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4 yr old son has non-itchy rash for 10 days on knees, elbows, wrists. Rash is raised and started as spots but now joining. Gp said coxsackie not sure.

Any ideas on psoraisis relief I have it on elbows, legs and scalp?

Are 2 best options for betadine reaction hydrocortizone & prednisone? Am 5 days post op for knee arthroscope and have ankle to mid thigh itchy rash

Black elbows due to psoriasis, very rough, both elbows, what can I do to rectify?

Bump under skin above knee for 3 days?

Can body rashes ( elbow and kneews) be associated to teething?

Can eczema hertipicum cause bruising to inner and outer pinna ?

Can virus cause itchy bumps in the joint area? Daughter has little bumps around her elbows and inside wrist area.

Can you give me advice with itchy red pumps on elbows and knees?

Causes of itchy skin on front shins and forearms?

Cluster of bumps located on the inner knee and on the knee of a 1 year old boy?

Could a rash on your inner elbow be from to much sun?

Could keratosis pilaris only effect my elbows knees and thigh? How to treat it?

Do you have any idea what these bumps are on elbow? (Picture up)

Doctors can you tell me why do I have dark elbows and knees?

Hello Doctor. I have very itchy white lumps growing on my hands feet elbows and legs they are really painful to touch. What are they?

Hi I have a bad sunburn on my elbows what should I do?

Hi I have a sunburn elbows land it's peeling and I am in so mush pain help me?

How much do inner forearm tattoos hurt?

I also have a pimple like bump on my left elbow this one however is very sensitive it has even made my elbow swole up due to sitting leaning on elbow?

I broke my arm and now my arm really itches inside my cast. Why?

I broke my elbow 2 weeks ago at work. Now the elbow is swollen like it is filled with liquid. Is this normal?

I currently have tennis elbow. Can you tell me why all of the sudden,(last couple of days) it itches so much. Thanks.

I have 3 bug bites on my elbow and 2 at the top of my shoulder and a painful rash has spread all over the underside of my arm. Is this an emergency?

I have 4 circular rashes on my feet, knee and knuckles. They don't itch or hurt but are growing. As a side note, my knuckles are swollen. Any ideas?

I have a bump on my wrist and not sure what it is.

I have a itchy rush on inner sidw of wrists elbows and top of my torso. It is hardly ever in all mentioned spots at the same time. Would it be allergy?

I have a lump on my elbow next to the elbow bone and I have an uncomfortable pain in my forearm and tricep, it doesn't look like a zit or bug bite ?

I have a lump on the back of my arm under skin on top of elbow tendon and on top of skin above it are a few raised bumps. Been there for months?

I have a painful pimple like bump with white head on my elbow. What could it be? Could laying on my bed or applying pressure on my elbow at my desk cause it?

I have a rash on my hands , the side of my knees and on my elbows?

I have a rash on my hands, arms, small of my back, thighs, knee caps and elbows. The rash is itchy and burns and painful.?

I have a rash on my inner thighs and inner elbows. It'll go away for a little while then flare up again.

I have a rash on the inside of my elbow, what do i do?

I have a rash under my arms and on the inner biceps, on my inner thigh area on my back and behind my knees in the bend. Very itchy what is this please?

I have a red bumps were I bend my elbows what could this be?

I have a red rash on the inside bend of my elbows waist and knees?

I have a sore arm seems like the tendon on the outside of the elbow is slightly swollen?

I have a sore throat and a rash on my hands , elbows and the side of my knees.

I have acanthosis nigricans on elbows. My elbows hurt just if they touch anything. Any meds or creams to help this? I'm 5'10/ 200 lbs, bs always ok

I have an itch behind knees and on elbows, how to treat?

I have an itchy rash on the inside of my elbow where it bends?

I have an itchy welt like rash on neck, eyes, elbows, pelvis and legs. Now developing bruise like soreness at the base of both palms. ?

I have bad rash on the back of my knees, arms (behind elbows) and around neck. I've been using triamcinolone acetonide cream but rash returns always?

I have bumps on my knees and elbows and i'm not sure what they are, I have sensitive skin, and I've put medicine on them, but they haven't went away .?

I have bumps on my wrist that go to my elbow then from elbow to almost armpit I have a rash that also itches should I go to ER or just wait it out?

I have cyst inside both arms in the fold of where my elbows are?

I have developed small circular raised bumps that are itchy. 4 behind my knee, 2 on my thigh and one near my elbow. Had for 1 week- causes?

I have eczema in the creases of my elbows and knees. If my baby has eczema, would it be in the same places?

I have itchy bumps from my knees to my ankles all of a sudden?

I have itchy bumps on elbows and knees. What could it be?

I have itchy elbows and scrotum. What is the permanent remedy?

I have itchy eyelid, fold of elbow, behind my knee. It always dark in colour after flare up go away.Is it ecxema?

I have itchy part around both leg joints, remedy?

I have itchy shoulders and elbow creases. And a few minutes after scratching them, they hurt and tingle.

I have like a nettle rash on all my fingers and on my ankles and behind my ears?

I have little bumps appearing on my body its 2 on my foot that itch one on my hip and one on my elbow ?

I have lupus, why do my elbows hurt?

I have non itchy, red bumps on my elbows, knuckles, knees, and thighs. Not allergy or psoriasis. Had a fever last week don't know if it's related. what could it be?

I have really dry knees, elbows, shins, and forearms. How do I make them super soft?

I have red bumps on the back of my forearm to my elbow and swollen hands and fingers, what is this and treatment?

I have small bumps on my legs an elbows that are very itchy. What could it be and how do I treat it?

I have very itchy cluster of raised bumps mainly on knees, worse on one knee, and somewhat on elbows? What is this? I haven't switched soap?

I have very painful and swollen joints in both wrists and ankles. I occasionally have red marks on my face, arms, chest, and legs. Ra or lupus?

I injured my elbow about two weeks ago and developed olecranon bursitis. Is it normal for it to be turning red?

I keep scratching in the same spots. My knees, ankles, and arms. What could it be?

I teen, I need u help because I have penis itchy i also have opposite of elbow itchy with bump and opposite of knee itchy with bump. Idonthavemuchspce?

I usually have rashes around my elbow, what may be the cause of such.?

I woke up with bumps on both my elbows and knees and also my fingers what this be ?

I'm getting rashes behind my knees, my arms near elbows , my stomach above belly button. What could this be?

I've developed a persistent rash in areas like crook of elbows, armpits, behind knees, between fingers. Skin feels rough and dry. What is this?

I've developed a rash on left forearm/ wrist, rt hand/ wrist, neck, back of neck, & slightly on ankles. Looks like tiny blisters. I though hives?

I've had this rash on the inside of my elbow off and on since 4 months ago?

I've itchy rash-foot bone (? Talus bone) 4 over a year n now have an itching all over my body, lesions on my elbow scrotum testicles n scars 4rm itch

If my elbow is broken, will it become red?

If u have a blochy spot on yo wrist, knee, and head what is it?

Itchi elbows and knees.. Bumps come and go?

Itching on elbows thighs and knees. What is this?

Itchis bumbs on left elbow and right knee?

Itchy bumps on elbows and knees. Why?

Itchy clustery rash on hands knees elbows and feet that blister wen scratched?

Lump on seven yr old daughters elbow. Wart or?

Lumps under skin of elbows. What could this be?

My 1 year old has temp of 39.1 and a red mark to bend of elbow what could it be?

My 11 year old daughter has a rash breaking out on her joints . ankles, knees and elbows?

My 3 yr old has a white rash on knee?

My 4 year old son has clusters of small skin colored bumps on his wrist (inside), underarms, elbows, and knees. Then there are some on his torso. ?

My 4 yr old son suffers from itching, rashes and redness after every 7-10 days behind his knees & back of his thighs, hips and elbow joints?

My 6 year old daughter is developing dark and rough skin on her elbows and knees. What could it be?

My 8 year old daughter has multiple, tightly packed clusters of itchy, slight red, non fluid filled bumps on her elbows, knees, ankles, toes, and back of her hands.

My baby is 3 months old and has reddish rashes on her cheeks, elbows, and knees. Is it just eczema?

My daughter had elbow surgery 5 days before.Now she said she has itching&burning in her elbow .Pls can u let me know what is the reason about this..

My daughter has developed a rash on her knees and elbows its red but not itchy?

My elbow and knee area are dark. How can I remove them?

My elbows and knee caps are extremely dry that are white and sandy. What can I do?

My husband has a small rash, just little bumps, on his elbows and knees. He said some times they itch but not badly. Ideas on what it is or treatment?

My inner elbow has a sort of rash that burns In my left elbow when i sweat it burns its half an inch long ?

My joints in my wrists, knees, feet, a bit in my neck/back, and are sorswollen. My skin itches. I have a lump behind my ear. Blood wk ok. What is it?

My legs, arms are reddish. My knees are the worst. My elbow inside are bruised?

My Son (2 years) has rash on just above wrist, inner side elbow and back of knee. It not very aggressive but he is scratching it while he is in sleep?