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"severe" hidradentis suppurativa odor, lesions, swelling, pain, immobile, draining both armpits, buttocks groin area age19 no social life please help?

20 yr old f. Had hidradenitis suppurativa since 10 yr old. Have permanent hard lumps and dark scars over outer labia. Who should I see for treatment?

A boil appeared on my right breast and it is paining too . It's there for past 3 days and surrounding the boil, the skin has become red. I?

A boil that begins to surface and is very large is painful, but is it cause to go into emergency?

A gyno diagnosed that I have a Bartholin's cyst it's been painful five days now anti bioticts don't seem to help. Will a salt bath help reduce the size?

A large golfball sized cyst on my right inner thigh; not red, no pain--profound anxiety about doctors-is it safe to leave alone? Home remedies?

A scalp cyst I have had forever burst last night in my sleep. First time my head flat! should I put ointment or something on it? Draining stopped.

A spot on my face burst on the inside but i'm 10 weeks pregnant, should I be concerned. I also have hidradenitits suppurativa.

Abscess in pubic region popped two days ago, it's healing.. I can still feel nodule under skin though. What to do?

Abscess in the vaginal area what can I do at home to make it go away?

Abscess on inner thigh ±1 cm.Area around is red&tender.No pus yet.Causing discomfort when walking.What to do to get the pus out?Will neosporin help?

Absess on breast can i treat at home as originally pin head opening now open with scab can i prevent it reoccuring?

After my menses i get painful boils with pus at the inner right lip of my vagina, shah could be the cause?

An infected hair follicle in armput. Does the pain go when its getting better?

Any preventive measures for lumps or boils due to hiddranitis supportiva?

Are all boils in need of medical treatment? I noticed one on my 2yr olds bottom today for the first time. I bathe him regularly

Are boils a symptom of hiv? I've had recurring boils on my buttocks for some time and when I read up it says it could be & i'm scared :/

Are there any antibiotic that can prevent bum answer my hip from bump and pimples?

Bacterial infection, reoccurring, blistery like pimples, itchy and tender, come back each month on my left ankle, leaves scarring after gone?

Been getting recurring abscesses in my armpit and groin area- on antibiotics but not helping. Extremely painful and affecting quality of life. ?

Been getting recurring boils that don't fully drain. Had a bad one few days ago, thigh area around boil went red and sore and was being sick a lot. ?

Best way to get rid of boils/cysts from labia lips and boils from breasts? They don't hurt an i don't know u got them till i wash myself or check.

Best way to treat folliculitis and the scars left behind? It's on my underarms and bikini line. Doxycycline didn't help long term and I have to shave

Big inflammation before after zipping my under skin lump tried many antibiotics doctor said its folliculitis im on clyndamycin for 3 days any tips ?

Boil between buttoks 2ce in 4 months, appeared after consumption of antifungal and painkiller. 4 docs said not at all a pilonidal. I am very hygenic.

Boil drained and has a soft black head over it. Head now gone. Crater left. How should I treat this now? Band-aid and neosporin on it now.

Boil formed in vaginal area last week, tried releasing the pus. I'm now sore there and all the way into the lower abdomen area. Should I be concerned?

Boil in inner thigh,treat w warm compress & amox,less pain & redness, no draining of pus bcos wound healed,but ders hard part below the skin,is it ok?

Boil in the roof of my mouth.Wondering if there is a risk of infection to my brain. Have boils all the time underarms and groin. ?

Boil on ankle pussing painful - treatmeant?

Boil on left breast. It then turned into piercing pain into her armpit. Now boils in groin. Nude mole like thing on her back. Any ideas?

Boil on right pubic region near thigh,was quite large, now very small nearly non existant, keeps recurring in the same place. How do i get rid of it?

Boil on vigina libia drained but not long closed back up now it looks infected I've tried the compress, peroxide,tea tree oil its still swollen?

Boil vs pimple. How do I know the difference? (groin area). When should I see a doctor?

Boil/hair bump on the lip of my vagina & i often itch i'm unable 2 c my primary doctor/gyn cuz im obese & in a wheelchair don't have lift 2 put me?

Boils around the genital and buttocks area. its it common to have them every time my menstrual cycle begins. I've been getting them for about 3 yrs.

Boils on my bikini area, burst open to reveal blood and tissue, v.painful and leave deep and painful scars, how can i treat?

Boils on my private area like pimples occurring again and again. One smalls down another comes up. What should I do. They are leaving marks.

Boils underneath my arm pit. I get boils more than one underneath both arm pits. Have tried the prescribed cream and pills. Nothing has worked for me.

Boils, risens or cyst. I continue to get boils under my arm, sometimes my leg area. This happens 4-5 times a year. I seen my doctor when it appeared to come in the private area and was advised by the hospital it was a Bartholin's cyst and follitis. How d

Bumps that are hard like boils on my inner thighs, butt, and one on mons pubis They never drain liquid & come & go Are they boils or something else?

Can a boil, or skin abscess form beside the opening of a vagina? Where there is typically no hair? There are two heads to this swollen and painful lump. It looks white and level with the skin, almost like a burn that's starting to health.

Can a gland in scapula area stay swollen permanently? Is so, what do you do to treat it?

Can a herpes out break go away/heal in 5/6 days after being popped or sounds more like acne/blocked hair follicle?

Can i be put to sleep if i get a boil under my arm lanced?

Can i take a shower the day after having a abscess moved on my upper buttocks? u

Can I use Lidocaine Jelly to help numb an area before I excise a boil? It is in a more tender area than the ones I have done before.

Can sacral or pilonidal dimples be harmful? The surrounding are is beginning to itch for me and I'm just wondering what my options are for getting rid

Can staph infected boils be deep in the skin where you can't see them but only feel them? Will you always be able to visibly see boils on the skin?

Could a few boils or pipples on scalp cause neutropolis to go up to 72%?

Could skin boils lie 'dormant' before becoming one?

Cyst like sores on calves, thighs, stomach, & bakini area. The ones on my stomach & bakini area look like bruises then open up & drain.

Dear Dr - I have a boil located between my buttocks and it is causing me sleepless nights , I'm also not able to do much moviment?

Do i have a pilodinal cyst cause it seems to be only a dimple but it has a scarry track on it... how can i get rid of it at home its not very sore?

Do you have recommendations on how to pop a boil, to let it dry up? It's about dime-sized.

Docs, could a boil on your butt cause a new piercing on other part of your body to become infected?

Doctor, Female 60. Have a 2 /3 small heat boils in the pubic area. Was painless. Last night one of it ruptured and blood came. Now the boil has shrunk?

For a recurring subaceous cyst if its hot to touch is it too late to use turmeric or should I just get cut open again. It on lower back?

For over 2 years I have had one armpit that becomes swollen and weeps so bad it will soak the entire side of a shirt. Hair no longer grows there also.

Frequent skin abscesses all areas of the body where I sit or lie down?

had a boil lanced on my face about a week ago. Was tested positive for staph. The incision is healing nice. But under the skin is hard where is was

Had cellulitis in armpit region and a boil which was lanced. Now I have what looks like a bulged vein ultrasound did not detect anything what is it.

Had cyst on bikini line from an infected ingrown hair. I used Fucidin cream to relieve the pain. Now there's a large ball under skin. Needs draining?

Had i&d in inner thigh on march to treat abscess/boil.Now I have painful lump (maybe another boil) nearby, on panty line.Should i go for another i&d?

Hard lump on pubic mound 2 days. ER= too soon to lance. No head, no heat, tender. Satellite eruptions on butt clearing up. RX= Keflex Scared of MRSA?

Have a boil on butt, very painful, about the size of a quarter now, & hot to the touch! how can I get some relief?

Have a boil on my buttock and its really painful when i sit sonewhere ... Been taking amoxicillin what else should I do?

Have a skin abscess on my back that's warm to the touch and painful. Will it go away on own or does it need treatment?

Have boil on groin area finally draining but it is all blood. Is this normal?

Have boil or what I think is a boil on my buttocks Iv been using drawing sab for two days it looks to be coming to head today woke up with sore goin?

Have boil under my armpit had it lance before it keep come back big and painful?

Have had Hidradenitis supportiva in armpits several times last year with MRSA been clear 5 mths. Now painful large lump between anus and vagina.

Hello i have a boil in my anus on the left chick near hole its a long time now how to treat it please.

Hello sir, i got a no of boils on my both buttock and down the testis and on penis what should I do.These boils comes for 4-5 days and disapear itself?

Hello. Well i been having this bump in my vaginal area i'm thinking its a boil but i'm not sure. It hurts a lot and i don't know how to treat it.?

Hi I am a 19 year old female and I keep get these boils in my inner thigh/groin area. Everytime one goes away another comes up. Should I be worried?

Hi I have a skin abscess for a year now. I have it in multiple places. Larger than 1/2 inch is it serious ?

Hi I have a skin abscess for a year now. I have it in multiple places. Larger than 1/2 inch?

Hi, i am 19 years old and have been getting boils frequently for 4-5 months now. Ive had about 6 boils, 5 on my bum, my upper inner and 1 on my eyelid?

Hi, I have a painful boil on my buttock since last 5 days. How lobgt does it take to go away and what is the best treatment ?

Hi. I have a boil on my right hip and it keeps draining, looks as if it is healing then fills up and drains again. My underwear are also in contact?

How can I het rid of a stubbon boil that turned into a carbuncle on my scalp without surgery?

How can I stop boils from occuring again and again? I am so very clean with myself.

How can I treat a black headed boil on my penis?

How can I treat foliculitis on my back at home? I sprinkle powder on my back after washing it to soothe any inflammed follicles. Other suggestions?

How do I get rid of a painful boil in the pelvic region?

How do I take care of a small skin ulcer at home? It was a bump on my leg from folliculitis and it abbcessed

How do I tell my mom that I have boils growing on my upper vigina area and they won't go away ?

How do I treat a large boil after it has bust and is continuing to leak with a "potatoe" smell?

How do I treat large zits around my ankles?

How do I treat the wound from ingrown hair so that it will not recur? There seems to be an infection because the area where hair is supposed to grow is swollen first and has pus with blood

How do you get s staph infection on your upper breast area?

How do you treat a large painful pimple by the panty line?

How i can cure boils on my back, i am 3 months pregnant?

How is a carbuncle different from a zit? If a group of zits were really close together wouldn’t this be the same thing as a carbuncle? .

How long a course of antibiotics does it take to heal staph folliculitis? Widespread across pubis and crease of thighs, is itchy and a bit tender.

How long a course of antibiotics does it take to heal staph folliculitis? Widespread across pubis and crease of thighs. Is itchy and slightly tender.

How should I treat a boil on my infant's bottom (20 months old)?

How to best treat an open sore. It's from an IV injection . Its located on my leg/thigh and is about the size of a pea, the open part is.

How to get rid of boil on thigh. Warm compresses not helping, area is more red and inflamed? Boil first formed 4 days ago.