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I got bit by a spider a week ago and it caused a hot red rash to spread over my torso. I took Prednz and anthist but still have rash. Bite site about 3in diameter. Not horrible but red and hard. What now?

I got bit by a spider three times it's a bump that is red hot and hard I have a headache but nothing else should I go ER it itches so much too help!

I got bit by a tick two weeks ago. No rash. The tick wasnt engorged. It was flat when i pulled it off me. There is a red mark still where it was. ?

I got bit by an insect (I'm assuming) Saturday night. The bite stopped itching but it seems like a faint white line is spreading out from the bite. ?

I got bit by an insect about 3 weeks ago. It's itchy and still dark red around the bite. The hole looks like it's getting bigger. What is it?

I got bit by something and the mark is red, and swollen, with two fang marks. I've been putting alcohol on it, and there's a lot of pressure. ?

I got bit several time on the leg by a spider a few days ago and now I have developed a rash. What is the quickest remedy?

I got bit with an insect over a week ago now I have a hard itch lump is this normal ?

I got bite by a bug that made a painful palm size bruise on my leg sold I be worried ?

I got bite by a mosquito I think. On my boob, still itches looks like a bruise . This is from Saturday night .

I got bite twice On my arm while laying down and once On My neck Today Look LIKe welts and sting alot?

I got bites on my thighs and otch all over even where bites arent....?

I got bitten by a bug yesterday and I had a blister this morning with a red ring around it, and no it won't stop oozing this yellow liquid? Advice pls

I got bitten by a misquito yesterday and the bite is still fairly swollen and actually hurts a mild bit. I've never had a swollen bite like this. Why?

I got bitten on my thigh by an insect yesterday when I was camping, and now the area feels very firm, what is this?

I got bitten or stung several times this weekend. I never saw what it was. I have lumps from my scalp to my ankles. They itch. The muscles under the bites are very sore. What is it? No allergies.

I got lots of bites that looks like mosquito bites in a month. but recently it doesn't itch that much. sometimes i don't feel the itch but it keeps appearing. recently it appears around the vein around my hand but still appears at the other parts as well

I got several fire ant bites and a day later 3 of the bites developed painful, marble-sized blisters on my foot. Is this normal? Should I drain them?

I had a bite mark like a misqutoe itched and swelled a little woke up to 3 bruises around the bite mark but not super close to it. What could do that?

I had a few itchy, red, bug-bite looking bumps around my ankles and over the next few days, they spread to my arms. Could they be mites? I was weeding

I had a insect bite on saturday looked like mosquito bite today its big bru u sed area I see no puncture marks but it aches like sore muscle. and in p?

I had a mosquito bite and it is almost healed but last night I noticed a large red ring around the bite. I have been lightheaded and nauseous this wee?

I had a small itchy bug bite on my leg that turned into a half dollar sized bruise. the bruise is still visible over 4 weeks later should I be concern?

I had a spot on my hip last night and I thought it was a flea bite but now I've woken up this morning and it has got a yellow head on it like a pimple?

I had a what looked like a couple standard mosquito bites on my legs after running then they turned reddish/purple after a couple days. Should I worry?

I had some rash on my hands that itch they look like imsect bites what could it been, its been happen a couple weeks now.

I had this big mosquito bite looking thing on my leg, but i squeezed it and discharge came out. Is that normal?

I hate huge hard swelling itchy bug bites on my arm, what do I do? Should I cut it open?

I have 2 bug bites on my inner thigh. I assumed they were mosquito bites because they itch really bad. Now they have turned purple, gotten bigger and still itch. Nothing like this has happened to me before. Should I be concerned?

I have 2 flea bites in the pubic region. They itch like crazy and was wondering how long it should take for it to heal and go away if they are bites?

I have 2 weird bumps about 2 inches apart on the side of my butt/upper leg. But it looks like it might be bug bites but I didn't feel anything.

I have 3 bites in different areas each one has 2 holes only 1 swelled to 3in diameter but seem to be vanishing should i visit doctor no other symptoms?

I have 3 bites that are red, and have "tails" following out. They are all close together. Should I be worried?

I have 4 bug bites and they keep getting hard and leaking a liquid. They are very itchy but they hurt too. ?

I have 5 big bug bite all within a circle on my shoulder and there buring and iching what could it be? There also pussy and they're about 2-3 inches

I have 6 straight line bug bites on my left leg. I'm not sure what kind of bug is that. It looks a pimple and too painful when i touch it. ?

I have a 1 1/2" res ring on my back. It doesn't itch and there is no raised welt. I like to hike?

I have a 4 day swelling under my eyelids and it keeps growing some bumps looking like small ant bites, what should I do for remedy?

I have a bed bug bite right on the bottom of the foot it itches really bad it's swollen and clear liquid is coming out should I be worried ?

I have a big bite that is swollen and has a red trail spreading and going up my wrist. I took a Bemadryl just now. What should I do?

I have a bite of some sort on my forearm and it has been really red an irritated for the past couple of days but I'm not sure what kind of bite it is.

I have a bite on my arm and when I first got it, it was very small and now it's bigger than a quarter and very red. I don't know what bit me?

I have a bite on my arm with a red like running from it. What can I do?

I have a bite on my chest area x4 days now. Size of a quarter, indurated, mild itching. Can i wait a couple more days to get checked?

I have a bite on my leg and it's really big, it has made my leg swell a little what should I do? To make it go down or go? I have used some bite cream

I have a bite on my leg that im not sure if its gotten better or worse. It has darkened from red to purple over four days? it has a yellow center.

I have a bite on my leg..that itched a little this morning.and now its bigger and has a bruise around it...what could cause that?

I have a bite under my arm. Seems like a spider but im not sure. Itches alot and is tender. Arm is sore and rash is large. No fever or nausea.

I have a bite? About the size of a nickel on my right front shin only.It's red very itchy and is made up of tiny blisters.Ive tried everything!help!

I have a blister on top of what looks like it could be a mosquito bite but im not sure and im worried because my daughter sleeps on the same bed. Help?

I have a bug bite (not sure what bit me overnight) that became hard, hot and itchy, and swelled up to baseball size in 8 hours. What do I do?

I have a bug bite do not know what kind of bug I have two they are red swollen painfull and reacurring they pop blood and come back?

I have a bug bite looking bump on my scrotum and it hurts and there's no head. Any ideas what it maybe and what caused doubt it's an std?

I have a bug bite of some type on my arm.It has a red ring and in the center looks like a blistered headit is sore.What can I do for it?

I have a bug bite on my butt that i itched and its turning into an abscess. My mom told me that i needed to get everything out. Is that good or bad?

I have a bug bite on my ear (helix) I guess ,, It hurts when I touch it with a little force , how can i get rid of it?

I have a bug bite on my leg with a 2" red line going towards the inside of my leg, it hasn't grown since last night, should I go to the doctor?

I have a bug bite on the top of my head.the next morning I woke up and my head hurt very badly, I found that I had 4 abscesses all around the wound, ?

I have a bug bite right under my butt? It started as a regular bite then spread to 8 bites...They got really big, and look like pimples w/ white tips

I have a bug bite that feels like a bruise, what bit me?

I have a bug bite that is hard and red. It feels warm when touched and leaves a white mark that fades away. It is just now feeling itchy. what is it?

I have a bug bite that is swollen to about a 6 in diameter. It is hard, red, hot & painful. Should I be worried & what might it be? I had thought ant.

I have a bug bite that looks like a bruise, it is mainly bruise like but part of it is red, and it only hurts a little. Would this be from a poisonous bug?

I have a bug bite that looks like a burn, what should i use to help it heal? Should I go see my doctor it is still raised/swollen 5 days later.

I have a bug bite the diameter size of a golf ball on my leg. It is puffy and hurts when it is touched. I am in france on vacation. What is it?

I have a bug bite, a tiny one that turn into a sore can I get aids if blood got on it?

I have a bug bites. I scratched them, now they have pus-filled centerpiece. I also popped the pus-filled, but it keeps coming back. What should I do?

I have a bug(probability misquoto bite that turner into a white head like pimple.

I have a bumb on my stomach started out small like a mosquito bite and has gottten bigger area around it is red and sore/ tender hurts when i move not?

I have a bump on my index finger at first it looked like a spider bite but I noticed there's no puncture holes it only hurts if I push down on it help?

I have a bump on my inner ankle that won't go away. I thought it was a pimple or bug bite since it itches when messed with, but it won't go down.

I have a bump on my leg below my knee and it kind of looks like a blister. It doesn't hurt or itch but its not a bug bite. Could it be an std?

I have a bump on the back of my thigh it looked like a big mosquito bite itching and burning i put alcohol on it and covered now its like a blister?

I have a bump that has been pudding think it is a spider bite. And is making my arm numb and tingling?

I have a couple lumps under my skin, I'm not sure if they're spider bites or if I should be more concerned.

I have a dark spot on my foot below my ankle. I thought it was an insect bite due to the itching. The itching has stopped but the dark spot has stayed?

I have a few bumps on my head that hurt, mosquito bite sized. I had a fungus (forget medical name) on my back recently. What is it? Treatment option?

I have a few little itchy, red bumps on the outside of my hip. I thought they were bug bites but they won't go away, for 5 months. What are they?

I have a large hard bump under my chin unsure if it's an insect bite. drained some still sort of hard. treated with aloe leaf for irritation?

I have a lump on my face that looks like a mosquito bite, but it doesn't itch, it just stings slightly and is red but not swollen. I tryed popping it ?

I have a lump on my stomach it looks like a bug bite it has a small hole & it itch really bad & it's red and sore is it a bug bite or a fatty tumor?

I have a Mosquitoes bite for almost a month... still very itchy... Bruise around the around... Plus I have been having Diarrhea for the past week... s?

I have a number bump on my labia minora and it feels like a miskito bite it appeared after I came from an outdoor picnic what should I do to treat it?

I have a rash around a black dot where something bit me in a yard where I was showing a house it is now redder rash and spread out the dr just put me on an antibiotic ointment and is that sound like enough ?

I have a rash on my arms and lower back area. I was recently in contact with bed bugs but it does not look like bed bug bites. It looks more like an a?

I have a rash on the outside of my elbow/bicep area. It started with a mosquito bite and now has several "bumps" next to it. I also noticed now a fe?

I have a rash that almost looks like bug bites that started on my legs but seems to be spreading and very itchy and painful any thoughts as what it is?

I have a rash that comes and goes, they look like scratches and mosquito bites. They don't hurt but are itchy. They disappear and then ease away.

I have a red bump on m armpit. It's hurts, and may be a bug bite. What can I do to treat this asap?

I have a red bump on my scrotum from a tick bite that happened years ago. The doctor said it was nothing. They medicine they prescribed didn't help.

I HAVE A RED ITCHY RaSH AROUND A MOSQUITO BITE i got in my sisters backyard yesterday in Li it is hot to the touch also.

I have a red painful bump not that big on the back of my upper thigh. What could this be, a bite possibly I did go to a zoo today?

I have a red painful bump on the outside of my vagina like a mosquito bite saw it before but can't remember if it went away, was in the same place?

I have a red sore underneath my breast.. been there a long time doctor said it was bug bite.. what is it.. Its sore.. I scratched it because it's ichy?

I have a redness on my arm that is itchy &hot& turned abit hard. I thought its from some insect bite but now that is hard im worried. Wat should i do?

I have a redness that looks like shingles but the dr in conway arkansas said it was a bit ofs some sort is that posabile it itches and hurts and burns?

I have a ring of what i thought were bites but ive had them for over 7 days now and their still sore and lumpy?

I have a row of bug bites on my lateral side of my right leg, it can't be bed bugs cause it's only in the one spot; what else could this be?

I have a slightly large pimple like sore on my back. It's not itchy but it is painful. Could it be from a spider bite?

I have a sore on my right leg and it hurts. My mom says it looks like a spider bite. It is white around the center and red around the white. Help?