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dr did biopsy on my stomach & small intestine& said similar swelling like crohns but said dont have it. is there any disease that can look like it?

Anaphylaxis in my leg. Looks like melanoma. What should I do?

As a concerned teacher i need to know how does a ringworm look like?

Can a 9 week or 11 week ultrasound look like 7 weeks by mistake?

Can a 9 week or 11 week ultrasound look like 7 weeks by mistake?

Can a blood blister look like cancer?

Can a doctor easily tell the difference between syphilis and folliculitis just by looking at it?

Can a gel like mass on the thyroid area turn into a liquid like mass?

Can a lung scar look like cancer?

Can a melanoma look like a bruise?

Can any other skin growth look like filiform wart? As far as slight resemblance? My growth doesn't look like stereotypical filiform- at all! Is it?

Can breast cancer look like a pimple?

Can docs explain what does urethral prolapse look like?

Can doctors tell me what does the beginning stages of chickenpox look like in a toddler?

Can doctors tell me what does the mildest version of herpes look like?

Can herpes look like simple zits?

Can inflammatory breast cancer look like contact dermatitis?

Can ovarian cancer look like a balloon ?

Can someone tell me what empataga looks like I have it on my forehead?

Can this look like skin cancer?

Can tonsils be different shapes and textures? One looks like it has a lot of holes and the other is smoother

Can tonsils be different shapes and textures? One looks like it has a lot of holes and the other is smoother

Can u get cancer under your scalp and what would it look like?

Can you break your nasal spine? If so what does it look like?

Can you get herpes on ur chest and if so what does it look like?

Can you please describe merca staff infection and what does it look like ?

Can you tell me how i can look like 18 years old when at mid 30s ?

Can you tell me how someone with klinefelters syndrome face looks like?

Can you tell me what can oral cancer look like?

Could a stroke always look like a large dark area on these scans?

Could penile cancer look just like a cyst?

Could you please define fibro and what does the pain look like?

Do gynaecologists care about what it looks like down there? I have always been super nervous about that

Does inflammatory breast cancer look like dermatitis? Or it is just swollen and red, like mastitis?

Does penile cancer look like herpes, when it is starting?

Does penile cancer look like ulcers?

Does syphilis always look like a bump, or can it cause different diseases?

Does walking pneumonia look like gray mass on a x-ray?

Eosinophilic granuloma? What does it look like?

Had biopsy on prostate today. Is it normal to have disharge looking like particals . Look likemeat.?

Has anyone here ever seen sun poisoning? Whats it look like?

Hello doctors, what does oral cancer look like?

Hello doctors, what does retinal hemmoraging look like?

Hi can you explaim what chicken spots look like?

Hi doctor pleaze help me doctor I have body type of veneral like pear i was born like that i have no cheast like man my top very thin but I have so ?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a severe malocclusion, and what does it look like?

How can I find out what a femoral av fistula looks like?

How do I know exactly what do the symptoms of breast cancer look like?

How do I know how a wart looks like?

How do I know if I have a leg ulcer and what do they look like?

How does a breast tumor look like?

How does a carbuncle look?

How does dehydration in a child look like?

How does nomal breast looks like?

How does one identify Peyronie's disease scar tissue? Feel, look like?

How does one identify scar tissue from Peyronie's disease? What would it look, feel, like?

How does paronychia look like when it is healing?

How does skin cancer start out looking like, when it is young and small?

How is leukemia patches look like?

How should I ask my doctor about something that may be in my ear, like I don't know if there is or not, I'm embarrassed to ask my doctor to look.

How to be a good look?

How to know if I look like I'm developing gynecomastia?

How will my belly look like at 2 months?

I am 18 but my penis looks like a child's. What should I do?

I am 25 year old but look like 40 yr old. What is the reason and how to look back like my original age i.E. 25?

I am 40 years old but i look like 14 year old ?

I am twenty and my growth is very slow I look like 14?

I believe i have polyps, i'm not certain but it looks somewhat similar to the image. It's below my clit, it almost looks like do u removeit?

I check my urine.I seen the pictures of Syphilis it look like that.

I get these lesion looking things that look like herpes on my penis but i don't think it is. I get them and they go away and comeback.Looks like scabes? Help! im scared

I have a questionable mole on my leg. Besides what it looks like, are there any other signs, like pain or growth, that would indicate melanoma?

I have not seen a picture of anything that looks like the bump I have in my mouth. What Else could it be? I have seen stoliath, fibroma, etc.

I have something that looks like like a pimple on my penis. I'm wondering what it is and should it be treated.

I have this thing that looks like an organ of some sort in my vagina and has little bumps that look like nipples what could this be?

I have what looks like little lumps of fat on my stomach. Not lipomas. Looks like cellulite. Had baby 6 months ago. What is this?

I have what looks like to be inflamation around the center of my nipples. Should i have it checked out?

I know what bunions look like, but what exactly are they?

I really don't like myself for being so ugly! please help!?

I touched something that looks like blood at work. What should I do?

I was curious if any one knows what genital warts will look like in the beginning stages?

I was wondering what does testicular cancer look & feel like?

I'm 17 and there looks like there's like petals around my vaginal opening, it's ugly and I'm very self conscious of it?

I'm scared because my scrotum looks like it has vacorcile, I'm a teenager it has like wrinkles it looks different sometimes?

If you had a lipoma, what would it look and feel like?

Im 19 years old male and i look like a 15 year old. How should I change this?

In the way. It looks like webbed neck! how can I solve this condition?

Is it normal to get a circumcision just to look like the others?

Is it ok to have my son circumcised so that he'll look like me?

Is orchitis EASILY identifiables on an US? What does it look like on one? Like how can they tell? Are there colored spots on the testicl?Or what?

Is there an image of what alveoli and bronchus look like?

It looks like one of my breasts is larger than the other. Is this normal?

Look like a crator with hole with infectin in it is this skin cancer possible?

Might have a breast abscess -- what does one look like?

My baby does not look like any of my others and is slow in rolling over. What could it be?

My chalazion looks like it's about to burst, what should I do?

My friend has a what it seem to look like a wart on her nipple?

My friend has this stuff that looks like a brain on her vagina lip and she's had it for a while she's scared .

My husband have been having something like flems in his throat and he has seen several e.N.T specialist but it looks like there is no improvement.

My mom has what looks like a carbuncle and now there is a larger bruise relatively near the site. Is this normal?

My mother has three bumps under her armpit and one looks like an ulcer the other two look like the first one did initially. What could it be?