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A pimple slowly formed on my nose over 2 weeks, i poped it and some pus came out, 3 months later its still here,clear fluid only comes out.Treatment?

For months I've had skin redness and inflammation behind my ears, where my skin is very fine and delicate clear liquid comes out that becomes a crust?

having a inner thigh rash that itches really bad , my skin peels and little red blister come about with clear liquid leaking .. what could it be ?

5 skin colored semi itchy dots randomly appeared on my arm a few days ago. Now 2 more. Half inch apart. Clear liquid comes out when squeezed.

A bites that was red and swollen now is a blister like bubble hard filled with clear liquid, what bit me?

A fews months now ive had painful pimple bumps near my nose mostly. They come to a tiny head with clear fluid,pop,dry up and start over?

About a week a painful bump formed in my ear that hasn't gone away. There's no pain anymore but clear liquid leaking out.

Are corns usually on the side of your feet ? What is best for them ? Should white /clear liquid come out of it when squeezed ? Looks red in middle

Bright orange pus/liquid around burn scabs. What could it be please?

Bubble filled with clear liquid on toe, how should I treat this?

Burned myself on the 4th, blisters have appeared and now seem to have clear liquid in them. should I pop them or no?

Can i pop a blister after it has been burnt off with liquid nitrogen?

Can pimples contain clear fluid?

Can spider bites get little blisters with clear fluid?

Clear bubble on eyelid margin. When wiped, I see a tiny bit of liquid and it goes away?

Clear fluid blisters on hand and sometimes arm ?

Clear fluid filled bubble? Bug bite?

Clear fluid under skin on nose?

Clear fluid under skin on top of nose?

Clear single blister on penis. What is this?

Clear wart things all over my nose. What do I do?

Closed comedones under skin that when squeezed white stuff comes out but keeps filling up unless they turn into a spot/pustule then after that they go?

Come into contact with oozing a clear liquid even though it was dry. Could i get blood poisoning from that?

Could use your help docs! my cuts scab over but they're never flat surfaced & always seems built up with a clear yellow substance, why?

Could you tell me what are clear fluid filled bumps all over your body and they itch really bad?

Cut thumb. Docs cleaned it good. 2 stitches. Hurts bad. Looks good. Just now & then leaks clear water like stuff. Not puss tho. Just clear liquid?

Do herpes bumps only have clear fluids come out of them ?

Doctor ! there are two little bumps on my thigh with some sort of yellow liquid filled in them ! any help ?

Does clear fluid come out of spider bites?

Does impetigo itch, burn and scale over? And cause little hole like blisters that leak a clear liquid.

Dr sprayed nitro on a non cancerous me three days ago and it is oozing clear liquid. What is this?

Extremely dry itchy fingers and palm, with little red bumps that kill and clear fluid draining. What condition is it and how can I help it?

Following being popped, do all zits have a clear liquid that comes out?

For 3 months i've had sore, clear liquid filled pustules. I don't have insurance and want to know if I should be seen by a dr.

Got bug bites few days ago, one yesterday it turned into a blister. I've been putting cortozone on it leaked clear liquid yesterday, but still Blister?

Had CT with oral contrast. The contrast was a clear red liquid. What was it? Last one i had was white chalky thick liquid.

Have been breaking out on my hand and blisters filled with clear liquid that comes out any ideas on what I can use?

Have bubble things under skin on line of where my underwear are. One popped and nothing but clear liquid came out. What is it? five month old just spit up clear liquid it kind of looks like saliva is that normal?

Help! can athletes foot be bumps with clear fluid?

Hi I have a really bad sunburn on my fore head and it is now oozing on its own with a clear fluid and crusting over a yellow color. is this bad?

Hi I have these small bubbles filled with clear liquid that keep appearing on the sides and bottom of my feet can you tell me what it could be plz?

Hi to someone please help me i keep getting these blisters on my body and they have like clear fluids and i was wondering what' could it be?

Hi, I have this clear bubble under my tongue but is not painful. I have it for 2-3 weeks now, should I be worried ? Plus is it contagious?

Hi, I burnt myself with a deodorant and basically a blister has formed in like a bubble with clear liquid in it (ew) - How shall I treat this?!

Hi! I have had a clear bump on my finger ever since I was a little kid. It doesn't have fluid... it is just like extra skin growth that is clear. ?

How do I get rid of clear mucous that drains in my mouth at night?

How do you get rid of an "early pimple" that's simply filled with clear fluid?

How long after liquid nitrogen should sk be itchy and pink?

How to protect a 2-yr old from mosquitos? Child develops blisters that ooze clear fluid shortly after being bitten.

How to treat severe sunburn blisters are popping by themselves and clear liquid is coming out

I accidentally popped my mucous cyst in my mouth and I think I swallowed some of the fluid ?

I burned my hand with a drop of liquid sugar. It blistered and popped the next day. A week later there is a clear crust but it's itching like crazy.

I found a small sore in the middle of my head two days ago and now they are popping up all over my head and they have stared to oozes clear liquid?

I get clear fluid filled little bumps on my upper lip i get them after i'm out in the sun all day and when I have allergies? What is it? Any cure?

I get these little clear blisters/bubbles under my tongue all the time and they hurt... I'm kind of scared for what they could be...

I got a wart treated but it didn't turn into a blister, it actually got red and big and now is leaking a clear liquid.Is there something wrong ?

I had a black head on my lip a couple days ago and popped it now there is a bunch of clear fluid around it and it's getting big what is it?

I had a micro laser peel on my face 3 months ago. Ever since, I have had small, red pimples filled with clear fluid on my chin. How do I clear them up?

I had a non cancerous mole sprayed with nitrite to remove it about 4 days ago. I has some oozing clear liquid. What is this clear liquid? Thanks

I had a small bump in outter ear canal and ALOT of white debris came out when squeezed. Now won't stop oozing ALOT of clear fluid... MSRA??

I had dry skin on cheek where my ear begins and scratched it n some clear liquid came out n got some hard crusty stuff covering it now what could be?

I had inverted nipples. 1 side was sore & literally closed up after being sucked. Clear sticky liquid was seen when I tried to press it open. Normal?

I had what looked like a pimple come up on my stomach and now it is extremely painful and is oozing a yellowish green liquid. What should i do?

I have 2 bubbles on arxh of foot that keep coming back i pop them becauae they annoy me then they r sore clear fluid oozes out what could this be?

I have 2 clear fluid filled bumps at the top of my throat with little white spots in them. Also I have been having sticky hard nose discharge.

I have 3 pimple like bumps on my index finger. I pop them and a clear fluid comes out. A little after I pop them, the fluid is back already. What coul?

I have a bad dry spot that's cracking open and clear stuff leaks out of it. Had it for a week are two now. It also itchy ?

I have a blister filled with clear liquid on my earlobe(close to where my earring holes are). What could this be?

I have a blister that looks like a wart its hard and when i pop it clear fluid comes out it leaves a red spot then after a while it comes backany idea?

I have a bug bite on my leg and a weird liquid keeps leaking out and then hardening into a yellowish crust? What is that?

I have a bump on my shoulder that keeps leaking a clear liquid non stop i don't know if its a bug bite it has a weird shape to it what is it ?

I have a bump on the back of my ear its swollen white yellowish pus came out then clear liquid...But overnight it filled up again..What to do to get i?

I have a clear bubble on my eyeball what could this be?

I have a clear bubble under my tongue. I have popped it a few times. Sometimes it's blood and other times it's pus or something clear.

I have a clear fluid filled bubble in my right eye?

I have a couple tiny bumps on my outer elbow that are skin color/clear. I used to have more, and they would ooze a clear liquid if scraped. What is it?

I have a cut on my foot that's covered in a clear liquid that comes from it. What is this liquid?

I have a hard attached lump which oozes both clear and thick white pus and will scab over but then starts irritating again. Is it skin cancer?

I have a hard knot in my tear duct area and my eye is seeping clear liquid. What is it?

I have a liquid (clear liquid) filled bubble on the bottom of one of my toes should I pop it? Any suggestions how to get rid of it?

I have a quite a large spot on my chin which is really sore and weeping clear liquid it has a small yellow scab also bit is open?

I have a rash behind my ear. Its been there awhile. Its red, painful and it has like scaley scabs and it leaks clear sticky fluid. It also burns.

I have a small spot, at first it was itching and now it turned to a blister full of transparent, yellow liquid. Which insect can cause this?

I have a something on my finger it is red and when I push on it clear stuff comes out of it. I have cut it open twice.

I have a sore on my scalp that is oozing yellowish fluid. It is raised like a scab. What could it be?

I have a sore raised spot under my nostril. A clear fluid comes out and so has white stiff. How can I tell if staph infection. Fluid comes back quick ?

I have a tiny clear bump that looks like a water blister. It's on the water line of my eye and frequently comes and goes with swelling.

I have a white almost clear blood blister on my lip how do i get rid of it?

I have a yellow puss like blister in the bac of my mouth. What could it be?

I have an area on my finger where my epidermis has peeled away and is red and painful.Also, a clear liquid keeps coming out of it.What could I have?

I have an itchy rash behind both ears that oozes clear stuff and is slowly spreading. What is it?

I have bites that are everywhere that leak clear fluid, when i scratch they leave small holes. I'm also getting hives on and off. What is it!?

I have bites that itch and ooze clear stuff what is this?

I have blister type things around my mouth. They ooze fluid and then crust over (like a honey brown color). What could this be?

I have blisters on my clitoris. It hurts and is itchy. Very little clear liquid on it. What is it. ?

I have blisters on the top of my mouth and they are filled with a clear liquid what could cause this?

I have bumps all over my legs from putting on cream after shaving. Some of them are oozing a clear liquid. What should I use to clear it up?

I have bumps that come up on my hand and when squeezed they give out a white clear liquid, also I have severely itchy skin that is constant?

I have eczema and sometimes it oozes fluid on the surface on my skin. What does the fluid contain?