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Believed to have eczema or HPV, cavity at the end of my penis head, it is now healed and bumps all over body itchy. Imiquin was diagnosed.

I have small red itchy pimples either side of my anus itching sometimes spreads to my scrotum?

small skin colored group of bumps on my shaft. It has been there for months. I don't have any pain or itching. I'm scared cause I can't afford a doc?

'what''s the best way to treat wart like bumps on penis?'

1 Dime size, no head pimple/blister between scrotum and anus. 2 weeks. Friction from tennis and sweat? Std!?

1 mm clear bumps on penis/hands. What are they and how to treat?

2 days after unprotected sex I found 3 red bumps with white top on shaft 1 inch from foreskin equally distributed on the circ.not itchy and no pus.

2 small bumps on top of penis shaft. Too much rough masturbation. Looks exactly like a whitehead pimple. Still a virgin. What is it? Antifungal cream?

2 years ago i was alergic to sun.Recently i've developed a red spot on the shaft of my penis.It doesn't cause any itching.What should I do?

20 years old male. Have severel 1 CM pink, raised, flat "spots" in "foreskin" area (circumcized). Spots dry up sometimes, but are painless. Cancer?

23 y/o male, small, flat darker brown lesion on underside of penile shaft. it's been there a long time, no pain, and dissapears when skin is pulled

24yo no sti. I've small spots on glans penis for yrs see pic, they have pus and can burst then lesion look like ulcer. Then it recovers and reoccurs.

2cm solid lump 2-3 mth penis/pubic area below the skin Its purplish, shiny&flakes dry skin.Sometimes bleeds a little no pain/discomfor & not std. ??

3 months ago i noticed 3 warty lesions on scrotum.1 wart almost dissapeared. size barely noticed it after eczema on scrotum. Warts? Or?

3-5 small flesh coloured bumps on penis glans near meatus. Negative for stds. No pain/burning just some irritation. How can I make them go away ?

A giant pimple in my pubic area, i'm worried about herpes, my foreskin is red and so is the head of my penis, does it sound bad?

A guy gets small blister like bumps on shaft of penis once a month in the same area. They pop easily and itch for a week then go away what could it be?

A portion of my penis head is red.Its not itching nor burning.It has been their for weeks now.I'm worried, please help!

A red patch on the head of my penis there is no itching burning discharge or anything but the head of my penis look wrinkly noticed 3 months Ago ?

A small, single pimple like bump near the base of my penile shaft. There is only one. It does not hurt or itch. Opinion?

A spot on my buttocks began to itch and by the end of the day I have little cluster of bumps there. They itch but aren't painful. Could be herpes or just my Hidradenitis suppurativa acting up? I have a pic as well.

A vein in my penis swells when my penis is not erect. The skin sometimes itches and tingles in certain areas where vein is. No rash, bumps, discharge?

About 10 days ago I got 2 pimpl like bumps on the shaft of my penis. I popped them. The next day they were scabs peeled off and skin is dry.

About a week ago i noticed a small rissin itchy bump on my sac. It soon spread on my thighs and shaft. It only itches at night and morning. help me.

About two months ago I pulled a hair from penis shaft and now a red bump has formed, it doesn't hurt but is very visible. How can I treat it?

Appears to be pimple on penis directly on top of a vein. Its been about 3 wks and slightly red and sore. Appeared after hair removal. How to treat?

Are bumps itching on hair of penis serious?

Are rashes on the side of your penis curable?

Around the lips of my penis is shiny skin it doesn't feel flaky and when i squeez my penis it seems hard and my lymph nodes are swollen is this HIV ?

Blister sort of thing on my penis head? No pus no pain

Boyfriend has rash on penis.Only on head.It appeared a year ago.Bright red in color,skin peels off sometimes.Had been in contact with woman with HPV.

Bump filled with whitish dots under skin on penile shaft. No itch or pain. There for about a month. Closest online comparison is subaceaus hyperplasia?

Bumps irritation redness and slight discoloration on penis head, help?

Bumps on penis that itch 4d then go away?

Callused hands, masturbate..Have rough red skin on penis..Now after sex, scabbing and painful patches..Should i worry...No fever, or other symptoms?

Can a red spot around the head of the penis, painless, itchless, be any STD (like herpes) ? It's been there for a week

Can a single tiny reddish bump on penis that ended up as a white spot under the skin be herpes or just something else? No ulcer or pain/itching.

Can genital herpes be painless and skin colored on the head of penis?

Can reactive arthritis cause bumps on your penis?

Can scabies be present on the penis? I have 1 bump/itch on my penis, 2 on wrist, 1 on armpit, 2 around waistline. Wife and son have the bumps too.

Can sweat gland bumps on your penis go away?

Can these be genetal warts? I have pink reddish pimple looking things on my penis up at the top of it by my stomach.

Can you have scabies without any itch? I have a 2 CM line rash where penis and scrotum meet with small pinching sensation. Stayed in hotels last month

Cluster of raised lumps near vagina. How do I treat this?

Cluster of small clear bumps on penis forskin and shaft gives off a tingling sensation when they arrive?

Cluster of whitish spots around penile meatus, though theres no pain at all.

Concentrated Lesions around genital area for week, feels itchy, old lesions are greyish, scrotum underside red, lesions grown in area with time. help?

Could a red bump on the penis be an infection or friction burn?

Could the syphillis chancre be found on the shaft of the penis and the second stage rash be found on the inner thigh legs?

Cracked foreskin skin red spots on penis. Whats the best and worst possibilites and solutions?

Dark patches on head of the penis when it is flaccid but not seen when erect These dark patches are spreading to the meatus How to get rid of patches?

Dear Urologist, The skin on the top of my legs near my penis is red, swollen and itching. It looks and started with many small (3-6mm) circles merge?

Dime sized area on my penis just below the head, it was inflamed (not itchy) for less than a day. Showered and the skin is gone and open. Herpes?

Discoloration (gray/white) of penis head glands and inflammation/burning. some smegma at rim. Occasionally itchy, and virgin. What and how can I cure?

Do I have herpes? Non-itching, painless ulcers on penile shaft and tip. No other symptoms.

Do you get scab on penis for jock itch scab like substance on penis

Doc.. i have itchy red looking pimples on my penis AMD scrotum.. could you please help me?? Its been going formore than a weak

Doctor glans of my penis remain red there is sometimes burning, itching cracks' collection ofcheeselike matter' little pus and itching of scalp' hair?

Does , itchy, burning, hard red diminute pimples, around groin and red rectal and testicles sounds to u like herpes? Btw no blister or oozing, fungal?

Does staph folliculitis usually present on the back? 5-10 small red bumps, no itching or pain, spread around back. 34 y/o male. No white tip or pus

Few spots in the genitals area ( the hairy part above the penis) 5 hard un painful spots not itchy,if scratched hardly or removed the head bleeds easy?

For 1 wk I have had a small pimple/white head surrounded by oval patch of pale skin on the shaft of my penis, no pain, itching, or irritation.

For a few years now I've had what you might call a rush of skin colored bumps on my penis. They used to itch a lot. How do I test for what this is?

For a week I have this red- sometimes purple spot on the sulcus of my penis. No pain no itch, neither it gives me any discomfort. Can it be an std?

Found a small sore Near the head of penis, after it dissapeared had some rashes near anal region. Is this symptom of syphyllis Will I know if it is?

Found bump/sore on penis when using my hand?

Four red marks almost in a row in the genital area. Two have little scabs on them know. Should we be worried about them? One is a lump near his penis

From last 2 months I have round nail size glassy reddish brown skin rash on penis head on right corner. It it yeast infection?

Good morning Doctor, I have a small bump on my skin near my penis. I do not have pain. but its growing slowly. need prescription. thanks?

Got treated for tinea in groin. .saw red spot on head of penis have ppp. .can it be herpes?

Had staph on scrotum. Cleared up, now have itching on scrotum that spread to penis. Penis is red, swollen at the head with weeping fluid. How 2 treat?

Hard lump on penile shaft. Under the skin n is the color of my skin. Seems to have grown over the year. What kind of Dr should I see? A local clinic?

Have a whitehead above my penis and it is all red around it, really hurts. I'm still a virgin. What is it? How can it be treated?

Have dry skin on rim of penis head. Doc says I could've aggravated an old lesion.Doesn't think it's an std.took blood just in case What could it be?

Having itchy balls that bleed from the itching for over 8 years. rash over the balls with few scattered on the surrounding skin except the penile shaf?

Having something like pimples on the tip of the edge of the penis....... Not itchy and multiplying itself........ Doctors please i really need a remedy..

Head of penis is itchy red and sensative outer area of penis gland burns when comes in contact with urine

Hello doc I have something red on my penis and teaticules i am afraid to be a eczema ?

Hello doc.I have this unexplained rash in my penis.its actually located at the not itchy nor painful.but its appears alarming to me.

Hello i have a very sore and cracked foreskin there is also red patches on the head what could this be since its impossible for it to be a STI?

Hello sir ! I have those pimples on my penis for about 2 days . + I had a fever , pain during urination , and those pimples get itchy from time to tim?

Hello, i have a red splotch on the cap of my penis. Its been visible for about 3 or 4 days and was sensitive to the touch initially. I am a virgin.

Hello, a week ago I noticed 6 open sores ( ulcers that look wet and hurt) under the shaft of my penis. I also noticed small itchy bumps on penis.

Hello, Doc I just wanna ask , I have white blisters on my foreskin its been there for years(itchy sometimez), I have similar on my lips, what is it?

Hello, i extremely confused and at this point dont know what to do. I have small bumps on the shaft of my penis some not even bumps but more just skin discoloration. They do not itch, burn, sting, bleed, or serve any discomfort other than the sight of hav

Hello. 36m. 2 weeks ago noticed reddish purplish marks on the right side of my penis head. Not herpes but don't know what it is. Have pic

Hello. I noticed a red rash and small red pimples around my pubic hair area but not on my penis. What might be the cause of this?

Help! i got this bump by pubic area and i think lower shaft of my penis it's not red it's just like a bump. Please help! thank you!

Hey for the past week my scrotum has been itching! I didn't think anything of it but then 2 days ago I have these 6 bumps on there and then too lumps ?

Hi - I have noticed what appear to be slightly "inflamed" hair follicles (papules) on the under shaft of my penis. Slightly raised. Concern for HSV. ?

Hi doc! I have this round thing on the head of my penis which does not itch but sheds skin. What is it?

Hi i am currentlyusing oratane 30 mg , my penis is red,itchy, white stuff on inside skin and on the ,penis head is this STD or oratane?

Hi i have a red oval shape spot on my penis head and i am uncircumscribed i have no pain and no itching problems i am a vergin. ?

Hi I have a very small red lump on my penile shaft anything to be worried about it sometimes disappears when I wash well what could it be thanks .

Hi I have bb sized bumps on the shaft of my penis. They are grouped together and are under the skin. They don't hurt and I'm not sexually active.

Hi I have itching & burning on penis shaft with some redness for 1 week. Came after intense day of working out. Base of shaft has white bumps.

Hi I not long ago had a bath and I pulled my foreskin back and there was red blotches under it and on the end of my penis as well and its really itchy?

Hi i'm 23 year old male, there are several white pimples type dots on borders of my penis head?

Hi there, I have 4 very small pimple like bumps just underneath the head of the penis that are flesh colored. They aren't scaly or hard. I also have occasional burning with urination (no discharge or swollen testicles), but think it might be linked to ib

Hi, had raised bump on penis, no pain look like wart. Develop more the last few days and develop warts on hands. What could this be?