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18 month old male has red bumps on his inner thighs and few red bumps on buttocks. What is it. Diaper cream does not clear it up?

2 or 3 small, red bumps on each side of inner butt cheek, almost directly across from one another, not painful, not itchy, been there about 4 weeks?

3 days ago my daughter went swimming, that day came down with a rash on her fore arms, inner thighs and stomach now has sore on inner bottom lip?

3 raised bumps on inner thigh. What could they be? An std? They are red and two are directly side by side.

5 red bumps inner thigh that are not painful and do not itch. They are flat almost and i did shave a couple days ago. Could it be herpes?

A few painful whiteheads that are red in surrounding area on inner thigh. How to get rid of them? What are they?

A few small bumps on inner thigh near groin. No pain, reddish, but itchy can this be an STD?

A group of tiny, pimple-like dots appeared on my upper left thigh near my hip about a week ago. Since then, they keep spreading slowly to my inner thigh. Now my right thigh has them too. They are not itchy at all and some are blistering. Thoughts?

A itchy bumpy cluster rash on my inner thighs (female)?

A knot inside my leg that itches, what causes that ?

A red dot appeared on my inner thigh the size of a courter it's been there for a while it doesn't hurt there's just one if them it's just the skin it?

Any ideas why I have this painful lump on inner thigh?

Approximately 10 days ago i noticed a few red bumps on my right inner thigh. It now has spread to both thighs and is inflamed & is darker.?

Are herpes more painful then they are itchy ? And can they be on the top part of your thigh like by your knee and a above ?

Blisters with cellulitis and red lines coming off the sides. Itchy and painful. On inner thigh. Showed up 2 days ago.

Boil in inner thigh burst a few days ago but there is itchy large red area around it that seems to be spreading?

Both inner thighs have red lines under skin, is this worrisome?

Breakout of tiny bumps on thigh, why?

Brown marks, bumps in upperarms and thigh.Please give solution for this?

Bubbles bumps in between my thighs?

Bump neer vagina on inner thigh. Is this herpes?

Bumps appeared on outer thighs and lower leg ! what could this be :(?

Bumps inside of thighs?

Bumps on my inner thigh, a few inches from my vagina. Dont burn or inch or is red. What is it?

Bumps on my inner thy from jock ich?

Cluster of bumps on inner thigh nd bikini line . What is it ?

Could I have herpes? About three weeks ago the skin in my genital area as well as my inner thighs where itching. Then, a week ago i felt like the inner part of my rt. Thigh was bruised. Two days ago i woke up and noticed one very small bump. It looks like

Dark bumps on inner thigh they've been there for months now they don't itch but are very noticeable to me could this be from thighs rubbing together?

Dark colored spots not itchy on shaft of penis inner thighs and abdomen worried...?

Dark spots with bumps on upper arm and thighs?

Developed boils on inner thigh below buttocks 4 black marks below buttocks they look. Bad like black patches I've never had this I'm only 26 ?

Dry ichy skin some little bumps on my inner thighs and back of thighs is this herpes? I do shave here and my thighs rub together im a bigger girl??

Flesh bump on front area below waist and itchy . . ?

Had two moles removed and cauterized one on my inner thigh and the other my hip. The one on my hip is very itchy but NOT red or swollen is this normal?

Have a spot on spot on inner thigh its white and flat but has a lot of acne around it. i do shave round there. is that the cause? and cure?

Have been having itchy thighs and swollen thighs do you know what it could be?

Have pimple like bumps on inner thigh were my underwear line is.Bumps don't hurt, not itchy & don't pop. Have had them for a month now.What can it be?

Hello- I have these red bumps all over my buttocks and upper thigh areas. They just started about a month ago. They itch when the bump first starts, t?

Hello, I noticed my inner thighs are sort of purplish in coloration. No pain! What?

Hello. I have these red spots/ lumps on the top of my inner thigh they have been there for a while. They are sore/ red and sometimes itchy thanks?

Hello. For about 3 months i have had an itchy rash mainly on the inner thighs. However some spots have appeared on my stomach and buttocks ?

Help doctors! what're these itching, sometimes filled with pus, bumps on the inner thighs of my legs.?

Hi I have a a rash on my inner thigh. It's near my groin and is on both sides. It looks like a bunch of little scabs and I don't know what it is.

Hi i recently notice bumps on my inner butt they look red and some are not , they don't hurt , they sometimes itch .What could it be ?

Hi, after swimming in an ocean in indonesia I have had this inner thigh rash which had red bumps. Over the last week I have round elevated bumps. Help?

Hi, I have a small red rash appeared three days before on my left thigh, after then, it started spreading to my right leg and thighs, what could it be?

Hi, I have itchy red spots on my upper outer thighs and outer bum, they wake me up in the night too?

How can I get rid of bumps on my inner thighs and bottom of butt? I don't know what kind of bumps they are or where they come from. General red bumps.

How do you get rid of bumps on inner thigh its like a heat rash?

I am experiencing red pimple looking bumps on the inner part of my leg by my bum/ vagina?

I experienced itchy skin, and red bumps appeared in my inner thighs, under my breasts and in my buttocks. I went to the doctor and she said I itched s?

I found a bluish tiny dot on my inner thigh what is that?

I got a boil on my outer thigh when i was 19. It turned into a blue upraised bump. It doesn't hurt.

I had a bump on my inner thigh with a white head on it. I assumed it was irritated from shaving so i popped it and now it is larger, red and swollen.

I had a bump that looked like a pimple in my inner thigh, three inches down from my genitals. It is now flat, red and with white bumps/ dry skin?

I hasve three may be less dark spots on my inner thighs they are not raised nor said its moles but could it be due to my legs rubbing.

I have 2 bumps on my upper inner thigh not that close each one is white the other is not they don't hurt that much is it herpes?

I have 3 blue spots under my skin one on my arm on outer thigh and on buttock they are sore when pressed on been there for years what could they be ?

I have a scaly like rash on my upper left leg. Its not my inner thigh.It's not itchy or burning but is alittle redish. It's been there a while?

I have a bump on my inner thigh could it be herpes?!

I have a bump on my inner thigh it was hard now its soft its red what could this be?

I have a bump round raised raised bump on my inner thigh. Is stligly red, and appeared in a location where a normal chaf. It appeared in about a 12 ho?

I have a bump under my skin by my pelvic bone and inner thigh. And its like zit but it has a painful bump under it. What should I do?

I have a circle with bumps in the middle of it on my buttocks?

I have a cluster of painless, not to itchy bumps on buttock area what could it be. ?

I have a cluster of red and white bumps on my inner lower buttocks close to vagina, don't itch. I'm wondering what the cause and treatment would be?

I have a cluster of small itchy bumps on my inner thigh that seem like they are spreading. I thought it was eczema but I have had them for over a week?

I have a couple red dots on my inner thigh I'm scared its herpes?

I have a few bumps on my inner thigh that have just developed recently. They look a little like molluscum bumps. How do I know for sure?

I have a few raised red dots only on one leg behind my knee on both outside and inside. They aren't itchy, but I have never seen them before. ?

I have a hard bump on my inner buttcheek what is it?

I have a hard bump on the crease of my inner thigh. The area where the bump is is purple. What could it be?

I have a hard zit like bump on the top inner thigh?

I have a horrible itch around my inner and outer libia. The inner libia seems inflated. Please help. It's unbearable.

I have a itchy red sencitve bump on my inner thigh and it has clear fluid in it, any ideas what it is?

I have a lot of what looks to be lichen planus on my inner labia and forcyde spots on the outer area of my inner labia. Can I treat this?

I have a lump on my inner thigh what could it be?

I have a patch of tiny reddish bumps on my right inner thigh, near my groin. Not itchy/raised/uncomfortable. Does this need immediate attention?

I have a pimple like bump on my inner thigh and its very painful! what could it be? This isn't the first time this has happened!

I have a purple looking circle indent on my inner thigh almost near my vagina. It doesn't hurt but looks really weird. What could it be?

I have a raised bump near my vagina (between inner thigh and vagina). When touched its tender and its bothersome.

I have a rash and it looks like a little bump on my upper inner thigh. What should I do?

I have a rash in my inner thigh. Somewhat itchy. Just came up overnight?

I have a rash on my inner thigh near my scrotum!?

I have a rash on my inner thigh, it is red, some bumps are raised, it doesn't itch, but it hurts to touch. What is it?

I have a rash on my inner thigh, what could it be?

I have a rash on my inner thighs, non painful, pimple like bumps on my penis. Recently there was a rash on my left butt cheek, arm bumps, what is It?

I have a rash on my shaft and thighs. The one on my shaft is alittle red and itches. The one on my thighs swells up if rubbed too much. Also on pubic?

I have a rash on the inner thigh of both of my legs. Little red bumps and seems to itch at night time but not during the day really unless I touch it?

I have a rash with red and white bumps that's on my back and butt it's also on my thighs and my pubic area and there's some red patches it's very itch

I have a rash, little bumps on my inner thigh close to my vagina that im concerned about. It doesnt hurt but itch. What could it be?

I have a red blotch on my inner thighs it itches. Just noticed yesterday i'm worried about it please help me.?

I have a red bump in my inner elbow where you draw blood?

I have a red rash on the back of my thigh and on the inside of the rash are tiny white bumps. _hat is it?

I have a small purple pimple like bump on my inner thigh from my thighs rubbing together. It started off red and now its purplish. Will it go away?

I have a stretch mark on my thigh and last night part of it started to itch and now it's red. Is that normal?

I have a very itchy small rash on the upper part of my inner thigh it's really small but itches?

I have a weird rash on my inner thighs, my lower back it grows very very slowly in diameter it's only the outer edge of the rash is red and raised?

I have a white patchy itchy rash on my inner thighs. Can it be a fungus? And how did it appeared?

I have about 8 small painless red pimple like bumps around my inner left thigh in the crotch. They don't itch. Won't go away been there for 2 months?