesnt hurt when i touch it, but it is relatively big (at least half cm)?

Hi, I fell off a chair onto the cement about a week ago and have a small bruise on my forehead, right at the hairline on. The right side. My concern is that I also have a small hard as bone lump on my chin/jaw bone on the right side. It he way I fell it

Hi, I have a soft lump under my big toe at the joint. I have lots of cramping and joint pain. Today I found A soft lump on the side of the same toe?

Hi, I have a soft lump under my big toe at the joint. I have lots of cramping and joint pain. Today I found A soft lump on the side of the same toe?

Hi, my mastodis process seems asymmetrical. One on the left is more prominent and not as smooth as a other one. It does not hurt and it has no lumps, just feel to touch like it has more bumps. Also my scm muscle is tight could all this be linked?

Hi, very tiny lump on right side of the neck, maybe ,middle to lower. not collar bone. It seems to be flattening. I hate google!

History of emergency surgery for parathyroid hemorrhage. Now have very hard (feels like bone), bean-shaped lump on clavicle?

Hollow area behind clavicle swollen feels lk jello?