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2 days ago I got what looks like a rash on the head of my penis it itches like crazy me and my girlfriend have no STD of any kind any thoughts?

2 weeks a go i treat jock itch rash, it goes away, but now i walk like 2hours, my legs burns, and i notest I have like 3bumps that burns, is this4heat?

4 days ago, my vagina starts to itch.I didn't think nothing of it.But now the itch is almost unbearable.If i scratch it it hurts.I'm not sexually activ?

A couple red bumps, one on my right wrist and one just below my first right finger. They don't itch. Putting on cortizone 10 easy relief made it itch?

A few days ago i penis and scrotum started to itch. Not thinking about it i started to rub and scratch it. Now i see what looks like poison ivy.?

A week after first bc chemo, no bad side effects, but tumor is oozing, and edges are itching like crazy, is itching normal? And why?

Anus is really itchy but doesn't stay long then comes back but not painful. DR told I have hemorrhoids before. Any remedy for itchy? What is this?

Anus itches sometime only happens like once or twice a week it will itch for a few hours what could be the problem? I wipe good could it be worms?

Around the anus it itches & it seems rash like.Mom thinks it's from the cheap toilet paper. I feel like something is crawling inside but nothing there?

At different times in the past 2 weeks the area around my mouth itches really bad. Why is that?

Back of the tounge is very itchy in the morning. When. Shower it goes away. Itchy back of the tounge makes my ears itch?

Bad Rash on both sides of my vagina that itches really bad.I don't know how it started but it has been itchy the last 2 weeks.I'm a virgin.

Bee sting feeling randomly all over comes and goes sometimes stronger than others and my throat itches?

Been itching all over for the passed month and a half,it's random..sometimes I don't itch .then I itch again all over especially when I go to bed?

Breaking out in a rash and having severe acid reflux. They are little tiny bumps that itch like crazy, come and go all day and night?

Bumps on the vagina it itch bad sometimes even burns its uncomfortable to sit down. I can't afford to go a obgyn . I use some onitment on it not workn?

Butt itches bad?

Can any sort of cancer make scortum itchy? What can make itchy scortum other than fungus? Anything internally make itchy?

Can I go to the beach with a jock itch? Will I get worse?

Can someone explain to me how come my butt is itching so much!?

Can you get a rash from putting on too much lotion? My feet feel all sticky and I got a little bit of a rash

Cold feet all the time, when they get warmer they itch like crazy and go red and sore. Help?

Constipated for 3 weeks after csection now I think I have pinworms itchy butt and itchy vag I can feel it too at nite a lot like something wiggling?

Could have it. It also says it's worse at night but my itch isn't so i doubt it's crabs?

Could I have strep? My throat has been itchy dry and feels like it is on fire for three days. My lice omes and goes. Nothing is helping... Ugh

Could it be mirtazapine that is causing my skin to crawl and itch and cause sores where i've itched?

Could use your help docs! my elbow looks bad and itchy how can I fix it?

Crazy foot itch and ibuprophen helps. What does this sound like?

Developed a weird skin itch with no rash at first that comes and goes. What could be wrong?

Do calluses itch? I have caluses on my feet that itch like crazy. Is this bc of an infection or is it normal?

Do I have an allergy if my lip is really bloated? Or can it be because of something else?. I also often itch like crazy all over my body.

Do stitches itch after 6 days? My son is saying it hurts. But don't know if he means itchy.

Does cellulitis itch? Also, does the redness it causes come and go?

Does herepes always hurt and itch?

Every so often my forearm itches and stings horribly.. Nothing I do will releive the itch. There is not a rash that I can see. Please help?

Every time I play with my dog I break out into read itchy bumps,they've been here for about a day now but itch as much.

Everyday, from time to time, usually at night, my nipples and around them itch like crazy. Has been going on about a month. What's going on ?!

Everything else is gone but i still have some itching?

Face itching so bad..Like fire, what to do?

For a few days my vagina has been itching .. i never scratched . there also was an odor.. Today i stratched and now its HUGE , its Swollen BAD! HELP!

For about a week now i noticed that my 5 year old daughter has 5-10 pimple like rash near her vagina and butt and i tried destined but nothing works?

For almost 6 months, I would say, I was constantly itchy! It would wake me up in the middle of the night. I would itch until it bled. There would be r?

For da past 2 weeks i've been itching like crazy all over my body all day long it fell like i take a shower itchy powder i also get welts when scratch?

For some months now I've been breakjng out in welts all iver my body and they itch bad and the more I scratch the more welts come what is it?

For the last few day I broke out with a rash on my face and shoulders it itches skin feels like It's on fire what could be going on?

For the past couple of months I noticed I can't stop itching at night. The itchiness is all over my body, what do I do? I don't have bed bugs or fleas

For the past two or three days I've been itching constantly but I see no rash at all why am I so itchy?

For what reason does my skin itch everytime i get out of the shower?

For what reasons might your eye itch more afer you itch it?

For years my throat and ears would really itch but lately it is worse it itches every day mainly at night I can't sleep what could it be?

Girlfriend and I wrists itch ? Odd I have been all day now hers very strange any ideas?

Got allergy under my knee and i cant stop itching it , i scratchd it alot n now its bruised ?

Had an itchy pimple on my knee for a 2 years. It itches from time to time. Sometimes the itch is unbearable. last week, another similar pimple came up?

Has mosquitoes bites the are turning white anf burns and itches iys just worse what is it?

Have bumps on backside that itch really bad and flare up when scratched?

Have itchy painfull bumps after shaving after a few days they are more swollen and some bleeding and stings really bad, is this just bad razor burn? using vagisil cream right now because i cant see dr till wed

Have something broke out on my scalp itches bad.

Having discomfort and itchy after intercourse itchy real bad

Hello, My husband is suffering from itching inside of his legs, especially evening/night time. It's like it scratching inside the bones. ?

Hello, I remember being in contact with poison oak. Now my lips are very itchy, also, my genitals feels really itchy, and its swollen.... It's embarra?

Hello. I have a rash on my leg its been there quite a few months it doesn't itch or hurt it just comes and goes..Do you know what it could be?!? Please help!

Help docs! my butt itches and smells all the time?

Help docs? Why is my deodorant itchy and hurts?

Hey, i'm a healthy 21 years old guy and I have an extremely unpleasant rash in my crotch. It's very red, itchy and annoying. Any good solutions? Thx.

Hi Doc, my penis head is itching, like the inside of it, no discharge, but it has been itching like mad for the past few days?

Hi Dr, I'm suffering from rashes on my thighs only during night also I noticed since week a kinda ringworm next to my private area which is itching a lot. Today I noticed burning sensation and itching in my private area.. could you please help rid of?

Hi i am having this problem since 4 days. There is itching on my vagina and it itches so bad. It's really uncomfortable please help me.

Hi I have a big bump on my hand and it itches really bad and when I itch. It clear stuff comes out. And it stings when I touch or itch it. What is it?

Hi i have an itchy labia that is really bad at night, but theres no discharge of any sort! I applied fucicort but idk if its going to work?

Hi I have itching sensation on my private part every time after my periods. i cant control scratching there. it really hurts.. is something really wro?

Hi I have these strange hard bumps on my legs and back side and they itch like crazy. They just started a week ago.

Hi I'm wondering why when I wake up in the morning first thing is I get an itchy throat at the back and itchy lips then soon itchy eyes and itchy nose?

Hi im simply askin for help for some problem ive been having behind my knee, it very itchy , red rash like bumps that hurt to and sting , pleasw help!

Hi there! I have been itching for 10 days now. I have small bumps spread all over me but I am itchy everywhere. I have tried everything! Ideas?

Hi, for about 6 months I have had a very itchy mons pubis. It's starting to keep me awake at night. It's very painful & it's flakey. Help.

Hi, i'm desperate, i'm itching in my legs and i get many grains, and get more itchy, i've tried itch relief get, but it won't work, ?

Hi, i'm desperate, i'm itching in my legs and i get many grains, and i get more itchy, what do I do?

Hi, my clitoris is itchy and has like a red patch on it. It doesnt hurt and Benadryl (diphenhydramine) has stopped the itching but i wanted some medical advice. ?

Hi. my body has been itching for months now after sweating. even if is little sweat it will be itching like crazy. i took cetrizine but stil it didnt ?

Horribly bad rash on my feet, creams athletes foot medicine everything makes it worse but it hurts and itches so bad sometimes i can't even sleep ?

How can I get rid of extremely bad allergies fast? I throat hurts and is itching like crazy.

How can you stop itching on your genital warts ? Please help they itch super bad

How come fleas and mosquitos don't affect some but itch like crazy for other?

How come i always itch everywhere at night?

How come I have weird bumps on the back of my arms and both elbow itch like crazy help plz!?

How come i itch at night when i'm sleep.?

How come my cut itch?

How come my legs itch so bad at night!?

How come my testicles itch?

How come tiger balm make me feel itchy?

How do I get rid of my eczema. This year it is exceptionaly painful and itchy. Is there anything i can do to ease the itch?

How long should the bumps and itching last after a scratch test?

I am 10 weeks pregnant and recently started having insect like bump all over my body and are so itchy. What do I do to stop the itching and swelling?

I am a virgin, and I have an embarrassing itch on my v (thigh rash left becuz of cream). What could be wrong? No pain or burning just itch.

I am experiencing soreness or burning inside of mouth and itchy rash on my leg, I believe I may have gotten poison ivy on my leg and scratched it before noticing what it was and maybe I got it on my mouth. Anything I can do to help relieve my mouth?

I am healing a torn calf muscle & I am finding that it itches like crazy. What can I do to alleviate the itching?

I am itching like crazy, like ant sensation please help me!whyyy!?

I am itching whole body with pimples like things for 3 weeks now.i guess it maybe the there any tests dr can do to confirm?

I am now really itchy for no reason, help?

I am suffering some itchiness on my sensitive part on my pubic hair and whenever i started scratching it feels more itchy? Why is that?