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10 years Ive had a few small red dots on my fingers (above knuckles) they are under the skin but recently they have spread up my wrists. are they bad?

2 year old has red slightly swollen itchy palms, no other symptoms nothing on her feet. Only her palms ?

2.5 year old with spots on hands, feet and tongue(really red)?

5-6 tiny pinprick bumps on palms & palm side of fingers. Warts, or tiny blisters/callouses? I drove 300mi on Sat... but remember no palm pain.

7 yr old had small pimple like on inside of a foot sole for a couple of months not itchy now has 3 on a palm of one hand no other symptoms, what is it?

A little freckle appeared on my finger on the palm of my hand does this mean anything?

A six years old kid have little red bumps on the hands and inside the mouth and it is spreading around the body what is it? Its not itchy

Almost a week to every two weeks a red dot (probably the size of my pinky) will appear on my 2 year old sons arm or leg or finger. Last 2-3 days?

Brown speckles appeared on thumb. Looks like a cluster of tiny pin pricks. Not raised at all and is under skin. What could cause this?

Bumps in palms of hands that itch and turning red?

Bumps on hands and fingers come and go, flesh colored or red.Dark dot in center.Sometimes itch almost always hurt to touch or open bottles.Dyshidrotic?

Callous like spots on index finger and thumb. They appear at random times and they are really sore.

Can eczema cause small white pimples on the palms of the hands.

Can you get shingles on the palms of your hands? And does it come in a cluster or single bumps?

Can you recommend a remedy for small, itchy bumps on my finger?

Can you tell me what these itchy bumps on my fingers are?

Cluster of blisters on Palm and 3 little blisters on middle finger. What could it be?

Could Bier spots appear only on palms?

Could I have a rash just on my hands it's small and red and painful?

Couple nights ago I woke up itching. I have small bumps on all fingers and toes but no where else. They really itch and there is no redness.

Does eczema cause tiny painful bumps on the palm of hands?

Does hand mouth & foot appear as tiny almost pin prick looking red dots in the mouth?

Dry knuckles with very small cuts with scaleyness plus red blotches. What causes this. Its never happened to me before?

During cold weather, there'll be red dots on fingers and sometimes on toes. It is pain and itchy sometimes. Cannot bend my fingers. Why?

Finger tips prickly sensation and palms feel prickly accompanied by littel red dots that seem as if they are under the skin?

For a few months now off and on my fingers swell in both my hands, both my hands become very itchy and red.

Found red spots on hands, wrists and arm. What could it be help?

Go 3 little like pin dot sores 1 on top of each hand and one on top of my right pointer finger they look like pimples but they all have yuk greenheads?

Have a red lump finger?

Have orange brownish spots on left palm of my hand.

Have red sores under the skin all over the palm of my hands what could they be?

Have sore bruised feeling in my pointer and ring finger knuckles, theyre slightly reddish purple and itch, the skin isnt dry and not really swollen?

Have these itchy red pimples around my thumb and spreading to my hands?

Hello I have small red bumps on my hand that hurt when I touch them and there are spreading to my left hand I was wondering if I should be concerned?

Hello, for the past week the top part of my hand between the thumb and index finger has been incredibly itchy, there is no rash or dry skin or bumps?

Hello! I have blisters on the palm of my hand, they kinda look like a ring with a red middle. I'm getting scared, can you help?

Hello. I have a small painful lump on the palm of my hand . It is bluish in colour and quite painful ?

Help, I have black bump randomly appeared on finger; is this potentially skin-cancer?

Help, what to do with clear itchy bumps on my right hand on the thumb and pointer finger?

Hi I have itchy red bumps which are small all over my hand till a lil below my wrist, can it be scabies?

Hi I have little red painful dots on my fingers and toes just wondering what they could be. Hurt to touch but under skin?

Hi there, for 7 days, I have had a red mark on my hand (between my thumb and index finger). It simply appeared one morning, without any pain/itch?

Hi, I have this blister like bump on the inside of my pinky finger. It has a white dot in the middle of it. It is also itchy and burns a bit. help pls?

Hi! I've red spots/small rashes on the back of my hands, from my thumbs until my index fingers in a semicircle. It's itch and burn. What's this? Thank

How come i get itchy bumps on palms of hands?

How do you know if you have a common wart on your hand if it is not risen but is discoloured?

How to know if my hand is small?

How to treat itchy swollen peeling cracking bumps on fingers?

I am noticing small red rash on my feet and hands. Mainly on my big toes and ony palms. Any suggestion to what it is?

I devolved a rash on the sides of three of my fingers. My index middle and ring finger. It only itched the first day no blisters just red streaks. ?

I got stinging pain under my finger stings to touch,and there appears to be a very small bump compared to my other fingers,what could this be?

I had a tiny little red dot on my finger which was very itchy it is now the size of a penny, is very warm to touch and i now have two more what is it?

I had tiny red bumps all over my hands and forearms and within a hour or so it spread all over and it doesnt really itch hardly at all ,and ?

I hae a small vein coloured slightly raised bump on my finger. It's in the crease of the knuckle of finger and i can see it below the skin.

I have 2 swollen fingers there is a blister forming on one, both fingers are itchy & very hot?

I have 2 tiny black dots that just appeared on the palm of my hand - they are between my pinkie & 4th finger. Looks like dirt but doesn't come off.

I have 3 red callus like bumps on the side of my fingers. What could it be?

I have a big red bump on my arm just above my hand and it hurts a lot. What could it be?

I have a big somewhat itchy bump on my wrist. What could this be?

I have a bump under the skin of my palm hand-what to do?

I have a bumps on my fingers. They don't itch but they hurt. What is it and how do I treat it?

I have a callus on my hand that hasn't gone away. How to I treat that? what are little white bumps on my palm that disappear after showering? no itch.

I have a constant itch, but I have small little bumps on my hands and arms, but the itch is everywhere. What could this be?

I have a few red, itchy, and small dots on my hands. But it's on top of on of my veins (right hand).

I have a few tiny bumps on the side of my index finger, near the tip. Like non itchy poison ivy. Not red or painful, hard to even see. What are they?

I have a flaky rash on the to part of my right finger on my palm side and a tiny ump in the crease of my finger only on this finger?

I have a little ball under my skin on my hand what is it?

I have a painful swollen bump in a vein on the palm of my hand and its turning color like a bruise?

I have a rash on my forearms. Now small red spots on hands?

I have a rash on my palm hands, foot, legs and arms , this is a red spot with a white and red ring around it. I want to know what is wrong ?

I have a really small purple bump on my arm by my wrist what can it possibly be ?

I have a red mark on my finger which is very it?

I have a red spot on one hand and it's very itchy and sore. The hand is swollen now?

I have a single small, red bump on the inside of my ring finger. It's tender to the touch and kind of tingles if i press on it. What could it be?

I have a small black dot under the skin of ring finger (Palm side) at the joint?

I have a small black spot on the pinky finger of my right hand?

I have a small blisters throughout my left hand, they don't hurt or really itch but am freaked out it may be whitlow. What should I look for?

I have a small bluest bump that is sore to to h on the palm of right hand below the bottom of the thumb. What could this be?

I have a small dot under my skin on the palm of my hand, it's red but not itchy and been there for over a year. I'm really worried. Some advice please?

I have a small hard bump on the palm of my hand. It has a hard white dot in the middle. It is sore to the touch. Do you know what it might be?

I have a small rash on my ring finger. It doesn't bother me or itch. ?

I have a small red bump on my index knuckle, it's not painful and it's been there for years. There was a similaron my pinkie but disappeared recently?

I have a small spot on my thumb where the thumb and the hand connect where a green vein is under the skin & it's itchy :/?

I have a small, smooth lump/bump on my palm. It isn't itchy/painful. I've had it for months. I'm an OCD hand washer and i wondered if it is from that?

I have a small, smooth, lump/bump on my palm. I've had it for months. It isn't itchy/painful. I'm an OCD hand washer and i wondered if it was from that?

I have a swelling on my ring finger on my left hand it turns purple accasionaly and oozes pus it burns and is very tender?

I have a swollen thumb and tiny bumps on my right hand. Both are itchy and painful. Please tell me the cure for it. Thx.

I have a tiny splinter in my index finger from a thorn. Skin has grown over. Slightly red and swollen but not painful. What should I do?

I have an irritated rash on my hands, little white bumps mainly on my fingers, what can I do about it? White bumps that are causing my hands to feel dry and sore

I have an itchy toe finger has two pimples and it hurts and itches?

I have been having small blisters on my fingers. It is gone now but now I have small white spots on the palm of my hand. Should I be worried?

I have bumps along the palm of my left hand. What is it?

I have bumps between my toes that really itch and i've had them on my hands they have clear fluid in them what.Could it be?

I have bumpy dots on my elbow and the palms of my hands What is this...could this be lichen nitidus?

I have had a small rash kind of thing appear on my hand, what is it?

I have herpesHSV2. It looks like it has appeared on the palm of my hand. Its a triangle sore. I have had it over a month. What should I do?

I have in skin water bumps on fingers what can that be?

I have itching under and around my fingers and fingernails.when I scratch any where else it itches there too?

I have itchy spots on my hands need to know what they are ?

I have little ant bite looking, very itchy bumps in between my toes and fingers and in between my buttocks. What could it be?