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Last night I had a pimple on top of my upper lip , I put some toothpaste on & woke up having it burning my skin & really it red, peeling ?

On my upper lip is tiny small bumps like a red line and when i put abrava it burn ? ,lower bottom lip is small tiny yellow dot red around it?

10 or so tiny clear bumps inside of bottom lip. Size of pin head. Not sore.

3 days ago my inner lips and clitoris have been itchy mostly when i touch them, it also burns and i also have bumps on the inner lips. what can it be?

4 small bumps spaced apart on top corner of lip the next day the bumps turned black at the core?

A lot of very small spots all around the lips, white colour and not painful at all... It cames out 4 days ago after using old lip balm. Maybe fungus?

A small bump just appeared on my upper lip, not on the edge more to the center, from stepping outside. Cold sore maybe?

A small purple wart like bump has appeared inside lip in front of mouth and my tongue keeps touching it. It is hard and painless. What should I do?

A small strange pimple on my lower lip inside.How to cure it plz.Could it be cancerous?

After trying on "try me lipstick" when but some days clear small bubble bumps appeared on my upper lip on the corner and i was wonderin what is it?

Angular chelitis and entire lips are very itchy with tiny little bumps all over only visible close up. Lips also red and bit puffy.

Any idea what a large blister looking bump appearing on upper lip could be?

Asking why am having painless bumps on the inside of the cheeks.They come and go.Got white small lining on the cheeks too.what may be the cause?

Be4 washing off makeup, area under bottom lip was itching , woke up to 2 itchy small red bumps under lip. What is this? What could I do to heal it?

Blister looking bump on the upper inside of my buttcheek. What could this be?

Brown spot on my top lip, what is this?

Bump on edge of lip has been there for 3 weeks now, greyish looking, can it be herpes ?

Bump on upper lip maybe a cyst. How can I tell?

Can clamidyia cause pea sized hard bumps on the inner lip at the bottom closer to my but or did my ex give me herpes too?

Can lip biting cause white painless bumps to form?

Can tiny paper cut like thing on the side of the lips be herpes?

Can you tell me what small bumps on my lips are? They don't hurt or irritate me and are in most parts of my lips. Please tell me what they are.

Clear lip blister inner lips with tiny white area increases and reduces to almost flattish clear blister. I've no it mucocele? 2 weeks now.

Clear pimples on vaginal right lip. Why do they have pinkish base?

Do herpes blisters on lips always ooze or pop? I've had little white pimples near the corner of mouth , both sides. Some a little below of the corner. They do itch but barely burn. I've had them for about 4 days now, I went to the doctor twice, consecutiv

Do oral herpes always hurt? Because I have some white - yellowish spots on my upper lip but they don't hurt at all.

Doctor i have white patch small on lips coming advice?

Does cut on lip turn into white bump?

Every morning I have white substance in the corners of my mouth and also under inside under my top lip looks like yeast or something what could it be?

Flesh coloured bump at upper lip line grows turns white after a month then puss came out. Pimple or cancer?

For the past 3 days or so I have had these sandpaper like bumps on my upper lip. I think it's about 15 to 20 of them, they are so small i can't count them all. They don't burn, itch, or hurt.

For the past month or so I've had this small patch on upper lip that feels dry. It has flaked a couple of times. Not red, no puss, doesn't hurt.

Fordyce spots on lips. When become really chapped, I get a whitehead directly on my lip. Inflamed Fordyce spot? When popped, it goes away. Little sore

Fordyce spots, vaginal discharge, tiny whitish spots in corners of mouth that travel up sides of upper lip.

Found a small yellow dot on the inside of the back of my top eyelid. Have any idea what it could be?

Frequent red bumps in my mouth, inner cheeks, tongue and iinner lips mostly affected. Bump comes mostly single and red in colour goes back in 1-2 day.

Got little bumps in my inner cheeks?

Had a pimple on my upper lip popped it i woke up and the side of my lip was swollen with little ones on the one side with red circle in my inner lip?

Hallo I have a little yellowish bumps inside my upper lip and bottom. It has been one year already. ?

Hard bump on upper lip line for past 4 months?

Have a white patch on lip for 7 months I bite that spot where it is and for 2 weeks I haven't bit my lip it hasn't gone away should I be worried ?

Have painless movable very small lumps front bottom inside of mouth some same skin colour some slightly white. Been about a week I don't smoke ?

Have small white bumps on lower top lip that kind of irritate me sometimes. Is it an std?

Have two small whiteish bumps on my lips and i'm a 16 yr old girl. What could they be?

He is 12 years old and has a white circle on his inner bottom lip it came up last night?

Hello, I have a small red bump on my right cheek just below my cheek bone and it won't go away.. Any suggestions? I also have a small red bump on my lower lip that's been here for a little over a year now.

Hello, i have some small puss bumps around the nose & cheek area. It somewhat reminds me of a baby bottom rash. What could this be from?

Hello, I've notice two white bumps inside my mouth one my right cheek, and in my bottom lip, my tongue's white with reddish circles in the edges etc..

Hello... I've noticed these little like white head bumps on my top lip. It doesn't sore up or itch. They are just there?

Hello... my 4 years old son has a white patch on outer lower lip. Its a little bit harder than the rest of the lip and its not painful. I'm concerned.

Hey I have a small white bump on the bottom right corner of my lip. I am worried it could be some std virus what should I do?

Hey I have a tiny bump on the top of my lip with a crator like hole and black dot in the middle it doesn't hurt unless I pick at it what can it be?

Hey I need help. I noticed bumps on my lower lip and I'm not sure what they are?

Hey i was wondering what does it mean when the up part of each butt cheeks are swollen and have like bumps on the inside?

Hi i. Have a white bump inside the side of my mouth , it was clear. Filled last night but when i woke up it was white?

Hi so the other day I noticed like a rough dry patch in my mouth on my bottom lip and today I noticed its now reddish little bumps? What could it be?

Hi. I have tiny itchy bumps in my lips. It will come and then go. It has a tingling feeling to it and is the same color as my lips. What can it be. I ?

Hi. This morning I woke up with a cluster of small, white, painless bumps on the inside of my upper lip. Do u know if it could be an allergic reaction?

Hoping you can tell me, is purple bump inside mouth a sign of hiv?

How can I cure tiny bumps on top lip and it don't itch or scar?

How can I get this white bump on my lip removed?

How can I put an end to Fordyce spots on lips?

How do I get rid of this white bump inside my lower lip?

How do you cure a blood dot on the inside of my bottom lip?

How do you know if you have herps. I have a bump on the inside of my cheek that's clear what could it be?

How is called white small spot on inside my gums that just appeared and it is very sensitive to touch?

How to tell difference between fordyces spots and HPV on lip? Tiny white clusters in corner of mouth, across top lip. Painless. Not blisters/oozing

I have small white spots on my top lip u can see it better if you pull the lip tight ..What are these , ?

I being having a burning sensation in the corners of my mouth red and some very little white head pimples not visible but burns?

I bit my lip and i have a not so small hard bump on my inner bottom lip, which stays for more than a month I don't think it will go away, what to do ?

I bit my lower lip like 6 months ago and now I have a little painless white lump is this normal?

I bite the inside of my cheeks and recently noticed two small white bumps on the inside of my cheeks. Is this something i need to have checked?

I feel these tiny bumps inside my lip, should I be worried?

I felt a little pressure on my lip yesterday. Today I have a small cluster on the border of my upper lip with clearish fluid. Is it herpes?

I found white spots on my upper lip and went to doc who said Fordyce spots by just looking at them. Any chance could be lip cancer?

I had a bump with pus on lip line then i noticed little blisters only lip line that stay small and don't grow and if pop them they go away in 2 days?

I had a cold sore in the right corner of my lip and it healed but now there's a hard,flesh colored, painless bump there. should I worry?

I had a little white bump come up on the outside of my bottom lip. It is hard and doesn't hurt. What could it be?

I had a red bump on the lip line of my upper lip. Before I noticed it it wasn't painful. After squeezing hard it is now tingly and hurts, what is it?

I had a tiny bump on my corner lower lip line. It was not painful and did not ooze, but wasn't a pimple. Is it possible to not be a cold sore?

I had a white pimple directly on the red part on my the center of my lip. Not the lip line popped it and a small amount of clear liquid came out. ?

I had had what i thought was a pimple under my lip line for about a month.. It is small but will just not go away. What could it be?

I had some very tiny white bumps on my lips that now seem to be forming into larger splotches. Lips are also very leathery.

I have a little bump on my bottom lips.. it has almost the same color as my lips... what should i do ? can i cure it from home ?

I have 1 dark red bubble inside my mouth, cheek. No pain and I gave head 2 days before this appeared. What is it?

I have 3 white hard painless bumps that are the size of an acne or pimple on my upper lip line and they just won't go away they are there from so long?

I have 6 small pimples above my upper lip. They start to fade away but reappear within a few days, they have white tips,are painful. What can I do?

I have a big white pimple on my lip, how normal is this?

I have a black spot with a crusty top on it and the top just peeled off like a sore does with a scab on it...

I have a blister on my top lip and under my lip. Its not bleeding or pussing jus tingling burning itchy. Then it lil tiny bumps on top lip lininng?

I have a blister/bubble on the exterior of my lower lip. There seems to be clear puss inside it. It is painful. I just wish to know what it may be.

I have a blood blister on my lip that appear and started growing it has two white circles inside is it something to worry about?

I have a bruise or bump on the inside of my lower lip, what is this?

I have a bubble like bump on the inside behind my lip. I'm scared, what could it be?

I have a bump inside my lower right lip. I've heard that it can be a mucocele but mine is colored clear is it still a mucocele?

I have a bump inside my mouth inside the lip. The bump is red and about medium sized.

I have a bump inside the inner lips of my varina it's not painful & has a white head? What can it be & how can I get rid of it?

I have a bump on my bottom lip felt it under the skin first then popped up with three white heads how do I get rid of it?

I have a bump on my outer bottom lip. No color. Just gets slightly red sometimes. Clear liquid came out a few times, and now it has a small hole.

I have a bump on my stomach line above my vignia what could it be?