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I have a mosquito bite on my penis, at the ball was itchy but now it stopped. I was wondering if I should be worried for disease or see a doc?

A Few little bumps have appeared on the inside of my belly button? I don't think it would be mosquito bites. Any ideas?

Was bitten by a horse two weeks ago in the thigh. The scab keeps getting larger, peeling off, and now is forming a large crater in my thigh. Help!

*9 MONTHS AGO-had large blister-went to doc-said probably a spider bite-cut open blister-area STILL HAS NOT HEALED-Red/dark like bruise-hard in center?

1 ankle was itchy&swollen for 1st few days, thought it was bug bite, now both are hurting&swollen. Done rice as much as i can. Been going on for 2-3wk?

12 big red bites on my upper legs, back they itch and swollen. Looks like a yellow pimple inside Could it be mosquito bite,I had staph infection 2011?

14 month old with a big hard lump on right wrist and elbow. Ped said bug bite but they don't look like bites. What else could they be. One on her elbow is forming a white spot in the middle.?

2 hard bumps. 1 on either side of my lower back above each kidney. Thought might be spider bites but no marks and hasnt gone away after a week.

2 year old hiking today in ml, now has dark red spot size of half dollars but don't see bite marks its flat and seems to kinda hurt her rash bite ?

2 yr old son gets raised rash on face when rubbed on something look like a small mosquito bites been 3weeks now? No pain no itching disappears in minutes

2-3 days ago i was bitten by a bull ant and ofcourse it stung\hurt a little bit. Now, its really irritating and very itchy, there is also a lump. ?

3 weeks ago I got what I thought was a spider bite on my butt, it itched then went away. Today in the same exact spot there's a bump that itches again?

3 year old was on antibiotics after 2 weeks she is having itching on hr back and sudden appearance of red bums tht looks like bed bug bite.What is it?

3 yr old.Reoccurring butt rash, new bed, two bumps every morning. Sleep in our room= no bumps. Heat treated for bed bugs, got line of itchy bumps after?

3.5year old got bit by a fire ants last night, she woke up both her foot are swollen some look like pimples. Used hydrocortisone. What else can I do?

4 months ago i thought my spider bite was a huge zit and tried to pop it. Now there are small marks that are tender to touch. How serious is this?

A blister like bump on top of hand, hurts to touch and is red around it? Bed bug bite? Auto immune ? Staph? Why i keep getting it and what is it?

A bug bit my lip . The bite area became swollen and had a little water in it. The swelling has gone down a bit. What should I do to make it heal fast?

A couple days ago i awoke with 5 bite on my stomach and one on my left brest I had my house inspect for bed bug and none were found. One on boo is sor?

A few weeks ago I got what looked like mosquito bites so I just scratched them and they were fine. One week ago I got one more and they keep appearing as I scratched them, a few hours later they kept appearing. For one week those "bites" became scars in m

A fire ant bite blister ruptured from my jeans. Since then, my entire calve has swelled to softball size. Just over 24 hours since the rupture.Normal?

A got a few tiny scratches on my arm from a puppy will they leave a scar? It didn't bleed just went red and rash like

A line of red spots on my lower right leg.They look like multiple insect bites.Could it be dermatitis or something more serious?Have them over a month

A little part of my face (lower chick) became itchy. when I scratched it, it looked like a mosquito bite but then the next day, it became white.

A mosquito bit me last night and it's really big and swollen, maybe an inch wide.White ring around half of it. Is there something wrong with it?

A mosquito bit my baby on her breast nipple and it turn red n hard within 24hrs and a boil appeared. Can mosquitoes cause boils?& how to treat it?

A tape worm bit me, didn't get inside, just a bite. it was very small and left almost like a small flea bite on my hand. Am I to be worried?

A very tiny grey in color insect or spider bit me 2 times tonight, when it bit me it burned like a lit cigarette was just laying on my skin, what could it have been, it itches pretty bad too?

About two months ago, i got a spider bite on my elbow. Now, whenever i scratch that area, the bumps come back and start to spread again. Why?

All of a sudden it feels like something bit me and thence skin itches and then a sore forms! but there are no bites or bugs. What is this?

Allergic reaction concern my arms itch dry flaking skin on my face i get mosquito like bites it comes and goes without mosquito biting? Strange any rs

Bit by a bug/ got a bug like bump on my ankle and now have a rash on my neck what could it be could it be related what should I do?

Bit by gnats on arm. Initially, small red bumps that swelled for a day, now a week later small water like blisters that won't go away. Help plz.

Bit on my neck 2 days ago. It still itches like crazy and other spots are popping up all around it. the initial bite is quarter size with a dot?

Bite on left arm by insect. Not sure what, arm is swollen and itches real bad. Swollen in 2 different places, what could it be?

Bitten by either spider in bed (seen) or horse fly on beach, same day. Small red bump on forehead, scratched. Tender bump, no pus. How do I heal it?

Bitten yesterday, small lump, has spread 2 6cm red burning pattern. Gp said spider bite, cortisone, telfast &ice. No improvement?

Bruised green head. Is this from a bite?

Bug Bite 12 hours ago. Small 1/4 inch hard lump with 2 holes in middle. Pink 1 inch circle around bite site. Looks Better thus morning. ?

Bug bite bottom of toe? Had ~4-5 days. Tender. Red area < than dime. Small amount of puss (like a pimple). Cleaned. Suggestions? Thx!

Bug bite on leg was itchy, grew and is now a round purple bruise on my leg - assuming it is a spider bite but do i need to treat or will it go away?

Bug bite on my 2 year old, several occasions. Bleeds out quite a bit and leaves a bump. It does not seem to hurt or itch. Should I be concerned?

Bug bite yesterday 2" wide disappear afterfew hours now local area upper arm red, minor swollen, some itch, v. Warm tendernp put on keflex cellulitis?

Bug bite? Yesterday I noticed red swollen circle about 3cm on my leg. Today it's about 15cm & has a white mark/dent near the middle & feels very warm.

Bug bites on foot & butt. @1st pink. Scratched all. Next day, foot ones were red like bleeding under skin. Butt stayed pink. Why? All gone after 2 weeks

Bug bites on foot & butt. First pink. Scratched all. Next day, foot ones were red & bigger. Butt ones stayed pink. Foot skin: thin=internal bleed?

Bug bites on foot &butt. @1st pink. Scratched all. Next day, foot ones were red & bigger. Butt stayed pink. Foot skin: thin=internal bleed? Allgonenow

Bug bites that lead in a trail up my sons back that itch?

Bug bites. Raised like mosquitoe bites very itchy. Random placement(legs/lower arms). Now flat and look like hickies. Thoughts on cause?

Can a fly bite you? I have red bumps on my arm that sting, itch, and burn. Definitely not a mosquito bit,the only thing in the house has been flies.?

Can a small spider some how get under your skin behind your nee!

Can an insect bit make a cyst?

Can bug bite make your leg swell, have fever, turn red?

Can bug bites spread/multiply after scratching? I started out with a few but it seems like every time I itch they multiply.

Can i put alcohol on my mosquito bites? I have 11 bites on my right leg and 8 on my left and it's itching like crazy! does alcohol work?

Can sacral herpes start out like a mosquito bite - red, inflamed, itchy?

Can you look in my file and see if this is a bug bite? Or something worse? It's hurts and radiates heat, no itching and radius has gotten bigger

Can you pop spider bites? It is very swollen with a huge white head and burns.

Can you tell me what kind of bug bit me? I know it's not a mosquito. Although it's very itchy. Thank you, Amy

Could the small red bumps that come and go within the hour be bedbug bites. silly i know but im just wondering. noone else has these bumps?

Daughter got chigger bites 2months ago in ok. They itched , stopped, but the bites remain. They are not just scars, but actual raised bumps. Normal?

Daughter has a small bump that appeared on her arm today. It looks like an ant bite but when I went to pop it she screamed. Don't itch, not bedbugs?

Developing small bumps on arms, appear as "very" small ant bites, I believe it is from the mold in my old it going to be permanent/treatable?

Do I have flea bites on my lower back or pimples that have scabbed over?

Every day I get more bites on my body. I found a little black dot that was moving on my skin smaller then a flea. I think it may be bird mites. ?

Every morning when I wake up, my skin gets itchy and I develope bumps everywhere I scratch. Could this be bed bugs ?

Everytime I get bit by a mosquito it leaves big hard itchy bumps on me and sometimes they hurt. Could it be that I'm allergic to them?

F 28 yr old woke up with a bump on my breast looks like a bug bite and it burns warm to touch! Should I be worried ?

Facial breakout like bug bites, some big some small that healed up and now have armpit/groin rash. Other infested areas.. Began with new comforter set

First hard round silver dollar size mounds,then blistery pimples a and mass moves to random parts and areas of my body. I thought it was a spider bite?

Flat raised bumps been popping up day by day. Itch badly. Im assuming bed bug bites never had them. What to put on it?

For 5 months now, small red very itchy bumps, like mosquitos, but in clusters that pop up all during the day. Washed, sprayed, bombed home many times?

For about 5 months I have been getting clusters of small itchy bumps like mosquito bites all over. I have washed, sprayed, bombed everything, nothing!?

Found small deer tick biting at my hip in the shower. only a few hours after a dog walk. left small red spot and bug was notengorged.need antibiotics?

Good size bump behind ear like a bug bite my left ear is numb and bug bite area hurts?

Got a bite on my neck.could be an insect or a looks like it was burnt.not so panic.scar was loosing some liquid after i had a bath.wt to do?

Got a bug/spider bite 2 days ago on distal forearm and now have slight swelling with red lines going up my arm. What can I do if don't wanna see doc?

Got a mosquito bite last summer around my eye. Now, everytime I go out in the cold, it turns red like I got a bite again. Why is this happening?

Got a rash that appeared two days ago, and its getting worse, itches all the time, looks like mosquito bite. What can this be?

Got a spider bite on my behind days ago. Why is it still so painful i can't sit?

Got bit by a flea a couple of days ago and the bite is still there but surrounded by a redish-purplish patch like a bruise, could it be from scatching?

Got bit by a mosquito on my arm it's the size of a quarter and just a little swollen has red line about 4 inches long, it's not warm should I see a dr?

Got bit by a tick yesterday. Have a small red itchy bump where the tick bit me (like a mosquito bite). Should I go see my doctor about it?

Got bit by small spider.. It bit my back a month ago and there is no red markings but it hurts in that area. What should I do?

Got bit by tiger mosquito, getting infected. dark red itchy bumps around it. It was a week ago I got bit. Dont scratch at it. What to use to clear it?

Got bitten by sand fleas in Roatan. Daughter's bites healing after 3 wks but leaving small white spots on legs. What can help keep them from scaring?

Got bitten by something on back of ankle 24 hrs ago looked like mosquito bite, now has weird scab very swollen and red rash spreading around foot..

Got sun burn in tanning bed and a day later there are red bumps (looks like bug bites) and there very itchy.. What is it? Will they go away?Treatment?

Got treated for scabies, put permethrin from the neck down last night, but woke up with itchy bites on my side. I think its bites or is from treatment?

Green head fly bite area is getting larger over the last 2 hours and is red hot and itchy. When should I be concerned and request treatment ?

Had a small brown bug latch onto me a month ago and i had to pull it off.The bite hurted for about week and now it is brown. Can you identify the bug?

Had bed bug bites on hands feet legs arms. very itchy till i may bleed and are now turning a little rashy and look a little like eczema. help?

Had chigger bites 4-days blisters wont go away.Very sore?

Had milias, that i got removed. Now i've 7-8 small pink bumps on exposed part of forearms for last 15 days. Don't luk like mosquito bite. Any worries?

Had the contraceptive implant in my arm, took the dressing off & have a weird bruise, looks like scratches on my arm , like track marks is this normal?

Had tick pulled out 3 weeks ago but now there is a lump and itches. Should i be concerned? Treatment?

Have a blister and I think it came from a spider bite, it's been 3 days and the blister went from looking like it's about to bust on day 2 and now deflated on day 3. It's as round as a nickel. Will it just go away with no treatment or what is recommended

Have a bug bite triangular 3 holes have had 24 hours starting to get small scabs?

Have a knot on my forehead, thought it was a mosquito bite but it doesn't itch. what could it be? it hurts when moving my face and touching

Have a lump (looks like a bug bite) on my face near my sideburn/temple area. Doesn't hurt or itch but I'm curious as to what it is. Thanks